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I've grown up with the show as it started in the year I was born and my mum has watched it since then...


Hence when I was younger and my mum ruled the TV that and the other soaps is all we got to watch...


In the past few months its been cack, in fact even the return of Dirty Den (apart from his death which was then pulled out for too long) was a bit crap too...


But then back come the boys together and with in the first five minutes we got humour, violence, Mitchell solidarity and faux-mob postering...


Now that is CLASSIC Eastenders...


Just don't ask them to run though....

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I ain`t missed an episode since Gwant and Phiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiil came back' date='i heard rumours that Grant is only back for a short amount of time is this true?[/quote']


yes it is, he was on "This Morning" and admitted his stay is only short :(

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EastEnders star Ross Kemp is planning to make another return to the soap next year.


The actor, who plays hardman Grant Mitchell, agreed to appear for three weeks alongside Steve McFadden, who plays his brother Phil. Now he has signed to continue in the role for three months in 2006.


"I am very happy to be returning to EastEnders,'' Kemp told The People.


Taken from Digitalspy

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