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WWF Smackdown 2 Simulation League.


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Ladies & Gentleman This Is Proof, Anything Can Happen In The World Wrestling Federation!




Albert - Brock Strongo

Al Snow - Brock Strongo

The Big Bossman

Bradshaw - PHIZZLE

Buh Buh Ray Dudley - Axl Rose

Bull Buchanan

Chris Benoit - cenarules

Chris Jericho - MooBio

Christian - Big Slow


Crash Holly - Slim Jim

Dean Malenko - 1SinN6

D'Lo Brown - Clarkey

D-Von Dudley - A.C

Eddie Guerrero - Big Slow

Edge - Brick

Essa Rios - Axl Rose

Faarooq - PHIZZLE


Gangrel - Wyndorf

The Goodfather

Grand Master Sexay - Big Craig

Hardcore Holly - MrFill

Jeff Hardy - Danny Styles

Kane - Kanenite4ever

Kurt Angle - WWE

Mankind -

Mark Henry

Matt Hardy - Weeski

Paul Bearer

Perry Saturn - Carlito C. Cool

Rikishi - Its Wasnt My WOOO!

Road Dogg - MooBio

The Rock - Marcus

Scotty 2 Hotty

Shane McMahon - It Wasnt My WOOO!

Shawn Michaels - Kurtmark

Steve Austin - Darkstar

Steve Blackman - Wyndorf

Steven Richards - Clarkey

TAKA Michinoku

Tazz - Carlito C. Cool

Test - Marcus

Triple H - MrFill

The Undertaker - Kurtmark

Val Venis -

Vince McMahon - Y2James

Viscera - cenarules

X-Pac - Brick




WWF Champion: The Rock

WWF Intercontinental Champion: Eddie Guerrero

WWF European Champion: Perry Saturn

WWF Lightheavyweight Champion: Scotty 2 Hotty

WWF Hardcore Champion: Steve Blackman

WWF Tag Team Champions: The Hardy Boyz


Point System:


Win: 3

Lose: 0



WWE Title: 20

IC or Euro Title: 15

Lightheavyweight or Hardcore Title: 10

Tag Team Title: 15 (For Each Wrestler/Member)

If Your Wrestler Starts off With a Title You Do NOT Start off With The Extra Points.


Royal Rumble: 35

King of The Ring: 20


Pay Per View's:


Royal Rumble

No Way Out



Judgement Day

King of The Ring

Fully Loaded



No Mercy

Survivor Series



Points Table:


MrFill - 15

Marcus - 21

Big Craig - 9

Kurtmark - 18

WWE - 3

MooBio - 12

Big Slow - 24

Kanenite4ever - 3

Danny Styles - 6

cenarules - 12

Weeski - 6

Axl Rose - 6

Slim Jim - 3

It Wasnt My WOOO! - 3

Brick - 12

A.C - 3

Wyndorf - 25

1SinN6 - 13


Y2James -

Carlito C. Cool - 27

Clarkey - 6

Brock Strongo - 21

Darkstar - 6


i would apprieciate it if when you win a title in this league you write it in your sig, so if you win the IC title you write ..::WWF Intercontinental Champion::.. in your sig, this includes people that start of title holders aswell, thank you.

(show's will start when ALL wrestlers are being used! this may resort in 2 wrestlers per member, choices must be made in 3 days, in 3 days (1st November) if not all wrestlers are used up then members will be allowed to select a second wrestler.)

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Can i have Buh Buh Ray please?Also if we get a second i just want to say that i would like to get D-Von Dudley please.


in 2 days if D-Von isnt already chosen you will be able to select him as your 2nd choice, for now you have to wish no one picks him.

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