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Here are a few things that aren't major in their effect on your enjoyment of a wrestling show, but I'm sure we all have our preferences. None of these have anything to do with quality of matches/booking/&c. but they can still affect your experience of the show.


The Aisle Do you prefer to see a raised runway, maybe the same height as the ring? Do you prefer a floor-level aisle? Or maybe a ramp?


The Turnbuckles Three seperate turnbuckles or one big one?


The Ropes What colours do you prefer? And why?


The Canvas Again, what colour and why?


Attire Trunks, tights, singlet, baggy plastic trousers? Ignore the "gimmick" wrestler's attire - for your usual Joe Q. Wrestler, what's best?






My answers:


The Aisle I do like the spots you can do with a runway that reaches the ring but it can be distracting so I'm going to go with a ramp.


The Turnbuckles Call me old fashioned, but the long turnbuckle pad is the way to go! It gives more the impression of a sporting event, rather than Sports Entertainment.


The Ropes I do like the black ones WWE (and others) use. I've never been a fan of light-coloured ropes - unless the "hard" camera is high enough so that they don't impede vision. Early TNA had black top and bottom ropes and a yellow middle one. What with the camera being quite low it became very distracting.


The Canvass I love ROH's black/red one - very professional touch for what is a small-money promotion. Noah's bright green one can be hard on the eye under bright lights. (I think it's Noah's - correct me if I'm wrong).


Attire I like the fact that you can get some groovy designs on tights and singlets but I'll always prefer the trunks. What was good enough for Thesz is good enough for the rest of us!

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The Aisle - I have always liked the ramp and thought that WCW's runway just looked stupid.


The Turnbuckles - definitely 3 separate ones - I'm not a big fan of the Japanese "big turnbuckle" pad, at least with 3 you can have heels take them off. :)


The Ropes - no real preference, truth be told.


The Canvas - white, it just has to be, unless it's splattered with blood. :D


Attire - trunks or tights - I'm not a fan of the big baggy trousers look. Usually trunks, or the "short cycling shorts" thing that some guys wear, if you know what I mean.

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The Aisle I like the old WCW ramp, which went right up to the ring. I think NOAH use it sometimes aswell. I would like RoH, or WWE to bring it back really. It's a nice add-on to the set, and can be used for suplexes etc.


The Turnbuckles I can't stand the one turnbuckle setup. It doesn't look nice, and always seems to affect the wrestlers in one way or another.


The Ropes I always like the old red, blue and white ropes, but more recently, the black ones are nice aswell. Black ones for RAW and SmackDown!, and red, white and blue for PPV's I think.


The Canvas Probably black or white. I like a logo on the canvas aswell. I'm not too keen on colours like green like you said, but I do like the new RoH red and black design.


Attire For me, I like the wrestlers in basic trunks. I also like the style of Snitsky's boot, and kneepad combo, and wrist tape is a must for some reason.

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The Aisle- I think a mixture of two styles works well, and if possible, a lot of companies should try to alternate. Maybe 6 months a year with a platform leading all the way onto the apron, and 6 months with the standard ramp. Both set ups allow for some innovative moves, and just little things like constantly switching between the two styles would certainly make for a more interesting show each time there's a switch. I know a lot of the WCW cruiserweights benefitted from the change to an apron-high ramp at the end of their time there, but there's also a lot of space in a ramp set up for some crazy moves to the outside without danger of hitting a guardrail.


I personally think that WWE should give one style to Smackdown!, and one to Raw. It would help differenciate the two entities just a little bit more.


The Turnbuckles- I think that there aren't many better spots in wrestling than a heel taking off a turnbuckle pad. The crowd get excited as he does it behind the referees back, and any move after that into the exposed steel can be sold like death by the person taking it. I like the 3 turnbuckle pad set up.


The Ropes- I don't really mind, as long as it's not too distracting. Again, Smackdown! with blue ropes and Raw with red ropes helps to differenciate the brands, so I'm happy with that set up.


The Canvas- I have to agree with AC, both ROH mats are very professionally done and stand out a lot more than a typical plain canvas. I'm also a sucker for the old ECW/WCW idea of slapping the name of the show onto the canvas in big letters. Probably more expensive than just a typical generic mat colour, but stands out a hell of a lot more.


Attire- It depends on the individual. CM Punk looked a lot more distinctive in his baggy shorts than he does in trunks, and Test lost a lot of his unique image when he switch from black pleather baggy pants to tight blue trunks. On the other hand, someone like Goldberg looked ridiculous in long tights with his skinny legs compared to his much more bad ass black trunks, and no one could imagine Steve Austin in anything but his classic look these days, especially not his early 90s WCW multicoloured rainbow pants.


I think there's a lot more you can do with a pair of long tights than you can with short trunks though. Apart from sticking a logo on your ass, all you can change is the colour. With long tights, you have the option to put things on the legs and make the look a lot more distinctive. People like Benoit and Eddie have had some great looking attire over the years which they couldn't have gotten away with in trunks.


I do need to give recognition to 3/4 length tights though, as everyone who wears them rules. TAKA Michinoku and Ikudo Hidaka can get away with wearing them due to being so great in the ring.

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Wrist tape and elbow pads help define the "softer" physique - good call.

There's a picture of Batista on SmackDown! vs RAW where he has wrist tapes on, and I think he looks miles better. I can't find that pic, so here's one of him at OVW probably.








Definetly the first for me.


Just a point about CM Punk, I thought he looked a lot better with plain black trunks, with the yellow sides. Didn't like his shorts at all, even though they were more distinctive.

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The Aisle: Raised platform and then a ramp... always works for me


Turnbuckles: three for me... then you can take then of and stuff like that


Ropes: Black for the big events... usually one colour... blue works for SD and Red works for Raw


The Canvas: I like ROH ones... i liek the old WWF ones where the event was printed on the mat


Attire: totally depends on character.. i like trunks like AJ's or what ever they are called... but on some people they don't suit... t-shirts is a must for fat people.. take note Murdoch and Samoa Joe... wrist tape and pads which go with the shorts (at the risk of sounding gay :P)

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Aisle-I like the ramp with floor space between the bottom of it and the ring. It allows for more spots and high risk stuff to be done.


Turnbuckle-I like the three as well. The one big one is just distracting for me. Plus the three allows wrestlers to run up them.


Ropes-I like darker colors, reds and black. Bright colors get to distracting.


Canvas-The darker colors again. Maybe one with a logo on it. Especially at PPV's Can someone post a link to or a pic of the ROH mat though?


Attire-I like the baggy trousers look. Tommy Dreamer of The Hardy Boys type deal. Some of the trunks are either to tight or short for my liking.

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The AisleOldschool all the way, a floor-level aisle and I like when they curve around the lower bowl of the arena and come into the ring at the corner, like the old days.


The TurnbucklesThree seperate turnbuckles is the only way to go. One long one hinders spots where guys spear the post and also look kind of goofy.


The RopesTop - Red, Middle - White, Bottom - Blue. Oldschool classic WWF.


The CanvasWWF/WWE regular pale blue/grey, but red or black can look cool aswell. I never liked WCW or ECW's habit of printing logos on the ring floor.


AttireTrunks with kneepads and boots that come right upto the kneepads ala Ted DiBiase.

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The Aisle: The flat walkway that they use for SmackDown (mostly) looks better, but having a stage and ramp allows for moves off the stage onto conviently placed tables. A stage also allows pyros to be neatly tucked under the steel and allows Rey to do his entrance properly.


The Turnbuckles: Gotta be 3.


The Ropes: The WWE ropes are good for me (not just the colours they use wether it's red, blue, black or red, white, and blue; but also the style of rope that actually looks like a rope).


The Canvas: Light blue/white like WWE use. The ROH one looks cool, but must be difficult to clean. That's also a point - the canvas must be clean before each show. In WWE they have a load of people with spunges come out and clean off all the sweat between the B-show and the main show tapings. One thing that bugged me when watching Bound For Glory was their dirty canvas.


Attire: Depends on the size and look of the person. Some people look good in tights, some in shorts, some in trunks.

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The Aisle - I have always liked the ramp and thought that WCW's runway just looked stupid.


The Turnbuckles - definitely 3 separate ones - I'm not a big fan of the Japanese "big turnbuckle" pad, at least with 3 you can have heels take them off.




I agree with both of those, also the three turnbuckles allows the "shoulder charge into the post when the intended victim moves" move


I don't like men in hot pants so the leather trousers/baggy shorts look (like the Dudleys) usually wins, that is the only thing that Cena does right!

Although you do get some cool tights a la Benoit, Eddie and Jericho.

I hate those saggy tracksuits that people like Mick Foley wear.


I like the ring like the WWE has it at the moment, pale blue. It shows the wrestlers clearly and also the blood. Surprisingly I don't like the ROH black ring as the wrestlers tend to blend in.

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Aisle: I have only ever known the raised entrance with the ramp and when SD started using the floor aisle a couple of months or so back I thought it looked a bit odd and took something away from the show. That said I have got used to it and if its the WWE trying to bring back some old school feel then I am up for that. Though I think RAW should stay with the ramp and most certainly in PPV's.


Turnbuckles: 3 for me. as others have said; we need to see those spears into the ring post etc.


Ropes: The only ones I dont like are the bright blue ones that SD sometimes use. I think RAW and SD should use black.


Canvas: White/grey one currently used in WWE for me. However, I am not sure if they changed the material in the last few years as I remember it having a different sound around 2000-01. It seems louder now. I prefer it quieter.


Attire: Anything that suits the wrestler to be honest. I generally dislike baggy clothes myself and therefore dont like to see wrestlers wearing it. It really does depend on the character though. I mean who is going to complain about Stone Colds ripped jeans and leather waistcoat look when it was him to the T.


Could someone post a pic of the WCW run-up I have never seen it. Also the one pad turnbuckle...again never seen that.



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The funny thing about the baggy trousers is that it's usually only used by guys who don't have any leg muscles.


Take Nash as an example - he might be fairly large in his torso, but his legs are INCREDIBLY skinny in comparison.


If you put him in trunks, people would just laugh at him - not to mention that his legs actually have a "bend" to them - to the left I believe.

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