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Ok guys we have a small problem:


as we know WWE have been coming down hard on websites as of late if they use their copywritten stuff. Now as TWOStars are using WWE PPV names I have spoken to Kam and we are in agreement that it would be a good idea for TWO if we stopped using their names.


So guys, we need to rename our 12 PPVs and I want YOUR help!


We will still be having a Rumble Style PPV, an interactive PPV and a Survivor style.

So, name ideas peeps?:xyx

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Why not do what they used to do in the old days of the WWF?


Have the five main pay-per-views (which in the WWE would be Rumble, Mania, KoR, SummerSlam and SS) and then base the name of the card around the main match like Cold Day In Hell and Mind Games etc....


Beats having set names anyday....

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Just to clear up some things Im being asked on MSN:


we can use Cole as its his real name......as far as Im aware they cant do anything about that!

We can use Tazz, but it would be better to use his ECW spelling as it wasnt trademarked due to Loony Tunes.

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I'll just rattle these off and edit as more come to me...


TWOstars Presents...




No Escape






Up In Flames






In to the Darkness




Some are rubbish (if not all) but meh, better to have a selection i suppose

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Are we allowed to keep Halloween Havoc or does that fall under the Umberlla seen as the WWE bought the rights and names to WCW ppv's as well?


How about Season's Beatings for the December/Christmas One?


WrestleNova as the main one going off the Star theme as well....

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