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Xtreme TV 37: November 3rd


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TWOstars Xtreme TV 37 - November 3rd


Right folks, staight off of No Mercy:


XTV 37 - November 3rd

Allen County War Memorial Coliseum, Fort Wayne, IN



Hardcore Match

Twiggie Vs Retromark: RAVENMARK WRITING



TV Title Match

Arkham Vs V3: MrFill writing.



US title Match

Jaxx Vs Chris Eagles



gringo and Dlack dragon Vs The Future: CVD writing.






Takers for any matches please?


As you all read No Mercy you know that Cole left the ringside area. We will be replacing him with Paul Heyman for a spell.


Baz will be starting the show


either late tonight or tomorrow.

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surely the fact that on the training forum it says something very implicit suggest that he would be writing it.


Hello, Im a man I dont do subtle! You need to spell it out first!


And you can do the first bit Pingu, have fun.:)

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Twiggie, Ravenmark is writing the match, if you have given booking please ignore this as Scotty requested the chance to write the match a couple of weeks back.


My comments of earlier seem to have been removed, funny that


Very well... let it be so.

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