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A.C. Vs Jimmyredman vs Moobio


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12 lines verses due by thursday (I changed it to 12 lines because its a 3 way and the competitors might want to focus 6 lines on each opponent


(I know theres another match going on but I have a feeling GGG Unit isn't going to show or he'll bit a verse)


All votes must be explained

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Sorry for the delay...


I'ma start this one off, seen as both of you are cowards,

I'm a rapping superhero, here to demonstrate my powers,

Lets be realistic here, neither of you pose a threat,

I'll be kicking both your arses without breaking a sweat,


Now Moobio, I'll spit slowly, but you still dont stand a chance,

Your rapping's not okay, like you're My Chemical Romance.

Get lost emo-kid, and take that pretty boy head,

give up this rap game, cry yourself to sleep instead.


And A.C., the so-called 'legend', you'll be nothing but a myth,

Your like a bad case of diarrhoea, you're giving me the s***s

I aint gonna waste on time on you dude, you're just an old timer,

Man my foes suck from both ends, just like a 69er!

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Nice one Jimmy, I'll see if I can top it. ;)


This time it looks as if im up against two, Redman, A.C., Im coming for you,

Don't get me wrong A.C, your not a bad rapper, compared to Redman, she seems to have gotten crapper

But I suppose shes used to coming in last, remember the Ashes, from this Summer just past,

Face it Redman, your nothing but Trash, the only prize you'll recieve is a good tounge-lash.


As for you A.C., I said you werent bad, but when Im finished with you, you'll be glad

Your twenty nine and Im only sixteen, your a waste of space man, a good for nothing has been,

Your past your best, got no hair on your chest, live at your parents house, hell your not a man, your a mouse

Face it dude, you might aswell quit, your an idiot, a moron, a dum ass half-wit

You've got no luck with the women, unlike me, Im the biggest babe magnet in damn history


Still think you can beat me? Go ahead and try, your rapping days are over, so kiss them goodbye

Once I win this, and progress to the next round,

I'll be king of the rappers, and hall of fame bound.

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