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Compassion Overload?


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I've been watching reports about the Earthquake Appeal and I'm finding it very sad that compared to the response to the tsunami people seem really indifferent to this. Some European contries response has been almost non-existant, although in the long term because of bad weather approaching and the terrain being so difficult it's not even known how many people have died, yet it's likely to be a lot more than at present. The aid workers are estimating that almost as many people will die as in the tsunami but unlike that event these people will die slowly because of lack of aid.


So have we just had enough of disasters or is there another reason why (by comparison) we seem apathetic to this one?


The one assumption I can make other then the question I have posed in the title is that as the tsunami struck on Boxing Day, when everyone had their presents, money, and the pleasent company of their families, seeing all the footage of the tsunami struck home more and pretty much forced the majority to give money possibly through guilt.

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When you live in an area that lies on a natural fault line and in a harsh place and most of your problems are caused by the enviromental procedures in place by your government....


Well I don't think that requires compassion...


Also when the place where most of this has happened is a disputed zone which TWO countries claim they own then you have to wonder as well... Will my aid get through?


When you add up the fact that the Pakistani government is also not really doing much to allow aid through (or wasn't at the time) and also some it seems to be disappearing then again you have to wonder...


Is it worth the effort?


Add onto the fact that it is this area that intelligence suggests is producing the most islamic fundamentalists and potentional terrorists and insurgents for the Jihad efforts in Afganistan and Iraq then again you have to ask...


Do I want to help them?


And also would they help us if we where in times of need? Well no, thats the answer if they are training and being brainwashed into going to places and trying to kill our troops and coming over here and inflitrating and blowing up our buses....


There's alot of reasons why I don't feel moved to help in the case of this disaster... This is one of them.


I also didn't want to send aid to New York or sign any condolense books in the wake of 9/11...




Because the people of New York where one of the biggest funders of the IRA before it became illegal for them to fund raise in the US. This decision was taken three years after 9/11....


The Tsunami on the other hand was unexpected, killed lots of British people and effected countries far from the epicentre of the intial Quake as well. Plus they hadn't done anything to annoy or distort my view of them or the people who lived in the effected areas....


So I would have given money to them if I had some at the time but I wouldn't to the Quake victims. Simple as.

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'US never delivered promised tsunami aid'

Thursday, 30 June , 2005, 16:24

New Delhi: Some 60 per cent of all announced international aid does not exist, global pressure group ActionAid said on Thursday, singling out the United States and France as the main culprits in "phantom" aid.


A "classic example" of real versus phantom aid is money pledged for victims of last year's Asian tsunami disaster, John Samuel, Asia director of ActionAid International, told a news conference.


He cited Australia, which he said had so far only managed to give seven per cent of the money it had pledged. He also named France, Germany, the Netherlands and the United States as among other countries who have not delivered on their tsunami promises.


"In 2003, total aid announced by developed countries was $65 billion of which $50 billion was (pledged) by the G7," Samuel said. "How much money actually reached the receivers? Only $27 billion, or just 0.1 percent of the countries' combined national income," Samuel said, while releasing "RealAid", a report on the status of global aid mechanisms.


"For the United States and France, two of the world's largest donors, almost 90 per cent of their contributions are phantom aid."


The activist said figures quoted in the report were based on official data of aid given and aid received apart from field studies. These had been vetted by top experts.


"Over the last two years, most of the aid has been directed towards buying arms and ammunition," Samuel said. "As we speak today, 30,000 children are dying of malnourishment and 800 million are going hungry. We demand accountability and transparency from the G8."


"Aid diversification for military purposes is being done by the donors, particularly the US, especially after 9/11," he said.


The G8 countries -- Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United States and new entrant Russia -- are due to hold a summit from July 6 to 8 in Scotland. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has also been invited to attend.


In a recent decision, the group decided to write off total debts of 18 poor nations, a move which organisations like ActionAid say was due to their pressure tactics.


Samuel said more than 3,00,000 people are expected to take part in a "white-band" protest in Edinburgh on July 2 as part of a "Make Poverty History" campaign.

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Once again backing up my suggestion...


Even if our country pledges aid and we respond and give to the national contribution it will more then likely be lost/filtered into the government pocket/poorly distributed...


And that was the Tsunami aid package...


Think of the millions of muslims who are sending over aid parcels, money, clothes and giving to the aid foundation... Think of how much of that is actually going to get through compared to the massive effort that the Muslim community alone has put into this...


It makes you sick don't it?

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