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RoH 29/10 Results


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Kelly Primo over Bobby Dempsey

Shane Hagadorn over Smash Bradley


Main Show:

1) "Double C" Claudio Castagnoli v. "The Next" Alex Shelley - Went to a 20 min draw, said to be a very good wrestling match.


2) Davey Andrews/Azrieal v. Jason Blade & Kid Mikaze - Andrews and Azrieal pick up the victory, decent match with Az getting the pinfall.


3) Ricky Reyes v. Frank Mitchell - Reyes squashed Frank Mitchell in 22 sec.


4) FOUR CORNER SURVIAL MATCH: Nigel McGuinness (Pure Champion) v. Kikutaro v. BJ Whitmer v. Nosawa - BJ pinned Kikutaro after 2 exploders while Nigel and Nosawa fought on the outside of the ring. Lots of comedy and good wrestling.


5) BATTLE FOR THE #1 RANKING IN ROH'S TOP 5 RANKINGS MATCH: "The Wrestling Machine" Austin Aries v. "The Phenomenal" AJ Styles - AJ over Aries with Styles Clash off 2nd rope. Shelley attacked Aries after the match. Chung with Tornado DDT on Nana. Aries did brainbuster on Nana afterwards. Great match, Aries and Styles shake hands in the ring, Aries motions he wants AJ's X-title he has with him.


Intermission. Ringside full, around 400-500 people approximately for the crowd. No one is dressed up really except for someone in a Vince McMahon mask.


6) GRUDGE MATCH: B-Boy v. "Classic" Colt Cabana - Colt over B-Boy. Someone attacked Colt after the match. Homicide's music playing right now. And he's here! They're brawling throughout the crowd, at ringside, in the bleachers...Reyes, Smokes and others are attacking. Homicide puts Colt out with an ace crusher off the ring apron! Crowd is going crazy for this. Major chants for Homicide as Rottweilers go to leave. Chants for Colt when he tries to get up and leave.


"The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels v. Jay Lethal - Christopher Daniels is not at the show, being at home with his new born son. ROH has found a suitable replacement, perhaps the biggest star to EVER come out of Japan...CURRY MAN!!!


7) Curry Man v. Jay Lethal - First 10 minutes of match was Curry Man dancing, then cheering for Lethal to dance. Lethal gets the victory via Dragon Suplex after 10 minutes of wrestling. Curry Man dances after the match, then proceeds to cut a promo, "Excuse my broken English." Then more dancing from Curry Man. Crowd super into it and chanting "Curry Man." Allison is wearing a leather nun outlet, she looks great.


8) RING OF HONOR WORLD TITLE MATCH: "The American Dragon" Bryan Danielson © v. "The Messiah of the Backbreaker" Roderick Strong - Danielson is full blown heel. Came out ranting on the crowd, telling them to F off. 20 minutes in the match is full of chops and submission moves. Dragon wins via tapout from a random armbar with immediate tapout. They were rolling around when Danielson got him into it and Roderick was tap-tap-tap. Dragon kept with the heel antics, spitting on Roderick as well. Seems like this will continue to play out. Match was about 37 minutes in length.


For those interested, Curry Man/Jay Lethal is said to have been the most entertaining match of the show. Aries/Styles is MOTN. B-Boy was impressive and looked like a natural member of the locker room. March 11th is the return date.

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Sounds like another great show.


I'm confused about the use of Curry Man though, as it's the second time it's happened in ROH. Are they asking him to work like that because the majority of their fans will get the joke? Are TNA not keen on him working elsewhere with the Fallen Angel gimmick? Or maybe they don't want him to get over as a face with his TNA personna? It's a bit of an odd situation.


It should be interesting to see how Danielson works as an out and out heel. Even before when he's been heelish, he's never quite worked as a guy the entire crowd hates, more often than not working as an early 2005 Austin Aries heel where he's evil before and after the match, but during it the crowd get behind him and he plays up to them.


I also like the way they're building up Claudio to be a big star. He's been terrific in his work outside of ROH, and as soon as I get round to buying a huge stack of DVDs from Gabe I'm sure I'll find his work to be just as great in ROH.


I'm happy with ROH's current direction, hopefully they can continue to prosper.

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I'm really pleased Strong didn't win the title. I don't know about him at all. To me, he seems like a decent worker, who has a series of backbreakers. That's it. He is good enough for the Tag Title's sure, but anything above that, I'm againgst. I don't see him as a World Champion ever really. He lacks way too much.


One (ex?) tag worker who I do think could be a great Champion in the future, is Ricky Reyes. I am a massive Pitbulls fan, and one day both of these seperatly need to have major pushes. Building Reyes up in a Taz like way, is excellent for me. Keep him squashing people for a while, and then onto a major feud with an established name, such as Daniels, Cabana (After the Cide feud obviously) or Styles, and then give him the belt. I suppose with Homicide being the leader of The Rottweilers, having someone below him as World Champ wouldn't work, so maybe a feud between them, if Reyes was on for a Title run?


When did Danielson turn full heel? Last I heard he was face, and now he is shouting at the crowd, spitting etc? I must of missed something there, if anyone would like to fill me in.

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For me the best part of the Rottweiler/Havana Pitbulls was Rocky Romero who is of course now Black Tiger (IV) in NJPW and the NWA Jr Heavyweight and IWGP Jr belt holder...


I'd love a Black Tiger against Danielson match as Rocky has shown in recent months his growth as a singles competitor and his recent matches with Koji Kanemoto and Tiger Mask have shown him to be top draw.

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