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Profiles and Wrestling Style


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While writing the Tag Match for NM I've noticed a few things.


The moves which your wrestler is doing should be capable on the Wrestling Styles you have chosen.


For example, if you want to do a capture suplex, then you have to be "at least" Technical.


If you want to come off of the top rope lots, then you should be High Flying.


If you don't choose the options, then we have to presume that your guy tries to hit them, but does them REALLY sloppily.



Looking at a profile: The Judge.

Wrestling Styles: Power, Ground Based.

Normal Moves:

Overhead release bellytobelly - Technical.

Sitout powerbomb pin - Technical.

Mounted Reverse Stunner - Technical.

Fishermans Suplex - Technical.

DDT - just about anything really.


Signature Move(s):

Gorrila Press Slam - Power.

Spinning neck breaker - Technical or Daredevil.

Running Powerslam - Power.

Underhook suplex - Technical.

Diving shoulder tackle - Power.

spinebuster - Power.

TopRope Reverse DDT - High Flying or Daredevil.

Standing Superkick - Martial Arts.

Sitout Rockbottom - erm, yeah, what?

Underhook Piledriver - Technical.

LegSweep Takedown into a leg-lock - Martial Arts.

The Gavel: (Reverse vertical suplex into a Diamond Cutter) - Techical.

Trial By Fire: (running Razors Edge into the turnbuckle) - Power/Technical.

The Judge Destroyer: (Lifts opponent into a powerbomb, before dropping into a piledriver) - Power and Heavily Technical (or you're going to break their neck).



All I have to wonder is that he's trying to hit moves and is doing them like he's not been taught, so he's sloppy as hell.

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Wouldn't anyone who had a suplex have to use the somewhat technical one though?

A standard vertical suplex wouldn't be Technical, it's maybe Some Technical.


Now, the way I see it, everybody should be "allowed" a couple of moves which are outside of their normal move types, but having too many, especially "normal" just means that you're sloppy at doing the moves.


Examples of "outside of the move types":

Brock Lesnar hitting the SSP (even though he botched it against Kurt).

Kurt Angle and the moonsault.

Abyss and the double underhook and Black Hole Slam.

Lance Hoyt and the moonsault.


Each of these is a Signature or Finisher outside of their normal move-types.


If for example you're not technical and start hitting "complex" or "difficult" suplexes, like a double underhook or capture, then you're not going to hit them well - think of Steiner vs HHH and the double underhook that he botched.


If you're going to be hitting lots of suplexes, then you should be at least Technical, although Heavily Technical should be reserved for a select few, because there aren't that many in WWE - Benoit, Angle & Brock (as a past WWE), and possibly HHH during 1999-2000 period. Eddie is close, but he's on the cusp.

As for TNA you've really only got Daniels and very possibly Styles, but he's another close one.

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Ouch. Well I agree with you to a certain extent, but most of the moves mentioned were pulled off by big "power" men such as Goldberg(underhook suplex, spinnning neck breaker) and Lesnar (over head belly to belly) But there is a very simple solution to this....there added Technical to the profile. The reason I didnt put it the profile in the first place is becuase I assumed that it meant a matwrestling, submission style.



And yes the that move is from the smackdown game.

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Lesnar is Heavily Technical, check out his overhead belly to belly and other suplex variants.


The Technical are there for the variations, for example;

Heavily Technical: Kurt, Benoit, Lesnar.

Technical: HHH, Eddie, Flair, Jamie Noble, Nunzio.

Some Technical: most others.


It's there to show the "quality" of the move you can pull off, so if you're only only "Some Technical" or "Technical" then you can't pull off the more complex moves, like the rolling Germans, overhead release belly to belly, etc. or if you try, then it'll look UGLY.


Steiner of his tag period was very close to Heavily Technical, but his last run had dropped to low Technical or Some Technical.



"Ground Based" is Mat Wrestling, and "Submission" is for Submission Style.



As I've said, people should be allowed a couple of exceptions, but not more than 2 or 3.


And if you thought "ouch", you shouldn't read the NM tag match. :P

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