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TWOStars No Mercy


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A countdown begins as 'One' by Metallica begins to play in the background....












As the gun shots of the music ring out an explosion occurs and the sight of TWOStars very own Millionaire, Chris Eagles standing in a rain of dollar bills.... his face full of rage, his look determined...


"One man tonight will put his name, his status on the line.... One Man tonight who can afford anything can afford No Mercy to his opponent..."


Cut to a freeze frame shot of Mikhail Mills...


"This man, so full of arrogance, of yearning full of greed that No Mercy can't allow... tonight his fate and his future lie in his own hands...."


The battle continues in the back ground... the barrage that preludes the storm drawn out...


"But what of this man... the powerful man (cuts to a freeze frame of Darkstar), the boss, his status seemingly secure? What or who will he fear? What ever path awaits him can he afford Mercy? As he steps into the unknown, his paranoia unchecked the answer must surely be No...."


Thunder crackles in the background as we cut to a sight of the Evil Gringo...


"And this man? The wild card, The lone wolf? What fate befalls him as he seeks what he feels is rightfully is his.... Revenge, Gold, Redemption.... Can he show Mercy? Our will his past come back to haunt him and drive to the point of no return?"


Shadows blend out the sight of the Gringo and morph him into the reigning Champion, The Incredible Holt....


"And what of the champion? Challengers around every corner, his path to immortality rocky like the mountains he resembles.... No Mercy lies in his heart, No Mercy is his motto but can he hold on to his grip on the gold as all those round him show him the exact same creed... Can the champ survive No Mercy?"


Finally a bolt of lighting lights the screen and Holt is gone and out of the smoke emerges the shape of Barry Gower...


"And this man? The heart of a champion he says lies beneath his chest, his actions those of a man on a righteous path, the path to destiny... Can he fulfil his ultimate goal? Can the title he craves, that of World Champion finally be bestowed upon him? All we know is that he will show....


Gower: NO MERCY!


The drums explode and the guitar kicks in as we cut to a fast and furious clips barrage....


Holt laying out Gower and Gringo...

Gringo and Gower taking down Holt...

Gower and Gringo toe to toe...

Darkstar cowering as the Deadman's gongs echo through the arena...

Mills laughing as flashes of Black's attack on Eagles flash in and out of vision...

Gringo flying out onto Holt with the Death Star Press...

Darkstar sat head down as images of TWOStars legends past and present flash momentarily onto the screen in front of him...

Holt Incrediplexing Gringo...

Gower Burning Hammering Holt... and on Impact...









Pyro explodes and we cut to a scene of the TWOStars NO MERCY logo that cuts out quickly as we scan around a packed crowd.....


Cole: Ladies and Gentleman... Welcome to TWOStars NO MERCY! Live from a beautiful Sydney and in front of a HUGE capacity crowd!


Tazz: Wow, no doubt Cole and what a rocket buster this one promises to be.... Triple Threat for the title.... Darkstar against a returning legend.... Mills v Eagles with the Revolution name and rights on the line... wow so much...


Cole: And without further a do... let’s get this under way with out first match the number one contender match for the United States Championship.


TZ: It will be Tom "The Disciple" Trash going on against The Lonely Avenger. This feud has been going on for a few weeks; let's see how this feud was build over the course of the last month.


"Control" by Puddle of Mudd starts playing as the video clips start playing.


Six Weeks Ago: The beginning...


Trash is now free to use his can but before he can the lights go out in the arena and confusion spreads between the crowd and the two men in the ring...


All of a sudden the Lonely Avenger is stood in the ring and both Rake and Trash don't know what to make of Loneliness Itself's appearance... That is until he lays out Trash with a huge big boot!


TLA is not done however and scoops the fallen US Champion off the mat in front of the stunned 'Messiah'... he looks around the crowd and then delivers the PUNISHER!

TLA clears the ring as the ref comes to from his can shot and Rake sense's his chance and dives into the cover...






MC: My god... the trainee, Rake Rush has taken the duke! He just beat Trash our very own US champion!


TLA: God damn Trash... Do you have any pride? Do you have any idea what a warrior, a warrior in this ring should do? I mean look at this guy, greener then grass, ripe for a quick win but you had to play around, you had to show off.... you just couldn't focus... So Tommy boy, I decided I needed to give you some focus... I decided to show you the error of your ways, to avenge your crime...


By now Trash is sat down in the turnbuckles grasping his US belt as protection...


TLA: You see Trash this is your punishment... this is your warning... I want that title; I want to show you its true meaning and the TRUE power of the Avenger, the strength of Loneliness... And also an example of what you should have done...


Without warning the Avenger scoops the tired Rush up onto his shoulder before driving the trainee down with yet another Punisher! He places on hand on the throat of the fallen Rake Rush and with the other counts a one-two-three...


TLA: You see Trash... easy as that... so consider this a lesson, a warning and a notice... Your actions will always be avenged... and I, THE LONELY AVENGER, will be the one keeping the score...


5 weeks ago: (Control is still playing) Avenger sends a clear message...


TZ: Avenger just brutalized Manion and got a clean win.


MC: The match is over and Manion is knocked out in the middle of the ring. But what is it with Avenger? The match is over, what does he want from Mansion now?


The light fades away in the TWO arena as green smoke starts growing in the ring.


Avenger grabs Manion and gets him into a tombstone position on the outside edge of the ring, the table under them.


TZ: Is he going to do what I am thinking about?


But The Lonely For Revenge has one thing in mind.




TZ: Manion got head first in the burning table, breaking it as he may have broken his neck. This is just cheap from Avenger.


MC: This is a message to Trash. Don’t mess with The Lonely Avenger. You will get into trouble.


Then their were the messages...




Cut to another message on the backstage wall.



Cut to another scene. The arena goes black as a Trash can appear on the TWOtron.


The US title seems to be falling in it, before a wild Keith Jaxx ALLLLRIGHTTT!!! Sounding loudly on the PA system. Suddenly, the Trash can bursts into green flames as these words appear:




Last week: The clash...


TT: Ladies and Gentlemen, joining me on Trash Talkin, from Lone Valley, The Lone Ranger!


Tazz: I hope Trash knows what he’s doing; pissing off a man like the Avenger isn’t the best of ideas


TT: A month ago you cost me a match against some training punk and you got my attention. Then you decided to carry on setting fire to stuff and you got my attention. Now you’re standing here in my ring wearing what looks like a children’s party mask and you’ve got my attention. So I put it to you, what the hell do you want?


TLA: Tom Trash, Tom “The Disciple” Trash, you are nothing but a disgrace to this business. In this lonely world you bring shame to Xtreme TV, you bring shame to this arena and you brought shame to the United States championship.


Since I have arrived in TWOstars I have seen that you are a soul eating away at the core of this federation. At No Mercy I was meant to lift TWOstars, I, The Lonely Avenger had a date with destiny. That destiny was your United States title


The green bowels of hell had proclaimed that The Lonely Avenger would take TWOstars into a new light. At No Mercy it was meant to be my night, MY NIGHT Tom Trash, but you, you were too incompetent to even hold onto that title for long enough for me to take it away. You got pinned by that Male stripper guy that has a problem ending his words


Tom Trash you are the very source of incompetence in this lonely world that I desired to put to rest at No Mercy, now in two weeks time, I demand your return clause for a United States title shot


TT: Look Hurricane, I gotta ask you one thing (poses) What’s up wid dat? (crowd laughs) Now surely you understand that you will be losing at No Mercy, surely you can get this message to THE GREEN BOWELS OF HELL that Tom trash is back and at No mercy your ass will be Trash. So have no fear, I’ll put my title shot on the line.


Fade to different Trash and Avenger in ring skits while this is being said: Trash vs. Avenger, it started with the US title, but it became more then a title quest, it became personal! Who will emerge victorious at No Mercy? Time will tell...


Back from the video package as the music ends.


MC: Avenger is as unstable and demented as drunken Trash can be.


TZ: These two will collide in one controversial match to determine the number one contender for Keith Jaxx's US title.


The camera goes to the ring where Tony Chimmel is standing.


TC: The following match is scheduled for one fall and it is for the number one contender shot at the United States Championship.


"You Don't See the Signs" start playing as Tom "The Disciple" Trash makes his way to the ring with a trash can in hand.


MC: Look Tazz, it's a trash can with the name of The Lonely Avenger on it!


TZ: Yes it is!


TC: Making his way to the ring, from Manchester England, weighting in at 187 lbs, the former United State Champion Tom "The Disciple" Trash!


Trash continues his run to the ring, sets the trash can outside before entering it.


Music stops playing.


TZ: Get ready for the loneliest entrance in TWOstars.


The light goes out of the TWO arena as the intro "Lonely World" by Limp Bizkit starts playing.

A glowing green mask rises from the ground. The Lonely Avenger continues his ascendance, head bowed down, hands crossed over his shoulders, until he arrives to ground level.

Few seconds pass before he raises his hands suddenly, green flames growing from both sides as the chorus of Lonely World echoes loudly in the arena.

As his hands go down, the flames die while a green circle of light lights the entrance.

The Masked Truth walks to the ring and slides in from the bottom rope towards the center of the ring.

Trash quickly leaves the ring as The Masked Truth stands there while slowly raising his hands, to brutally lower them once they are up. Green flames explode from all four turnbuckles as the lights come back to the TWO arena and the music fades away.

Trash goes in the ring as the referee Nick Patrick has a word with the two wrestlers before ringing the bell.


Trash delivers a first punch to the face of Avenger, but the later is unyielding, planted like a rock in the middle of the ring. Another punch to the face of Avenger goes in vain before Loneliness Itself counters with a punch, knocking Trash down.

MC: There is a clear difference between Tom Trash and The Lonely Avenger in size and power.


TZ: Avenger may be the bigger man, but Trash is the smarter one.

Trash recovers quickly and charges on Avenger, who irish whips him on the rope before nailing him with a big boot to the skull.

TZ: The Lonely Avenger goes for the cover!





Kick out by The Disciple.

Avenger tries to get his opponent on his feet but is met with a kick to the chest, giving Trash the advantage of hitting a back DDT.

TZ: Avenger is down like Cole is after a nice encounter with Jaxx.

MC: Would you just stop this! Why am I the only one who gets criticized and laughed on?

Trash climbs the turnbuckle and waits for TLA to recuperate and stand up, before jumping and delivering a great drop kick right in the face of The Masked Punisher, knocking him outside the ring.

MC: OUCH! That was a hard fall of Avenger. He fell face first on the ground!

TZ: He doesn’t seem to be moving, he might be out thus the vicious collision between his head and the ground. He might even be knocked unconscious or suffering from a concussion.

The referee goes out of the ring to check on The Lonely Avenger, to see in what condition he remains motionless. No sign of conciseness from TLA, the referee was about to call EMTs to the ring...


MC: Trash just dove on the referee from the back, knocking him out too! Why did he do that?

TZ: How stupid is he. He was this close from winning the match as no vital signs of ability to continue in the match were shown by Revenge Itself.

MC: Well this is a common quality of Trash, being simply stupid. Avenger seems to be back to this world as he is trying to crawl to the security barrier, trying to stay in this to the biggest extent.

Trash, who realizes that regret will not win him the match, seeing that he thudded the referee down, inserts a heelish laugh on his face.

TZ: What is making Trash laugh? Does being a complete idiot make him laugh?

Trash goes under the ring, searching for a weapon.

TZ: Want to have a guess at the weapon Trash is searching for?

MC: Not a clue. All I hope for is that he does not trash the ring.

A trash can is taken out from under the ring and thrown behind Trash, almost hitting Michael Cole in the face before bouncing on the announcing table and fall to the ground.

MC: What the hell? (His head turns redder then a tomato) It almost hit me in the face! Why has Trash gotten so brutal and rushing?

Trash gets another can out and takes the other one prior to heading towards a leaning Avenger on the barrier. Trash sets a can down and runs with the other over his head, charging strongly on a weak Avenger...

He is met with a kick out from nowhere to the stomach, resulting in the drop of the Trash can on the ground. Avenger, moving like a drunken man, mainly like Trash was moving last week, grabs Trash from the neck and out of nowhere raises him up in the air, holding him tightly in the air before descending him on the Trash can.

TZ: Where did that come from? Avenger was unable to move moments ago and now he has the lead in the match, the referee still down.

TLA gets the referee back on his legs after long tries and slides him in the ring. Turning to get Trash in the ring, he is surprised by a thrust kick to the face from the security barrier, ensuing in The Masked Truth crashing in the ring post.

MC: Oh my God! This is the second time The Lonely Avenger gets smacked in the head in a few minutes of time.

TZ: The referee is surely back on his feet and starts a count.




Trash, not wanting to lose time, gets TLA in the ring and goes for the cover.












TZ: HOW DID AVENGER KICK OUT FROM THAT? He should be knocked out by now.

MC: It is Loneliness Itself Tazz, you don’t know when he would fall for sure. This unstable mind is not going to be giving up the match soon.

Trash, not believing what has happened, being so sure he was going to triumph, goes to the turnbuckle.

TZ: Here goes Trash with another aerial move today.

Trash goes for the moonsault...

However The Soul Behind The Mask roles away in the nick of times. Trash falls hardly on the ring matt and starts twitching from the pain of a well executed high risk maneuver in vain.

The Lonely Avenger starts rising to his feet slowly, knees first, aided by the ropes, while Trash is doing the exact same thing on the other side of the ring. Both up, they make their way to the middle of the ring where a TLA ducks to a clothesline.

Finding himself right behind his opponent, he seizes the chance and locks The Green Hell on his neck.

MC: Trash has found himself in deep troubles there. This could be enough to conclude this number one contender match.

The full nelson is locked on Trash's neck firmly, shaking him viciously from left to right, while the man starts fading away. As the tempo of The Lonely Avenger slows as the time passes until he stops shuddering him, the referee starts the submission count.

He raises Trash's hand.




As his hand falls down.


He raises the hand again.




It falls a second time, Trash showing no sign of perseverance in the match.


Nick Patrick raises Trash's hand for the final time, holds it up for some time before dropping it...






MC: How did he manage to do that? The Green Hell is one devastating lock that few have shown revolt to. Trash may be a drunken man, but he certainly is a great wrestler.

Both men are now on their feet, and Trash is fighting the move, tightly locked on his neck.

Trash, not knowing what to do, bounces from rope to rope, trying to shake TLA off him, ending in hitting Avenger's head in the turnbuckle, succeeding in taking Revenge Itself off his back and neck.

TZ: That was a smart move by Trash.

Nevertheless, being submitted to the full nelson for such a long time, Trash falls face first on the ring matt, all his strength trenched out of him.

The Lonely Avenger, not all that shaken from the hit, goes for the top rope, waiting for Tom Trash to get on his feet.

Some time passes and the fans start booing as Avenger is still waiting on the top rope, Trash merely moving.

TZ: It has been over a minute and the match has been frozen as TLA is on the turnbuckle waiting for Trash to wake up from the siesta of pain.

MC: Trash is finally up and dizzily walking in the ring, and there he turns to face Revenge Itself.

And TLA goes for a clothesline from the corner...

TZ: Trash hits a drop kick right on the chest of a falling Avenger, taking him down.

MC: Both men are down right now, drained and shattered in the middle of the ring!

TZ: This match has taken much from both superstars, but until someone scores a victory, the match will have to continue whatever the cost was. The US title might mean much for Trash, but it does not get any more personal then Avenger has made it.

The referee starts the count.








MC: No movement whatsoever from the two restless bodies.









TZ: Trash seems to desperately crawl to the ropes, hence to use them as leverage, while Avenger is using the turnbuckle.











MC: And the official stops the count as Trash and Avenger are back on their feet.

Trash charges out of nowhere at The Masked Truth, who escapes by justice, resulting in a brutal collision between Trash's shoulder and the ring post, leaving the former US champion in extreme pain.

TLA grabs his opponent from the head and knocks it on the turnbuckle twice. Trash is now resting in the corner before he is quickly nailed with three consecutive spears to the guts.

MC: The Lonely Avenger has dominated once again on the match.

The Soul Behind The Mask seems to have had enough of this and wants to end this as soon as possible. He heads towards Trash, yet he is met with a desperate punch to the head. Trash punches start ascending on The Lonely Avenger like bombs in the world war two, building momentum for himself.

TZ: We need a winner in this match, we need a number one contender, yet it seems that neither Trash nor Avenger is ready to give this up. They want the title shot so desperately.

Trash delivers a kick to the guts of TLA, before he bounces on the ropes.

MC: Is it going to be what I think it is going to be?

TZ: Well if you think it is going to be you and Keith Jaxx in that ring, then you are mistaken. But if you think it's going to be the Trashattack, I think it is.

Trash bounces on the ropes, running with all the body strength he could recuperate after this long run, goes in a leg scissor, mounting Avenger's shoulders on his knees, then he drops down behind him and catches him in a reverse DDT.


MC: This match is over. Trash has to go for the count to secure his title shot.














Kick out by Avenger.


MC: I just can't believe this. If the Trashattack was not able to take Avenger down, I don’t believe any move will.


TZ: Just look Cole. Avenger is up quickly, sitting in the ring and looking at Trash standing stunned by the resistance and determination of The Punishing Horror.


The Lonely Avenger stands up and starts handing punches to the head of Trash, building momentum for himself. He irish whips his opponent on the ropes and hits him to the guts.


MC: Avenger has put Trash in the Punisher position. This is certainly the end of this long great number one contender match.







The tombstone piledriver is applied on Trash's neck.


MC: The Lonely Avenger goes ONCE AGAIN for the cover.






















"Lonely World' starts playing.


TC: The winner of this match by pin fall and the new number one contender for the United States Championship, The Lonely Avenger!


TZ: That was one classical match, it had a lot of flying high risk moves and a great quality of wrestling.


MC: The Lonely Avenger has proven to be the better man and the better wrestler, and deserves to have this title shot. This is bad news for our US champion, Keith Jaxx, I have to warn him tonight...euh...never mind...


The Lonely Avenger, after having his hand raised in victory, goes outside the ring and dives under it to emerge with two Trash cans in hand.


MC: What are those for? Is he going to brutalize Trash with them?


TZ: I think there is something written on them.


The camera zooms in on the two names written in green:






TLA stands in front of them, raises his hands high in the air and as he lowers them, a great explosion detonates in the TWO arena, accompanied by the lights going out and back, as the two trash cans burst into green flames. Avenger walks to the entrance under the boos and cheers of the fans, emerging victorious at his second PPV appearance.


Cut to advert for Mars bars

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Back form Mars Bars advert.


Tony Chimmel stands in the middle of the ring, the mic in his hand.


TC: The next match is a Tag Team Elimination match for the Tag Championship, introducing first, already in the ring, weighing in at two hundred and forty one pounds - Jordi Warner!!!


"All Hail Me" by Veruca Salt begins to play as Jordi raises his arms to the crowd, they give a mild mixed reaction, his music fades out as Chimmel raises his mic once more.


Cole: Listen to that crowd reaction.


Tazz: What crowd reaction? I can barely hear a thing.


TC: His partner, hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, weighing in at two hundred and seventy five pounds, he is the Enforcer of Law and Order - The Judge!!!


"Haunted" by Evanescence begins to play and the crowd cheer, wearing his trademark long black leather trench coat and carrying his sledge hammer, The Judge walks out from behind the curtain, he lifts the sledge above his head and pyros go off.


Cole: Here comes Warner's partner.


Walking towards the ring, he gets to the ring, climbs the stairs and steps through the ropes, going to the corner he sits atop the top turnbuckle, awaiting his opponents. His music fades out as Chimmel raises his mic once more.


TC: Their first opponents, weighing in at a combined weight of four hundred and forty seven pounds, they are The Dark Alliance!!!


"Climbing The Walls by Radiohead begins to play and the crowd boos loudly.


Cole: Look at the biggest jackass of them all, I can't believe that he's got another shot at the Tag Championships.


Tazz: Well, they didn't get a rematch after they lost to the joke champions.


Cole: You mean after the Dark Alliance cheated in every defence.


Boyo walks out wearing mint green trunks with white boots and a white sweat band around his forehead, just behind him steps out Sickness - as they walk down the ramp Boyo has a smirk plastered across his face. Boyo climbs the stairs to the ring and holds the ropes open for Sickness to get in.


The crowd continues to boo as the DA members walk around the ring, lapping up noise from the audience. Their music dies down as Chimmel raises the mic once more.


TC: The final competitors and the reigning Tag Team Champions, weighing in at a combined weight of five hundred and sixty pounds, they are Big Arkham Coolmark, The Bluemark Guy and accompanying them is Hollywood Novamark, they are The Blue World Ordermarks!


The bWo music hits and the crowd EXPLODES with cheering as the bWo members step out.


Tazz: Who the hell is Hollywood Novamark?


Cole: Oh my, it looks like the Bearded Lady Dustymark from XtremeTV.


The Bluemark Guy walks across the staging and Meanie's Up to an increased pop - the crowd begins a "B.W.O." chant - Big Arkham Coolmark walks out and raises his arm, behind them stands the bearded lady (who was also one of the HoganMarks), she flexes her muscles and poses for the crowd.


Tazz: Look at them - what a joke.


Cole: But they're great, just listen to that crowd.


Tazz: I'm trying not to.


The bWo descend down the ramp as the crowd continues a loud "B.W.O." chant, their four opponents looking on in shock more than anything else. The three members continue towards the ring, they get to ringside, they climb the stairs, get into the middle of the ring and pose to a HUGE reaction from the crowd - The Bluemark Guy begins to dance and the crowd EXPLODES with cheers and clapping along with his movements.


Cole: What a guy, he really knows how to entertain the crowd.


Tazz: That's because they're a bunch of idiots.


bWo's music fades out as Hollywood Novamark climbs out of the ring and the Champions hand their belts over to the referee, he shows them to the two other teams before holding them up to the crowd. After handing the belts to the outside the timekeeper rings the bell to start the match. Big Arkham Coolmark points into the ring all excited and The Bluemark Guy nods to the big guy.


Across the ring The Judge steps in as Warner stands on the apron, Boyo grins as they realise they get a long rest at the beginning of the match - Sickness paces back and forth slowly like a caged animal.


Cole: The two biggest guys in the match are starting this off.


Arkham and the Judge slowly circle each other, they tie up and the Judge tries to force the larger man back, but Big Arkham Coolmark pushes him back towards the ropes, this is followed by an Irish whip, Sid Justice rebounds off of the ropes, ducks a clothesline attempt, he turns around and catches the larger man from behind with spinning neck breaker.


Judge reaches down to try and continue the assault but Arkham rolls away towards the Dark Alliance corner, he reaches up and slaps Sickness on the waist.


Cole: He just tagged in one of his greatest foes?


Tazz: He's that stupid that he probably thinks they're his friends now.


Sickness steps through the ropes and walks towards Commandant, the larger man swings a punch which lands square in the face of the Sick One, the camera zooms onto his face as you can see blood flowing from his nose, he smiles and blood is already flowing over his teeth.


Cole: My god, look at that - Sickness just took a straight punch to the face, and seemed to enjoy it.


Tazz: You know that Sickness is a psycho, so what else do you expect?


Judge backs away a step almost in shock as he swings again, but this time Sickness blocks the punch and kicks the larger man in the stomach.


Judge stumbles backwards but as Sickness approaches he's launched with a belly to belly overhead release suplex - as he hits the mat he lands hard on his shoulder.


Cole: What a spinebuster!


Tazz: What? It was a belly to belly suplex, but a sloppy one at that.


Sickness slowly gets to his feet holding his shoulder, Judge quickly grabs him and whips him across the ring, on the rebound he plants the Sick One into the mat with a stiff spine buster.


Cole: A follow-up suplex from The Judge.


Tazz: Can't you call anything right? THAT was a spine buster.


Judge drops down for a cover but before the ref can begin to count Sickness kicks out.


Tazz: You're not going to pin Sickness after a simple spine buster.


Sid Commandant quickly tries to pull the Sick One upright, but he's hit with a low blow which causes him to stumble backwards - Sickness presses his advantage by spinning Judge around, grabbing him in a full nelson, running towards the corner and hitting the Boyo Bulldog. The crowd boo loudly at the move.


Cole: The Boyo Bulldog, named after his partner.


Tazz: And just as devastating at the hands of Sickness.


Sickness is quickly back to his feet, he drags Judge up and whips him to the ropes, but Warner hits a blind tag - Sickness doesn't notice the tag, so he drops Judge to the match with a drop toe hold. Warner leaps over the top rope and charges at the Sick One with a seated drop kick to his side.


Judge quickly rolls out of the ring as Warner runs to the ropes and returns with a running leg drop - he dives on top of a cover but before the ref can drop down for the pin Sickness kicks out once more.


Tazz: Look at how much punishment Sickness can take, and he seems to enjoy it.


Jordi is quickly back to his feet and he begins to stomp on Sickness' gut, but the Sick One rolls away, running to the ropes once more, Warner is tagged by The Bluemark Guy, this stops the former Exec Producer in his tracks as TBG steps through the ropes, he flicks his toothpick at Warner and continues towards the downed Sickness.


Cole: Say hello to The Bluemark Guy.


Tazz: You're aware that he's Retromark, right?


Cole: No, it's The Bluemark Guy in this match.


TBG walks towards Sickness as the DA member is getting up, a kick to the gut staggers the ex-tag champ back and a clothesline knocks him into the ropes, on the rebound he is whipped again across the ropes, but Boyo tags himself off of his partner, the Sick One continues his motion back towards Bluemark, he dives forwards with a spear and takes TBG down.


Boyo charges into the ring and both men begin to stomp on the downed Bluemark Guy - Big Arkham Coolmark tries to get into the ring to help his friend but the referee stops him, Sickness quickly comes over to stop Arkham getting into the ring.


Cole: Look at that, why can't the referee see what they're doing?


Tazz: How long have you been watching wrestling?


As the referee tells Sickness to leave the ring, Boyo continues to stomp on the floored tag champ, he then rolls him over and begins to apply a Boston crab, TBG struggles in the hold and manages to reach towards the ropes - the referee quickly pushes the Welshman away from Bluemark.


Rolling towards the corner he tags in The Judge who quickly enters the ring. Boyo backs away a couple of steps as TBG rolls under the ropes - Boyo kicks out at Justice only for the foot to be caught, Judge steps forwards and hooks the Jackass' head, he lifts him up ready for the fisherman's suplex, but it's obvious that his grip is wrong. Dropping backwards the Judge loses his grip slightly and drops Boyo onto the back of his skull.


Tazz: Ouch, that looked painful.


Cole: The Judge is a strong guy, so I think most of his moves hurt.


Tazz: As much as being dropped on your head?


The Welshman is clearly in pain as he rolls over on the mat holding the back of his head - on the outside Sickness is pulled off of the apron by Hollywood Novamark, the Sick One throws a punch but it's blocked and HN waggles the finger as the crowd nearby shout "Noooo", after a few punches, the big boot and Sickness is knocked to the floor, running towards the barrier a couple of the fans leans over the barrier holding up a rope, looking closer it's a couple more of the HoganMarks who were the lumberjacks when Retromark and Arkham won the titles.


Bouncing off of the rope, Hollywood Novamark rebounds and charges back to Sickness for the Leg Drop of DOOOOM~! The crowd around the ring cheer loudly. Inside the ring Judge stomps on the downed Boyo who is still holding the back of his head - the ref tries to push him away so Judge runs towards the ropes, he's blind tagged by Arkham who steps through the ropes as Justice runs back for a running knee drop - the referee tells him to leave the ring as the Insane One quickly moves across to the downed Dark Alliance man.


Cole: I can't think Boyo will last much longer in this match.


Tazz: I hope not - I don't think he could take another move like that fisherman's suplex.


Arkham quickly pulls Boyo into a kneeling position, his large hands slam into the sides of Boyo's head as he hits the Shock Therapy. Boyo slumps slightly but is pulled upright - Arkham sets him up for a suplex, lifts him vertical, but instead of falling backwards he drops him head first onto the mat while he drops to a kneeling position (a kneeling Falcon Arrow Brainbuster) - the crowd cheers loudly for the move.


Cole: The Instant Lobotomy - he just hit the Instant Lobotomy!


Tazz: How do you know the name of that move?


Cole: I'm one of their friends you know.


Tazz: More like Keith Jaxx's special friend.


Cole: Drop it, will you?


Arkham goes to pin Boyo, Judge tries to step through the ropes to stop the pin, but Warner stops him - the referee drops down for the pin.




Cole: This is over - Boyo has been beaten by Arkham.




Tazz: More like by that horrible fisherman's suplex.


THREE. The crowd cheers loudly as Arkham gets back to his feet - Sickness helps Boyo out of the ring as he continues to hold the back of his head - Warner leaps to the top turnbuckle and jumps with a cross body as Big Arkham Coolmark turns around - Arkham is knocked to the mat and as Warner stays on top for the cover he is powered off by the big man.


Rolling to his knees he blocks a quick kick from Jordi, getting upright the big guy blocks another kick, grabbing the smaller man he whips him across to the corner, he then follows up with a back elbow to the side of Warner's head.


Cole: It looks like Arkham is taking charge here.


Tazz: I think this is the most we've ever seen Warner wrestle on live TV, so it's not really surprising.


Another Irish whip across the ring and Arkham tries to follow up with a big boot into the corner, but Warner moves out of the way and the big guy is left straddling the top rope. Jordi quickly dives back towards his corner and tags in his partner - Judge steps through the ropes and quickly charges across at the stuck Big Arkham Coolmark.


Knocking Arkham off of the ropes, the Judge stands tall in the ring to a mild reaction from the crowd. Hollywood Novamark helps Arkham back to his feet and rolls him back into the ring.


The stunned big man is scooped up and onto Judge's shoulder - Commandant runs forwards a couple of steps and rams the tag champ into the mat with a running powerslam. He covers for the pin and the ref dives down.




Cole: Could this be the end for the Blue World Ordermarks?




Tazz: I really hope so.


TH... Arkham gets a shoulder up to a cheer from the crowd. Judge quickly lifts his opponent up, hooks him ready in the double underhook position, he lifts and slips slightly, not quite getting Arkham all of the way over, but the big guy lands on his back (think the Steiner/HHH match).


Getting back to his feet he tries to lift Arkham up once more, but the tag champ grabs Judge's waist band and pulls, sending Justice sprawling into the corner. Using the momentary distraction he crawls to his corner and tags in The Bluemark Guy. The crowd cheer loudly as TBG enters the ring and begins to Meanie Up.


Tazz: Look at that freak.


Cole: The fans sure do love him though.


TBG charges towards the corner and squashes Judge against the turnbuckles, he raises his arms to the crowd as they cheer again - going to continue the attack he is suddenly met with a back elbow from Commandant.


The Judge turns around, shakes out the cobwebs and stalks forwards a couple of steps, he plants a few stiff punches into the side of Bluemark's head before whipping him into the ropes.


Cole: Judge seems to be back in control again.


On the rebound from the ropes, TBG is caught with a spine buster and planted into the mat - Bluemark is scooped up from the floor, Judge sets his head up between his knees, scoops him up ready for a powerbomb.


Tazz: Looks like Judge is going for The Judge Destroyer.


Judge swings The Bluemark Guy down into position for the piledriver but isn't in position properly and TBG's head slams into the mat hard.


Tazz: Good God!


Cole: I know, it's a devastating move.


Tazz: You've got that right.


The Judge drops to cover Bluemark who is now holding the back of his neck, the referee quickly checks on him and counts the cover.




Cole: That was a quick count.


Tazz: Colour me surprised.


The crowd give a mixed reaction as Judge stands up, obviously celebrating.


Arkham and the bearded lady dive into the ring to check on Retromark, the referee holds up his arms in an "X" position as EMTs run down towards the ring.


Warner grabs the tag belts, hands one up to Judge who seems elated about winning the belts.


Tazz: It looks like the EMTs are taking Retromark back to be checked out.


Cole: After that devastating move from the Judge, I think anybody will need to be checked out.


The bearded lady and Arkham go back up to the curtain with Retromark, the EMTs put him in a neck brace as they go.


In the ring Judge and Warner are still celebrating. As the Judge turns away from his partner Warner brings his belt crashing down on the back of Commandants head, knocking the bigger man to the floor.


Tazz: Hahaha, thats what you get for trusting somoen who turned on you just a few weeks ago! The Judge is a moron.


Amidst the chorus of boos warner bends sown and lifts the second belt from the limp hands of Sid Commandant and raises both tag belts high above his head.


As the boos reign down we cut to backstage.


We're in the medical room, the EMTs are still checking out Retromark's neck. The bearded lady and Arkham are standing by looking concerned.


EMT: Well, I must say that he's lucky - there's nothing broken.


BL: That's something.


EMT: Just make sure he rests for tonight.


BL: We will do - come on Arkham.


Arkham and the bearded lady leave the medical room as Retromark lays there, obviously in pain.

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Cole: I have been looking forward to this match up all night, we finally get to see the Crippler in action against Darkstar!


Tazz: The bill is a mystery wrestler and if it is Cripp, then he should be better off staying in retirement Cole, the guy is old, the guy is out of shape and he is fighting the boss tonight..


Cole: Let's take a look at the events that have led up to this history making match up!


15th September. The background music is dark and dreary.


BUHBUM! Voice: Still don't know me? then perhaps this will remind you... BUHBUM!.


The BGM Kicks in to a faster pace as the action hits.


MC: Holy crap the ring's on fire!


Tazz: Someone call the fire technicians!


The camera pans to a long overhead shot and a burning Anarchy sign is emblazoned on the canvas as though someone had done it in petrol and lit it, it is dark, but a silhouette can be seen walking up the ramp. The lights return as well as the sounds of panic as the fire is put out.


Tazz: Whoa that's scorched the ring alright, who the hell would do something like that?


MC: And who would have such a deep vendetta against Darkstar?.


Action music fades as a long string melody plays to mark the end of one event and a passage into the next..


22nd September.


The crowd boos as the camera focuses on Darkstar confidently

striding down the back alleys and passageways of the arena. The camera changes perspective to DS's office as the door arrogantly bursts open revealing the head of TWOStars. The camera looks at the expression of utter shock on his face when he looks into his space, the camera turns around to see red painted graffiti on the wall that says: "You screwed me DS, I want Holt, I want the title or I take your ass!"


October 6th.


At ringside the fans are going mental as Darkstar is sat on a HUGE velvet covered chair. The thousands of people jeering don’t faze the TWOStars owner in the slightest....


DS: No doubt you have all seen the messages left for me on the walls, the times when lights have gone out mid match only to come back up to reveal the combatants all taken down? No? That’s because you're all. Inbred. Yokel. Hicks. Understand? Well, I have a surprise for you all. I have been in contact with the person who did these acts, this person has held gold right here in TWOStars. And this person is COMING BACK!!! *the crowd start to chant 'We

want Acid'* That’s right, if you go to TWOStars.com you can vote on who you think it is! I have spoke to....certain superstars....who will be dropping hints over the next few

weeks as to who it is. This person will make an appearance at No Mercy in a showcase match against ME!


Same day.


"Break Stuff" kicks in as the boss walks down the ramp with a meaning in his stride. The crowd boos the TWOStars owner almost in autonomy.


DS: Ok cut the Goddamn music! DS: Now, last time I was here on Xtreme, I gave you idiots the chance to vote whom you thought would make a startling return to TWOStars, you voted I looked and it seems that the Chav will be returning to face me at No Mercy!


DS: You couldn't be more wrong in your life! You are a class lower than bacteria, you really are!


The audience begin hurling their cups at him until security get involved.


DS: Let me tell you about the Chav, he was useful while I had him on a leash, but the problem with the Chav is, he doesn't know when to quit, so I quit him. No, no my stupid little ignoramuses, it's not the Chav!


The audience begin chanting "useless gimp"


DS: Useless Gimp eh? That's a new one, speaking of which, a portion of you think that Acid Christ will be returning to the

Ring! WRONG! You people SsssssssssUCK! Acid Christ is a drunken has-been and that's all he ever will be! His ass is gone!



The arena goes black, the audience screams!


Tazz: What?!




The audience's pleasure levels rise as the now all too familiar sound of Darkstar's mystery opponent pounds the arena walls. BUH BUM! The TWOtron begins to static, flash in then settle and words begin to appear.






















































The audience blow the roof off with cheers!


Tazz: Crippled? Is he saying he's the Crippler?


Cole: MY GOD Tazz! If the Crippler returns to TWOStars to

face Darkstar at No Mercy, what a match that would be!


The lights slowly raise, Darkstar is just staring at the TWOtron with his mouth wide open.


DS: Shut up you fools! It's not Crippler, it's NOT him!


DS storms off.


Tazz: The boss is scared, the Crippler may be returning to TWOStars!


10th October the music gets deeper, almost militaristic.


DS: Now, as you know I am the boss here at TWOStars, but a lot of people in that locker room back there think I owe them something, a title shot, a chance against that hated rival... I am here to say I

DO NOT OWE THEM ANYTHING! *The audience boos.* Incredible

Holt, I DO NOT OWE YOU ANYTHING! Brett Banner, I DO NOT OWE YOU ANYTHING! Violent Vinnie Vengeance, I DO NOT OWE YOU ANYTHING! You ALL work for me! You have all seen that I have been haunted by a ghost from the past, I thought I knew who it was and now I am sure that it's the Crippler! The fans jump up and shout Cripp's name, DS goes to speak but waits for the crowd to die down, looking somewhat impatient. All I have to say to you Crippler is if I DO NOT OWE the roster anything, then why do you think I owe you something? I DO NOT OWE YOU ANYTHING!









The audience rise and scream as the Deadman's deathtoll rings

out, the arena goes black.








Light purveys the arena and a very scared looking Darkstar eyes the entryway!


Cole: My God! That's the Deadman's music!


Tazz: Is it the Deadman returning to TWOStars?


Suddenly it goes black and the audience begin laughing as

the Titantron has "Gotcha" emblazoned on it in blood red writing.


DS: You think that's funny eh Crippler? You just wait, NO Mercy, you will see me at my best and I'll show you I DO NOT OWE YOU ANYTHING! Darkstar storms off to the dressing room. Cole: Our mystery opponent is using all the wrestlers that Darkstar has at somepoint screwed or asked to leave TWOStars.


Tazz: DS is confused, the Crippler has got him just where he

wants him, I may not like Cripp, but this is a fine plan! October



Chimmel: Laydeez and gentlemen, please be silent for the owner of TWOStars DARKSTAR! The crowd boos as the camera closes in from a distance shot to the entryway. No music plays as DS walks down the ramp agitated, with a mic already in his hand. Darkstar enters the ring and waits for the Boos to die down.


DS: Now either there is a 7 foot monster in this building

or someone has been damaging the roof backstage! Crippler, I can

take your taunts, I can take your jokes, I WILL be taking you on at No Mercy, but criminal damage? Is this really what you have stooped to? The lights go out and the arena's occupants scream!




The TWOtron flickers in the dark and slowly an image of a monkey's skull is seen. There is a loud crack and The Darkside by SMP offends the crowd's eardrums.


Cole: If I’m not mistaken that's Skullmonkey's



Tazz: You're right and....


The sound stops. The TWOtron flickers













The light slowly come back up.


Cole: The look of sheer anger on Darkstar's face!


DS: You don't fool me Crippler! I know it's you! YOU ARE MINE! Darkstar storms off to rapturous boos and dissent.


Cole: This opens things up, first we thought it was the Chav, then Crippler, then Deadman and NOW it's Skull monkey!


Cole: Someone is playing him good!


Tazz: Yeah, just like something HBK would do...


Tazz's word reverb and fade as the screen goes black.


Cut to Michael Cole and Tazz..



Cole: And there you have it folks, a former TWO Superstar is returning tonight and I has Darkstar deeply worried..


Tazz: I'd be worried too Cole, I have fought the best and Crippler, he's one of the best!.


"Break Stuff" by Limp Biskit kicks in. The audience boo on autopilot as the procession begins..

A jet of flame shoots down the centre of the walkway towards the ring. As it dies down a figure dressed in a black trenchcoat appears at the entrance to the walkway. The fans start to boo as the owner of TWOStars stalks down to the ring, his face almost dead..


Chimmel: Coming down to the ring, from parts unknown, weighing in at 265lbs, the TWOStarrrrrs owner DaaaarkSTarrrrrrrrr!.


Cole: And here we go, the boss is in the house tonight ladies and gentlemen!


Tazz: And so he should, he's got a few things to prove tonight, firstly he is not scared of the crippler, secondly he is better than Cripp!


Darkstar looks around at the fans close to him with utter derision, he takes in the atmosphere, only taking a brief moment to spit phlegm to the ground. The crowd show their own derision by booing as loudly as they can, so even while the arena is blaring out the music, they can be heard quite clearly..


Cole: He's going to have a tough night with this audience Tazz.


Tazz: You be Cole, he's not loved, he's not even liked, it's ungrateful! But they pay their money and they boo who they want to!.


Darkstar finished surveying his production and the audience and pulls himself up onto the ring, once again looking around from his better vantage point..


Cole: Darkstar is obviously in no rush..


Tazz: That's just cool efficiency, some would say he's delaying a beating, I'd say it's letting his opponent think about what he's letting himself in for!


The music fades out and the Crippler chants begin to circulate around the arena, Darkstar lets them chant with hands on hips, he then loses patience when it's obvious that they are not going to die away and strides to a technician, hand outstretched, demanding for a mic..


DS: So this is what it's boiled down to eh? A has been old wrestler that never did much gets you chanting like silly little girls! You all make me SsssssssssssssICK!


The crowd stop their chanting and boo DS.


DS: I've worked hard to make this promotion what it is, I've worked damn hard, so you would guess that along the way there have had to be casualties, people who have to fall on their sword to protect me!


Cole: Where's he going with this?


DS: All the people who have lined the path of TWOStars have been great for business, or I would not have had them wrestle here week in and week out. But I DO NOT OWE THEM ANYTHING!


The crowd boos, the camera cuts to a row of "Darkies marks", a group of lads who have chosen to follow the leader wherever he goes, they, naturally, are applauding him.


DS: The Crippler, AC, the Chav, HBK, you name 'em... I DO NOT OWE THEM ANYTHING!


Tazz: Amen Darkstar!


DS: So Crippler, enough is enough with the backstage hijinks, you come down here and you see for yourself how little I owe you!


Tazz: Uh oh, the boss is calling Crippler out!


Cole: Yeah, but you can see the look of fear in his eyes, it's betraying him....


The arena fades to black and the audience scream their approval.




The TWOtron flickers briefly as Michael Stipe can be heard in the background singing "I thought that I heard you laughing" The audience once again rise to their feet aiming for a view of the Crippler..




The heartbeat tears around the arena, filling people with a sense of awe and wonder, the electricity bringing the hairs on the back of their necks upright.


Stipe: Ooooooooh life....




Stipe: I thought that I heard you laughing....


A loud echoing drum bangs as the TWOtron flickers back into life showing static the audience roar in response..




The heart beat begins to quicken pace and the audience react to it with a raising "Whoooooooooa!"




The beat becomes more techno speeding up, accompanied by the claps of the audience.


Stipe: Ooooooh life....


The TWOtron flashes at a reverse symbol and stays black as the music to "Losing my Religion - white label" blares out over the speakers, bright white spotlights begin to scan the audience bringing on another cheer.


The TWOtron flashes white and slowly coming from close up the red writing can be seen.

































































Everything cuts out as the audience realise the catchphrase! Suddenly one spotlight flys from the ring to the top tier and sitting on a top tier guard rail is the Chav looking as menacing as he ever does. A close up sees an audience member saying "Holy ****!" and is quickly cut to a general view as the audience begin to clammer over themselves to get a look at the returning TWOStar.


Cole: It's the CHAV!


Tazz: Wow, and there was me thinking it WAS Cripp all along!


Losing my religion - white label continues as the Chav begins to walk down the top tier, being patted by fans, stopping occasionally for photographs. The Chav leaps onto a barrier and with full view of the arena behinds him faces the camera and outstretches his arms, two burly security guards hold his legs as the image of the Chav teetering on a security banner in front of the whole arena is

burned into the TV viewer's mind..


Jumping off to the stairs the Chav strides down them, stops, takes a beer off a fan, downs it and continues to the bottom tier and pushes his way past camera wielding fans now only looking at his opponent..


The look of shock on Darkstar's face can be seen from the top tier..


Cole: Did you think it would be the Chav?


Tazz: EVERYONE knew it was the Chav! Well, except you and Darkstar!


By now the Chav has reached the expensive seats and is being manhandled through the pawing fans by security who are screaming for people to get back, eventually the Chav gets to the ring's safety barrier. He jumps nimbly onto it and calls a technician for a Mic, bringing it to his mouth when the music ceases.


Chav: Yo DS! You'ze looks likes you'ze abouts ta mess yo'self!


The audience appreciate the humour and join in shouting "Beyatch!" The Chav stops and turns to the audience.


Chav: Hey I'ze likes that, hears whats they call you DS?!


Audience: Beyatch!


Chav: Now you lissen to da Chav innit!


Audience: Beyatch!


Chav: I'ze spent a while playin' you'ze....


Audience: Beyatch!


Chav: I've sat here an lissened you'ze....


Audience: Beyatch!


Chav: And now I is gonna answer you....


Audience: Beyatch!


Chav, almost ad-libbed: While the audience remind yo' of yo' place....


The audience laughs but still cry "Beyatch!"


Chav: DS, you'ze finks dat you'ze makes TWOStars! Lets me tel you'ze! You is nuffin' here, what makes TWOStars is Teeveeland, and Teeveeland behind me pays good money ta see what you dish out each week and I gets ta finkin' if Teeveeland is more important dan you, den I is gonna have to fight to entertain Teveeland.


Audience cheering: Beyatch!


Chav: You owes me dat title shot you'ze promised me way back when you wuz a pissant in a small pot!


Audience: Beyatch!


Chav: But we'll chat abouts that laters, what concerns me is beatin' your scrawny lil blonde ass till you'ze dunno where you'ze eat and where you'ze BLEEP!


The audience cheers at the threat, knowing that the Chav is very capable of doing what he threatens to do.


Chav: But I know you'ze DS, you'ze not wanna be beated. So let's do sumfink wit dis match comprende?


DS: You DARE come onto MY show, onto MY Pay per view and tell ME terms?


Chav: Firstly DS, the only Pay per view you can handle is lookin' at origami, secondly I am tellin' you'ze terms, cos I knows you, you haves your lil bum friends waitin' around out back ta do sumfink to da Chav, so they gotta take a hike.


DS: Ok, deal!


Darkstar stamps his foot on the ring and Tom Trash sheepishly gets out from under it, walking up the ramp, slighly bemused, but mostly humiliated as the audience chant "Loser!" at him.


Chav: Now da Chav is finkin' whut would da DS do if he can't rely on his friends? And me finks, he'll walk out on da Chav ta save his scrawny neck. so, now DS we'ze gonna have a No disqualification match, jus' you'ze and me!


DS: Ok Chav, we'll do this your way then! A No disqualification match right now!


Chav: Well I hafta say DS, you got brains, now lets see if you'ze has da balls!


The Chav leaps from the barrier to the ring apron and steps into the ring, Darkstar allows the Chav to step into the ring as Tony Chimmel gives up his duties and allows the match to continue.


The audience begin to chant "Kick his ass" the Chav takes notice and smiles at Darkstar, DS looks back defiant, but nervous.


Cole: This looks to be one hell of a match up Tazz! The boss of TWOStars against perhaps the hardest player in the business, there comes no one tougher than the Chav!


Tazz: The Chav is nothing Cole, he was a has been, sure, he had the US title for a while, but he didn't even have the decency to give that up fairly!


Cole: You're just upset because he kicked your butt!


Tazz: I'm not upset, but I have the scars to prove it, yeah, so ok he's a tough nut but a good wrestler he is not, Darkstar will run rings around the Chav!


Darkstar walks over to the Chav and makes sure that he knows who runs the place and sets to lock up, the Chav responds, but then as they are about to lock up, the Chav holds up his hands.


Cole: The Chav is asking Darkstar to wait.


Tazz: Obscene, the boss was ready, what the hell could the Chav have to do that's so important?.


As if to answer Tazz's question, the Chav put fingers to lips and whistles, the room rumbles as the noice of heavy diesel engines rumble into life, the Chav raises both arms in the air and flicks the birdie at Darkstar as two trucks roll forward to the ring, both Burberry in colour and one has Goldie Hoopz standing on top holding the Council Estate Bling!


Cole: The Chav must have been planning this for sometime Tazz, this is unbelieveable.


Tazz: The boss doesn't know what to do or what to think, I have to admit, I am absolutely dumbfounded as to what is going on myself!.


Darkstar just stares incredulously at the spectacle unfolding in front of him, then catching the Chav off guard goes in for the kill!


Cole: Whoa! Cheap shot by Darkstar, the Chav is down and is being kicked and punched!


Tazz: Never turn your back on the boss Cole!


Cole: Choke by Darkstar and a four count!


Tazz: DS means business tonight, the Chav is going to regret he ever decided to make a return!


The Chav rolls to the ropes, using their safety and their leverage to slowly rise, but Darkstar returns and sits on the back of the Chav's shoulders, forcing the weight onto his neck, choking again, the ref counts to four then five as Darkstar says to the ref "No disqualification".


Cole: Darkstar has realised that the ref can't count him off the ropes! The Chav can't last!


Tazz: This is going to be over before it started Cole, the Chav can't last without oxygen!


The Chav brings one foot to the ground, then pushes to bring the other foot leaving Darkstar in a donkey riding position, DS, realising that he is losing the initiative begins to try to get off, but the Chav reaches up, grabs Darkstars neck and drops to his knees again, Darkstar flies back off the rope clutching his neck as the Chav fights for breath.


Cole: The Chav somehow breaking the choke, both contestants are down, the ref isn't even bothering to count, he's just checking that both are ok!


Tazz: It was a desperation move by the Chav, but I have to concede, it worked and it worked well, DS is now down and the scumbag now has time to recover!


The audience begin to chant "Chav" in a bid to give him the strength to rise, but it is Darkstar who rises fist and with a self satisfied sneer brings the Chav to his feet and whips him into the turnbuckle, so fast that the Chav has no time to turn.


Cole: Chav lying flat on the ground after that painful whip into the



Tazz: This is smart wrestling by Darkstar, you can see that he's whittling away at the Chav!


Cole: And a foot is on the Chav's throat, the ref is pleading with Darkstar to release his foot!


Tazz: Good tactics, if the Chav can't breath then oxygen cannot get to his head, the Chav must be feeling light headed and doesn't know where he is right now!


The Chav kicks his legs wildly as Darkstar places more pressure on his foot, but then a leg shoots up, arches behind Darkstar's knee and forces it to bend, making DS place his weight of the other foot and easy to off balance, before he knows it, Darkstar is outside the ring on lying face down on the safety matting.


Cole: That was a wonderful move by the Chav, who if you remember is a technical expert.


Tazz: Desperation move! The Chav got lucky. However, if DS knows best, and I'm sure he does, he will be back on the Chav before the little scumbag has time to recover and formulate a plan!


Darkstar sees the Chav slowly recovering and slides back into the ring, DS has slowed though considerably, showing that the fall may have taken a lot more out of him. Darkstar pulls the Chav up to his knees, the Chav begins punching DS in the stomach, which hurt the TWOStars owner, but a club to the back extinguishes the fight from the Kappa council boy.


The audience begin to chant "Chav, Chav, Chav!"


Cole: Another lethal whip into the corner followed up with an avalanche!


The audience "ooh"


Tazz: Wow! The boss means business here! That was ALL his weight into the Chav!


Darkstar begins to taunt the audience, the look on his face can tell even the stupidest of Internet fan (when they buy the DVD to criticise) that he really, REALLY hates the people who are there to watch him. He then picks up the Chav and whips him into the corner again, follows up with an avalanche but meets the bottom of the Chav's right Kappa trainer.


Cole: DS got overconfident there and now he's paid for it.


Tazz: Yeah he took too long in putting the Chav down, with a guy like the Chav you have to hit first, Darkstar did that, but you have to stay on him or you give the Chav a chance.


Cole: The hardest player in the business Tazz.


The Chav slowly gets to his feet out of the corner and looks at Darkstar, looks at the audience and almost drinks in the atmosphere, the audience clap the Kappa warrior, the Chav smiles, takes a small run up and plants a football kick square into Darkstar's midriff.


The whole arena winces.


Cole: OH! Now that was not right!


Tazz: What did you expect from the Chav? A bunch of flowers?


Darkstar rolls around in pain as the Chav stands over his opponent and stares at him. Then as though snapping out of some sort of trance, the Chav picks up DS and whips him into the turnbuckle followed by an avalanche, Darkstar takes a couple of staggers out and then collapses.


Cole: Chav moves out of the ring and pulls back the ring apron, oh no....


Tazz: NOW we're getting interesting!


The audience roars as the Chav climbs the turnbuckle with a chair under one arm, the Chav waits on the top rope chair ready, waiting patiently as Darkstar begins to rise to his feet, there is a whoosing noise as people rise to their feet to get a good look at what is obviously going to be very painful.


Cole: Darkstar gets up but falls back and.....




The Chav falls backwards dropping the chair as the audience squeal.


Tazz: DS saw that one in time dropped to his back and kicked out at the elbows of the Chav! The chair went back into the Chav's face!


Cole: And once again DS takes control as he puts kicks into the Chav.


Darkstar picks up the chair and unceremoniously brings it down hard onto the Chav's back, the resounding crack forces the front two rows closest to the action to wince. Darkstar steps back to admire his handywork and to drink in the love hate relationship the boss of TWOStars has with the audience.


The cameras change to a close up of Darkstar's face as he slowly smiles.


Tazz: Uh oh! I do not like the look on the boss's face here Cole!


Cole: I agree Tazz, that is a look of pure inhuman pleasure!


Darkstar fixes the chair in the turnbuckle opposite the Chav, walks over with intent and picks up his opponent, keeping him bent over, DS runs towards the chair weilding corner and throws the Chav into the chair.


Cole: The cruelty, the inhumanity, this is just sick!


Tazz: It's not sick, it's wrestling Cole, but that's all I can say, DS is out to hurt the Chav!


Cole: Almost like a reversal of fortune for the Chav!.


Darkstar turns away form the Chav and steel entangled mess once again to taunt the audience and to show his intelligence. The audience cheer as the Chav gets up, almost as if unhurt, removes the chair from the turnbuckle and stands behind Darkstar, looking very unimpressed.


Cole: Was the Chav playing Possum?


Tazz: He's the hardest player in the business Cole, I think he was measuring what Darkstar had to offer!


Darkstar stops and slowy turns around to see a rather aggrieved Chav holding a chair, the Chav then directs crimson Phlegm onto Darkstar's boot. The Chav raises the chair, but DS is there quickly..


Tazz: Cheap kick to the breabasket, that's a way to show em!


Cole: The Chav doubled over and OH, Darkstar is pulling the chair up to choke out the Chav!


The referee looks on with a hopeless look in his eye as the chair's support strut cuts into the chav's throat, blocking his air supply, with Darkstar pulling relentlessly at the strut either side of the Chav's neck.


The Chav begins to dip as though he is losing conciousness, but he grabs the sides of the chair and rotates it in Darkstar's hands, like a flip top bin, and the seat of the chair wallops into the boss's face as the chav sits out.


Cole: That took some thinking Tazz! Darkstar is seeing stars!


Tazz: He won't see much for longer!


The audience roars the Chav on as he gets up and looks down at the stunned Darkstar. The Burberry bad boy picks up the chair and looks around cheekily, then as DS rises cracks the steel across his brow, putting the boss down.


Cole: Oh my! The Chav is back in form tonight!


Tazz: After all Darkstar has done to him, after all the work he did against ERE, what thanks did he get? This is revenge now!


The Chav picks up Darkstar and punches him in the gut, runs to the ropes rebounds and brings his knee up to meet Darkstar's face, the boss finds the ground a second later. The audience oooh, a few wince, a kid wets himself because his dad didn't take him to the loo when he asked.


The Chav grabs a leg and drags the near unconcious Darkstar to one of the parked lorries, the noise level rises in the arena as the Chav hoists the boss over the ropes and onto the engine housing of the truck.


Cole: What is the Chav doing Tazz?


Tazz: I don't know, but I know one thing, THIS is gonna HURT!


The Chav bounds up the ropes and climbs onto the engine housing and puts Darkstar's head between his legs, facing the ring the Chav begins to pull Darkstar up for the powerbomb, but DS's legs begin to kick and return to the ground, that instant Darkstar stands up, throwing the Chav over his shoulder and into the ring below.


Cole: That has got to be a 10 foot drop easily!


Tazz: I don't know which way to turn, these guys are taking chunks out of each other!


Darkstar raises his hands to the audience and they boo his signal, Darkstar moves to the edge of the truck and measures himself, jumping towards the Chav and raising his elbow to strike.


Cole: The Chav moved!


Darkstar twists and jumps around the ring holding his arm, it's obvious he has hurt himself in the attempt, the Chav however is raising himself to his feet.


Tazz: I don't like the look of this Cole!


The Chav grabs Darkstar's tights and the scruff of his neck and begins to run Darkstar to the engine block, a distinct metallic thud is heard before the audience "oohs" drown out the sound.


Cole: Driven into the engine block of the truck by the Chav!


Tazz: DS should sue... IF he gets up!


The Chav takes a moment to step out of the ring, leans under the apron and pulls out a table. The rapturous applause and chants of "table" run around the audience, the epicentre near where the Chav stood.


Cole: Darkstar looks out of it Tazz!


Tazz: I hope not! The Chav is reknowned for beating his opponents within an inch of their life.


Cole: That's true Tazz Dominator, Jimmy Redman, Welshscouser hell, even HBK fell to the Chav! That's no mean list!


Tazz: Uh oh!


Cole: And now the Chav is pulling Darkstar back onto the truck, picks him up for the power bomb and....




Cole: OOOH Straight through the table!


The older audience members begin to chant "Holy ****!" much to the chagrin of the mothers in the audience, who protect their kiddies from hearing such language, only to find they've joined in.


Tazz: I have to see that again Cole!


Cole: Here we are in the replay....


TWOSplitscreen comes up and shows DS being powerbombed from a 10ft height into a table.


Tazz: Will the boss ever walk again? That's the question!


The Chav calls up to the trailer and Goldie Hoopz rears her Chavette head, she nods and passes the Council estate bling down to the Chav and the audience goes mental.


Cole: This must be it, this is the time when the Chav makes his mark.


Tazz: They all fear that belt... look at it, razor sharp cans stuck to leather, it's a death trap!


The Chav pulls Darkstar to his feet and holds the belt in front of the boss drops the belt and whips DS to the ropes, picks up the belt and clobbers him with the business end of the bling! There is a faint scream from DS as he rolls out of the ring, the Chav holds the belt aloft and the audience cheer.


Cole: Where's Darkstar gone?


Tazz: I think he went under the ring!


The Chav looks around and notices that DS has scarpered and begins to search, he heads for the other lorry and straight into the waiting fist of a now bloody Darkstar. The two wrestlers begin to brawl, Darkstar thinks better and escapes to the engine block of the other truck, the Chav follows, they brawl, Darkstar clotheslines the Chav who falls to his back on the engine block.


Cole: Darkstar is making good his escape, up the ramp!


The audience is booing the escaping Darkstar who is more worried about his bleeding face.


Tazz: I would too, the Chav is a psycho!


The Chav rolls off the tractor trailer and runs up the ramp after DS, cutting to a backstage camera, the bleeding Darkstar makes his way through a rear passage and up some stairs, the Chav is hot on his heels.


The Camera cuts to the meeting room at the top of the stars as the Chav catches DS, throws him into a support strut and straight through the large bay type window of the meeting room, the Chav then knocks and open the doors, the camera catches a couple of fans peering in through the window, as The Chav picks Darkstar up by the scruff of the neck.


Cole: This is unbelievable, the Chav is really taking it to the boss!


Tazz: Burberry Bad Boy style!


Darkstar desperately punches out and catches the Chav, no sooner has the Kappa wearing warrior let go, Darkstar skulks off. The Chav curses and continues the persuit.


The audience scream as Darkstar seems to have made it to the lighting gantry and is heading towards the light rig above the ring.


Tazz: Cole! Is that the boss running like a scared girl across that light gantry?


Cole: It sure look like it Tazz and oh, here comes the Chav!


The audience begin to chant "Kick his ass!"


Darkstar seeing that there is nowhere else to go begins to plead with the Chav as the hardest player in the business slowly struts down the gantry towards the trapped DS.


Cole: Darkstar feeling that perhaps he can negotiate with the Chav.


Tazz: You ever see that work?


Cole: No...


But DS moves quickly to poke the chav in the eye and then whips the Chav into the gantry post, the Chav stumbles backwards, teeterin over the edge of the gantry just above the trailer of the second lorry.


Cole: Darkstar is charging at the Chav!


The Chv lowers a should and flips Darkstar over his head, to the gasps of the audience DS falls down, hits the trailer, the canvas tears and the boss dissapears into the truck. The truck jerks slightly with the impact.


Cole: HOLY CRAP! Darkstar has aken like a 40 foot fall onto the flat bed of a truck!


Tazz: That could be a career ender right there!


The audience don't seem to care screaming "Holy ****!"


The Chav jumps up onto the railing and looks down, the audience cheer him, then he reaches into his back pocket and pulls out a burberry cap.


Tazz: Uh oh! Cole, tell me he isn't going to do what I think he's going to do!


The cap is placed firmly on the Chav's head.


Cole: I wish I could Tazz, but that looks suspiciously like the Burberry Bomb!


The Cap is twisted, the audience go absolutely mental screaming "Just don't kill him!"


A silent prayer is made and the Chav leaps into the air, diving face first into the hole and the lorry shifts again as the impact is made.


Cole: A 40ft Burberry Bomb! My God Tazz!


Tazz: I don't believe I just saw that, hey here comes the referee!


The ref climbs the lorry and peers into the Hole, lays down and begins the




























Cole: The ref calls a two count, but is now signalling that there may be a problem!


The ref runs down the truck and opens the back door, he dissapears for a time, keeping the audience to mull against themselves, a shout is heard as 2 EMTs and 2 Body guards are called into the truck.


Darkstar is brought out first, he is semi concious and is brought to the ring to be treated.


Cole: Ladies and Gentlemen, my apologies here, we could have a problem, if you could please bear with us while we make sure that both competitors are ok.


Tazz: DS looks ok, so what happened?


Darkstar begins to look around and then stands up claiming that the Chav couldn't pin him.


Cole: The boss is shouting that the Chav didn't pin him, but has the Chav hurt himself in the attempt?


Tazz: Let's hope not Cole, that's a long drop!


The EMT's finally bring the Chav out on a stretcher, the Chav looks out cold completely and the closer audience are beginning to clap him as they begin tomake their way to the exit. Seeing this Darkstar grabs a microphone.




The EMTs stop and turn around to look at Darkstar.


DS: Bring that piece of crap here! I have yet to pin him!


The audience boos intently!


DS: SssssssHUT UP! This is a no disqualification match and I'm not going to let serious injury get in the way! NOW BRING HIM HERE!


The EMTs, remembering that Darkstar pays them, bring the wounded Chav to the ring and as gently as possible lay him in the centre.


DS: Now referee, count this!






























The Chav lifts and arm and the audience hit the roof with excitement, Darkstar is livid, kicking the ropes in frustration.


Tazz: What has the boss gotta do Cole?


Cole: The Chav just keeps coming back, but he's still laying there, perhaps that was just instinct!


Fury in his eyes, Darkstar runs to the ropes and returns lifting his elbow and drops, the Chav rolls and Darkstar's elbow hits the wooden stretcher, already injured, DS screams in agony. The Audience begins to chant "Chav" as the Kappa wearing warrior rises unsurely to his feet, picks up the stretcher, folds it along its folding point and cracks Darkstar over the head with it, just as he was about to attack the weary Chav.


Cole: From one to the other!


Tazz: I've fallen off my seat 5 times already Cole!


The Chav raises an arm to the flashing of several cameras, throws the stretcher to one side and heads towards the lorry that isn't damaged. The Chav climbs up onto the cab and to the end of the trailer.


Cole: The Mo'foin' coupe de grace!


Tazz: Innit!


The Chav takes a run up, sprinting the length of the trailer, reaching the end the Chav leaps and begins a backflip which carries him flying over the centre of the ring and then coming down with a splash onto the motionless Darkstar.


The ref dives to the floor.












































Cole: And the Chav does it! The Chav has beaten Darkstar!


Tazz: I'm exhausted Cole, to coin a soccer phrase, that really was end to end stuff!


The Chav Rises as Chimmel enters the ring.


Chimmel: And your winner the CHaaaaaaaaaaaaaaV!


The Referee raises the Chav's hand in victory as the EMTs look over Darkstar and begin to roll him out of the ring as Losing my religion white label pounds the speakers.


Cole: The Chav has returned to TWOStars in amazing form!


Tazz: The roster back there will be taking note of this, none of them will be wanting to get on the wrong side of this guy!


Goldy Hoopz enters the ring with the Council Estate Bling and passes it to the Chav, who climbs the turn buckle in the corner, raises it and the audience shout "Beyatch!". The Chav moves along to the next corner, climbs it and the audience shouts "Beyatch! With two lorries in the way the Chav gives up the corner climbing and holds the belt over his shoulder, looking down and raising a hand, camera flashes go off.


Cole: TWOStars watch out, the Chav is back and he's as mean as ever!

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Back from a profile of The Chav we are backstage and we see Todd Grisham standing with The Mexican Sensation... The crowd cheers at the sight of the Evil Gringo who is looking all business tonight at No Mercy...


TG: Ladies and gnetleman I have here The Evil Gringo... one of two number one contnders and one of the men...


EG: Shut up chico...


Told you he looked all business...


EG: You see essa, you've been sent here to see how I feel, what I am thinking in my loco chippalta of a mid eh essa?


TG: Well yea...


EG: Did I say you could speak homes? NO! Now listen here, tonight everyone in the world will see, all of the Gringoholic's at home will see and all my homes here tonight in Sydney (the crowd cheers at the cheap pop) will see...


TG: See what Gringo?


Gringo stops and stares at the broadcaster, his eyes a picture of disbelief...


EG: Essa what did I tell you? It's Mr Gringo to you... and I also told you too shut up! Jeez... where they find you? In jail for indulging in a bit too much oviedo sexo?


TG: I.... I mean...


EG: Shush! Where was I...


TG: The world will see...


EG: Ah yes... That's right all of my Gringoholics will see the crowning of a new champion, the renewed era of the Sensational one and two very special people will see this all up close and personal.... Holt, you chico green giant... Gower you allegro chico... Tonight in that very ring I WILL claim back what is mine hombres... I will once again be the numero uno essa in this industry and if you even THINK about getting in my way I will Mexicute your sorry buerro loving asses!


TG: Errr... Mr Gringo... I was also wondering if you had any plans regarding two moves...


EG: Oh yes Grishy your right of course you little latino chico... Tonight my arsenal is back to full strength... Tonight I am truely back to my best homes... But more importantly tonight I am one thing and one thing only... And you know what that is Grish?


TG: Errr... No... Mr Gringo...


EG: Tonight Grish... I AM THE FEAR IN THE DARK... AND THE WORLD TITLE IS ALL MY FUTURE HOLDS! Arriba! Now where's the Dr Pepper machine you overpaid chico?


Gringo stalks away in search of his pre-match beverage as Grish is left standing there bewildered as we fade out to....

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Tony Chimel: The following contest is a No Disqualification match,

scheduled for one fall. On his way to the ring, weighing in at 225

pounds, he is “the brutal” Brrrrett Bannnnnnnnerrrr!


The lights in the arena dim, dry ice seeps out from the entranceway and the ramp

is bathed in eerie, deep blue light. The Serial Thrilla’s symbol appears on the

big screen:




"Serial Thrilla" by The Prodigy blasts across the arena and a sea of Aussies

rise to their feet as Brett Banner steps out onto the entrance ramp, head bowed

and covered by the hood of his blue and red boxing robe. He slowly spins around,

arms outstretched, to reveal that the back of the garment is emblazoned with his



As he makes his way to the ring he shrugs his shoulders and cracks his neck like

a boxer as he limbers himself up for the match.


He steps up onto the ring apron, pauses, and then pulls the hood back to reveal

his face.




He enters the ring between the top and middle ropes and proceeds to pace like a

caged tiger, glaring back towards the ramp.


His music fades out.


The house lights remain dimmed and the arena is bathed in psychedelic swirls.



is displayed in close ups and as a whole across the TWOtron. “Jungle Boy”,

recorded by Twiggie's very own band, Bremstrahung Farad, is pumped

through the speakers of the arena. Twiggie appears at the top of the ramp,

wheeling his signature recycling bin behind him. He shouts various things to the

fans while waving his free arm angrily. The Sydney crowd shout back obscenities

in his direction.


Tony Chimel: And his opponent, weighing in at 196 pounds, he is the PETA

Punisher. He is the Recycling One. He is Twwwwwwwwwiggie!


Twiggie doesn’t get more than two strides down the ramp before The Brute,

incensed at the very sight of his adversary, charges towards him and Spears him

down onto the metal ramp, pummelling him with punches as they hit the ground.


Cole: Well, I was going to talk about the hatred between these two

men, but I really think Banner’s actions speak louder than words here tonight.

Banner’s not even going to let Twiggie make it to the ring!


Tazz: Anything that means you talk less is just fine by me, Cole!


The ref looks puzzled, looks to the timekeeper, and shrugs. The timekeeper rings

the bell.


Cole: This is a No DQ contest - I guess they never even need to

enter the ring to get the match-up underway.


Tazz: Anything goes here tonight, Cole – no disqualifications means both

these guys can do just about anything they want.


Banner hauls Twig to his feet and grips him as if he’s going for a Side Effect,

but instead The Brutal One smashes Twig's back across his left knee, his gut

into his right knee, and then executes the Side Effect slam.


Cole: A punishing "Backlash" there from Brett Banner.


Brett gets to his feet, leaving Twiggie down, lying on his side, clutching both

at his back and his abdomen.


The crowd pop as Banner walks over to Twig's recycling bin and peers inside. In

preparation for this bout, The Recycler has loaded it up with all kinds of

weapons. Banner sees something that takes his fancy and pulls it out, holding it

in the air for all to see.


Cole: It’s a bottle! A glass beer bottle, just like Twig smashed

over Banner’s head a couple of weeks ago.


Tazz: Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, to be precise. Hey! Can I get any of

that over here, Twigster?


Cole: How professional.


Tazz: It’s good stuff, Cole – don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it.


The bottle explodes over the top of The Recycler’s head as The Brutal One brings

it down hard on the top of his skull.


The ref clutches his hands to his head, as if he’s feeling sympathy pains for



Cole: A measure of revenge for Banner as his attack on Twiggie echoes

what he's had done to him in recent weeks.


Tazz: It could be lights out time for Twiggie already, Cole! Let me tell

you, a bottle being smashed on your noggin is no laughing matter!


Cole: The stitches on the back of Brett Banner’s head attest to that,



A second lucky dip by Banner into the recycling bin yields an old VCR, which

again Banner holds up for the crowd to see.


Cole: Another reference to an attack Brett suffered at Twiggie’s hands.

Looks like he intends to let Twig know exactly how those sadistic attacks

of his felt.


The Brute props the video recorder on his downed foe’s face and chest and drops

a leg onto it.


The crowd pop for this with the usual “oooohs”, and Twiggie’s legs jerk off the

ground from the crunching impact on his upper body.


Tazz: C’mon, Twig – you need to get back in the game here.


Banner takes another trip over to The Recycler’s bin and draws out an aluminium

baseball bat.


Another pop from the packed arena as they see what The Brute holds aloft.


Cole: That’s what started all this bitterness between these two,

Tazz – when Twig stole a cheap victory over Banner by slugging him with that

baseball bat.


Tazz: How many times do I have to tell ya, Cole? Whatever gets the job



Twiggie sees the bat and scrambles away from The Brutal One and back through the

curtain to the backstage area. A thunderous boo swells up from the masses of

Aussie fans in attendance.


Banner follows through the curtain and gets blindsided. The PETA Punisher

bounces Banner off the wall before laying some stiff punches into his face.


The ref cautiously follows in to the backstage area, being careful not to get

too close to the action.


Brett blocks an incoming punch from the southpaw and uses his left arm to Irish

Whip him towards the catering table against the far wall. Twig manages to stop

in time, saving himself from crashing into the food laid out across the folding

table. He spins around to face The Brute, who’s closing in on him from behind,

and stops him in his tracks with another left handed blow to the kisser. The

Recycler grabs the back of Banner’s neck with both hands and then leaps up onto

Banner’s thighs. He falls backwards, monkey flipping him up and over, onto the

catering table. The usual high quality of folding table used by wrestling

promotions is being used by TWOStars tonight and of course it instantly

collapses with a resounding crack. The array of food tumbles down on top of

Banner, covering him with an appetising selection of cold cuts of meat, chicken

drumsticks, crudités, tiny triangular sandwiches and seemingly thousands of

plastic cups which had been stacked high.


Twiggie springs into action, seizing hold of the large, metal tray that mere

seconds ago had proudly displayed a neat arrangement of dinky sandwiches. Down

rain blows to Brett’s head and body: PANG! PANG! PANG!


The tray gets casually cast aside as Twiggie takes a hold on The Brute’s arm.


Tazz: Uh-oh! “Stash The Gumbo”! We’ve seen this before, Cole – it ain’t a

pretty move, but it sure is effective.


Twig grinds his nasty, fungus and infection ridden, blackened bare feet into his

opponent's face, squishing tiny sandwiches into a disgusting mush and

aggressively grinding the pulp into Brett's face with his skanky feet, all the

time keeping a firm hold on the arm and wrenching it sadistically. It’s hard to

tell whether it’s the gag factor, the actual pain, or the potent combination of

the two that make Banner look so uncomfortable. The instant a filthy toe tries

to force its pus-filled way into The Brute’s mouth, he raises his legs to his

chest and uses them to kick Twiggie off.


Banner backs away, clawing at his tongue to rid it of any hippy muck residue.


Cole: Not “pretty” is one hell of an understatement, Tazz – that is one

of the most rancid things I’ve ever had the misfortune to witness.


Tazz: Now you know what it’s like having to sit next to you week

in, week out.


Cole: Harsh.


The Brute and The Recycler are both back to their respective vertical bases and

trading blows as they fight back towards the entrance ramp again. The crowd

cheer as they see the two combatants spill out through the curtains once more.


Banner is gaining the upper hand now, with his weight and strength advantage

coming into play as he brutalises Twig with his usual barrage of solid forearm



The Brute scoops The Recycler up in his arms as if he’s going for a Body Slam,

but instead he takes a few strides towards Twig’s wheelie bin and dumps Twig

head first into it.


The avid Antipodean fans against the barrier shout their approval as The Brutal

One gives a hefty boot to the green wheelie bin and sends it hurtling down the

ramp in the direction of the ring. These bins weren’t exactly built with speed

in mind, and after a few feet it topples over, with Twig ending up in a big heap

amongst the contents at ringside.


The ref has run down the ramp and bends over Twig, checking to see if he’s still



Banner spots a bag of thumbtacks that has fallen out from within the bin, and

holds it aloft to a huge crowd pop.


Cole: Banner said he was going to show Twiggie how he earned his

“brutal” nickname, Tazz – and it sure looks like he intends to keep that promise

here at No Mercy!


The cheers from the bloodthirsty marks continue as The Brute steps into the ring

and proceeds to pour the entire bag of thumbtacks in the middle of the ring.

That done, Banner rolls out of the ring under the bottom rope and goes to drag

Twig into the ring. But Twig is up to his feet and fights back with a killer

kick to the face of The Brute, which drives him back into the safety barrier.

Twiggie snatches a hand painted, cloth "Banner" banner off a fan who is taunting

The Recycler and chokes Banner with it, to much booing and jeering from the fans

in close proximity.


Tazz: Look at that, Cole – Twig’s choking out Banner with a “Banner”



Cole: Come again?


Tazz: Come on Cole – it’s cool! It’d be like Banner beating Twig

with a twig… or something.


Cole: Hmn. I’m just glad Viscera isn’t here.


Brett is able to get his fingers under the cloth tightly wrapped around his

throat and pull it away from his body. He quickly slips under the makeshift

garrotte and comes back at the PETA Punisher with some more of his signature

stiff forearm smashes, then whips Twiggie towards the Spanish announcers’ table.

Twig isn’t propelled quite that far, but an additional barrage of smashes to the

face followed by another Irish Whip sends him up onto the desk.


The Spanish announcers, Carlos Cabera and Hugo Savinovich, are no strangers to

this happening and instantly back away from their desk. Many of the crowd are on

their feet – they’ve seen this before too and are expecting some sort of aerial

move from the Serial Thrilla. This isn’t what they get, however. Brett goes

around to the back of the desk and pulls out a staple gun. Some more rummaging

and he pulls out a full waste paper basket.


The Brute empties the contents of the waste bin over Twig – out tumble assorted

candy bar wrappers and empty tortilla chip packets from the tubby Latino duo’s

bin. With a malicious grin, The Brutal One bears down upon The Recycler and

staples three of the used wrappers to Twig's forehead.


Although this is a No DQ contest, the ref is still trying to tell The Brutal One

that this is too much. The Brute carries on regardless of his pleas.


Cole: Oh my God! I expected brutality, Tazz. We were

promised brutality – but not this! Not this! This is like something you’d

see back in your old stomping ground of ECW!


Tazz: It sure is, Cole! I’m not Brett Banner’s number one fan, but I have

to admit he’s bringing exactly what he said he would to the table tonight –

quite literally.


This staple gun attack not only hurts The Recycler, sending searing bolts of

pain through him as metal punctures both skin and skull, but also drives Twig

mad, as in his dazed state he sees litter floating in front of his eyes and

swipes at it angrily for a few seconds, much to the Sydney audience’s amusement,

before he realises what has happened and yanks the offending articles from his

head, intensifying his blood flow.


Twiggie has taken a lot of punishment so far – there’s blood matted in his

dreadlocks from that bottle shot earlier, and now 3 rivulets of blood are

tricking down his face from his forehead.


As Banner starts to rip the top off the announcers' table and throw the monitors

to one side, Twig has collected his thoughts and legs it over the barrier,

scuttling along the aisle towards the fire exit. Banner is alerted to the

situation by the racket the crowd are making as Twig makes his way past them,

and he sets off after him. As he closes in, Twig whirls around with a Dreadlock

Whip and the thick glass beads woven into his hair lash Brett across the face.

He clutches at his eyes and turns away. Twig backs up a step, and then delivers

a Bulldog to The Brute, which drives his head down into the concrete floor.


Tazz: Hah! That’s what you get for turning your back on the Twiggle – a

mouthful of concrete!


Twiggie stands over Banner, hurling back some of the abuse that the surrounding

crowd throw in his direction as Brett gets to his feet. A swift hurricanrana and

Twig is re-energised and back on top again, oblivious to his facial wounds and

the bloodied dreads that cling to his face. He shoos a crowd member out of their

seat, then uses it as a springboard for a flying headscissors on the dazed

Brute. Twig stays on Banner and reopens the stitched up wounds on the back of

his head with some aggressive punches. The crowd in the vicinity, who can get a

good look at what he’s doing boo the hell out of The Recycler, who is beginning

to get a maniacal grin on his face, as if feeding off the crowd’s negativity

towards him.


Twiggie attempts a pin, grinding his forearm into Brett's face. Twig casts an

accusing glare in the direction of the ref for not counting, as he tries to

explain that this contest is not falls count anywhere.


Tazz: Maybe Twig’s not cleared his head as much as I thought, Cole – he

seems to have forgotten that falls only count in the ring in this match.


The boos, jeers, taunts and abuse continue to be hurled at Twig as he stands to

argue with the ref.


Finally accepting that arguing the toss with the official will get him nowhere,

the PETA Punisher drags Brett to his feet and lifts him up onto his right

shoulder, like in a Pumphandle Slam.


Cole: Twiggie getting Banner set up for a Twiggaludo Frosion.


But Banner manages to escape and drops down behind Twiggie, grabbing him in a

Dragon Sleeper before delivering a swift leg drop across his throat.


Cole: A Hog Lock to Twiggie from Brett Banner - and now both men

are on the floor!


The ref begins to count both participants in this contest down.






Tazz: Like I said, falls only count in the ring here, but if the ref

reaches a 10 count, either - or both - men can be counted down as unfit to





Cole: With the way this match is progressing and the sheer amount of

damage each man is subjecting the other to, that option is a definite







The ref gestures that Banner and Twig are up on their feet again and that this

match can continue.


As they both rise to regain their footing, they trade blows, each man reeling

back from the other’s determined strikes.


Banner’s force of will, combined with his having the edge in terms of raw brute

strength over The Recycler, means he comes out the victor in this to and fro of

blows. He attempts a hard Irish Whip on Twiggie, aiming him at the double fire

doors at the far end of the aisle. But Twig reverses it, sending The Brute in

that direction instead.


Banner puts out his arms and stops his head from colliding with the door. Twig

tries to smash Brett's head against the door a few times but Banner blocks by

bracing himself against the door. It looks like Banner will grab Twig and drive

his cranium into the door instead, but Twig drops him with an unexpected Drop



The Brute is taken by surprise by this move and his head cracks violently

against the fire escape's bar handle. As he stands up, we see he's busted wide

open… and friggin' furious.


Cole: Banner now bleeding from those reopened stitches on the back of his

head, as well as this fresh cut in his forehead.


Twig backs off a step at the formidable sight of The Brutal One’s cold, white

eyes glowering out from under a crimson, bloodied forehead, but quickly regroups

and charges at Banner - to be met with a Belly to Belly Overhead Suplex that

sends him into the double doors of the fire escape, flinging them open.


Cole: Tremendous, instinctual counter from Brett Banner.


The doors stay open and we see Twig in the lobby, clutching at his back, with

Brett also on his back in the foreground. A "Holy ****!" chant erupts, as

the ref counts both men down.






Tazz: That move taking a toll on both men.






Cole: Both Banner and Twiggie are going to have to dig down deep to









They are up at 7, both hunched, looking like they’ve been in a major car wreck

and sucking wind heavily.


The Brute sees an opportunity as Twig rises unsteadily on his feet, head lowered

slightly, and darts in to deliver a crunching Running DDT.


He rolls him over and lays in a few blows, as Twiggie shields his face with his



They fight to their feet, still trading blows, and the battle takes them towards

a concession stand in a corner of the lobby.


Brett bounces Twiggie’s head of the side off the stall, and blindly reaches back

over the counter to grab the first foreign object he can lay his hands on to use

as a weapon. He looks a little puzzled at what he’s grabbed – a hot pink Keith

Jaxx souvenir thong, emblazoned with a bright yellow banana symbol and the

legend “Alrrrrriiiiiighhhht!”.


Tazz: Cole – are those yours?


Cole: Of course not! Mine are baby blue…


The Brutal One makes do with this rather unusual choice of hardcore weapon, and

stuffs it into Twig’s mouth.


Cole: Banner with a Mandible Claw on Twiggie!


Twig breaks free with a desperation rake to Brett’s eyes and spits out the

banana hammock in disgust. He grabs at the nearest item he can reach and slugs

The Brute with a rubber, inflatable Judge “Hammer of Justice” sledgehammer.


Despite this weapon clearly not being as dangerous as Judge’s actual

sledgehammer, the PETA Punisher is really laying in the blows, to a cacophony of

high pitched squeals from the toy's squeaker. Banner is on the deck and

interrupts this volley of attacks with a simple low blow as he raises his leg to

kick Twig where it hurts.


Cole: Oooh! A low blow by Brett Banner!


Tazz: A real last resort, desperation attack if ever there was one –

Twiggie had Banner right where he wanted him there!


The Brute follows up with an attempted "Snake Eyes" to the bottom post of the

banister of the stairway that leads to the mezzanine level of the lobby. But

Twig drops behind him and pushes Banner into the post instead! Banner staggers

back a step, and is met with a dropkick to the back of his head by Twig, which

sends him crashing into the post again. He reels backwards and lands heavily on

his back.


Tazz: Twigster had Banner scouted out there, and gets to dish out some

punishment of his own as a result.


Twig looks to his fallen foe, then up to the mezzanine level. Then back to

Banner again, who remains down on the carpet. He sees his opportunity, and to a

mass of boos from the crowd who are watching on the TWOtron, he heads up the

stairs to the upper level.


Security have their work cut out for them restraining the rabid Aussie audience

and getting them to stay in their seats and watch the action on the big screen.

Many are out of their seats and trying to get a look into the lobby at the

action up close.


Twig’s evil grin returns as he looks down on Brett from above. He has an

unsteady moment as he stands on the edge of the banister but he launches himself

- into a double Shooting Star Press!


Cole: I have never seen anything like that in my life! Twiggie

connects with that double Shooting Star Press!


The "Holy ****!" chants almost drown out the commentary.


Tazz: Holy--! I… I gotta agree with you, Cole. I’ve never seen anything

like that either – and I’ve seen a lot of crazy stuff in my time!


Banner is now rolling on the floor, coughing up dark, gloopy blood which clings

to his beard like syrup.


Cole: Twig's knees impacted against Banner’s ribs with such devastating

force there that he’s clearly got some internal bleeding.


Tazz: He’s probably got some broken ribs there as well, Cole. But don’t

forget about the Twigmeister – he’s also done himself a lot of damage -

seemingly to his knees as they have smashed into Banner with such velocity. It

shows his bravery right there – his commitment to getting the job done that he’d

even attempt such an extremely high risk move. Whether it’s standing in front of

a truck to stop a corporation illegally dumping waste, or chaining himself to a

railing in a protest – Twiggie’s not afraid to put his body on the line to

achieve what needs to be done.


The ref has reached a 6 count, as the third replay of that death-defying dive is

replayed from a different angle.




Banner is doubled over in a foetal position clutching his gut and ribs with both





Twig's knees and legs in particular clearly hurt and he's having to grit his

teeth as he attempts to take his own weight.




Through an almost inhuman show of resolve, Banner is up to one knee. The ref

looks to Twiggie, who’s stumbling on his weakened and hurt limbs, then back to

The Brute - he’s up, though bent over with his arms hugging at his abdomen and



Cole: How in God’s name can they keep going Tazz? With what they’ve put

each other through, how are they able to keep going?


Tazz: I’ve been through some hellish match ups myself back in ECW, and it

is incredible what you can go through if you have enough adrenaline – enough

anger driving you on.


They wearily meet and exchange blows, Brett's only using his right arm - his

left is clutching at his gut/ribs. Twig is still being forced backwards out of

the lobby towards the ring though as he can't get a firm footing on his weakened

legs. As they reach the doorway, Brett grabs hold of the door and swings it hard

at Twig - but he stops it with a Superkick, which sends it smashing back into

Banner's face!


Tazz: Woah! Nice counter!


Both men are floored again, Brett from the impact of wood on beaten and bloody

skull, and Twig has fallen from the effort of the kick, clutching at his left

knee with a pained grimace on his face.


As Twig painfully clambers up to his feet, the camera pans to the doorway, to

see what appears to be The Incredible Holt hurtling towards Twig! The Recycler's

visibly startled by this and scrambles backwards towards the ring. A second look

and it’s now quite apparent that it's actually Banner, carrying a life-sized cut

out of the Heavyweight Champ in front of him like a 7 foot shield.


The Brute slams into Twig with a shoulder barge, still holding the image of Holt

in front of him.


Tazz: Banner clobbering Twiggie like a freight train!


Twig loses his footing and stumbles backwards against the barrier wall.


Cole: Brett driving Twiggie up against the security barrier, using that

cut out from the merchandise stall like some kind of battering ram.


Banner barges into Twig again a few times, using the cut out like a shield,

before hurling it to one side to reveal his bloodied, intensely angry face.


The Brute reaches out and takes Twiggie into a front facelock. He turns, so

his back instead of Twig’s is now towards the security wall. He drapes

The Recycler’s left arm across the back of his neck.


Cole: Looks like Banner’s got a suplex in mind here – one which will land

with Twiggie’s back right across that barrier.


But Brett can’t manage it - as he goes for the suplex, he suddenly winces and

releases the hold. He pulls away, again clutching at his right side with his

left hand.


Tazz: That awesome Shooting Star has taken one hell of a toll on Brett



With The Brutal One’s back now to him, Twig sees his window of opportunity and

clamps on the takahajame.


Tazz: Now there’s a move! A beautiful little number I used to call

the “Tazzmission”!


Whatever unholy place it is that The Brute taps into to find the power to fight

out of this excruciating hold, it sure works. He lets out a furious, raspy yell

with what breath he has left for him to use with this debilitating chokehold in

place and lets fly with some elbows into Twig’s side. With the PETA Punisher’s

grip loosened, Brett is able to reach back and seize hold of a handful of

Twiggie’s dreadlocks for a--


Cole: Snapmere! A snapmere that takes Twiggie right over the barrier and

back to ringside with a bump!


With his left hand remaining clasped against his right side, The Brute slowly

steps over the security wall and advances towards The Recycler, who’s landed

hard on his tailbone and is in a slumped heap clutching at it in pain.


The Brutal One unceremoniously drags Twig towards the Spanish announcers' table

to finish what he started earlier. Any of the crowd who’ve sat back down in

their seats are up to their feet in a flash as they see The Brutal One drive

Twig’s head between his thighs in a Powerbomb set up atop the desk.


Cole: Banner’s got a “Gamma Bomb” in mind here. We’ve seen this before in

the past, and I can’t think of many more devastating and brutal moves than a

Gamma Bomb through a table!


But The Recycler, somehow summoning the strength, blocks it into a Back Body

Drop by standing up and throwing Brett’s legs in the air. The Brute sails over

Twiggie’s head and comes crashing back down through the table to some more

"Holy ****!" chants bellowed with a distinctive Sydney nasal twang.


Exhausted, Twig crumples to a heap amongst the broken pieces of desk - his

injured legs have collapsed under him.


Tazz: See, this is why I love this guy, Cole. The bloody-minded

determination, the never say die attitude – the PETA Punisher will not quit!


Cole: We still have no idea what kind of lasting damage Twiggie has done

to himself with that extraordinary double Shooting Star, but one thing is for

sure – he’s seen better days.


Even so, Twig is first to his feet and limps around the ring, leaning against it

for support, towards the ramp.


Cole: Is Twiggie looking to escape, or does he want something from

his bin perhaps?


We never get the chance to see that question answered as The Brutal One is up

and he jumps Twig from behind with a clubbing blow and follows up with some

smashes of Twig's head against the edge of the ring.


Banner rolls the battered Recycler into the ring and the crowd can’t contain

their sadistic enthusiasm, as they smell what The Brute's cooking. Banner soaks

in the cheers and hauls Twig to his feet.


Tazz: The Twigster retaliating - trying to resist Banner with some hooked

punches to Banner’s side, zeroing in on those injured ribs.


The Brutal One lets out a pained roar, but continues to overpower his opponent.

Twig’s scooped up, face down onto Banner’s right shoulder.


Cole: Brett setting up another of his signature moves – the “Gamma Slam”.


With his right hand, Banner swings Twiggie’s legs down, and drills him to the

mat with a left handed Uranage (Rock Bottom).


Cole: Gamma Slam! Gamma Slam onto the thumbtacks! Oh my God! A Gamma

Slam, right onto those thumbtacks in the ring! A G—


Tazz: I heard you, Cole – I heard you! It was pretty

impressive though, I have to admit.


Deafening "Holy ****!" chants rise up again and fill the arena. Banner

takes a good 10 seconds before covering Twig - he's clutching at his side almost

as much as Twig clutches at his back, studded with tacks and arched off the mat

in excruciating pain.


The ref takes a second to look for where he can drop to the mat without landing

on any of the thumbtacks himself before slapping the mat.








Tazz: And Twig kicks out!


Cole: A looong two count. Banner so nearly had it there.


The kick out gets a pop from an amazed crowd who remain on their feet,

enraptured by what they are witnessing.


Tazz: What did I tell ya? Have you ever seen anyone this determined,

Cole? This resilient? Big props to the Twigglemeister for the heart he’s

displaying tonight!


Banner is on his knees and throws his hands up to clasp his head in the classic

pose of a grappler who cannot believe what his opponent has just kicked

out of.


With a face like thunder, a livid Brute hauls Twiggie up off the mat for a whip

to the turnbuckle. Twig hits hard and collapses to the floor with a pained

expression. The Brutal One lifts him up in a front facelock so Twiggie is on the

top rope, then climbs up under him to the 2nd rope.


Cole: No! He can’t be—


Tazz: Oh, I think he is, Cole!


Cole: Superplex onto the tacks! A Superplex onto the thumbtacks! Oh my

God, Tazz! This is unbelievable!


The Recycler’s on his back, writhing in agony as he is now studded with tacks

over most of his back, neck and legs. Banner has landed on some of the

thumbtacks as well, and the backs of his shoulders are now riddled with holes.


Tazz: Both men hurting from that! That's got to be worth a pin attempt!


The pin attempt never comes. Instead, Banner rises to his feet and seizes hold

of Twiggie’s left leg with his left arm. The Brutal One then bends Twig’s right

leg so his right ankle is by his left knee. He holds his legs in that position

and turns Twiggie over, Walls of Jericho style, so Twig ends up face down on the

mat, with The Brute bending his intertwined legs backwards.


Cole: But no! Banner goes for his signature “Gammalock “ finisher



The camera zooms in to a close up of The Recycler’s screaming face. Tacks now

stick to his cheek as it is pressed to the mat.


Cole: That’s got to be it, Tazz! With the gruelling punishment and

injured legs from that extreme high risk manoeuvre earlier, surely Twiggie’s

left with no choice but to tap.


The PETA Punisher reaches out his left arm towards the ropes, but The Brutal One

spots this and delivers a punch to Twig’s left side. And another. And another.

Twiggie reaches back with his hand in an attempt to stop the hail of fists, and

his wrist is grabbed by Banner’s right hand.


That’s the straw that breaks the camel’s back. The instant that arm is yanked

backwards, Twig has no option but to tap. The referee calls for the bell.


The bell has barely rung and Brett has released the hold. Absolutely drained, he

drapes himself over the top rope in order to remain standing.


The Serial Thrilla’s music blares across the arena.


Tazz: No shame in Twig tapping out there. He gave a heroic performance



Cole: I don’t think “heroic” has anything to do with it, Tazz, but this

certainly was an epic clash tonight. And an extraordinary show of stamina and

courage from both of these men.


Brett looks down at Twig with a mixture of pain, and newfound respect for his

fallen foe’s resilience, as even after all he’s suffered, Twig’s pride is

powering his efforts to rise to his feet again. Using the ropes for assistance,

he just about manages it.


The crowd applaud as Banner steps over to The Recycler and reaches out his hand

to him.


Banner’s music fades out and we can hear the crowd more clearly again.


Twig looks to the Sydney crowd, who cheer him on to shake Brett’s hand. Twiggie

thinks for a moment before reaching out his hand and taking Brett's.


Cole: Now there’s real sportsmanship – putting differences aside for a

well deserved show of mutual respect.


The crowd applaud Twig’s acceptance of Banner’s handshake, but this switches

right back to overwhelming boos as The Recycler uses his grip on Brett’s arm to

drag him in for a DDT onto the tacks!


Cole: That’s despicable! I take back what I just said – that was low!

This crowd, who were behind Twiggie for his fantastic struggle at No Mercy

tonight are now quite rightly voicing their shock and disgust!


And indeed, there is huge heat now from the crowd as a battered Twig

rolls out of the ring and makes his way up the ramp to a chorus of boos

accompanied by his music, which is now being pumped out from the arena’s



The camera cuts back to the ring to show that Brett Banner is out cold. It zooms

in and we see a crimson mask covering his face and a dozen thumbtacks embedded

in his skull. The referee bends over him and motions that he needs help.

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As Banner is taken away on a strecher the ring crew start to clear the detritus from the ring.


Tazz: Dunno why they even bother Cole, the next match will be bloody anyway.


MC: why? What makes you say that tazz?


Tazz: Its a first blood match! Jeez, why do I get stuck with you?


Cole; Oh yeah.......This match up we are about to see has been one of the bloodiest feuds in TWOStars history.


Tazz-Indeed it has. Violent Vinnie Vengeance, and The Assassin Dante Mueller. These two don’t like each other at all.


Cole-The stipulations for this match are that it’s a First Blood Match. I’ve also been told everyone had been banned from ringside. Including Dave Meltz. And he was not happy about that.


Tazz-That is the understatement of a lifetime. He was LIVID!!


Tony Chimmel-The following contest is a First Blood Match for the TWOStars Television Title. Making his was to the ring first weighing 240 lbs. THE ASSASSIN DANTE MUELLER!!


There is a HUGE pop from the crowd as a graphic flashes up on the Titantron. First it is just undistinguishable blurs, but soon it turns into an actual picture. A storm is seen and heard in the background. Lightning hits and thunder cracks loudly. The camera goes through the graveyard as the storm continues. Eventually several small shapes are seen in the background. As the camera approaches them, it turns out to be identical tombstones, With names across them all. From left to right they read,



Omega Red

Draven Cage

Mickhail Mills

Chris Eagles

Jordi Warner


Behind the graves is a figure perched on the top of a Mausoleum. In the lightning flashes, the figure is revealed to be Dante, trench coat billowing out behind him. Lightning again strikes and at the same time lightning strikes in the arena. The crowd jumps at this as the all to familiar pyro explodes. F*cking Determined by Mudvayne is blaring through the arena as Dante walks from amidst the flames. The crowd again pops massively as Dante makes his way to the ring. He throws the guns again and "shoots" each turnbuckle, making pyro blast out in succession as each one is "hit"


Cole-Dante has been playing mind games with VVV for a while now. The blood, the gun shots, perching in the rafters during his match. He has really gotten inside the head of Vengeance.


Tazz-And it appears as if he’s started to get to him. Vengeance is really starting to look upset. Dante has gotten into his head, and has been playing shadow games with him. But you have to wonder if it’s a smart move. Sure he’s scared Vengeance, but he’s also pissed him off more then a little. I’m sure Vengeance won’t take kindly to this either…..


TC-Now making his way to the ring, from Detroit Michigan, weighing 295lbs. VIOLENT VINNIE VENGEANCE!!


The crowd boo as the arena blacks out and a bright blue light shines down from above the TWOtron which covers the entrance ramp all the way into the ring.

Two security guards appear and stand facing each other about 2 meters apart at the top of the ramp

Disturbed -Violence Fetish begins playing and Vinnie slowly rises from the center of the top of the ramp sitting chained to a sturdy iron chair and wearing handcuffs. Security guards release the chains.

At the beginning of the hefty music beat, Vinnie rises out of the chair and slowly walks to the ring, the 2 security guards following him "VVV" is spelt out by a bright red light onto the ring mat over the blue.

Vinnie walks up the steps and stands in the middle of the ring facing the camera. The security remove the cuffs and Vinnie poses a wide chest spread, representing a feeling of release. As he does this, red flames burst from all 4 turnbuckles.


Tazz-This man has been haunted by Dante for a month. The minds games wouldn’t end. You have to believe he is pissed. Dante has been messing with him like a cat toying with a mouse.


Cole-No disagreement there Tazz. But you have to wonder if Vengeance is scared coming into this. Dante has done some disturbing stuff. I think that Vengeance might be feeling some fear. I’m not saying a whole lot, but at least some.


Both Dante and Vengeance stare at each other in the ring. The bell signals to begin the match, and Dante and Vengeance circle. They lock up in the middle of the ring. Dante comes out on top with an Irish Whip. Vengeance rebounds off the ropes and receives a Tilt o’Whirl slam. Dante drops and starts to punch him. The ref finally comes and breaks them up.


Cole-Dante going for the win early here with those blows to the head of VVV. The winner of this match is whoever is bloody first.


Tazz-Thank you captain obvious. I’m pretty sure that’s implied in the name of this. FIRST BLOOD MATCH???


Cole-Anyway back to the action.


Dante has Vengeance in a corner and is in the other. He runs across the ring and delivers a Stinger Splash. Vengeance falls to the floor as Dante climbs the top rope. Vengeance staggers to his feet as Dante leaps…….


Cole-OH WOW!! He just caught Dante and power bombed him. Holy CRAP!!


Tazz-That was AWESOME!! Lets see that again…


The screen shifts to a split of the ongoing action and VVV catching Dante and delivering a power bomb. In the ring, Vengeance rolls out of the ring and reaches under it. Dante is getting to his feet as Vengeance pulls out a chair and throws it in the ring. He also pulls out a trashcan. He is entering the ring as Dante regains his feet. As Vengeance is raising the can to get it over the ropes, Dante sprints toward him and delivers a dropkick, driving the can into a VVV’s face. Triple V falls off the apron, and a severely dented trashcan goes with him.


Cole-Dante showing he’s not done yet.


Tazz-VVV is certainly in a bad way right now.


Dante goes to the outside and his struck in the head by the dented trashcan thrown by VVV. He drops to a knee as Vengeance delivers a stiff punch to the head. Dante is lifted to his feet by The Violent One and is hit with a short arm clothesline. He drops to the floor and is leg-dropped by Vengeance, the trashcan is laying dent side down on the floor. Vengeance stands and taunts the crowd as Dante is getting to a knee. The crowd are booing furiously at the antics of VVV.


Cole-We’ll we’ve seen time and time again, turning your back on Dante isn’t a wise move.


Tazz-And I think we’re about to see why now.


Dante has again dropped to his back and delivers a hard kick to the knee of VVV. Vengeance’s knees give out and he stumble forward, face first onto the trashcan, that is now dented again. Dante gets to his feet and starts to rummage under the ring. He pulls out a Kendo stick and throws it in the ring. He turns to address Vengeance and is punched in the face by a pissed off Violence Bearer. He throws a punch in retaliation and connects with VVV’s face.


Cole-I don’t think Dante wants to trade punches with Vengeance….


About this time VVV has caught Dante’s fist and grabbed a hold of it firmly. Dante tries to free his hand, but Vengeance lifts him up and delivers a brain buster. He lifts Dante up from the floor and delivers an Irish Whip. Dante goes crashing shoulder first into the ring stairs. Vengeance again lifts up Dante and smashes his head into the ring post.


Cole-How is Dante not bleeding?


Tazz-Well Cole, my guess would be he hasn’t been cut open yet.




Tazz-Ask a stupid question….


Vengeance stalks toward a downed Dante, who is struggling to his hands and knees. Vengeance delivers a few kicks to the ribs of Dante, who rolls away in pain. VVV follows and delivers a leg drop across the throat of the downed Assassin. He picks Dante up and puts him in a sleeper.


Cole-Dante doesn’t want to be here. This could get bad for him really quickly if he doesn’t get out.


Tazz-If Vengeance chokes him out, there’s no way he can keep from being made to bleed.


From the crowd various shouts of REST HOLD! Can be heard.


Cole-Dante seems to be fighting back here.


Dante repeatedly drives an elbow into the side of Vengeance. Eventually, VVV is forced to release the hold and cover up to protect his ribs. Dante escapes the hold and manages to climb back into the ring after rolling The Violent One in. Dante picks up the kendo stick as Vinnie gets to his feet. Dante swings at Vengeance…


Cole-Look at the fury of Dante there. It looks like’s used a sword before. He’s just reigning blows down up Vengeance with that thing. Vinnie can’t even cover up.


Tazz-This is unfair, he’s definitely had some training with one of those before.


Vengeance is futilely trying to fend off the blows. Dante thrusts one and hits him in the stomach. Vengeance gets his hands down to block just as he receives another blow to the chest. As he reaches to the newest point of impact, Dante delivers a quick slicing maneuver to the throat of the Violence Bearer, which drops him to the floor. Loud cheering from the crowd is heard as Dante lowers the Kendo stick.


Dante throws the stick and whips Vengeance into the turnbuckle. The Assassin charges and hit’s a Stinger Splash. VVV staggers forward a bit as Dante climbs the turnbuckle. VVV turns around just in time to….

Cole-Dropkick from the Assassin there and this time he connected.


Tazz-He did indeed. Caught Vengeance right in the face with that one.


Vengeance is on the floor again as well as Dante.


Cole-Both men are showing signs of fatigue here.


Tazz-Yeah. This match is already taking a toll on them.


The ref looks down at the two men. LETS GO DANTE chants can be heard from the crowd.


The ref begins to count.






Tazz-What the hell?






Tazz-What is this idiot doing? It’s a first blood match. THERE ARE NO COUNT OUTS!!!


Cole-Well you’re certainly right there.






Dante gains his hands and knees as Vengeance starts to stir.










Tazz-Cole, I think I’m going to have to kill him. I really do. THERE ARE NO COUNT OUTS!!!





Cole-Tazz think of your job, you could get fired for killing an official!


Tazz-Sometimes sacrifices must be made for the greater good.


Dante is now kneeling as Vengeance props himself up with this hands.




Tazz stands up and yells on last time at the ref.




The ref, after hearing Tazz’s last tirade, realizes the mistake he’s made an quits counting, Tazz retakes his seat and Dante rises to his feet.


Cole-Well you certainly go upset there.


Tazz-Leave it to some incompetent idea to forget the rules of the match he’s calling. MAN!


Dante makes his way over to VVV who is now using the ropes to try and regain his vertical base. He whips VVV into the opposite ropes and when the meet in the middle, Dante hits Vengeance with a Side Effect. Dante raises him from the mat and delivers a stiff right to the face of Vengeance. Vengeance retaliates with one of his own. Dante punches again and so does Vengeance.


Cole-We said this once, but Dante doesn’t want to go punch for punch with Vengeance.


Tazz-Indeed he doesn’t. VVV is one tough son of a B*tch. Not taking away anything from Dante, but Vinnie is just mean.


Dante hits Vengeance one more time before he’s staggered by a large right from Vengeance. Vengeance lifts Dante over his shoulder and delivers a spine buster. He then drops an elbow on Dante and starts hammering away at his face. Dante grabs Vengeance by the throat amidst the flurry of punches and rolls over on top of VVV choking the life out of him.


Tazz-Vengeance doesn’t want to be in that position.


Cole-I was in that position once with Keith Jaxx. Of course he wasn’t choking me he was….


Tazz-Vengeance delivering head buts to Dante there.


Vengeance keeps butting the head of Dante and eventually Dante releases the hold. Both men get to their feet and stare at each other. The fans cheer loudly at the brawl they’ve seen so far. Vengeance charges Dante and…


Cole-Clothesline From HELL by VVV.


Tazz-Dante is down, and what’s VVV doing….He’s got chair. This doesn’t look good for Dante.


The Violent One begins to hit Dante in the back with the chair. He strikes again and again. After taking a number of hits, Dante manages to roll out of the ring. Vengeance drops a severely dented chair and follows. Dante gets to his feet on the floor as Vengeance arrives on the outside. Vengeance hit’s a clothesline on Dante and picks him up. He lays Dante across his shoulders and signals for the Circle of Trust.


Cole-This could be the end here…..


Tazz-I think Violent Vinnie Vengeance is going to put it away here. If he hits this Dante is doing to be all but over….OH MY GOD!!


Cole-HOW DID HE???


Holy SH*T chant goes up from the crowd as Dante manages to reverse the Circle of Trust and deliver a Scorpion Death Drop onto the remnants of the dented Trash can. Both men lay on the ground for a minute until Dante begins to stir. He rises and climbs into the ring and turnbuckles. He sees a prone VVV and leaps…..




Tazz-WOW! That’s all I can say. WOW!


The HOLY SHI*T chants from the crowd intensify.


Both Dante and VVV are again down. From the camera angle, we can see Meltz take a fan out of their seat and sit down where the fan previously was. The fan says something to him, which prompts Meltz to yell “I’M THE GREATEST WRESTLING JOURNALIST EVER!!”


Trash and Dante both begin to rise, albeit slowly. There is still thunderous applause for these two for putting their bodies on the line all night and still being able to keep going.


Dante throws VVV into the ring and reaches under it. He pulls out a mop and trashcan lid and throws them into the ring, almost hitting a groggy VVV. He reaches back under the ring and grabs another kendo stick. He nods with satisfaction as he tosses it in the ring. As he comes over the apron, VVV grabs hold of him and whips Dante to the ropes. Dante tries to go over his back and back slide him. Vengeance however, keep hold of Dante and…


Tazz- TRUST BREAKER! WOW! Dante has to be done now.


Cole-Not many have survived that. Its going to be a challenge for Dante.


Vengeance drops and starts to head butt Dante. Dante takes a good for or five head butts before he begins to reach around the ring for something. Vinnie rears back for another blow and as he drops his head, Dante pulls the trashcan lid from beside him and puts in front of his head as Vengeance head butts it. Upon impact, he immediately rolls back onto the mat and out of the ring. Dante lays on the mat, trying to catch his breath. Meltz jumps over the barrier and shoves something in VVV’s pocket. He then proceeds to encourage VVV to get up. Vengeance gets up and makes it back in the ring and grabs the mop as Dante grabs the kendo stick.


Cole-We’ve seen what Dante can do with that kendo stick, I don’t think VVV wants to mess with him here…


Tazz-I got to agree with you there. Dante will flat whip him if he Vengeance tries to go toe to toe with him here….


Dante and Vengeance face off, holding Kendo Stick and Mop respectively. Vengeance swings at Dante who deflects the blow. The mop handle travels in a wide arc, only to strike the ref in the eyes. Dante and The Violent One both unleash massive swings and….


Cole-Both Dante and Vengeance have swung and hit each other in the face. And what’s this?


Tazz-It looks like they are both bleeding. Now what are we going to do? The ref is still out of service as well.


Dante and Vengeance both stare at each other and realize that blood has in fact been stuck. Dante goes to get the fallen referee up. Meltz, who is still at ring side, yells something at Vengeance.


Cole-What is Meltz doing?


Tazz-Telling VVV something. I have no idea what though.


As Dante gets the ref to his feet, VVV pulls a handkerchief from his pocket and wipes the blood off his face. He has his back to the ref. The ref, shakes his head a bit to clear the cobwebs and goes to check on Vengeance. Vengeance looks at the ref briefly and points to Dante, who still has blood trickling down his face. The ref calls for the bell.


Dante looks around confused and puts his hand to his face. As he pulls it away, he sees the crimson liquid and gets a VERY upset look. Meltz is on the outside laughing. The ref goes to Tony Chimmel and who is quite confused, having seen the blood on both Dante and Vengeance’s face. He leans in and whispers something to Chimmel. Chimmel looks confused and point to the ring. The ref looks and again tells Chimmel something.


TC-Ladies and Gentleman, the winner of this match as a result of striking first blood, VIOLENT VINNIE VENGEANE!!!


The crowd is a mixture of boos and cheers. Boos for Vengeance, and cheers for the match that has been put on. Vengeance climbs the turn buckle and holds the belt, which makes all of the crowd erupt into boos. Meltz climbs in the ring to celebrate as Dante stares them both down.


Cole-What a match we had there. I can’t say I’m pleased with the outcome, but they promised us a war and they delivered.


Tazz-Like VVV or not, he certainly did a nice job here tonight. Him and Dante both.


Cole-Right you are. We still have a lot of show left for you though.


Cut to main event promo.

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Back from the preview and Tazz is clearly eager for the next fight.


Cole - Here we go Tazz


Tazz - Yes it’s now time to see WHO is the rightful owner of Re-Evolution


Cole - Let go over to Tony Chimmel


TC - This following contest is scheduled for one fall, And is the rights to the Re-Evolution name match


The scene goes black and a faint chant can be heard.

Louder and louder it gets, Before finally, the roar of the fans can be heard.

Their chant of "Mickhail Mills" gets louder by the moment.

Then the crowd suddenly erupts into a deafening chorus of cheers.

The scene finally shows something, a teenage girl in a packed arena holding up a sign that reads "Mickhail Mills is the Whole F'n Show".

That picture cuts a way and in bright green letters the word "Welcome to X-Styles" flashes onto the screen.

The phrase then flashes rapidly. In the background clips of moves like the "Spinal Tap" and the "Showstopper” can be caught.


The text disappears and in slow motion the screen shows Mickhail in mid-air doing the "Natural Phenomenon".

He flies in the air methodically, and lands with devastating impact.

As soon as the Natural Phenomenon makes impact a heavy pyro explosion rocks the arena as “Go DJ” blast from the PA


TC - Making his way to the ring first, Weighting in at 235lbs, From Palm Beach Gardens in Florida, “THE PHENOMENAL” MICKHAILLLLLLLLLLLLL MILLSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS


The fans rise to their feet and cheer loudly for Mickhail Mills as he cockily struts down the entrance ramp.

While walking down the aisle, Mickhail stops at a fan holding a sign reading “Mills: The True Re-Evolution”.

Smiling, he nods knowingly at the sign and continues on.

He vertical leaps up unto the apron and uses the ropes for momentum as he flips into the ring, As Go DJ fades out



Cole - Mills looks ready Tazz


Tazz - He needs to be after all at has happened between these two


Cole - And there is no Benjamin Black, no Ted Dibiase, And no Barry Gower Tazz


Tazz - Well we know why Gower and Dibiase aren’t out here Cole


Cole - Whys that Tazz ?


Tazz - Because Chris, Doesn’t need them


Cole - No Benjamin Black to Tazz


Tazz - we all watch in horror, To what Eagles did last week to Benjamin Black lets just hope he gets well soon


Cole - Just heard from the back we cant get the footage of that for some reason


Tazz - That’s a good thing Cole, The beating wasn’t very nice


The arena lights turns the arena a green colour, As "Gets this money" starts to play, as the crowd start booing, knowing this means Chris Eagles is on his way out here.


As Eagles steps from behind the curtains, the pyros explode behind the Million Dollar Corporation man as he struts down the walkway to a chorus of boos and jeers.


TC: And his opponent, Now weighting in at 287lbs, From The big apple New York City, MDM CHRISTOPHER EAGLESSSSSSSSSSS


Tazz - Why is Eagles just standing under the TWOtron? He seems to be looking straight at Mickhail Mills


Cole - Do you think he could be looking into his eyes from that distance ?


Tazz - Maybe so but, He’s looking at something


Eagles, a sadistic smile on his face, looks up to the arena roof.


Cole - What is there up on the roof?


Suddenly, a BANG! Explodes in the arena, accompanied with a fading of lights.


The lights come back to the surprise of everyone in the arena.


Tazz - Wow! Are those DOLLARS raining from the sky?


MC: I think it is! Look Tazz, it's a miracle.


Tazz - This is no miracle Cole, this is just Eagles to show the fans and Mills how rich he is


Cole - And what was it he bought tonight?


Tazz - A very catchy entrance, and a rich one.


Cole - But it’s just the same as Haloween Havok


Tazz - So he most of had some more spare money


Fans in the front row start trying to catch the dollars, hoping to get enough money to cover their front row seats.


Eagles, who started to make his way to the ring, stops in front of it and catches a few falling dollars. He then looks at the money to see his face on the money, making it look good.


Tazz - This looks like a nice way to manipulate your money. You should try it Cole with the few bucks you own.


Cole - In fact Tazz, even if I am not loaded like this man, but I am still able to buy you cheap.


Tazz - You wish Cole, And no one would print your face on money, Well maybe Keith Jaxx would


Cole - Well umm


Eagles rolls in under the bottom rope and gets to his feet quickly, a sneer on his face as the crowd boo the 'Richest Man on XTV' enters the ring


Gets This Money stops playing as MDM climbs on the turnbuckle, and starts taunting the crowd, money in hand, throwing it everywhere, boos and jeers are returned to him. Eagles stands there looking around at the booing crowd with a grin on his face.


Tazz - Eagles is throwing money into the crowd and there are booing him


Cole - Its not as if they can use it Tazz


Tazz - Why not ?


Cole - Well look at it, It has Eagles face all over them


Tazz - That makes them rare


Cole - Woo, Woo Eagles has just jumped Mills from behind sending him to the outside


Tazz - You know all about from behind, Hey Cole


Cole - Ummmmm, Just get back to the match


Eagles follows Mills to the out side picking him up and sending him hard into the ring steps


Tazz - Ha ha, Eagles has just sent Mills head first into them steps


Cole - You could hear the impact Tazz


Eagles pulls Mills back up before slamming him into the steps face first


Tazz - You have to love Eagles, Cole


Cole - Why ?


Tazz - The ref cant do anything about this beating


Cole - He can


Tazz - Nope, He never rang the bell Cole, So the match hasn’t started yet


Cole - That’s cheating Tazz


Tazz - How, Its not a match yet


Cole - And it looks like it never will be


Eagles picks Mills back up and ramming his shoulder into Mickhails bread basket and slams him back first into the steel steps


Cole - He could have broken his back there Tazz


Tazz - Shame he didn’t


Mills laying on the floor hold as back as Eagles starts laying into him with some stiff kicks to the back area causing Mills to scream in pain, The ref jumps out of the ring and try’s to make Eagles enter the ring, But Eagles pushes by him and delivers another stiff kick to the back of Mickhail Mills


Cole - About time Eagles finally enters the ring leaving Mills in pain on the arena floor


Tazz - Cole, You do know if Mills cant continue he could throw this match out


Cole - When Eagles would be sole owner of the Re-Evolution name


Mills slowly pulls himself up using the ring steps before using the ropes to pull himself into the ring as the ref calls for the bell


Ding, Ding


Cole - The ref finally rings the bell starting this match Tazz


Tazz - But how long will it last Cole ?


Cole - I don’t know Tazz


As Mills is pulling himself up by the ropes, Eagles runs straight at him, Kicking in the head with a stiff kick


Cole - Mills must be really hurting here Tazz


Tazz - Let me kick you like that and found out


Cole - No thanks


Eagles climbs to the second turnbuckle on the inside and starts taunting the crowd on the outside, Who jeers him in return, Before jumping back down, With the crowd still jeering Eagles, He goes back over to Mills, Who is now on his knees, And lifts his arms up in a double axe-handle position, This brings boos from the Australian crowd,


Cole - The Australian fans tonight don’t like Christopher Eagles do they


Tazz - And I don’t think he cares Cole


Cole - True, Wait a minute, What’s is Mills fighting back


Tazz - I don’t believe it Cole, Mills IS fighting back, With some elbows to the mid-section of Eagles


Mills continues to hit Eagles with the elbows until Eagles has doubled over, The crowd goes wild as Mills floors Eagles with a European uppercut


Cole - YES, YES, Mills is back in this match Tazz


Tazz - Mickhail Mills sucks


Cole - Does he


Tazz - You what ?


Cole - Nothing


Mills slowly pulls himself back to his feet with the help of the ropes behind him, The former Re-Evolution man still holding his back moves over to Eagles who is just getting to his feet


Cole - Mills still looks in pain Tazz


Tazz - Yeah, And he better hope Chris doesn’t see that


Mills grabs the MDC man by the hair, Before placing his head under his arm and lifting into a suplex position


Tazz - Can his back hold the heavy Eagles Cole ?


Cole - It looks like it Tazz, By the way Eagles his put on his few pounds lately hasn’t he ?


Tazz - Yes, I think he has


Cole - What was it Tony announced 287lbs wasn’t it ?


Tazz - I think it was Cole, But why does it matter ?


Cole - Just asking


Tazz - Yeah, I bet you like a bit of meat on your men


Cole - You what ?, I mean NO, I mean umm


Tazz - Cole, Will you stop thinking about something that happened almost a month ago


Cole - What ?


Tazz - The twister game with Jaxx and Arkham


Cole - Oh that


Tazz - Wow, Mills still has Eagles up, Ouch I bet that hurt


Cole - I cant believe Mills held Eagles up that long, And then dropped him down into a Brain Buster


The crowd are on there feet chanting for Mills after that, As Eagles and Mills are still down following the brain buster by Mills, The Phenomenal One pushes himself up to his knees, As Eagles uses the ropes to pull himself up with one arm, But holding the back of his neck with the other


Cole - That move took a lot out of both men Tazz


Tazz - But Eagles is the freshest out of the two


Eagles charges at Mills, But misses and goes face first into the turnbuckle, The crowd cheer before laughing at Eagles, Mills grabs Eagles by the head, And slams it against the top turnbuckle, The former Re-Evolution man pulls Eagles head back again and slams it back against the turnbuckle, As Mills does the crowd start counting, As he slams Eagles head repeatedly against the turnbuckle …..











10, With the tenth one the crowd start jumping up and down cheering, As Eagles falls back holding the top of his head


Cole - Eagles is going to have a sore head in the morning


Tazz - Maybe you could rub it better Cole


Cole - What one ?


Tazz - You are sick


Mills kicks Eagles back into the corner, As he was trying to return to a standing position, Mills drops to his knees and grabs Eagles by the neck, Trying to choke him


Tazz - That’s breaking the rules Cole, Right in front of the ref


Cole - But the refs letting it go


The ref finally tells Mills to let go, but with the ref out of position, Eagles hit’s the rising Mills with a low blow sending him back to his knees


Tazz - There, Mills gets a way with it, Then so does Eagles


Eagles still rubbing the neck area as he regains his standing position, Begins kicking the downed Mills in the back of his head, The ref steps in to stop Eagles kicking Mills, As Mills falls on the bottom rope


Cole - MDM is kicking the hell out of Mills


Tazz - You could say kicking the ………..


Cole - Stuffing, Yes you could say that


Tazz - Well, Eagles isn’t happy with the way Mills pi…..


Cole - Turned his back on him, Yes I know


Tazz - Will you stop that


Eagles gets passed the ref, And pulls Mills back to his feet, Before levelling him with a thunderous right hand, sending him back down to the mat, Following up with a elbow drop to the chest, As Eagles gets back to his feet, He taunts the crowd from down under who return the favour with the whole arena booing the richest wrestler in TWOstars


Tazz - The crowd fully behind Eagles tonight Cole


Cole - You have to be joking right ?


Tazz - Yes I was Cole, Eagles has Gower and DiBiase, He doesn’t need these people


With Mills down Eagles drops to his knees, And begins to choke Mills as the ref starts to count






Eagles breaks just before the five


Eagles pulls Mills up, And whips him against the ropes, And going for a clothesline, But Mills ducks, And as Eagles bounces off the other side Mills hits Eagles with a spinning heel kick, Sending Eagles on his back


Tazz - Eagles on his back, Get up Chris


Cole - I like Eagles on his back


Tazz - I bet you do, You sick freak (Tazz slaps Cole around the head like he’s a little boy being told off by his dad)

Mills goes for the cover








TH..KICKOUT by Eagles


Cole - I though he had him there


Tazz - Eagles still in this thing


Mills slowly up to his feet, Followed by Eagles, As both men starts hitting the other with right hands, Only to be stopped by Eagles and a thumb to the eyes of Mills, Causing the crowd to boo him


Cole - That’s cheating Tazz


Tazz - The ref doesn’t think so


Eagles grabs Mills and nails a snap suplex on Mills, Eagles sits up, And feels his eye where Mills hit him with the spinning heel kick


Tazz - What a suplex Cole


Cole - What’s Eagles got planned now Tazz, He’s picks Mills back up


But before Eagles could do anything Mills hits him with a chop to the chest, Followed by another, And another, Mills runs against the rope, But Eagles lifts him up and drops the neck first onto the top rope, Snapping his neck back like a whiplash affect


Cole - He could have broken Mills neck then


Tazz - Eagles has just grabbed hold of Mills from behind Cole


Eagles spins the dizzy Mills around, And hit’s the ………..


Cole - The Bounced Cheque, The Bounced Cheque


Tazz - This one is over


Eagles drops to his knees and slowly moves over to the downed Mills to make the cover, As Eagles covers Mills the ref drops down next to them and starts his count



















Ding, Ding


Cole - Eagles has done it, Eagles is the sole owner of the rights to Re-Evolution


Tazz - I told you he would Cole


TC - The winner of this match, And sole owner of the Re-Evolution name and copyrights is Christopher Eaglesssssssssssssssss


“Gets This Money” starts to play as Eagles rolls off Mills, And uses the ropes to pull himself back to his feet, As Eagles gets to his feet the crowd start booing the richest man on X-Treme TV, One fan with a Mills sign starts shout and swearing at Eagles, With just looks at the fan, And sticks his middle finger up at him, Before dragging Mills to his feet, And dumping him over the top rope, And down to the arena floor


Cole - Eagles has won the damned match, So just leave Mills alone


Tazz - Well, Chris hit a fan can he ?


Cole - No, But what’s that got to do with Mills


Tazz - Mills is there, That’s what


Eagles exit’s the ring, And pulls Mills back to a standing position, And slaps him in the face, Which brings more boos from the crowd, As Eagles picks Mills up once more the camera zooms onto the red mark that has appeared on Mills face from the slap


Cole - Now, What is he doing ?


Tazz - I’m not sure, But it cant be good for Mickhail Mills


Eagles drags Mills all the way up to the top of the ramp way, Before hitting a stiff punch straight to the mouth of his former partner, MDM looks around the arena with the same evil grin he had when he ended Benjamin Blacks TWOstars career, The crowd continues to boo The Million Dollar Corporation man as he brings Mills up the a standing base, The crowds boos just stop, As Eagles lifts Mills up and drops him with a …….




Crowd - Holy Sh*t, Hole Sh*t


Tazz - Mills is dead Cole


Cole - And Eagles is standing there smiling down at him


Tazz - That was shades of One Night Stand Cole


Cole - Oh yeah, When he ended the career of MBR


Tazz - Yeah ERE’s MBR BEAT Re-Evolution, But Eagles had the last say


The EMT’s turn up to work on Mills, As Eagles just turns away smiling, And walks to the back, The replay shows Mills going through all the tables 20feet below the stage, And his head bouncing off the arena floor, As the cameras zoom in, Mills is laying in a pool of his own blood as the camera fades to a review of the night so far.

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MC: Well folks it’s now time for tonight’s main event and what a classic this should be. Let’s take a look at how this match came about.



Cole: Welcome back folks, it’s Main Event time here in Sydney and Tazz this has to be one of the most anticipated matches in recent history


Tazz: Damn straight there Cole. The quickness of Gringo, the technician Gower and the power of the champ, man I can’t wait


Cole: So putting your neck on the line Tazz, where do you see this one tonight?


Tazz: Well the champ is at a huge disadvantage, he can lose without being pinned


Cole: So you think it may come down to Gringo or Gower


Tazz: I didn’t say that, it may be difficult for the champ but I think he’ll pull through, if not we could be seeing Barry Gower hold World gold for the first time


Cole: Well that indeed is a prospect. Now lets take a moment to see how all this got started


Cut to recap video




VOICEOVER: At Summerslam


Tazz: I know what’s coming now.


To an enormous boo from the crowd, Gringo leaps with the Death Star Drop, catching Cage cleanly and taking him down to the mat – Gringo covers for the pin, but it’s almost redundant by the look of Cage.


The referee dives down for the pin as the crowd chant along.




Cole: This doesn’t look good for Cage.




Tazz: And here comes the end – Gringo so has this in the bag.


THREE! The crowd boo as Gringo gets to his feet, raising his arms – suddenly Holt charges at him from behind, grabbing him by the back of his trunks and the back of his neck, then ramming him shoulder first into the ring-post. The crowd is stunned into silence as Holt rams his partner’s shoulder repeatedly into the cold, hard steel.


Cole: My god, Holt has attacked Gringo and seems to be treating him with no respect.


Tazz: I have no idea why he’d do this, but I’m loving it.


Pulling Gringo out of the corner he lifts the Champion over his head and launches him head first into the side of the nearest cell – Gringo collapses to the floor as TIH steps over the ropes and onto the outside.


Cole: What an assault, I think it completely took Gringo by surprise.


Tazz: And why wouldn’t it? I think he believed he could trust Holt to have his back, not to stab it.


Holt raises Gringo, lifts him into a vertical suplex position before dropping backwards with the IncrediDDT onto the metal of the Chamber floor – the crowd ERUPTS with booing as Holt rolls over and covers the Champion. The referee drops down for the cover.




Cole: I can’t see anybody move after that impact.




Tazz: Not even Holt could kick out of that move.


THREE! The timekeeper rings the bell and Holt slowly gets up to his feet, he looks around at the booing crowd before spitting a mouthful of blood down onto the chest of the fallen Gringo.


Cole: What a complete show of disrespect.


Tazz: I think it showed what Holt thought of Gringo’s treatment of him.


Cole: Well folks, we have a new champion, and it’s The Incredible Holt.


Tazz: Talk about having an unbeatable champion – this monster will stand toe to toe with anybody, and I think he’ll come out on top.


V: The face of TWOstars changed


Up flashes the image of Holt holding his championship aloft


V: A new dawn began, a new tyranny began


EG: What essa... you forgetting it was me who held the title before that green piece of *BEEP*... You give me Holt tonight, title on the line essa or you will pay...


DS: Gringo did you read the contract I gave you for the match?


EG: What does that matter essa... give me my chance to take back what is mine homes!


DS: Well Gringo it matters because you should have read that document... Because their was a special clause that stated that if YOU, THE EVIL GRINGO... Lost your title... then you... WOULD NOT... recieve a title shot again unless you earned it to the statisfaction of.... ME!


EG: You stinking son of a *BEEP*, your dead essa, no one crosses the Gringo, not you, not that walking gerkin, NOBODY....


DS: Security... deal with him...


Darkstar and the rest of The Future walk calmly by as the security push the Gringo towards the exit...


Holt: Gruuunnntt


DS: Yes champ... I know you can take him but I want to punish him... he thinks he's so good, that he is better then all of us... WELL I MADE THE GRINGO... and he is about to find out how far I can break him....


V: One man never gave up


Images flash before us of Gringo in action


V: At Haloween Havok justice prevailed


Gringo is just that little bit sharper though and fights through the hold... he switches back around and tries for the Shock Threapy again... no dice so he switches to...




Tazz: It looked like some kind of Half Nelson, Pumphandle Suplex Cole... but the Gringo ain't done...


Gringo holds on and switches the pumphandled arm to a hammerlock... he sets...


Tazz: My god a Half Nelson Hammerlock Suplex! Where is Gringo getting this from!?!?!


MC: It's for his Mamcita, he said nothing would stop him and he'd do anything... including thenever seen as well...


Darkstar is down and out... But Gringo is done, he climbs to the top rope, back to the ring.... he sets... he springs...


MC: My god... Pheonix Splash! Gringo just hit something original right there! Into the cover!










MC: Gringo wins! Gringo wins! He knew he couldn't use his own moves to take out Darkstar... he wanted his Mamacita and after a hell of an innovative flurry.... Gringo wins!


The crowd go wild as Gringo, still knelt on the mat has his arm raised in victory....


TC: Ladies and gentleman, you winner and new number one contender.... EVIL GRINGO!!!!!


V: Only to once again be denied


The Brutal One swings for The Future and Gower, showing his speed as well as his ability to read an opponent, ducks once more.


This time there is no delay, Banner is carried up to Gower's shoulders then brought viciously back down to Earth again in a fluid motion.


Michael Cole: Burning Hammer! Burning Hammer on Brett Banner! That spells the end for anyone! Nobody has kicked out of the Burning Hammer!


Tazz: Are you sure, Cole? I seem to remember--


Michael Cole: No, no - I'm quite sure, Tazz.


Nick Patrick drops for the count as Barry Gower hooks a leg for the pin.








Michael Cole: And there we have it! Barry Gower is the Number One Contender for the TWOStars World Heavyweight Championship title!


Tazz: Looks like he really may well be The Future of the Business, Cole!


Chimel: Your winner, and neeeeeww Number One Contender... "The Future" Barry Gower!


V: Yet again the path to vengeance was blocked


DS: This contract (handing to Gower first) is a contact for a one fall standard one hour time limit match for four weeks time at No Mercy. This contract states that the title will only change hands via pinfall or submission. Now gentlemen


Gower reads over the contract, pulling in Dibiase momentarily before adding his signature to the contract and handing it back to Darkstar


Darkstar views the contract again before handing the contract and pen over to the champ


In a move that some would have thought him incapable of, the TWOstars champ reads over the contract and readies the pen when


The lights dim and the crowd buzz as Not Listening by Papa Roach booms through the in house speakers.... Brooding dark red and green lights flash and spiral around the ramp and ring and pyro explodes as the Evil Gringo emerges from the back, eyes full of rage, ready for war with his Mamacita, Becki standing proudly behind her man...


The crowd go wild on seeing the Mexican Sensation who remains at the top of the ramp, mic in hand.


Tazz: Gringo, what the hell does he want?


EG: I won the right to a world title shot at Halloween Havoc so right now I’m the number one contender so I will be having my shot at No Mercy


The crowd erupts at the chance of seeing Gringo take on his old stable mate Holt


DS: No Gringo, Gower is the number one contender


EG: I’m the number one contender


BG: No I’m the number one contender


EG: I’m the number one contender


BG: No I’m the number one contender


EG: I’m the number one contender


BG: No I’m the number one contender


"Perfect Strangers" - Deep Purple signals the arrival of the Network Rep and the crowd goes absolutely wild as Akten steps out onto the ramp and embraces Gringo with a manly hug


PMA: Now as I was saying. I saw that Gringo has a valid case, his victory over yourself Paul at Havoc, despite not using any finishers means that he is a number one contender. But I also see that Mr. Gower has a valid case, he is also a number one contender.


Darkstar leans on the top rope moving inaudible expletives at Akten, glaring up the ramp


PMA: So as the Network Representative it’s up to me to find a solution. So tonight we will have a match, to decide the true number one contender for the World Heavyweight Champion. It shall be the Future of the Business, Barry Gower versus The Mexican Sensation, Evil Gringo.


V: And so battle commenced



Tazz: Number One Contendership, Cole, it’s gonna be a rocket buster


Various clips of the match, showing the epic battle and The Incredible Holt at ringside until


Gringo has had enough and jumps off the top rope into…


MC: My god! Gringo just nailed a Death Star Press onto Holt! Both men are down!


Tazz: That moves illegal Cole! Gringo should be DQ’d right now!


MC: Only if he uses it in a match Tazz…. And Holt isn’t in this match!


Gower is up unsteady in the ring and is unhappy… He rolls out of the ring much to the displeasure of the referee and grabs the recovering Gringo… He rolls him into the ring and throws him into the ropes…


MC: Spine buster! Wait no! Gringo has it countered!


Gringo looks for a Tornado DDT but Gower is wise to it and sets him down… he feints on a Northern Lights and fools Gringo! He hoists him up instead…


Tazz: Here it is… The Burning… What!


Gringo once again escapes and kicks Gower face first into the turnbuckles… He charges in but Gower boots him off…


MC: Look Tazz… the champ is getting up and boy does he look pissed!


Holts shakes his head and slides into the ring as Gringo and Gower are trading strikes… He shoves the ref out of the way and charges at both number one contenders nailing them with a stiff double clothesline!


MC: What the hell!


Tazz: You where right Cole… he is pissed!


The referee calls for the bell as Holt goes on the rampage… Gringo is up first and runs straight into a big boot… Gower is next as he charges Holt but is scooped up…


MC: Ouch! What an awesome Running Powerslam on Gower…


The ref once again rings for the bell and relays a message to Tony Chimmel…


TC: This match has been ruled a NO CONTEST!


MC: My god Tazz! Who is the number one contender!


Tazz: I don’t know Cole… Maybe there isn’t one now, I don’t know…


Holt is infuriated by this and boots the ref, poor Jack Doan clean out of the ring… he stalks both Gringo and Gower who are rising to their feet….


MC: The champs got bad intentions here…


Holt grabs both Gower and Gringo in individual front face locks… he lifts them BOTH!




Tazz: Jesus Cole, Holt just laid them both out!


Holt stands above both Gower and Gringo with a sly grin on his face, the look of a man pleased with his handy work… He then rasies his title belt high in the air as the crowd boos…


MC: What a match, what an ending and what a question where left with… Who is the number one contender…?


Tazz: Not even that Cole! Who can stop Holt!


The camera cuts to the image of Holt still standing above both his rivals with the same un-nerving smile on his face as we fade out….


V: Confusion reigned


Holt launches himself off the top in the Swan dive headbutt….


MC: My god! The champ just hit Darkstar after Gower moved!


Gringo dropkicks the shocked Holt out of the ring as Gower pins Darkstar…










Tazz: My god! The boss just not laying down for these no good rebels!


MC: You want to lend my hanky Tazz…


Tazz: Hanky?!?! Cole, you are Jaxx ARE made for each other you know…


German suplex from Gower and the he suplex’s Gringo onto the prone boss! Gower cuts his throat and the two seem to have evil intentions for the boss… Gower whips him into the ropes but Holt is and prevents anything by nailing a HUGE spear on Gringo… He looks for another big boot on Gower but he ducks and not for the first time Holt nails his boss!


MC: Holt just nailed Darkstar again!


Frustrated the champ runs at Gower only to be low bridged and he flies out of the ring! Gringo is back up and follows out onto him with a huge….


MC: Spanish Fly! The champ is subdued! Gower is alone with the boss…


He is and as Darkstar gets slowly to his feet Gower signals for the Burning Hammer… He stalks the boss… he hoists him…


Tazz: OH NO… Burning Hammer on the boss!


MC: Gower has the cover…










MC: They’ve done it! Gower and Gringo have done it!


TC: Ladies and gentlemen… Your winners… Barry ’The Future’ Gower and The Evil Gringo!


For Whom The Bell Toll’s booms through the arena as Gower rolls the boss out of the ring to the waiting Holt who is staring a hole through the Northern Irish hard man… Gringo is back in the ring and is standing with Gower so Holt backs off, taking his out cold boss backstage…


Tazz: Man, the poor boss… His neck…


MC: Wait a minute Tazz… The match is over and Gringo and Gower are back in the ring together…


Tazz: Yeah, let’s see if this truce lasts now…


Gringo spins Gower round and thrusts out his hand… Gower thinks about it looking at the Mexican Sensation’s hand as the crowd cheer for him to shake it…. WHICH HE DOES…


MC: Looks like respect is earned and is worthy of a truce Tazz…


Or maybe not as Gower pulls Gringo into a HUGE clothesline!


Tazz: Ha guess again Cole!


Gower exit’s the ring a smug look on his face as Gringo rolls over on the floor a look of pain and vengeance in his eyes and those eyes are set on Gower


V: The waters remained muddied


Gringo gets to his feet as the crowd start cheering him and chanting PIN HIM GRINGO, But the cheers, Turn to boos as Barry Gower slips into the ring behind Gringo, And knocking him to the mat with a clothesline to the back of the head


Tazz - Gower out to help his tag team partner Cole


Cole - Well he needs it Tazz


As Gower pulls Gringo up, A second ref runs down, Jumping in front of Gower causing him to drop Gringo, As the second ref gets Gower to leave the ring, Gringo catches him with a drop kick sending him over the top ropes


Cole - Tazz, Can you hear the crowd tonight


Tazz - Yeah, All because Gringo drop kicked Gower over the top


With all this going on Eagles gets back to his feet, Still staggering about from the attack by Mills, Gringo see Eagles and turns around and….


Cole - Oh my god Tazz, It’s the SHOCK THERAPY


Tazz - Gringo has hit Eagles, With the Shock Therapy, I cant believe it


As Gringo plays up to the crowd, The crowd start cheering not only Gringo, But also security stop Gower getting back to the ring, As Gringo drops down and makes the cover


The ref drops to make the count
















V: A challenge laid down


EG: So tonight I issue an open challenge.... Gower... Holt... I DEMAND that you two hombres get in the ring with me at No Mercy and let me kick your sorry little oviendo estomago eating asses all over the ring!


TG: Wow! Both of them!?!?


EG: You deaf as well as hair style challenged essa? Thats what I said... And one last thing... Holt you big son of *BEEP*... You better bring your title, you better shine it up and you BETTER put it on the line because even if BuerroStar books it or not homes... At No Mercy I will be the fear in the dark... AND ALL YOUR FUTURE HOLDS!


V: A challenge that one man answered with words


Gower: An open Challenge, last time I checked he didn't have the World Title. You know it is all about the World Title. Nothing, nothing is going to stop me in my quest to become the World Champion.


Ted: That's right nothing.


Ted hits Gower on the chest.


Gower: You know there has been talk about me not being ready for it, or I turned up to work drunk when I was in the Extreme Revolution. But Ted you and I know it, that is 100% pure BS.


Ted: Damn right it is.


Gower: I should of taken that ERE title but everytime I got close something stopped me. Wether it be DQ endings, Triple threat matches with the other person getting pinned. Double Count outs. I have had enough of it. If it means facing both Gringo and Holt at No Mercy then so be it because I bring something to the table that they don't.


Ted: What's that?


Gower: Well I am glad you asked Ted. I brign the 4 a's to the table. I have the Ability, the Agression, the Attidude and the damn Ambition. NOTHING and I damn well mean NOTHING will stop me as a fufil the destiny of THE FUTURE.


V: One man answered the only way he knew how


Tazz: Here comes the champ!


Cole: What's going on? Why is King Holt out here?


As the Green Destroyer, with the belt strapped to his waist, steps over the

ropes Gringo finally notices his presence. The Mexicutioner rushes up to meet

Big Greenie. King Holt blocks Gringo's attempt at a punch and delivers with a

big haymaker. Gringo rolls back across the ring as Gower rises to take on the

champ. After taking a few blows Holt authoritatively grabs Barry in a front

suplex. He then switches it into an F5.


Cole: Incrediplex! Incrediplex!


Barry hits the ground and lays there motionless. Holt admires his handiwork

with a pleased grunt. Gringo however is up and springboards off the ropes to

nail forearm into Holt's head. He stumbles with the impact, but stays on his



Cole: Holt just took the MAA, unscathed!


TIH picks up Gringo as he's running towards him and slams him down on his head.


Tazz: IncreDDT! Gringo's not getting' up after that one!


Tazz is indeed right and Gringo rolls out of harms way and into the corner.

Twiggie, however, thinks that this is a good time to prove himself. He climbs

up the apron and up the turnbuckle. He soars off the top and grabs the Silent Destroyer's head for a bulldog.


Cole: Wow!!




Tazz: I don't believe it!




Twig hangs from Holt's neck, which stands unmoved. Twig's face turns to horror as The Champ slams Twiggie down onto his knee.


Cole: Wow! That incredible knee went halfway up Twig's backside!


Tazz: You liked that, didn't you?


Cole: What was he thinking? Twiggie can't hang with the likes of Holt!


With all men on the ground The Incredible Holt finally removes his belt. He

proudly raises it above his head as The Evil Gringo, Barry Gower, and Twiggie

writhe in pain at his feet. The fans boo and shout at the display from their



Cole: It looks like The Incredible Holt has just accepted the challenge laid

down for No Mercy, what will this mean for Gower and Gringo?


V: But every action demands a reaction


MC: What the hell is Darkstar thinking? Making Holt the referee in this match up, he has no place in this ring….


Tazz: Cole the boss has a plan… And when the boss has a plan and wants things done then they get done and all who get in his way get crushed… by that guy…


Ted quickly tags out to Barry who stands in front of Becki who is trying to get some sight back in her eye… Gringo shouts at her and she turns round just in time to see Gower smiling a sick smile at the poor Mamacita… He throws a big clothesline…


Tazz: My god! He just hit the champ! Becki ducked and he just nailed the champ!


Gower stands there looking down at the fallen and stunned champ whilst Becki rolls into the corner and makes a tag to the refreshed Gringo…


MC: Oh its back on now!


Both men are in and start to swing blows wildly at each other… Both are staggered from the force of the blows but neither will fall... Spinning Throat Chop/Spinning Forearm and we have a Double KO as both just beat the living hell out of each other!


MC: My god, both men are down… Holt is down… what is gonna happen!


Tazz: I don’t know Cole but I can’t concentrate either with you shreaking like a girl either… Oh at least Holt is getting up now…


The champion gets to his feet…


MC: And boy does he look angry!


He spots Gower on the floor stirring and goes towards him with evil intentions… However Ted is in! Dibiase locks the Million Dollar Dream on the champ!


MC: Ted is rolling back the ages to protect Gower!


Holt squirms around and grabs a hold of Ted who is straddling the champs back in a vain attempt to bring him down… Holt has him over his shoulder…


Tazz: Owwww….. Goodnight! Big Running Powerslam on poor old Ted by the champ…


Holt turns round and see’s Becki just to the side of him with her high heeled shoe ready for protection… He raises his mighty fist and grabs her… He hoists her up…


MC: My god! Not the Incrediplex!

But no! Gringo is up and starts to pepper the champ with elbow after elbow saving his Mamacita!


Tazz: My god… Holt is staggered!


Becki drops off Holts shoulders and rolls out of the ring…. Gringo isn’t done yet and continues to throw chops and elbows into the throat and head of the champ! He backs off as Gower is getting to his feet…


MC: GringoKick! Right to the chin!


Holt is staggering backwards, right towards the waiting Barry Gower….


Tazz: MY GOD!


MC: The Burning Hammer!!! If Gower hits that this Sunday at No Mercy then its over!


Gower stands there looking at the fallen champ and his fallen manager… He turns round to face the Gringo who like Gower is swaying from the matches efforts… They nod their heads at each other before…


MC: My god their trying to tear each other apart!


Gringo launches into Gower, their temporary truce over now the champ is gone…


Tazz: What a rocket busta!


Gower and Gringo exchange blows before a STRONG elbow sends Gringo into the ropes… he bounces back into…


MC: SPINEBUSTER! Gower just took out Gringo as well!


Gower stands above the fallen Mexicutioner with his arms raised…


V: For some it is a journey spanning months, a friendship scorned. For others it is their destiny. For one man it is about ending the dreams of others.


Quick flash through of all the images recapped


V: Tonight one man will prevail and be crowned a true champion


Back from Recap


Tazz: Wow


MC: An unbelievable journey that comes to a head tonight Tazz. Folks, lets hand you …


MC: What the hell?


Tazz: It’s DiBiase, Cole.


MC: What does he want?


Tazz: How should I know?


DiBiase steps out onto the staging to a round of booing from the crowd as he makes his way down to ringside.


MC: Well I guess we are about to find out.


DiBiase walks around the ring and goes over to the announcing position.


MC: What are you doing?


DiBiase sticks a headset on and takes a seat.


Ted: What do you mean what I’m I doing? I am out here to call this match, because we do need the moves called properly.


Tazz: Couldn’t of said it better, nice to have you out here Ted.


Ted: Don’t get too friendly Tazz. I know your money is on Holt, that’s why I am out here to make sure Gower gets a fair calling.


"Ride the Lightning" by Metallica hits the speakers and the crowd begins to boo.

MC: That’s Gower’s music

Ted: Good isn’t it?

MC: Not a fan myself.


TC: And the first challenger, weighing in at 285lbs from Belfast Norther Ireland, The Future of the Business, BARRY GOWER!!!!

Gower walks out through the curtain drawing in the mixed crowd reaction. The Future begins his descent towards the ring.

MC: Gower getting a mixed reaction from the crowd.

Ted: They know he is going to become the new Champion that’s why

BG gets to ringside,where he skips from side to sideto more LOUD booing from the crowd.

MC: Gower looks focused.

Ted: Of course he is focused you moron.

Gower jumps up onto the ring apron, which cause a LOUD pyro to shoot off from the entrance way. Gower steps through the middle ropes as his music fades out.


MC: Well that’s Gower in the ring and we have two more to come.

The lights dim and the crowd buzz as Not Listening by Papa Roach booms through the in house speakers.... Brooding dark red and green lights flash and spiral around the ramp and ring and pyro explodes as the Evil Gringo emerges from the back, eyes full of rage, ready for war.


MC: There is Gringo, no mamacita tonight but I am sure that won’t mean anything.


Ted: Oh it means something alright that little skank ho bitch won’t be getting in Gower’s way that’s what it means.


Tazz: I have to agree, it is a good thing she is not out there.


Gringo making it down to the ring jumps up onto the apron before grabbing the ropes and jumping into the ring, with the referee separating both men.


Not Listening fades out and The opening rifts of “You don’t see the signs” hits the arena PA

The arena darkens, only illuminated by the green graphics on the tron until the World Heavyweight Champion, The Incredible Holt brushes the curtain to one side and makes his way out to the stage.

Tazz: Here is my pick for the match.


Ted: I am going Gower.


MC: There is a shock, I can’t see past Gringo myself.


Ted: Move your head then, HAHAHAHA.

He takes a couple of paces forward, the camera showing the caption – THE INCREDIBLE HOLT – TWOSTARS WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION before a waterfall of white pyro masks Holt and the ramp from view before the champ marches through.

TC: And hailing from London, England. Weighing in at 297 pounds he is your TWOstars World Heavyweight Champion, ladies and gentlemen, The INCREDIBLE HOLT


Ted: That will be former Champ soon enough.


Tazz: We will see about that.

Holt climbs into the ring where he straight away gives the ref the title.


“You don’t see the signs” stops playing..


MC: Feel the electricity.


Ted: Take your head out of the socket.


MC: What?


Ted: Nevermind.


The referee hols the title belt a loft to the crowd with a LARGE number of flashes taken place. The ref then passes the belt to the outside before calling for the bell.


Ding Ding Ding


MC: Here we go folks one fall one winner, who’s it going to be?


Ted: Who is it going to be? This is the biggest opportunity Gower has to bring the title home and you are asking stupid questions like that? Please!


Tazz: Exactly, Cole. What are you thinking Holt is obviously retaining the title.


MC: You two seem to be forgetting Gringo in this match.


Ted: Well I’m sorry Michael but I just can’t see it happening.


All three men take a look at each other for a few seconds with Gower then looking at Gringo and pointing to Holt.


MC: What’s Gower doing?


Ted: It’s called being smart, Cole. Something you wouldn’t know anything about.


Tazz: I don’t like what he’s playing but it is smart. Taking Holt out of action before fighting off with the smaller of the two is definitely smart.


Gringo shakes his head up and down as he agrees with Gower that this idea is definitely the most sensible,


Ted: See I always knew he was a sensible man.


Holt looks at both men laughing whilst slapping his chest.


Tazz: Holt wants some.


Gringo runs at Holt at hits him with a clothesline but only knocks him a few inches back.


Tazz: Is that it?


MC: Give him a chance he is just getting a feel for the match.


Ted: I heard you like to get a feel.


Tazz: Haha. That’s funny.


Ted: Let Gower show him how it’s done.


Gower looks at Gringo and taps his chest with his finger saying he can do it. Gower then runs at Holt hitting his chest with a clothesline knocking him back a step, but Holt groans and hits his chest to indicate that he wants more.


MC: Holt is insane.


Tazz: That’s why he is the Champ.


Ted: Not for long, Tazz.


Tazz: Sorry Ted I firmly believe the title is remaining with Holt.


Gringo tells Gower it is his turn to which The Future of the Business agrees. The Mexican Sensation runs at Holt hitting him with another clothesline but again barely moves the big greenie.


Tazz: Oh please. They going to keep this up for long?


Gower indicates to Gringo that he wants one more try to which Holt responds to by laughing and egging him on.


Ted: I bet you $1000 he knocks him down, Tazz.


Tazz: You’re on.


Gower runs at Holt once again hitting him across the chest with a clothesline this time moving him back a couple more inches than he did the first time.


Ted: Ah, poo. Here you go, Tazz.


Tazz: Thank you, Ted.


Gower and Gringo turn and look at each other for a brief second before both hitting Hotl with a dropkick sending him through the ropes and out to the arena floor.


MC: That’s one way to do it.


Tazz: I think that is going to be the story this whole match, guys. Gower and Gringo will have to work together and I am not sure how long then can do that for.


Gower and Gringo quickly glance at each other before each man strikes the other hard across the chest with vicious knife-edge chops.


Ted: Well you were right, Tazz. It sure didn’t last too long.


Gringo hits Gower with a second knife-edge chop to the “woo” response from the crowd. Gower responds to the chop by hitting Gringo with one of his own again causing the crowd to “woo”.


MC: Both men with those animalistic chops.


Tazz: And they sure aren’t going easy on each other.


Ted: Both men want the Gold. Gringo has tasted it before but for Gower he can only imagine what being the World Champion tastes like and he will do what it takes to quench that thirst.


Gower hits Gringo with three hard chops across the chest backing him into the far right hand corner of the ring. In the corner Gower hits Gringo with a number of hard punches to the rib area before Holt comes back in the ring.


Tazz: Back comes the Incredible Holt.


Gower unaware that Holt as re-entered the ring continues his assault on Gringo only to be grabbed by Holt mere seconds later. The Big Greenie turns The Master of Pain around and grabs his arm before Irish Whipping him across the ring into the opposite turnbuckle.


MC: Hard Irish Whip by Holt.


Ted: There was nothing Irish about it. In-Fact my Money has more in common with the Irish than that whip. At least my money is Green.


MC: But Holt is the Big Greenie.


Ted: Enough about his ring ability.


Tazz: You’re a mean man, Ted.


Ted: Thanks.


Holt turns around toward Gringo and is on the receiving end of a forearm to the face which knocks him back a few steps. The Mexican Sensation grabs the arm of Holt and looks to whip him toward the corner being occupied by Gower only for Holt to overpower the former Champion sending him toward the corner.


MC: Holt now with the reversal.


Gringo runs toward the corner where he is on the receiving end of a reverse elbow by The Master of Pain. As Gringo is knocked back by the elbow he walks straight into Holt who grabs the Mexican Sensation and hits him with a hard heatbutt, which knocks him down to the canvas.


Tazz: Haha. How is your head, Gringo old boy.


MC: That sure is going to hurt.


Ted: I wouldn’t mind seeing him try that on Gower.


Tazz: I don’t think you want that, REALLY.


Gower moves out of the corner and looks to hit Holt with a right hand only for Holt to grab Gower’s fist and hit him with a hard clothesline knocking him hard into the canvas.


MC: Holt on fire here in the early going.


Ted: Quick, someone get a fire extinguisher.


Tazz: That’s funny.


Ted: As funny as Michael Cole being caught with his pants down in Keith Jaxx’s dressing room?


MC: I wasn’t caught.


Ted: You admit you where there then?


MC: No I wasn’t there, damn it.


Tazz: Hahaha.


The Incredible Holt kneels down and drags Gringo back up to a vertical base. Holt picks Gringo up and slams him down on top of Gower.


Tazz: Holt using Gringos body as a weapon.


Ted: That’s not fair.


Tazz: Neither is Cole leaving a Gay bar without a date but hey, such as life.


MC: Ok enough of this. I am not Gay.


Ted: You not, not gay?


MC: No.


Ted: So you are?




Ted: No need to get touchy.


Tazz: No it’s when he does that you worry.




Holt pulls Gringo up to his feet once again where this time he sets him up for a vertical suplex. TIH has Gringo up in the air and continues to hold on.


MC: What a display of strength by the Champion as he just holds Gringo up in the air.


Tazz: That’s why Holt is winning this match because neither of these men can out strength this monster.


Ted: Gower has the ambition though, Tazz and I am sure that nothing is going to stop him tonight.


Having held Gringo up in the air for no less than 10 second he brings the former Champion crashing down into the canvas.


MC: What a suplex by the Champion.


Holt moves across and hooks the leg of The Mexican sensation as he looks for the pin.






Gower hits Holt with a double sledgehammer to the small of the back to break up the pin.


Ted: See I told you. Gower could have been out backing taking a leak and he still would of broke that pin up.


MC: You can’t be serious.


Ted: Look I am the Million Dollar Man of course I am serious, Cole. Unlike you and your relationship with women.


Tazz: I think that’s you told, Cole.


Holt gets back up to his feet where is immediately on the receiving end of a right handed punch by the former ERE Intercontinental Champion. Gower follows up with a second punch to the face of The Big Greenie before grabbing his right arm as he looks to whip him across the ring.


MC: Gower with the Irish Whip, Reversal.


Ted: *Cough* *Cough* Northern Irish Whip.


MC: What does it matter he didn’t hit it.


Gower bounces off the ropes and comes back ducking underneath the clothesline attempt by Holt. The Ex United States Champion turns around and awaits Holt who seconds walks right into a picture perfect overhead belly to belly suplex.


MC: Mah Gawd what a display of strength.


Tazz: When did JR get here?


Ted: Never mind that Tazz. Cole is right Mah Gawd, Gower proving that he is the Strength to match Holt in this match. Strength and Ability and that’s only a couple of things that makes him better than the other two men in this match.


Tazz: I have to disagree Ted, Holt has all the tools needed to one this match.


Ted: He has all the tools except the Hammer, Tazz.


MC: I have to agree with Ted, that move is pretty impressive.


Gower looks to go after Holt but is instead grabbed by Gringo and spun around. Gringo looks for a right hand to the side of the Master of Pain’s head but the former US Champion ducks underneath it and takes Gringo into a waistlock.


MC: Gower now with the waistlock applied.


Gringo quickly hits Gower with a hard elbow to the side of the head forcing him to break the hold.


MC: Gringo with the reversal.


The Mexican Sensation looks to hit Gower with a German suplex but the Million Dollar Corporation has the move scouted and blocks off with his leg before moving in behind Gringo and hitting him with a release German Suplex only for the Mexicutioner to land on his feet.


MC: What agility by Gringo and if I remember that is one of those A’s that Gower doesn’t have.


Ted: We know what kind of A you have every night.


MC: What?


Ted: As..


Tazz: Now, now Ted.

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Gower gets back up to his feet and turns around straight into a text book dropkick by the former TWO Champion.


MC: Gringo taking it to Gower here folks and if he keeps this kind of display up we could see a two time Champion.


Tazz: You have to be joking.


Ted: Well he is a joke, Tazz.


MC: Hey!!!


Holt gets back up to his feet near the ropes at the far end of the ring only to be knocked over the top rope and out to the floor along with Gringo via a clothesline.


MC: Gringo just took Holt out of the ring and himself in the process.


Tazz: You prefer action in the ring don’t you, Cole?


Ted: Ouch!


MC: Jeez will you guys quit with the gay stuff.


Ted: What that was perfectly innocent, Cole. Just your filthy mind.


Both men get back up to their feet on the outside where Holt blocks of a punch attempt by Gringo. TIH hits Gringo with a hard right hand of his won before grabbing his right arm and whipping him hard into the guardrail.


MC: That’s going to hurt.


Tazz: That was only every designed to hurt.


Ted: It didn’t hurt Gower, in fact he should just stay in the ring getting some rest while those other tow beat the living cr@p out of each other. HEY GOWER STAY DOWN, STAY DOWN!!!!


MC: What are you doing?


Ted: Managing my client, Cole. You got a problem?


MC: You are supposed to be commentating not managing tonight.


Ted: Hey who died and made you the boss. In case you forgot I have more money than you have hot meals, so sit there and mind your own business


Tazz: Haha, consider yourself told, Cole.


Holt pulls Gringo back up to a vertical base and hooks him up, lifting him up in the air before bringing him crashing down to the ground with a vertical suplex.


MC: Holt just suplexed Gringo on the outside. Mah Gawd.


Tazz: Gringo just got Holtified.


Ted: It doesn’t work, Tazz. Nice try but it just doesn’t work.


The Big Greenie looks to make his way back into the ring only to be meet by a right hand by Gower whilst only making it as far as the apron. Gower looks to hit a second right hand only for it to be blocked off by Holt who then hooks Gower up with a front face lock as he looks to hit a suplex.


MC: Mah Gawd don’t do it he will land right on top of Gringo.


Tazz: Taking on two birds with one stone.


Ted: Actually it would be hitting one bird with another but they ain’t birds. Well to Cole they are, but that’s a different matter.


MC: I will pretend I didn’t here that.


Holt pulls Gower up in the air but only manages to get him up about a foot up in the air, which causes the crowd to gasp.


MC: Holt unable to get Gower up there.


Ted: He knew how to block because he is that damn good.


Tazz: But is he THAT DAMN HARD, cause Rhino is.


Ted: Shhhh, Tazz we aren’t allowed to use copyrighted stuff.


Tazz: Oh yeah, we can edit that out later for DVD.


Gower manages to lift Holt up into the air and suplexes him back into the ring.


MC: Gower with the suplex on Holt.


Ted: A Great suplex at that. That showed strength, Cole. More Strength than your farts and boy that smell is strong.


Tazz: Nasty.


Ted: Someone called Knobbs and Sags?


MC: What?


Ted: The Nasty Boys.


Gower rolls on top of Holt as he looks for the cover:




MC: Gower with the pin.




Holt powers out of the pin and both men get back up to a vertical base.


Tazz: And that folks is what Holt thinks of that sheer pathetic attempt at a cover.


Ted: You have to take every chance you can get, Tazz. Gringo was out of the ring and Gower seen Holt down on the canvas and tool the opportunity to pin him.


Tazz: That’s all fine and dandy, Ted but really a suplex, give the champ some credit.


Gower hits Holt with a right armed forearm to the face prior to grabbing his arm as he looks to whip him across the ring. Holt however manages to reverse the Irish Whip and sends Gower to the near ropes. Gower stops himself by grabbing on to the ropes and with TIH spotting this he runs at the former ERE Intercontinental Champion. The Master of Pain ducks underneath Holt’s clothesline attempt only to be meet by a springboard dropkick by Evil Gringo.


The crowd pop…


MC: Gringo with the springboard drop kick and this crowd appreciating it to the max.


Ted: He got lucky.


Gringo gets back up to his feet where he is immediately meet with a clothesline which sends him 270 degrees causing him to land on top of Gower.


Tazz: That’s how to hit a clothesline.


MC: Gringo with the cover.


Tazz: What!!!






Holt is quick to notice what is happening and pulls Gringo off of Gower and goes for the pin himself.


MC: Holt now with the cover.






Gower kicks out of the pin but Gringo hits Holt on the back to be doubly sure of breaking up the count.


Holt gets back up to his feet where he just manages to duck underneath a Gringo kick. The Mexican Sensation turns back around straight into a Headbutt by TIH. Holt grabs a hold of Gringo and sets him up in a powerbomb position.


Tazz: Holt about to powerbomb Gringo and if he does it will be sure to take a lot out of the former Champion.


Just as Holt goes to lift Gringo he is meet by a chop block to the back of his left leg by Gower, which forces him to let go of Gringo.


Ted: That’s it Baz, take it to the big lump of cr@p.


MC: You can’t say that.


Ted: We are on PPV I will say whatever the fcuk I like.


Tazz: I think that is you well and truly told, Cole.


Holt turns throws Gringo to the mat before turning his attention around to Gower only to be quickly hit with a knee to the stomach. The Master of Pain follows up by hitting Holt with a couple of forearms to the head before hitting him with a clothesline, which knocks him over the top ropes and out to the floor only for the champion to land on his feet.


Tazz: HAHA. Sorry I have to laugh at that.


Ted: You thinking of Cole’s love life?


Tazz: NO as funny as that is I was laughing at The Incredible Holt landing on his feet.


Cole: Hey do I get to defend myself?


Tazz/Ted: NO!!!


Holt grabs Gower’s feet taking him down to the canvas and allowing him to pull him out of the ring.


MC: Holt deciding he wants a piece of Gower on the outside.


Ted: You want a piece of him elsewhere.


MC: What’s that supposed to mean?


Ted: I think you already know.


Holt hits Gower with a Clubbing blow to the back of the neck but Gower fights off by hitting Holt with a number of punches. TIH looks to hit Gower with a kick to the stomach only for Gower to grab his leg and hit him with a dragon whip.


MC: Gower with a dragon whip on the Champion.


Ted: Correction, Cole. Gower with a text book Dragon Whip on the soon to be former TWO Champion.


Gower gets back up to his feet with Gringo getting back to his on the inside of the ring. Gringo takes a look to the outside before starting to run to the right hand side of the ring.


MC: Gringo with perhaps a plancha in mind.


Gower gets up onto the apron as Gringo comes back off the ropes. The Future of the Business grabs the running Gringo and hits him with a double underhook suplex to the outside, with Gringo hitting Holt who is just back to his feet with a hurricanrana.


Crowd: Holy Sh1t! Holy Sh1t! holy Sh1t!


MC: Mah gawd did you see that? Gower with the double underhook suplex and Gringo with the hurricanarana.


Ted: And what a suplex it was.


MC: You have to give Gringo credit for that amazing display of agility.


Tazz: Now that’s luck if I ever saw it.


MC: Let’s get another look at that.


The screen splits in two and we see a replay of Gower hitting Gringo with the double underhook suplex, which he manages to use to hit Holt with a huricanrana before going back to single viewing.


Ted: I agree with Tazz, Gringo just got lucky there.


Gower moves across the floor and pick Holt back up to his feet, with Gringo getting back up to his. Gower hooks Holt up into a front face lock with Gringo also hooking him up.


MC: Both men have Holt in a suplex position.


Ted: This does fair to well for Holt.


Tazz: This isn’t fair.


Both men lift Holt up into the air and bring him crashing down to the floor with a double suplex.


MC: What a double suplex by Gower and Gringo and that is going to keep Holt down for a few minutes at least.


Ted: You mean we might see some flow to this match now?


MC: Well if you want to look at it that way then I guess yes.


Both The Mexican Sensation and The Future of the Business get back up to a vertical base where Gringo hits Gower with a hard knife edge chop across the chest.


MC: Gringo with a vicious knife edge chop right across the chest of Gower.


Ted: I think Gringo has just made the mistake of his life.


Tazz: Worse than going out with Mamacita?


Ted: Ok, maybe not THAT bad.


Gower responds to The Mexicutioners chop by unleashing an extremely vicious chop of his own.


Ted: That’s how to hit a chop.


Tazz: Damn right. I don’t think Gringo will be trying that again in a hurry.


Gringo responds to The Future of the Business’s chop by delivering one of his own.


Tazz: Ok I stand corrected but it just means Gringo is dumber than he looks.


Ted: Yikes, that’s dumb.


The Master of pain hits Gringo with a swift boot to the gut before hooking him up in a double underhook position, but Gringo manages to reverse the grip and takes Gower into a back slide for the cover.







MC: We have a new Champion!!!


Th…, MC: No! Gower manages to get his shoulder up and both men get back up to their feet.


Ted: Come on Baz take it to him.


Gringo looks to hit Gower with a chop to the throat but Gower says no Thank you as he manages to Duck underneath and take Gringo into a waistlock, Gringo manages to reverse the waistlock and switches position with Gower but The former ERE Intercontinental Champion hits Gringo with an elbow to the side of the head.


MC: Both men know each other so well from the previous encounters.


Ted: That’s why you can’t go all predictable, Cole.


Gower hits Gringo with a second elbow to the side of the head, which force Gringo to break the hold and allows Gower to go back into the waistlock position where he hits Gringo with a German Suplex.


MC: Gower with a German Suplex are we going to see three of them?


Ted: That would be a tad predictable wouldn’t it?


MC: Well I guess you’re right.


Gower having held the grip on brings The Mexican sensation back up to a vertical and switches his grip into a full nelson which he uses to hit Gringo with a ….


Ted: Dragon Suplex baby!!!


Tazz: That was quite impressive.


Gower again brings Gringo back up to a vertical base where he once again switches the grip back into a waistlock.


MC: Gower again switching the grip.


The Master of pain hits Gringo with a German suplex and keeps it bridged for the pin:












Thr…, Holt manages to break up the pin to a mixed reaction from the crowd.


Ted: Damn that son of a bitch.


Tazz: He knew he had to break that Chimeraplex up.


MC: It was a German, surely I have that move at least right.


Tazz: Actually Cole you don’t that type of combination is known as a Chimeraplex.


Ted: You didn’t honestly expect Coe to know that did you?


Tazz: Not at all.


Holt pulls Gower up to his feet and quickly hooks Gower up lifting him into the air for a vertical suplex, which he holds on to for a few seconds before spinning round and slamming Gower down into the canvas.


Tazz: JACKHAMMER!!!! This could be over.










Thr…, MC: Gringo breaking up the pin.


Tazz: Mexican B@stard!!


Ted: But isn’t he English?


Tazz: Dirty Manc Mexicans.


Holt gets up to a vertical base where he is quickly meet with a stiff kick to the bread basket and the a Double Arm DDT by Gringo. The Mexican Sensation then runs toward the far ropes and springboards off them and lands with his leg across the throat of the Champion.




Gringo then rolls over and hooks Holt’s leg for the cover:










Thr…, Holt gets his shoulder up off the canvas to mostly booing from the crowd.


MC: Man I thought that was it.


Tazz: You wish.


Ted: Are you deaf or something, Cole. I told you NOTHING is stopping Gower from winning this match.


MC: Gower is still down from that Jackhammer, he wouldn’t of been able to stop it.


Ted: That’s not the point.


Gringo then crawls across to Gower and looks for the cover:









Gower manages to roll Gringo up with a small package:


Ted: This is it.






Two, Ted: Yes we have a new Champion.





Th….(Ted: Yes) r…., Gringo manages to kick-out. Ted: NO!!!


MC: Gower almost catching Gringo off guard but it wasn’t enough.


Gower looks to get back to his feet but is instead grabbed by Gringo who locks in a submission hold on the fromer ERE Intercontinental Champion.


MC: Gringo with a Submission hold on Gower.


Ted: He has to be kidding. Gower has NEVER tapped do you honestly think he will in one of the biggest matches of his career?


Tazz: That folks is known as a Triangle Lancer and is designed to hyperextend the arm.


Ted: Damn son of a bitch, DQ him.


MC: Even is it was an illegal move, Ted. There is nothing the ref could do about it as it’s a no DQ match.


Tazz: I hate to say it, Ted. But Cole is right.


Ted: Cole isn’t right, Cole is a big lefty.




Gringo with the submission hold still on Gower.


MC: It looks like Gower is about to tap.


Ted: No damn it don’t tap.


MC: Yes!!!


Gower goes to tap out but his hand is stopped from hitting the canvas as Holt grabs it prior to kicking Gringo on the face to break the hold.


Ted: YES!! I never though I would say this but thank you Holt.


MC: Gower was about to tap out for the first time in his career.


Ted: No he wasn’t.


MC: He was clearly about to tap out and you know it. If not for Holt we would have had a new Champion.


Ted: Yeah but he didn’t tap, which therefore means he STILL hasn’t tapped out.


Tazz: You have to admit it was close.


Ted: I don’t have to admit anything he didn’t tap out and that is a fact.


Both Holt and Gringo get back to their feet where Gringo hits Holt with a dropkick, which send him through the ropes and out to the floor.


MC: A Text book dropkick by The Mexican Sensation.


Gringo gets back up to his feet before flipping on to his hands and somersaulting over the top rope where he take Holt who was just getting back up to his feet back down to the ground.


Crowd: Holy Sh1t! Holy Sh1t! Holy Sh1t!


MC: Gringo with a suicide dive.


Tazz: A Suicide Dive, that the best you can call it? Next you will be calling a belly to belly suplex a spinebuster, oh wait.


Ted: That Michael Cole is called a Space Slying Tiger Drop.


MC: And I am supposed to know that?


Ted: Well you are supposed to be a freaking commentator.


MC: Well whatever can we get another look at that?


The screen splits in two with the left side displaying a replay of Gringo doing the Space Slying Tiger Drop on Gringo why the right hand side is showing Gower making his way to the outside of the ring.


MC: What a move as we see Gower making his way to the outside.


The screen comes back to normal viewing as we see Gower helping Gringo back up to his feet before hitting him with a scoop like slam face first on to the announce table.


MC: Damn it Gower we need this table.


Ted: Why is that?


MC: We need to call the match.


Ted: So are you going to start anytime soon?


MC: Funny!


Gower throws Gringo up onto the table and climbs up on himself.


MC: What is he doing now?


Ted: Hey Baz! What you doing?


Gower: You will see!!!


Ted: He said you will see.


Gower picks Gringo back up to a vertical base and both men slug it out punch for punch on top of the table. Gower manages to duck underneath one of Gringos punches and takes him up into a torture rack.




Ted: Hammertime


Tazz: You can’t touch this.



Gower quickly jumps down to his side hitting Gringo with the …..




Crowd: HOLY SH1T!! HOLY SH1T!!! HOLY SH1T!!!


Ted: HAHAHAHAHAHA, he is now a Mexican HAS bean.


Tazz: Good one. Both men now down.


Ted: Just the way Cole likes them.


MC: For the hundredth time. I AM NOT GAY!!!!


Ted: Oh yeah? Ok if I gave you a million dollars to sleep with Tazz would you do it?


Tazz: Hey keep me out of this.


MC: NO!!


Ted: Ok how much would it take?


MC: Nothing!


Ted: HAHAHA, see gay.


Michael Cole removes his head set and walks off.


Tazz: Hey, where is he going?


Ted: Keith Jaxx’s dressing room?


Tazz: HAHA, probably.


Crowd: Where is Cole going?


Crowd: To the Gay Bar!


Crowd: Where is Cole going?


Crowd: To the Gay Bar!


Ted: HAHAHAHA. You know this crowd may have got it spot on.


Tazz: They may well have, but I think it is about time we took another look at that Burning Hammer spot again.


Ted: The only thing that makes this clip look bad is Cole.


The screen splits in two with the left side showing Gringo getting hammered through the table and the right hand side showing Holt pulling Gower back to his feet.


Tazz: Damn it that move could of seriously put Gringo out of action.


Ted: If not it has definitely put him out of this match.


Holt hits Gower with a stiff knee to the mid section before taking him up into the Gorilla Press position where he tosses him back into the ring.


Tazz: Now THAT is a display of strength.


Ted: Kudos I will give him that.


Holt makes his way back into the ring where he immediately looks for a cover on Gower.










Th…, Gower gets his shoulder up to mainly cheers from the crowd.


Holt gets back to his feet and pulls Gower up with him Holt then grabs Gower by and sets him up into a powerbomb position, which he dually delivers before looking for the cover.


Tazz: This is it, Ted.
















Ted: Come on Baz!!!




Thre….., Gower just gets his shoulder up off the canvas to a fairly decent amount of cheers.


Ted: Phew!


Tazz: I thought that was it.


Ted: Did you hear the crowd cheer when Gower got his shoulder up?


Tazz: They obviously want to see a new Champion.


Ted: And they are going to.


Holt angrily pulls Gower back up to his feet and looks to hit him with a short armed Irish Whip clothesline only for Gower to duck underneath it. Gower looks to lift Holt up into the Torture Rack but Holt has it scouted and moves out of the way.


Tazz: No Hammertime this time.


Holt throws a clothesline in the direction of Gower but The Master of Pain ducks underneath it and moves in behind Holt and takes him into a waistlock but TIH quickly hits Gower with an elbow to the face, which forces him to break the hold.


Tazz: Holt blocking everything off here, Ted.


Ted: Just a matter of time Tazbar.


Gower turns around and again manages to duck another clothesline attempt by The Big Greenie. From here Gower manages to get Holt up into the Torture Rack position.


Tazz: He has him up, Ted!!


Ted: HAHA You damn right it is Tazz, we’re about to crown a NEW TWO World Heavyweight Champion. HAHAHAHAHA


Gower slowly walks around the ring, the crowd booing even louder than ever.


Tazz: Gower is playing around here with The Incredible Holt here Ted.


Ted: That’s because he can Tazz.


Gower looks out into the crowd and gives it out a sly smile before…. CRACK!


Tazz: WHAT IN THE HELL??!!!!!!!


Gower drops Holt to the mat and falls down himself holding his back in pure agony as someone in a hooded top stands over the fallen pair holding onto a steal chair, the crowd is going nuts.


Ted: Who the hell is that Tazz and better yet who do they think they are attacking Gower like that?


The cameras try to get a look at the person’s face, but can’t get a good enough view of them.


Tazz: Who ever it is Ted, they don’t want us to see their face.


Ted: This is ridiculous where is Security when you need them?!


The camera moves back over to Gower who is slowly beginning to move. He gets to his knees and looks straight at the hooded person holding the chair with pure anger in his eyes as he shouts “You Son of a bitch”


Tazz: Can Gower see who is?


The hooded person drops the chair and motions for to bring it on.


Tazz: Whoever it is Ted, he’s just told Gower to bring it and I don’t think he’s going to have to ask twice.


Gower looking irate quickly gets all the way up to his feet and runs straight at the hooded person looking to take them down with a double leg but Gower is met with a swift boot to the stomach and……




Gower falls to the mat in a heap with the crowd giving out a mixture of cheers and boos as the guy stands over him. The guy slowly reaches up to his head and grabs hold of the hood….


Ted: Who in the hell is that son of a bitch?


Tazz: I have a feeling we’re about to find out Ted.


The guy slowly pulls the hood backwards to reveal the sick smiling face of……..




Ted: The son of a bitch!


The crowd is going nuts at the sight of Deadman stood over Gower who is completely out of it.


Tazz: I didn’t think we’d ever see him again, but he’s here and he’s just cost Gower the TWO World Heavyweight Championship.


Security quickly hits the ring and takes Deadman down and begins to handcuff him as The Incredible Holt begins to crawl towards Gower.


Tazz: It looks like Deadman is being arrested Ted, but look at Holt he’s moving towards Gower.


MDM: I Can’t believe this, come on Gower!


Security has dragged Deadman out of the ring and are completely surrounding him as they slowly attempt to drag him out of the arena.


Ted: That’s it, drag his ass to jail and throw away the key, he has no business being here. He’s not apart of this company!


Holt is now next to Gower and throws his arm on top of Gower’s chest, the referee immeditaly goes down for the count….


Tazz: Here’s the cover!






Ted: Come on Gower.












The Bell rings and the crowd boos huge as “You don’t see the signs” hits.


Chimmel: Here is your winner and STILL TWO World Heavyweight Champion……. The Incredible Holt!


Tazz: He’s done it Ted, Holt is still TWO World Heavyweight Champion!


Ted: I can’t believe this Tazz, Gower had this match won till that… that ******* showed up!


Tazz: That was shocking Ted, I can’t believe that Deadman showed up here and he cost Gower the Championship.


Ted: He’s determined to make sure Gower never wins a World Championship Tazz, that’s what it is.


Holt is back up on his feet and is looking down the isle where Deadman is still being dragged out by security. The camera is on Deadman who has an even bigger smile on his face as he shouts out “This isn’t over, you haven’t seen the last of me”


Tazz: Did you hear that Ted?


Ted: Yeah I heard it Tazz but believe me, this is the last you’ll see of him because I’m going to make sure we never see him again.


Tazz: Well Ladies and Gentlemen, what a night it’s been here tonight at No Mercy, Holt is still the Champion but you’ve got to believe if Gower gets his hands on Deadman after tonight…. He’s damn sure going to show…. NO MERCY, Goodnight everybody.


No Mercy fades to black with The Incredible Holt exiting the ring with the TWO Championship belt in his hand.

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