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Wrestlemania Anthology.


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Problems: I want it Region 2


Importing it will just end up with me paying Customs the money I saved.

I doubt you'd pay that much.


If you can get it for $150, that's less than £80, and you'll never pay £70 just for customs.


Either that or you find somebody who is going from the US to the UK soon and happens to be going to the Christmas Meet Up. ;)

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Actually Mr Fill that could solve everything. See I haven't got a multi region DVD player (save for a software crack on my pc). But I am told that the Xbox DVD player depends on the region in which the Remote Control is from. So maybe I should ask someone who is currently US based to get the box set over there and an R1 dvd remote. Problem solved!
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But I am told that the Xbox DVD player depends on the region in which the Remote Control is from.

This is true - our Xbox has a UK DVD remote in it and it allows us to watch our R2 DVDs.


I'll ask a certain person this morning if he'd be willing to transport stuff for you. :)

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I thought I'd post this for you;


There appears to be a difference in the four mini-sets from the upcoming WrestleMania releases in the US and UK.


In the US, the full set is a straight 21 discs (one show per disc, plus a bonus disc for WM21). The four mini-boxes are, logically enough, 1-5, 6-10, 11-15 and 16-20, with 21 and the bonus only available in the full box-set.


However, in the UK the superior PAL quality requires more space, meaning some shows (those above 3 hours) have been split over two discs. The full boxset is 31 discs. The content is identical on both the US and UK versions.


Because of the differing number of discs per show, the four UK mini-boxes are 1-5, 6-11, 12-17, 18-21. (Unlike the US release, 21 is included in the mini-boxes).


The most important point is that if you are intending to buy some mini-boxes rather than the full set, bear in mind that 'Volume 1' in the US is a different line-up than 'Volume 1' in the UK and so on. Only the full box-sets are identical.


Stolen from the UKFF.

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A little bit of technical stuffs as to why the UK has better quality TV than the US.


The US uses the NTSC system (same as Japan), this has 525 lines on-screen. It also has 30 frames per second (well, 29.97, but who is counting?).


The UK uses the PAL system, this has 625 lines on-screen. Note that the PAL only has 25 frames per second.


This means that while the US has less scan lines, it also has less flicker.

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I thought the WWE wasn't allowed to sell products with the WWF logos on them?


So how can they sell the old videos because the logos are all over the arenas on the old Wrestlemanias.

Paybe they fuzz them.


As far as I remember, they're not allowed to use the Scratch logo, but the old WWF "block" logo is allowed.

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