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Bound for Glory - Rhino overkill * Spoilers *

big pau hoolinator

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At BFG Rhino competed in' date=' and won three matches including one to become NWA Champion. Doesn't this seem a bit much for anyone else ?[/quote']


Not at all. Compare that to what Randy"Macho Man" Savage did at Wrestlemania 4 when he defeated Butch Reed,Greg"The Hammer"Valentine,The One Man Gang,and Ted Dibiase all in one night to become the undisputed WWF champion.


Rhyno wrestling 3 times in one night to become the NWA champ seems fair to me.Besides we all need a break from Planet Jarrett for awhile don'cha think? :help Hail Rhyno!!! GORE!!! GORE!!! GORE!!!

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Personally i dont think it is over kill. I mean if you look at King of the Deathmatches which Mick Foley worked he wrestled atlease three matches which was all gimmick matches so why not. Also as the franchise said that Savage did it as well so why not.


Also i am very happy for Rhino being the NWA champion after he was screwed about in the WWE. Also I am happy cause it would mean atlease now we are going to see some intresting TV for TNA now. Will they give him the ball and run with it like they did in ECW?

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I loved how everyone came to the gauntlet selling injuries from their matches' date=' and as soon as they got into the ring they were all ok.[/quote']

Was you watching the same match that I was?


Sabu continued to sell his leg.

Rhino continued to sell his ribs.

AJ continued to sell his exhaustion (and that HUGE damn bruise on his leg).

Monty sold his stupidity perfectly with his clothesline and then follow.

Jeff couldn't sell food to a starving man.

Abyss sold a little, but he shouldn't sell that much anyways, he's a "monster".

Kip & Killings shouldn't have sold anyways - Kip didn't work and Killings was in a comedy match.

Joe had a huge gap, so he shouldn't have sold anything.

Hoyt sold a little, but nothing much.

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Because if they pulled Rhino from the monsters ball match then the supprise factor of Rhino winning would have been taken away. Also they said that anyone on the show would could be wrestling up to three matches so if they would have taken Rhino out of it then it then fans would have thought "Well i think Rhino is gonna do this that and the other"
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The thing you have to remember is that allow it was likely Jarrett was retaining the title that the company is trusting Rhino to go with the belt. For how long nobody knows but it's a good thing when they had a choice of Monty Brown ( YEAH I KNOW :S ), Abyss, Raven and a few others I mean id of marked out just as much if Abyss, Joe or Daniels had of taken it.
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