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FCW trainees: This may be of interest to you.

The Doctor

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I got this in the post yesterday from here (it's not in the UK yet) and am so impressed with how good it is.


It's in 5 sections:


  1. Breaking in
  2. Strength and conditioning
  3. Maneuvers (it's American - that's how they spell it! :P )
  4. Ring psychology
  5. Selling yourself


Harley Race, Ricky Steamboat and Les Thatcher teach you the basics, with full photographic illustrations of warm ups, exercises and a decent amount of the basic moves you'll see practised at FCW training sessions (posed for by Nigel McGuinness and Matt Stryker).


Given that I have never encountered such a comprehensive guide to pro wrestling before (and I've been looking for a while!), and have had to find moves to build up my move set through scouring wrestling sites for gifs and descriptions, watching various wrestlers and promotions and even *shudder* going through the moves available in the Smackdown series of PS games' create mode for inspiration, I thought others might also share my interest in having such a handy "bible".


I must stress this is, as they clearly state, not a replacement for actual training with a good trainer (and in case you were wondering, given that at FCW I've been trained in very much the same order and way as "The King" and "The Dragon" advocate, FCW is a great place to train). I see it like a science textbook at school - you still have to go to lessons, but you also need something to "revise" from at your leisure.


I'll bring it along to training in case anyone fancies a flick through it. And before anyone asks - no, you may not borrow it! :devil

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Brett how much did that cost and is there any news on when it hits the UK?..... I think i have found my Xmas pressie now lol

£18.10 inc p&p - mine took 7 days to arrive. And sod waiting for the UK release - buy online! :)

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