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Talk Wrestling Online Community Newsletter #123 - Wheres the Joke?


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Talk Wrestling Online Community Newsletter

Issue # 123 - October 30th 2005



Blah blah blah blah, I cant think of anything to say worthwhile this week so blah blah blah balh. Hmm, its what I hear when Gem asks me to do the washing up. Blah blah blah blah.



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Talk Wrestling Online Member of the Week / Heel of the Week





As much as I dislike giving this award to staff I feel that beyond question MrFill is the Member of the Week. A great role model for posters on the site.




Popsi, how dare you remind me of that Manchester United T Shirt?! It was awful, and my little brother had one. Oh the shame.



Forum Threads of the Week





TNA Impact and 2 hour special SPOILERS****you wont believe it... by dave7g. By GOD, you were right I didn't belive it.




What attracts you most to your preferred sex? . MrFill on top form. Go on fella.



Forums In Focus

- By Darkstar



TNA Impact and 2 hour special SPOILERS****you wont believe it... is my topic for this weeks opinions............beware of the spoilers.





I can't believe Jarrett's ego that he can't let anybody else hold the belt for more than 5 minutes.: Well if the rumours are true MrFill the shine on the belt is shower gel.


JJ is officially worse than HHH..: Danny Styles has seen the 'Good Housekeeping' match then.


The title of the thread made me laugh: "TNA Impact and 2 hour special SPOILERS****you wont believe it...

When I read that, I assumed Rhino was still the NWA champ.: Wyndorf ever the realist.


Shuffling the title round for no reason, serves no real purpose, and makes Rhino look really weak, and Jarrett even more of a God, when he's clearly not.: Well The Great Jungta seems to forget that Fletch is the high priest of Double J.


JJ will take TNA down the pan. Rhino didn't get a push, he got a fingerpoke. OF DOOOOOOOM! Isn't that right RUTuffEnuff?


DDP - multi-time WCW Champ, but he was Taker's bitch in WWE.: they want to mate him with Rick Steiner and see what they get. If anyone is confused by that MrFill can explain Im sure.


The WWE RVD is nothing like the ECW RVD: funny that hulkfearsaustin as they look the same.



Member Spotlight







WHAT DOES IT MEAN? It genuinely means absolutely nothing, i made it up one day in a science lesson. Was originially Popsiwinkle, but i shortened it last year.


FIRST THING YOU POSTED ON THE FORUM: Something about Jeff Hardy i imagine


FIRST WRESTLER YOU CHEERED FOR: Bret Hart and his shades!




CURRENT FAVOURITE WRESTLER, AND WHY? I don't watch it anymore, but previously it was Jeff Hardy!


CURRENT MOST HATED WRESTLER, AND WHY? From the little ive seen Booker T




FAVOURITE INDY FED (IF ANY): Ive seen a bit of TNA and it was ok


NEXT BIG STAR: I dont know enough to comment






FAVOURITE MATCH: Wrestling? Be the second TLC i think, other sports is the Wales V England rugby game from 99 held at Wembley.


FAVOURITE THEME MUSIC EVER: Stone Cold's Disturbed one






WHAT WAS THE FIRST WRESTLING SHOW YOU REMEMBER: The Summerslam held in England (Wembley?) when it was open air




FAVOURITE FINISHER: Any power move really


FAVOURITE CHANT: You suck - during Angles music






WHAT'S YOUR DESKTOP WALLPAPER: A picture of the Roman Colleseum i took in June


WHAT’S YOUR FAVOURITE CHOCOLATE BAR: Dime bar though they're hard to get now!


OUTSIDE OF TWO, WHAT DO YOU ACTUALLY DO? Im starting a new job tomorrow as a planning administrator for an environmental planning company!


AND ANY LAST BITS OF INFORMATION YOU ARE WILLING TO SHARE WITH THE MEMBERS OF TWO? Keep the new and interesting threads in the General Chat coming - its been a nice change of pace now!



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Is the Gameshow era Over?


Yes: 6

No: 4


Colin nails Inno...



Colin: So who are you and what do you do?


Inno: I'm Inno. I do nothing. I go nowhere. I am nobody.


Colin: Then why exactly should you interest me as a journalistic story?


Inno: pity?


Colin: Deal!


Inno: woo! Negotiator of the year!


Colin: What happened to that Prince I was talking to earlier?


Inno: I think he had to leave the country... something about illegal immigrants and the money was just resting in his account...


Colin: I wanted that money, but only in British pounds


Inno: I'm sure he'll contact you via email


Colin: Anyway, onto some questions. What was it like to give birth to Shawn Michaels?


Inno: surprisingly painless. Gill seemed to suffer more, which I saw as inconsiderate of her. The cheek!


Colin: Austin has pushed his wives down the stairs for less


Inno: yes he did. Explains why he's also a washed up wino looking for any scraps from the acting table that are thrown his way.


oh... did that sound a little **too** bitter?




Colin: I thought that was Hogan


Inno: no, he survives from his lucrative sun tan / orange paint deal


...and advertising male incontinence aids


Colin: I think BeltMark also pays him, for sexual favours perhaps


Inno: BeltMark could be the vital negotiator between WOYAH~~~! and Hogan that provides us with that all important third match to decide the greatest of all time.


I say we kill him in his sleep.


Colin: Where would Goldberg and Jesus fit into that?


Inno: Goldberg is doing a reality show based in Hell. Jesus is on stand by for it.


Colin: I think that being Carlito's body guard really devalued Jesus


Inno: no that was cool.




Colin: So back on track, do you actually do anything?


Inno: technically?


Colin: Well, technically correct IS the best kind


Inno: then no. Nothing I can talk about. I could tell you, but I'd have to kill you. BWAH hahahaha




Colin: I think my neighbour is a hit man, are you my neighbour?


Inno: are you a slightly greying 70 something old lady who drives a maroon Nissan Micra? If you are, then it's possible.


Colin: I think that's Russ


Inno: gotcha


kayfabe *wink*


Colin: Isn't it true you live in the railway lines?


Inno: no, I live in the space BETWEEN the lines.


Colin: I read on the internet you lived directly on one of them. Then again, that would be dangerous for the children


Inno: I went off the rails a while ago. It's an easy mistake to make. I forgive you, my child.


Colin: So, are you Carlito's old body guard?


Inno: Matt Morgan?




You wouldn't have thought a stutter would affect your typing, would you?


Colin: I saw him live once, I felt like I'd wasted my money


Inno: I saw him live too. Didn't want to pay to see him dead. That's reserved for other people.


Colin: So, you've left TWO about 17 times, and quit almost as much as me, why on earth do you keep coming back?


Inno: People keep dragging me back. I have to come back to stop them annoying me on MSN and hitting me with constant nudges, even though I keep telling them that I have disabled them with a paper clip and a piece of chewing gum. I'm like a regular modern day MacGyver.


I need to take a break sometimes. The bweebs get too much to take, sometimes I get an attack of morals and need to go.


...and yes, bweebs is a new word and I like it.


Colin: Is it like boobs? Because I'm always interest in a conversation about boobs?


Inno: no, not like boobs. boobs are nice. bweebs are not.


Colin: Isn't bweeb what Jonathon Ross calls the BBC?


Inno: no, his speech impediment isn't putting in superfluous letters into nicknames. Sadly.






Colin: Speaking of Colib, why do you suck at typing?


Inno: practice.


...adds to my self loathing nicely.


Colin: So you used to be good at typing once?


Inno: oh yes. Used to be able to type more than 3 words a minute... back in the day.


Colin: The day of the commodore 64 I believe


Inno: Amstrad CPC 464 colour monitor actually


Colin: Anyway, I have an important question that Russ needs answered. Why on earth did you ever put up those Smash columns I wrote?


Inno: same reason as this interview... Pity


Besides - Smash had AVs columns - yours couldn't be any worse.


Colin: Ah, how the times change, now it is I who is pitying YOU. FOR I BECAME A PROFESSIONAL JOURNALIST ASKING THE HARD HITTING QUESTIONS


Speaking of which, what is your favourite colour?


Inno: Black. Or if you're of the "Black is a shade" persuasion - Green.


Colin: Back to TWO, what has driven you away from TWO so many times?


Inno: idiots. Hassle. Stress. and Idiots.


Colin: Care to name any?


Inno: Not especially. Don't see the need to give them the publicity they deserve. Being them is punishment enough.


Peeps know who they are.


Colin: So, from this, I assuming Spiritchaser


Inno: No, not SC. He annoys me from time to time, but he's not actively driven me away.


Colin: ...And there goes my Spiritchaser cheap shot for this interview


Inno: I just turn my brain off to avoid catching 'the psychobabble'


He knows this. Or he does now...


Colin: So long as you get on with everyone, that's the important thing


Inno: I'd like to think I at least try.


Most of the time.


Some of the time


Well, at least once a week.


Colin: Has anyone ever tried to have sex with you over the internet?


Inno: no, they said the modem connection was too small.


Comedy Gold, peeps - I got it all right here.


Colin: Inno truely is a man of many talents


Inno: none of them visible


Colin: Sarcasm and lethargy


Inno: I'm too lazy to be lethargic


Colin: Is there anyone at TWO who stands out to you as a quote unquote good poster


Inno: oh yes. Yes there is.


Colin: Care to name them? Or are you like an uncompromising brick wall


Inno: No I was waiting for you to do your job as an investigative journalist and ASK THE DAMN QUESTION




Colin: Because I smash brick walls with my professionalism... and a sledgehammer


Inno: Yeah, umm... Simon, Russ, Wyndorf, Christof, Mr. Fill, Miss T - you when you're not on a whirlwind of self pity - Draven... the usual suspects. Anyone except WWE and Mr. Perfect, basically.


Colin: I'm always on a whirlwind of self pity


It's what makes me awesome


Inno: true.


In your world anyway...


BWAH hahaha!


Colin: Do you think I'm awesome, god I hope so, please say I'm awesome... please... oh god oh god I HATE THIS PLACE


So, do you do anything on the internet besides TWO?


Inno: do I think I'm awesome? Hell no!


I admin over at SmashLife - that's http://www.smashlife.com/forum/ fact fans. I used to keep my own site at http://www.wrestleholic.com up to date


Colin: What about that monkey thing?


Inno: but now I don't and pretty much just play Fantasy Sports all the time.


The monkeyholic site lives on, albeit without a domain name of its own - http://www.wrestleholic.com/monkeyholic/


Ad space still available, folks


Colin: Excellent


Colin: Now that you've made a mockery of my harsh stance on plugging on this interview


Colin: Word Association time


Inno: I wasn't plugging


Colin: Sure, weren't


Inno: If I was plugging, I would have said : go to http://www.cafepress.com/churchofdreamer


Now that's plugging.


Colin: I ought to eject you from the interview arena right now!


Inno: but I wasn't


Colin: So

Inno: needle

Colin: Sew

Inno: stitch

Colin: Count Duckula

Inno: del boy

Colin: Rodney

Inno: Husim

Colin: Giles

Inno: Brandreth

Colin: Jesus

Inno: Tommy Dreamer is our lord

Colin: I assume you'd apply to same to religion

Inno: Tommy Dreamer is our Lord

Colin: The Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Inno: Jazzy Jeff > Will Smith

Colin: Wikki Wikki Wa

Inno: wa wa weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


Colin: Okay, on to TWO members


Colin: Inno

Inno: sucks. And is fat. And ugly. And old. Don't forget Old

Colin: Kam

Colin: You can just copy and paste

Inno: I don't believe in Kam. He's a figment of my imagination.

Colin: Russ

Inno: Russ is cool. But Ssur is cooler. Damn Straight.


Colin: If Russ and Ssur fought in a death match, who would survive?


Inno: Only the Inter-Web can tell us that. Perhaps we should conduct a poll?


Colin: The last poll I was involved with got half of TWO to declare me Gunther


I don't like polls


Inno: Gunther ruled. You're no Gunther.


Although you do have similar hair, I believe.


Colin: Hardly


Inno: You have hardly any hair?


You're bald?


Brave admission!


Colin: Quiet you


I'm the one in control here


Don't make me drag out my nailing question


Inno: premature balding isn't anything to be embarrassed about


Go ask Darkstar.


BWAH hahaha!


Colin: Darkstar

Inno: spider-man, spider-man, and does whatever a spider can.


Colin: So, why did you drive Smash into the ground and why do you love Tommy Boyd, please refrain from answering "I didn't and I don't"


Inno: Smash was dying. I prolonged its death, it only died when I burnt out and resigned from the main site. It's only after I stopped the writing that wrestling became 'uncool' again. True story.


I love Tommy Boyd. Well, I'd love to see him dead, if that counts.


Colin: No it does not


You lose


You have no continues


Inno: Then I don't love him at all. He's like the Jamie Cullen of the radio world.


Colin: You must start again at word association part 2


Inno: He's as talented as I am slim


He's as witty as I am rich


He's as popular as Edge at a Hardy Boyz convention


Colin: Are you quite done?


Inno: for now


Colin: Miss T

Inno: funny, and she doesn't even know it. Or mean it, most of the time. Likes green. Hates. Buses.


Colin: Stalking much?


Inno: not since the restraining order hopefully.


Colin: Draven

Inno: oh you mean me stalking her? BWAH hahaha!

Cooler than a snowman in a fridge.


Colin: MrFill

Inno: mrfl r da bmb lololololz m8


Colin: Banned!


Inno: yay!


Colin: A.C

Inno: avatar KING! KING I TELLS YA!


Colin: Which reminds me, why are you such a bitter old man and why am I so much better at this job than you?


Inno: I blaze the trail for you to follow. You're not better than me, you just can't be as original as me.


Me now > you in 5 years.


True story.


Colin: Well, mostly true


I'll be thinner


Inno: if this job were Lita, you'd be Matt Hardy and I'm Edge


Oh yeah... feel the burn


Colin: I'm not really burned


Inno: shush with the fat jokes or I'll eat you


...with sauce


Colin: I'm just suddenly upset at the amount of fatties who'd like me


I guess Amy was just the start


Inno: you've been hanging out with Viscera too long


Colin: Well if I was Matt Hardy, you're familiar with his fanbase aren't you


Inno: they all love me


Hardy fans the world over rejoice at the thought of my name


Colin: jeffhardysucks.txt pleads the opposite


Inno: that was a classic and you knows it


ahh, Jeff... I hate his multi coloured hair, I hate his lack of technical skills, I hate his lack of mic skills, I hate the way he gets the push even though Matt is the better wrestler, I hate the fact he looks more feminine than Lita does, I hate the way he does that stupid dance at the top of the stage, I hate the fact he exists, I hate the fact that his fans are all under 12, I hate the fact that he gets a huge pop for taking his freaking shirt off when Benoit & Angle can wrestle an exquisite match and get no response from the brain dead teenie boppers that just want to see Jeff's chest... I admire his guts and/or lack of brains that it takes to fall off something very high, but l suspect Gravity has a lot to do with that.... that about covers it




Colin: I win at interviews!


Inno: peeps have to let you win at something


Colin: Back to TWO members, Boyo

It keeps losing at funniest member every year. RUSS BIAS

Inno: cheers! I have no problem with Boyo because I don't really know the full story of what he did. But I shall jump on the bandwagon~~~! and say "booo"


Colin: Anime_Otaku

Inno: crappier name than Tajiri_san. Really needs to move to Japan so he can explode every time he looks outside.


Colin: Colin

Inno: who?

Colin: Colin

Inno: oh.... Colib!

Yeah he's... well...

He's there

That'll do

Ladies & Gentlemen, Colib has left the building. I guess it's left to me to wrap up this sham of an interview.


Colin: I just saw that you were still typing


I assumed it was taking your fat fingers that long to wrap up


Inno: damn skippy, hippy


<not typing>


Colin: Finally, TWO

Inno: The best place in the Worrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrld. After Smash, natch.


Colin: With, Smash is great if you're into cesspools of crap and terrible leaders, which I know you're into


After all you are a terrible interviewee


Inno: yeah GravyCola sucks


Colin: And interviewer for that matter


Inno: a bad workman always blames his tools


It's similar in this situation


Colin: Well you are a tool


Inno: the ratings will speak for themselves


Colin: That I can't deny


Inno: when your segments are on, people will jump to the Entertainment forum and read the Battle Rap competition.


That's how bad you are


Colin: Since readership and feedback was good last week, if it comes back negative this week, you are sole to blame


Due to your bitterness denying my greatness


Inno: after all, I was once rated as the 17th best wrestling writer on the Internet - above Raven - it's not... my... fault <guitar riff>


Colin: Does that earn you any sexual favours with Raven?


Inno: you'd think so, but no.


I'm doing myself an injustice - it was 15th - I just checked


Colin: You would, it's the only thing you have going for you


Well, thanks Inno, as always, it's been a pleasure


Inno: I'd love to say the same


But I can't


So I won't


Colin: I was lying anyway


It was horrible


Like your body


Inno: I know when you're lying


It says "Colin typing" at the bottom of the screen


There it is again!


Colin: Well folks, if you want to read more of Inno's writings, I would advise against it, it's a terrible idea and an endless pit of suck


Inno: True





TWOStars Update

- By Darkstar



Full results from TWOStars Xtreme TV October 20th


In an unscedualed match for the unrecognised MARK WRESTLING ALLIANCE HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP, Dustymark (Retromark) beats the Natureboymark after a Bionic Elbow.


Keith Jaxx pins Mikhail Mills after a Jaxx 3000 (Harlam hangover)


Sickness beats Slim Jim by submission with the bad times (Mandible Claw)


Twiggie beats Barry Gower with a schoolboy roll up when Evil Gringo distracts Gower.



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This week in Wrestling History


31st October

1979 - Shohei Baba defeated Harley Race for the NWA Heavyweight Wrestling title

1998 - Mitsuharu Misawa defeated Kenta Kobashi for the All-Japan Triple Crown


1st November

1998 - Masato Tanaka & Balls Mahoney defeated the Dudley Boys for the ECW Tag title

1998 - Event - November to Remember, UNO Lakefront Arena, New Orleans, LA


2nd November

Born-1980 Sickness. ;)

1998 - Mankind is awarded the new WWF Hardcore title by Vince McMahon

1999 - Mankind & Al Snow defeated Bob & Crash Holly for the WWF Tag Team title


3rd November

1939 - Steve Casey defeated Ed Don George for the AWA World Heavyweight title

1997 - Perry Saturn defeated Disco Inferno for the WCW Television title


4th November

1982 - Greg Valentine defeated Wahoo McDaniel for the NWA U.S. Heavyweight title

1991 - Doug Masters & Bart Sawyer defeated Jeff Jarrett & Robert Fuller for the USWA Tag Team title

1994 - Dean Melanko defeated 2 Cold Scorpio for the ECW Television title


5th November

1994 - Public Enemy defeated Cactus Jack & Mikey Whipwreck for the ECW Tag Team title

2000 - Steve Corino defeated Jerry Lynn, Justin Credible and the Sandman in an elimination tournament for the ECW Heavyweight title

2001 - The Rock defeated Chris Jericho for the WCW Heavyweight title


November 6th

1983 - Jake Roberts defeated Ron Garvin to win the NWA National TV Title in Atlanta, GA.

1990 - Koji Kanemoto and Hiroyoshi Tenzan of New Japan Pro Wrestling make their pro debuts in a 22-man battle royal.

2000 - Bull Buchanan & the Goodfather defeated the Hardy Boyz for the WWF Tag Team title

2002 - The Damaja defeated Nova for the Ohio Valley Heavyweight title



Wrestling 101 Info Centre



Latest Wrestling 101 Articles:


- T3C: WWE Taboo Tuesday 2005 Preview


- UK Scene #196



The Main Event



Laughing all the way to the Bank?


Professional wrestling is of course sports entertainment, a phrase coined not because that's what it been turned into by Vince McMahon, but one that saved him paying license fees to sporting authorities. Humour has always been a part of professional wrestling but is it now reaching the stage where there's too much humour and the jokes are just plain sick or unfunny? Indeed are they wanted at all?


There's a trend again in WWE at the moment for joke characters, people like Simon Dean and Eugene, not forgetting the Boogeyman. Dean is a total waste of time, he didn't work on Raw and now he's in a crazy storyline with the latest addition to the Smackdown brand, midgets.


Yes midgets are back in WWE and not just for the occasional appearance, they actually have their own division now. It's just a joke isn't it! Smackdown has the potential to put on some great wrestling week in week out with Eddie Guerrero, Rey Mysterio, Chris Benoit, William Regal and Booker T. They have cruiserweights who used to be a big pull for Smackdown and are now virtually ignored, so what do we get instead? Midgets in joke storylines and short (pun intended) matches that the crowd in the auditorium just don't care about. So why are they on Smackdown? Well there's the Mexican audience to care about of course. They're into that kind of thing in no small way (oops), in fact they probably watch it on the internet on their Tiny Computer (OK game over for the midget jokes). But why waste time on them when it's so obvious the fans aren't into it?


It's the same with the segments on Raw with Vince, Steph and Austin that just seem to be getting longer and longer. The JR surgery segment lasted so long I felt like I was going to need surgery. Just why does Vince feel we have to put up with this kind of thing? I'm not against the use of sketches etc to further storylines but why do they have to drag on and use humour that is pretty sick. Would Vince use the same storyline if he was the one having colon surgery?


Back to Smackdown and Sylvan who is nothing but a cheap regurgitated version of The Model Ric Martel. Along with Rob Conway (Raw's new legend killer which must delight Randy Orton), he's just another character that's in love with himself, a character we've all seen a million times before. It's not funny so why use it?


Eugene is also well past his sell-by date. Apparently he broke character last week when someone in the crowed yelled that he deserves better. He does, this guy can wrestle but he's stuck with this stupid character that is close to being insulted to people who genuinely have a learning disability. What can the guy do in the future apart from be involved with the legends that WWE want to stuff down our throats in order to sell more merchandise. Don't even start me on the Boogeyman, another character doomed to fail in the short term rather than the long term.


I'd much rather be watching stars such as Mick Foley and Shawn Michaels who know how to include humour in their speeches without going on forever and ever. A lot of work at present seems to be being put into the company to increase ratings. Smackdown is getting plenty of new talent and Raw are taking advantage of the roster changes they had during the draft and the return of stars such as Kane to try and improve the product. But care has to be taken that the right direction is taken. We don't want these overlong sketches and stupid characters, just let the wrestlers wrestle that's what we want more than anything else.


Well that's another Main Event under the belt, I'll see you all in a short time (oops sorry).



Final Thoughts



Well, this is the earliest I've ever had my Newsletter work done and while talking to Ahsatan and weeski on MSN! I'm like, a Newsletter god.


See you next week all.


Thanks for reading!



Newsletter Editor





With thanks to our contributors for this issue:


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