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Jay C Vs Phizzle


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Here's my rap, It's crap and imature. So Enjoy :D

And Phizzle, Don't take it to heart:lol


Alrite Phizzle, this is how this is gonna plan out, I talk! you choke! you walk! Then loose without a minor shout!

Believe every word I say because I swear I'm honest to a fault, I'ma turn you into a gaping wound; and son.. I'm the salt.

I haven't ever rapped like other Mc's or Gangstas or Rap Artists, I just ****in spit what I think; so let's go, let's start this.

I love writing a story and I think it's a gift given to me, I'm not braggin I just think I'm better than you to a certain degree.

You can shout, scream and all other **** that to be honest is.. pants! I believe in using the best instrument of all = Intelligeance

But you already know that Fagan, that's why you won't reply, Your ickle brain is telling you 'Dude..your ****ed' ; so don't dare defy.

Why?! Cause that's your brain you idiot! It's knows pretty much everything! Even the fact you watch Golden Oldies to get your Junior to go PING!

OOO whats that?! That's kinda below the belt so to speak?! Yeah well so is meant to be your penis so stop jerkin to the sound of dentures you freak!

Ya know what actually, Faggey :D, Reply If you really like, I'm only doing this to amuse myself, ya no like you do with the grannies all damn night.

So let's all gather and chant 'Phizzle luvz GranMizzles!!' just to encore my rap, O and I remember your a Chappelle Fan! So Goodnight and SLAAAAAAAP!



HEEEY It previewed it in 10 lines!

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Read your text its tiny how are the voters meant see this

I guess it shrunk down and shrivelled up like your penis


Check your location your at the beggining while Jay C I'm complete

Dude your wack If you done this for a living you'd struggle just to eat


You talking bout Grandmas dude I aint Wayne Rooney dude show some respect

You and Wayne got something in common you both look like SHREK


I'm whooping you like The Mitchells dude you remind me Of Ian Beale

The only way you get a round of applause is by standing by a Seal


I bring the fire you bring less heat than the materpiece Chris Masters

You wouldn't be Phat Jay C if you ate the NATURAL DISASTERS

Edited by PHIZZLE
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