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OK, so Baz and I went to see Doom tonight.


2 reasons:

1) It's frigging Doom.

2) It's got the Rock in it.


I'm going to Spoiler the review, because I'm going to give away bits about the film:


So, here's the thing, they refer to the location being "being hell" rather than the story being about a portal into Hell, kind of naff really.


Also, the demons/imps/whatever, instead of being from Hell, they're mutated humans - why?


Note that The Rock isn't the main character, he's one of the main guys, but he's not THE guy. In fact, in the end, he turns into a monster during a big-ass fight scene... Oooh, Heel Turn.


The First Person bit is a nice change of pace in the film, and the fade in and fade out were really nice, although it does get a little nausiating during certain scenes.


Overall, it's an OK film, it's not the best film in the world, it's not the worst film in the world.


Is it worth watching? Maybe - possibly, but only if you've got nothing else to go an see. I'd say it's a DVD rental.

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