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Kurtmarks word of the day thread

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Where I expand TWO's knowledge, try to impress the girls & endeavor to get Colin to use a new word each day, although not in that order.


Today's word.


velleity (vuh-LEE-i-tee) noun


As in. Kurtmark Vouches for Russ's Velleity to obtain Nik Nak.


(Edited to make more sense)

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vel·le·i·ty ( P ) Pronunciation Key (v-l-t, v-)

n. pl. vel·le·i·ties

1. Volition at its lowest level.

2. A mere wish or inclination.


So, by definition:

As in. Kurtmark Vouches for Russ's Velleity.


This means that Kurtmark vouches for Russ' choices and decisions.

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