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Wrestlemania17 Dvd ?


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Id love to pay that amount of money for it (scarcism) when i already have it


If you want it you'll beable to find it cheaper in about 100 different places if you look ebay etc...


But if the limited boxset of the first 21 wrestlemania's which was advertised on wwe.com was cant rember the exact price but about $350, then if you pay£60 for that one DVD then your mad even though its a good wrestlemania

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its a shame these are both VHS






They also want £42 for blacklash were kane and undertaker vs austin triple hhh one as well


thats definatly not worth it, Backlash 2001 is worth no more than £20 IMO.

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You can always wait until the middle of December and buy this pack:



It's £40 for WM 12-17.


So, cheaper than just 17 on it's own, and you get 5 extra WMs along with it. :D


That's a very good deal. :)


I've been after Wrestlemania 15 for a long time now, first wrestling pay-per-view i ever watched. :xyx



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