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Ok Folks


Kam has given the ok for the TWOstars section to have its own individual logo at the top of the screen.


Now what I am looking for is something similar in size and style to the champagne room. For those that aren;t subbers what I meant by that is that the logo should still retain some aspects of the TWO colour scheme as we aren't changing the colours of the forum parts.


What I am looking for is a logo No more than 180 pixels in height and at about 600 wide.


Every design submitted will then be put up for a vote.


The competition will close on Friday.





(Still here for the time being)

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well i asked him to come up with one similar to the xtreme tv thing so we could have AC vs AC


Oh yes. I remember this. Could you do a "Paintbrush" of what you mean and I'll have a go over the next couple of days? :xyx


And for those that haven't seen them, here's the logo I made:




And here's the banner:




(L-R: Evil Gringo, Draven Cage, Chris Eagles, Brett Banner, Dante, Redman, Trash, Sickness, Retromark, TLA, The Incredible Holt, Slim Jim and Mills.)

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