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What the WWE is missing, in your opinion, Gimmicks, People, ect...

SuperKick Kid

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What good gimmicks are there on RAW? A good gimmick usually ends up drawing a lot of fans. Austin, Hogan, DX, nWo......ect. Right now I don't think that they have any good gimmicks on RAW, that's why they are failing, there is nothing to attract fans. Sure they have John Cena's rapper gimmick. But that's not really that big. Not as big as some of the others. One gimmick I like is Carlito. He's funny to watch. He's a great heel. They just got rid of the Hurricane gimmick, which I think they could have done great things with. The big thing is there is no huge gimmick to overshadow everyone. Like there is no 1 character that can take over the whole show like Austin used to. Or a character that other wrestlers are scared of, sure they can keep using Kane and Big Show as the Big Scary Guy but Big Show doesn't really have it and since Kane lost the mask, he's lost it too. When I watch the USA promos, and they are like characters welcome for the WWE, I'm like what characters. Wrestling can be so great at times, they are just missing characters.

Take WM 18 for example. It had the best characters in my opinion, not really a boring match in that one except maybe the diva battle royal.

You've got

IC Champ Regal (using the power of the punch) vs RVD

Euro Champ DDP ( and that's not a bad thing it's a good thing) vs whiny temper tantrum Christian.

Hardcore Championship that went everywhere with Maven, Golddust, Al Snow, Spike Dudley, The Hurricane, Mighty Molly, and Christian.

Edge vs. Booker T

Angle(not bald) vs Kane(in the mask)

Austin vs Scott Hall ( with Kevin Nash)

4 way tag team

Billy and Chuck(champs) vs Dudleys vs Hardys vs Farooq and Bradshaw

Hogan vs Rock

Jericho(Undisputed Champ) vs Triple H ( and Stephanie gets the pedigree)


Two Raws later Triple H pins Steph and she has to leave the WWE (YAY!)


See, not a stale moment. That is like my favorite Wrestlemania, it like only is missing HBK.


They need to bring back the Hardcore Title, that way they have an entertaing way of giving all those superstars that don't normally appear at Wresltemania a chance at the pay per view, and also provides a place for the under used superstars on TV.


Bring Back Shane-O-Mac


And Damit, there is like no face anymore. I'm sorry but Cena is suppose to be the face, but there are usually plenty of people rooting for the person going against him.


HBK is like the only true face that has been on at a constant basis, they had to bring people back to be faces, like Foley, and Austin, and Hogan etc.


Anyway this thread started out as Gimmick thread and ended up being what I think the WWE is missing.

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WWE has the talent and the ability to have the best show in the world but they are put to shame by feds who have hundreds time less money in ROH and to a lesser TNA.


A hardcore division is not a good idea what is a good idea however is a tag division and a cruiserweight division, which would push SD to the roof.


Also why not make Cena heel as most don't like him already and push a guy with real talent as a face champion. 3 spring to mind:

Kurt Angle

Shawn Michaels and

Shelton Benjamin

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WWE is lacking in good writers at the moment, the one sthey have seem to have no idea what wrestling


The other things they lack is Gimmicks, Hurricane was good he stood out but now they have dropped that and he is just like alot of others now a normal guy


Good wrestler is another thing they miss - i'd like to see Low-Ki, AJ Styles, Shark boy, Abyss people like that on the roster rarther then the the ones they bring upnow who are boring and don't have the ability to hold a good match

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Most people have covered most of the things the WWE are missing or doing wrong but one thing i would like to see is a couple of big stables like when D-Generation X had a long standing feud with The Nation and The Ministry Of Darkness' shortish battle with The Corporation.


The WWE could base some big storylines around a big heel and a big face group which, given time, could have a big positive effect on the company.


This would also give a reason to lots of one-on-one matches between lower-card wrestlers in each faction each week on RAW or Smackdown and even Heat and Velocity like in the days when Edge from The Ministry would go up against say Test from The Corporation, now without the feud between The M.O.D and The Corporation neither of these guys would probabley have got near RAW, so it could help bring new talent through and give them a REASON for having a match on one of the television shows as both groups try to score victory's over each other.


I'm not saying it's the answer to the WWE problems, far from it, but it would certainly give many wrestlers some direction on shows as some 'un-over' wrestlers just have meaningless matches on Heat and Velocity which nobody really cares about but if you add a big storyline into the match it could help them get over without them having a title to fight over.


Like i say it's not the answer to the problems the WWE are facing at moment but something, in my opinion, the WWE should look at to try and get some of the under-used talent over and give a reason for more wrestling matches on WWE programming, which needs to happen at the moment.



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Personally I'd like to see more story lines focus on the belts and less on the BS. And all the belts. Tag division, cruiser, IC, WWE belt etc. Then build the feuds based on asirpations of the wrestlers to the belts.

I'm not naive enough to believe that personal vedetta story lines and the like will go away, and I don't think they need to. But what troubles me is that (and I've said this before) it seems that unless there is a triple-threat/elimination chamber coming up, there is only the champ and the contender. That's the only feud that matters with the belt and until that feud runs its course no one else gets close.

Look at Edge. He's been carrying around that stupid briefcase for half a year, but for the most part is completely out of the championship picture. It's Cena and Angle and one of three for Taboo Tuesday and I suspect those guys will fade out of the picture once the triple-threat is done.

We hardly see anything with the other belts and most of raw is chewed up by crappy promos. So I don't think the lack of gimmicks is the problem, I think it's a lack of wrestling.

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I dont like how tag teams are continually split up just to have a quick cheap feud( ala:Hurricane),the tag team scene is finally getting better or to some people at least theyve more tag teams then they do this.

Slowing down the cruisers and banning top rope and breathtaking moves certainly dosent help,many people here i know used to tune into WCW Nitro just for the cruisers and the insane Mexican six man tags.

Too many silly skits and overlong promos dont help,either

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