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Eastenders or Coronation Street?


Eastenders or Coranation Street  

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  1. 1. Eastenders or Coranation Street

    • Eastenders is the best
    • Coranation street is the best
    • Neither, there both as good/bad as each other.

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For me it can... The start of Season 3 of the OC when it makes it way over to these shores soon....


Season 2 was class and this has a lot to build on and live up too...


As for Corrie at the mo? Nope Mr P is right, The Mitchell return is killing it as 13 million for two nights running will testify.

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Les, Kirk, Tyron, Norris, Roy, Keith, Craig Charle's character (he is looking like Kieran Richardson's Dad more by the day.....I could list more. I watch tv shows to cheer me up and keep me entertained, I do not watch to see the latest over egged tragic exit, murder or affair storyline dross. Corrie bundles up everything I love in a tv show in a neat bundle but can also bring out the more serious storylines when needs be, but the difference for me with Corrie to Eastenders (and why Corrie is a shedload better) is that Corrie slowburns its storylines and has focus on more then one storyline at once, building each during the weeks. Eastenders goes for one big hitter and then just ignores the rest of the cast, eg at the moment its all about the Mitchell's. They just tire out their characters and storylines before they even reach the crux.
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