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Wrestling Celebrations in Sport


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Right, I found this so cool that I actually had to ignore the fact that I'm supposed to be AWOL.


I don't know if anybody saw, but Chris Burke scored the first Rangers goal in their match against Motherwell this weekend, and as soon as he did, he ran along the Rangers fans doing a celebration which emulated none other than JOHN CENA... as he did the 'you can't see me'!!!! Even as an incredibly loyal servant to the cause that is Rangers hating I have to say I loved it, was great banter. Chris Burke is a Cena mark.


I'd heard as well now with the WWE being big in Italy that players had started doing this as well last season, doing wrestler celebrations when they'd score, including the You can't see me and the DX chops etc (I think someone was fined for the DX one actually). And I couldn't help but laugh very loudly when I heard that on some Italian football programme they compared Juventus players to being untouchable like 'a Hulk Hogan or Shawn Michaels'.


Basically just wondering firstly if anybody else saw it and whether anybody else can remember any other classic post goal/touchdown/whatever celebrations in any sport? Do share then.

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I'm not too surprised really. Burke is only about 12, he's at the prime age to be a wrestling fan.


I'm surprised Di Canio didn't try to claim that last season's "salute" incident was his way of paying tribute to the nixed Jon "Ice Nazi" Heidenreich gimmick.

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In the 80's a player in the AFL by the name of Dermott Brereton used to do Brutus Beefcakes Shuffle and strut on occasion. In an interview he actually named Brutus as one of his sporting idols lol.


Jens Lehmann does a pretty good imitation of Koko.B.Ware every time he flaps at a corner kick or any other set piece......:lol :lol


(and thats coming from a Gunner :P )

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