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TWOstars Xtreme TV 36 - October 27th.


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The following program is a post watershed production, it will contain scenes and storylines not suitable for children and some of the content may also be unacceptable to other viewers. This program may also contain strobe lighting effects.


'Carve me an Edge' by Fake Ideal starts to play as the XTV opening video plays. Images are displayed throughout the title sequence:


Draven Cage locking in the noose

The Judge charging down the ramp, sledgehammer in hand

The Million Dollar Man Chris Eagles counting a fist full of greenbacks

Tom Trash trashcanning another victim

Barry Gower leaving Fill for dead

The Dark Alliance being revealed

Keith Jaxx and Rico oiling TIH

Violent Vinnie Vengeance climbing the cage

PMA with a nutshot

Arkham dressed as Animal

The return of Jordi Warner

The leg drop of doom from Hulkstermark

The Lonely Avenger in striking Green Heels

Mills wearing his new attire

Redman returning

Evil Gringo with his mamacita

Keith Jaxx eating bananas

Darkstar, dressed for business

The Incredible Holt standing over Gringo and Gower, raising his title high above his head






Huge pyro’s rock the Hartford Civic Centre as the tron goes green and the arena darkens


Cole: Welcome everyone back to Hartford Connecticut, welcome everyone to television that is changing Thursday nights, Welcome to Xtreme TV




Another huge pyro from the stage as the tron becomes covered in a mushroom cloud


Cole: I’m joined tonight by my broadcast colleague Tazz, and Tazz it looks like we have a huge night ahead of us as the road to No Mercy ends here




Tazz: That’s right Cole...


The opening rift of “You don’t see the signs” bellows through the Civic Centre PA system, met with the ever present hostile reaction from the crowd


Tazz: Business has picked up here Cole, the champ is here already


The World Heavyweight Champion, The Incredible Holt brushes the curtain to one side and makes his way out to the stage


He takes a couple of paces forward, before a waterfall of white pyro masks Holt and the ramp from view before the champ marches through. Tom Trash stumbles through the pyro, something he’s not seen before as part of the champ’s entrance.


Trash hoists his trash can high into the air as he catches the lumbering champ up




TWOstars World Heavyweight Champion

The Incredible Holt


Tom “The Disciple” Trash


The Disciple scurries ahead of King Holt and makes his way up the steps, holding the ropes open for his senior partner. Big Greenie enters the ring; all four corners emit a bright white pyro much to the surprise of Tom Trash who had started to scale one corner

Cole: This match is going to be huge Tazz, just huge


Tazz: Just how you like em, eh Cole (laughs), I kill myself sometimes


TC: Ladies and Gentlemen, this match is an Eight man elimination tag team match. Introducing first, at a combined weight of 484 pounds, representing The Future please welcome, Tom “The Disciple” Trash and the TWOstars World Heavyweight Champion, The Incredible Holt


Holt removes his pristine title belt and holds it high above his head; The Disciple poses ala HBK in front of him


Cole: And that’s what it is all about Tazz, in just three days The incredible Holt has perhaps his toughest title defence to date as he goes up against arguably two of the finest technicians in the business, Barry Gower & The Evil Gringo


Mark B and Blade dies out as the arena returns to relative normality


"Violence Fetish" – Disturbed fills the arena alongside boos of disgust from the Washington crowd. Vengeance steps out from the curtain, dragging his TV title. Championship advisor Da Meltz is in tow a good five to ten.


Cole: The Violence Bearer is looking in good shape tonight Tazz


Tazz: Indeed he is Cole, ripped and ready


Vengeance carries on making slow progress to the ring, allowing Meltzer to scurry ahead of him, opening the top and middle ropes to allow the Television champ an easier path into the ring


TC: From Detroit Michigan, accompanied to the ring by Internet Genius, Dave Meltzer, weighing in at 295 pounds he is your Television Champion, Violent Vinnie Vengeance.


Vengeance makes his way into the ring and goes eye to eye with the World champ before offering his fist as a mark of respect, the crowd boo even more as the rumblings of Disturbed are washed out by "Lonely World" - Limp Bizkit

A glowing green mask rises from the ground. The Lonely Avenger continues his ascendance, head bowed down, hands crossed over his shoulders, until he arrives to ground level.

Few seconds pass before he raises his hands suddenly, green flames growing from both sides as the chorus of Lonely World echoes loudly in the arena.

As his hands go down, the flames die while a green circle of light lights the entrance.

The Masked Truth walks to the ring and slides in from the bottom rope towards the center of the ring.

TC: And finally from Lonely Valley, weighing in tonight at 250 pounds, please welcome The Lonely Avenger

He stands there while slowly raising his hands, to brutally lower them once they are up. Green flames explode from all four turnbuckles as the lights come back to the TWO arena and the music fades away.

Trash looks on as his No Mercy opponent stares down his three team mates, before the masked truth eventually makes his way across to the team corner


Tazz: I can’t wait for this Cole, Akten is going to get such an ass kicking that he’ll know never to cross the boss ever again


"Perfect Strangers" - Deep Purple fills the arena as the Hartford crowd give their first cheer of the evening


Cole: And speak of the devil, here is the much esteemed Network Representative


Akten bounces through the curtain in his wrestling attire, a picture of energy he brings his microphone to his mouth and makes a signal to cut his music


PMA: Well good evening Hartford


Huge pop from the crowd, so Foley-eske


Tazz: Cheap, just cheap


Cole: But effective


PMA: Great news Ladies, Gentlemen, Boys and Girls. I Philip Martin Akten your entertainment SAVIOUR am cleared to wrestle this evening


Another huge cheer from the crowd


PMA: Not only that, but I have found three men ready to take on Dopey, Sleazy and Tipsy plus his team of King Holt, Vinnie Vengeance and the dude with the mask


Tazz: Great way to piss Trash off there


Cole: It’s only the truth though


PMA: Now in no particular order, my teammates to represent the Network tonight are as follows


A nervous rush of excitement encapsulates the Civic Centre


PMA: Steve Romero


Cole: What?


PMA: Josh Matthews


Cole: You’re kidding me


PMA: And Mr Announcing himself, Timothy Tazzman


The camera switches to Tazz, his face a picture of rage and anger


Tazz: (muttering) Son of a bitch, damn Akten


The Lonely Avenger slides out of the ring and approaches Tazz, standing over the announcing position, Cole leaps out of the way, but The Masked Hypnotizer just stands here, staring down at his proposed opponent


PMA: (laughing) Whoa there Jim Carrey, calm down would ya! Don’t go attacking Timothy. We all saw at Summerslam the reason why he retired. (laughs some more) Hell if I wanted that munchkin to wrestler it would be again me! Not with me!


The Entertainment Saviour struts the stage before returning just slightly off centre as the crowd chant his name


PMA: So anyway, back to business. As I said last week, finding guys who want to kick Tom Trash’s gobby little Mancunian ass around this arena was pretty easy. So Chimmel, it’s over to you


Akten remains at the top of the ramp as Haunted, by Evanescence kicks in, The Judge makes his way through the curtain and holds his trusty sledgehammer to the sky, the crowd lap up one of their favourites


TC: From Atlanta Georgia, weighing in at 275 pounds, The Judge Sid Commandant


Cole: Wow! The Judge and Akten, what else can he have up his sleeve


Commandant wanders over to Akten, shakes his hand as Evanescence dies out




"Serial Thrilla" by The Prodigy start playing as the lights in the arena dim, dry ice seeps out from the entranceway and the ramp is bathed in eerie, deep blue light.

Banner steps out onto the entrance ramp, head bowed and covered by the hood of his blue and red boxing robe. He slowly spins around, arms outstretched, to reveal that the back of the garment is emblazoned with his symbol.


Cole: The Future’s night just got worse, that’s for sure


TC: Introducing, from Birmingham, England, weighting in at 225 lbs, he is The Serial Thriller, Bret Banner!


Banner stands at the top of the ramp, pauses, then pulls the hood back to reveal his face.




Cole: Eyes of determination, locked in on The Future


The Prodigy fades away


PMA: You like what you see Hartford


Another cheap pop from the crowd


PMA: Well as you can see my task was relatively simple. Now backstage the moment this match was announced one man came to me, straight to my office to demand a piece of the action


Death Of Seasons by AFI blows the roof off the Civic Centre as the crowd goes wild. Redman runs out, and hails the crowd from both sides of the ramp before gathering with his team mates in the centre of the ramp as they make their way down to the ring, united


Cole: Oh boy! Talk about history and you have to talk about Redman and Trash!


Tazz; You got that one right Cole


TC: And finally from Raleigh, North Carolina, weighing in at 235 pounds, Jimmy “The Prototype” Redm......





Cole: What the?


The camera quickly spins, Akten is on the floor, busted open, and the trademark trash can of the former United States champion lying next to him as Akten’s other team mates crowd around The Disciple, putting the boot in


Cole: Can we get a replay of that?


TC: Ladies and Gentlemen, Tom “The Disciple” Trash has been eliminated by Disqualification


Tazz: DQ’ed, what the deuce?


The XTV replay gives a split screen. As the face team continue to beat down on Trash we can see in the main feature Trash leaping from the barricade and catching Akten full on in the face with the Trashmouth


Cole: What a start here Tazz! Trash disqualified before the match gets to the ring! Akten looks to be out cold


Vengeance and Avenger make the save, Triple V throwing Redman into the ring where The Incredible Holt awaits before going to work on Banner. TLA clubs The Judge over the back of the neck before Irish whipping him into the steel ring post


Tazz: Looks like Team Future are back on top here though, that is a good thing to see


Cole: It’s true; in fact the numbers game seems to have been evened up by Akten being redundant on the outside


The camera shows Akten, staring incoherently before panning up to Trash, shaking off his beating and slowly making his way to the back




The Incredible Holt looks on in disbelief as The Lonely Avenger lays waste to his Future colleague


Tazz: What the hell is going on Cole? That son of a bitch is on Trash’s team


Cole: I think this comes back to last week Tazz, The Avenger mentioned and has mentioned on frequent occasions that Tom Trash needs to keep his eye on the game more


The Masked Truth drags the beaten Trash up to his feet before slamming him, back first into the guard rail. Trash comes away from the rail, hunched over and straight into The Avenger


Tazz: He can’t do this


Cole: He’s given the signal








Cole: THE PUNISHER! The Punisher! On the entrance ramp


Tazz: That’s sick Cole, one sick individual


The Masked Hypnotizer takes one more silent look down at the carcass of Tom Trash before making his way up the ramp and out of the amphitheatre.


Cole: I guess that’s it for The Lonely Avenger then, team Future down to two at this early stage


Tazz: I think he made a point though Cole


Cole: I think the message is pretty clear for No Mercy


The action moves back to the ring, Banner and The Judge move round to their respective corner (bottom right). Redman is taking advantage of the distraction caused by The Lonely Avenger, controlling King Holt with a front face lock. Vengeance remains on his side of the ring, offering silent encouragement as Internet Genius Dave Meltzer waffles on much to the annoyance of the crowd outside


Cole: And finally we get some semblance of order here in the Hartford Civic Centre as Jimmy Redman goes to work on the TWOstars World Champion


Tazz: Taking advantage that’s what it is Cole, Redman saw Big Greenie was distracted and took advantage


Cole: And that’s wrong?


Tazz: No it’s unsportsmanlike, Holt was concerned about Trash and Redman tried to steal one


Redman uses his quickness to switch the facelock into a headlock and starts to back King Holt towards the Team Akten corner. Holt steadies himself and tries to push Redman away, but the Metalhead stops any moment.




The Silent Destroyer hoists the Prototype over his shoulder but Redman has it scouted and backflips out before delivering a quick drop kick, sending Holt flying forward before turning and making the tag to The Judge


The crowd remain hot as Commandant makes his way into the ring, straight away preventing the champ from getting to his feet with a sweet chop block


Cole: Of course there’s history here Tazz, these two faced each other in tag team action at Wrestlemania


Tazz: And who won there Cole?


Cole: The Future


Tazz: That’s my point; Commandant isn’t in the Champ’s league


Cole: Well for the moment he’s looking it, driving an elbow into the midriff of The Incredible Holt, keeping the bigger man on the floor


The Judge seizes the initiative, keeping King Holt on the mat with a classic Armbar, bringing cheers from the crowd. The move surely will go down in the history books next to the Flair chop and the leg drop of doom from Hogan


Holt starts to manoeuvre himself up to one knee, then a vertical base before using his height advantage to reverse the pressure, forcing the Judge back to the ropes before referee Brian Hebner instigates a five count













Cole: Thumb to the eye from The Incredible Holt, that’s just low


Tazz: Class, pure class Cole


Holt clasps Commandant, sending him out of the ropes with authority. The Judge’s weight gives him moment coming back, momentum that takes him straight into a jumping knee from the World Champ who decides against a cover and brings the Judge straight back to his feet and scoops him up.


Cole: Surely not the beginning of the end already? NO! The Judge pushes free!


The Judge struggles away, sending Holt into his corner where Vengeance makes the tag, entering the match legally for the first time


Hebner indicates the tag was clean and Vengeance immediately stalks the slightly dazed Judge, who walks straight into a clothesline from hell. The TV champ is showing his power tonight, getting straight back to work on Commandant, taking advantage of his shaken demeanour, hauling the big man from the mat and sending The Judge into the ropes.


Commandant ducks one clothesline but comes straight back into triple V and is buried to the canvas with a huge..


Cole: NO ESCAPE! NO ESCAPE! WHAT IMPACT! Vengeance goes for the cover, no wait a minute, why is he looking up?


The camera zooms in on Vengeance, drips of blood starting to accumulate on his shoulders and face.


Tazz: What is God’s name is going on? Where is this blood coming from?


The shot follows the Violence Bearer’s glance, looking up to the rafters we see The Assassin, Dante Mueller, high in the rafters, pouring the blood down onto Vengeance


Tazz: MUELLER!?!?!?! What does that son of a bitch think he’s doing


Cole: I think its all becoming clear.....THE JUDGE, THE JUDGE WITH A ROLL UP





















TC: Ladies and Gentlemen, Violent Vinnie Vengeance has been eliminated


Vengeance gets straight back to his feet, wipes the blood off his face and gives the Judge a swift boot to the ribs before leaving the ring exceedingly peeved, heading to the back


Tazz: I hope for Mueller’s sake he plans to stay up there for the rest of the show because if Triple V catches up with him, he’s gonna be the one bleeding


Holt is quickly into the ring and nails the Judge with a quick elbow before getting up himself, dragging Commandant with him.


Tazz: Man the champ looks pissed


Cole: Not having the greatest night thus far is he


Tazz: That’s an understatement to say the least. This is a four on one now; well a three on one, Akten ain’t going anywhere


The camera returns to the outside to show Akten still out on the floor to confirm his current trip to La La land


The Silent Destroyer hooks the arm and lifts The Judge into the top rope


Cole: The champ going high here!


Holt scales the turnbuckle himself, settling on the second rope before landing a big haymaker, causing the Judge to sway like a drunk in a hurricane


The champ catches Commandant, hooks the arm again and lifts the Judge high above his head before driving him down head first from the second rope




The Judge just lies there, motionless, Holt drags him away from the corner, makes a casual pin as referee Hebner slides in

















TC: Ladies and Gentlemen, The Judge has been eliminated


The crowd’s booing is stopped as they notice Redman going up high, waiting for the Champ to turn around


Cole: Redman looking to finish this already with a high risk manoeuvre perhaps?


Redman flies off the turnbuckle


Cole: Here comes the Metalhead with a Mad Axeman, BUT THE INCREDIBLE HOLT HAS SEEN IN




Tazz: What a Spinebuster, what a scout from the World Champ there Cole. That is class. That is why the man wears the gold


Cole: We’ll judge that one on Sunday at No Mercy


Holt contemplates the pin but instead picks the winded Redman up from the canvas. He hooks one arm and raises Redman sideways into the air and over his head


Cole: We’ve never seen this before!


Tazz: Torture Rack Cole! Torture Rack from the champ, he’s going to break Redman the traditional way


The Prototype tries to fight it, but Holt is unrelenting, torque-ing the rack constantly until referee Hebner is left with no alternative


TC: Ladies and Gentlemen, Jimmy Redman has been eliminated


Tazz: The champ is on fire here tonight Cole! We’re down to just Banner and Holt


Cole: And of course these two have history, Brett Banner was one of the six that made Summerslam’s Elimination Chamber


Tazz: Yeah but he was never on the same level, chucked in to make the numbers up


Cole: Well you try telling Banner that Tazz, he’s been on a roll as of late here in TWOstars


Banner is more cautious than Redman, entering the ring, not approaching Holt from behind, instead, he charges past hold, using the momentum of the ropes and hits Holt will all he has. The clothesline does nothing however. The champ’s eyes glare with a perverse rage. He challenges Banner to try harder, The Brutal One bounces off the ropes and ducks underneath the clothesline attempt from the King of the Ring


Cole: Back comes Banner, back body drop from the Champ, NO! He’s telegraphed it too much! The Brutal One drives The World Champion into the canvas with a running DDT!


Quick cover from Banner









Powered out by the champ who is quick to his feet but not quick enough to prevent Banner being up first, and is sent to the mat with authority


Cole: Another expertly delivered move there Tazz


Tazz: At least name them right Cole, that was a Reverse Armbar Takedown


Cole: It’s hard Tazz; everything is an Armbar or a variation


Banner quickly uses his agility to keep his opponent on the mat, keeping Holt down with a front face lock.


Tazz: I tell you what, one thing Banner is, a smooth mat wrestler; Big Greenie does not want to be in his opponent’s zone for too long


Banner gets the crowd behind him as Holt gets to one knee, The Brutal One spins and leaps forward delivering a low impact bulldog that sends the champ back to the mat


Cole: Another cover from Banner











And a shoulder up from The Incredible Holt, this match is still alive


Banner slams the canvas in slight frustration and brings the bigger man back to his feet before executing a perfect snap suplex.


Cole: No cover this time from Banner


Tazz: Well that’s a bit more sensible; no one gets beat with a snap suplex Cole


The Brutal One is quickly back to his feet and goes to the ropes with Holt still prone. One running knee isn’t enough to take the bigger man down however, so Banner goes back to the well. This time the attempted clothesline is countered with a thunderous Tilt a Whirl backbreaker than sends a thud though the Hartford Civic Centre


Tazz: Now that’s a big mistake Cole, Banner tried to do too much instead of just keeping on the champ. That’s given Holt an opportunity, something few have recovered from


Cole: I’m inclined to agree with you Tazz as the World Heavyweight Champion shakes away the cobwebs and scoops Banner over his shoulder


Shades of the British Bulldog as The Incredible Holt shows great nimbleness to drive Banner into canvas


Holt stands over Banner and draws his hand across his throat


Tazz: That’s it Cole, all over, no doubt about it


Big Greenie claws Banner back up to a vertical base and hooks the shoulder, lifting Banner over his head.


The Brutal One uses sheer instinct to struggle away and forces Holt to lower him and try again.


Cole: not quite going to plan here Tazz


Tazz: Shut up Cole


Holt again hoists Banner high, but again the Brutal One manages to upset Holt’s rhythm. TIH dumps Banner over the rope and onto the apron, maintaining control with the front face lock before again trying again.


Tazz: Finally, look how straight that is, that is the prefect set up, WAIT A MINUTE!


Holt looses his footing and Banner falls on top of him


Cole: DISASTER for The Heavyweight Champion, Referee Hebner with the count

































TC: Ladies and Gentlemen, The winners of this match, Brett Banner and Philip Martin Akten


The camera pans to show the demented and bloodied face of Akten peering over the ring apron. Holt is sat in the ring, a mix of anger and confusion


Tazz: What the hell just happened there? What the freaking hell just happened?


The XTV replay screen shows the Incrediplex attempt again from the champ, show from another angle. We can clearly see Akten reach up and hook the leg of Holt, causing the Incrediplex to fail. Another replay shows The Entertainment Saviour holding down the feet of Holt to prevent the kick out


Tazz: Akten! That son of a bitch! The champ had this one in the bag


Cole: I guess Akten was playing possum


Tazz: You think, damn that Akten, son of a bitch


Holt remains motionless, sat in the ring, glaring as Banner and Akten make their way up the ramp, Banner one arm in the air, raised by Hebner, the other keeping Akten vertical


Cut to Commercials

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Back from commercial.


Arkham is seen skipping backstage and humming Ric Flair’s entrance theme….


AK: Duh…Duh…..Duh……………DUH DUH! Bum Bum Bum Bum…..Duh…..Duh….Duh……DUUUUUH DUUUUUUH! Du…..Woah! You’re…..


?: Shhhhhhh.


Arkham puts his finger over his mouth, indicating he’ll be quiet for the unseen stranger.


?: Listen, my simple minded little buddy. Last week you almost gave the game away about who your tag team partner for No Mercy was going to be…


AK: R..


?: Shhhhhhhhh!


Arkham again puts his finger to his lips and bounces on the spot as if he’s desperate for the toilet because he’s so excited.


?: So, it’s a really unfortunate thing for me to have to say, but R…..




The crowd laugh at Arkham.


?: But, that certain person will not be tagging with you at No Mercy.


Arkham suddenly looks really sad….and the crowd boo.


?: However, I can reveal to you another secret….


Arkham frowns…..


AK: What kind of secret? Arkham no like no lady men…


?: No, not that! But who you’ll be tagging with at No Mercy!


AK: Oh Boy!


?: Now….


The sound suddenly cuts out on the picture as Arkham appears to be listening intently and then suddenly bounding about like a rabbit that’s just sh*gged for the first time.


COLE: Who will be tagging with Arkham at No Mercy! Find out this Sunday!


TAZZ: It’s Retromark, you muppet!


COLE: Find out this Sunday!


TAZZ: Are you listening to me?


COLE: Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!



Cut to commercial.

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We return from the commercial to cameras following Dave Meltzer and Triple V down a corridor. Before the end, they bear a right as the Violence Bearer slams open a locker room door, tearing the top half off its hinges




Vengeance throws his Television title belt against the wall with some force, fake blood pouring down his face as a result of what happened in the opening match, courtesy of non other than The Assassin, Dante Mueller


MELTZ: That son of!!! Damn!!!


Triple V paces around the room, knocking over and tearing at anything that stands in his path, whether it be a table, a sofa, or even a large framed print of the TWOstars owner


MELTZ: Vinnie………….. VINNIE!


The champ promptly turns his attention to his championship guidance counsellor, still looking no less agitated


MELTZ: Look, the night is still young. Go take a shower and we’ll sort this mess out later


Vengeance begins to settle down a little and turns out of camera shot. Meltzer is shown looking around the room at the wreck his man has created in a matter of seconds. He picks up a cushion from the floor and places it back on the sofa and slumps down in the comfy seat






Da Meltz jumps up from his position and sprints into the back shower room, cameras desperately trying to keep up…


The Violence Bearer is seen standing in front of a mirror, the water gushing from the shower head… there seems to be some red markings in the reflection, on the wall behind……………………


The cameras move in closer…………………...


The markings can be read…………………….


No Mercy…………….. I collect my bounty………………… And the Television Title………………… D…………..

(Voice Over)


COLE: Oh my! The challenge has seemingly been laid down for this Sunday by The Assassin! He wants Vengeance AND he wants the gold!


Cut to a clip of TLA opening the new “Green Hells” tea cup ride at Disneyland

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Back from the TLA segment we cut to the view inside The Evil Gringo's and Mamacita's plush dressing room.... The crowd cheers at the sight of the Mexicutioner strapping up his boots and getting ready for tonights war...


Becki: Hun... Are you sure about this?


EG: Sure about what Mami?


Becki: Well me... in the ring... against two other guys...


EG: Hunny relax, okay? They are only men where as I am the Mexican Sensation! El Gringo locos you feeling me mami!


Becki: I know but still...


EG: Look Mami, you remember the training I given you?


Becki nods her head...


EG: What do we do if that chico Teddy ovideo sexo comes near?


Becki: We kick him in the cojanoes?


EG: Thats right Mami? See your a natural already...


Becki: What about Baz?


Gringo gets a look of detirmention on his face... his smile disappears and he goes back to strapping back up his knee pads...


EG: You leave that hombre to me 'Cita... Me and him got a score to settle...


The camara fades out on the Gringo's detirmened preparation as we cut to TWOStars Shopzone's weekly offer... This weeks new item? The Barry Gower 'Burning' T-Shirt....

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CHIMEL: The following HARCORE match is scheduled for one fall…..


TAZZ: Hey! We don’t have a match scheduled!


CHIMEL:….And is for the MWA Heavyweight Championship!


TAZZ: MWA….? Oh for f*cks sake!


COLE: MWA Title match coming right up! And it’s a Hardcore match!


TAZZ: Hopefully some garbage wrestling could save this sorry affair, but I doubt it!


CHIMEL: Please welcome first, the challenger…


‘Man in a box’ By Alice in Chains fills the arena and the crowd elicits a HUGE pop!


TAZZ: What? Could it be?


CHIMEL: from Yonkers, New York….weighing in at 260lbs….


TAZZ: No! It can’t be !


CHIMEL: He is The Innovator of Violence….


TAZZ: Yes! Yes! YES!




Retromark appears on the stage dressed, as expected, like Tommy Dreamer - with Kendo Stick and Garbage can. His T-Shirt has the Logo: ‘TWO F’N STARS’.


TAZZ: No! This Retromark has got be stopped! Besides, I thought he was the MWA Heavyweight Champion?!


COLE: No Tazz, that was Dustymark!


TAZZ: They’re the same guy!


COLE: Apparently not!


CHIMEL: And his opponent…..


Dusty Rhodes entrance theme hit’s the arena…..


CHIMEL: weighing in at 302lbs, hailing from Austin Texas….He is the Mark Wrestling Alliance Heavyweight Champion of the World…….DUSTYMARK!


Retromark’s bearded lady friend appears on the stage decked in full Dusty Rhodes attire - this time in Polka Dots!


TAZZ: This is a disgrace! Can you believe Darkstar just lets this crap happen?


COLE: Tommy Dreamermark is so over!

TAZZ: Are you listening to me?


COLE: No Mercy is this Sunday!


TAZZ: Cole?




TAZZ: Tazz to Cole, Come in Cole!


COLE: Who will tag with Arkham this Sunday? Find out only on PPV!


TAZZ: Are you a friggin’ robot?!


COLE: Wait a minute !


TAZZ: Keith Jaxx is a moron!


COLE: Leave it.


Dustymark gets in the ring and is immediately met with a Kendo stick shot to the head!


COLE: I don’t care if she has a beard or not….that’s gonna hurt!


Dustymark rolls out of the ring and appears to be looking under the ring apron…..


TAZZ: Looks like Dusty mark - sheesh - is looking for a weapon of some sort….Hopefully a f*ckin’ gun or something….maybe they could play sudden death Russian Roulette…..


Dustymark pulls a bottle of tomato ketchup from under the ring, pours some out and into her hand and then smears it across her forehead!


COLE: MY GOD! Dustymark has been busted wide open!


TAZZ: Un-f*cking believable. Kayfabe truly is dead.


Dreamermark decides to follow Dustymark out of the ring with his garbage can in tow….


COLE: GARBAGE CAN SHOT TO THE HEAD OF DUSTYMARK! That’s got to make the big gash on his head even worse!


TAZZ: The only Gash here is you Cole! It was KETCUP!


Dreamermark places the garbage can over the head of Dustymark, much to the delight of the fans!


TAZZ: At least we don’t have to look at her face!


COLE: Wait a minute Tazz! Big time Clothesline by Dreamermark!


Dustymark is out on the floor, still encased in the garbage can…


Dreamermark ascends the ring apron…….








Begins his run up………














And hit’s a………












The crowd pops and start a ‘He’s Hardcore’ chant.


TAZZ: The only shade this guy has to do with Mick Foley, is that he is a shade over Mick Foley’s weight!


Dreamermark rolls Dustymark into the ring, pulls the Garbage can off him and picks him up in a front face lock….




COLE: Dreamermark DDT! This one is over!





























CHIMEL: The winner of this contest and NEW MWA Heavyweight Champion, Tommy Dreamermark!


‘Man in a box’ fills the arena once again as TDM celebrates his emphatic win and he appears to be in tears.


COLE: New MWA Champion! What a moment in history!


TAZZ: Yeah! Oh wait………I mean What a disgrace!


Cut to No Mercy promo vid.

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Back from the Mo Mercy vid.


We see the Dark Alliance from behind.


??: Mr. Boyo! Hey, Mr. Sickness, Mr. Boyo! Wait up!


Boyo stops, and Sickness follows The Jackass's lead.


Twiggie comes jogging into view, and up to his one-night-only teammates.


Twiggie: So did you guys have fun? I told you that helping others, can be kind of like helping yourself.


(voice over) Cole: What!? How did Twiggie manage to get the Dark Alliance to help others?


(voice over) Tazz: I don't know. He must be one persuasive hippie.


Boyo: Well, mate. I'll tell you, it really wasn't my cup of tea. Mr. Sickness here, on the other hand, had a blast.


(voice over) Cole: Sickness loved it?


(voice over) Tazz: What the hell are they talking about?


Sickness turns closer to the camera to reveal a white circular pin stabbed into Sickness's chest with blood trailing down his already stained shirt. It reads: "Hug me. I gave blood today."


The crowd laughs at the idea of Sickness recieving hugs.


(voice over) Cole: Well, that explains it. If there's one thing Sickness loves, its bleeding.


Cut to commercials.

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Back from commercials.


Cole - Welcome back folks, I still cant believe what happened in the 8man tag earlier


Tazz - Yeah, PMA screwed Holt again


Cole - No, Well yes but Banner did pin the champ Tazz


Tazz - Only with PMA holding the leg of King Holt


The arena goes in complete darkness. Then R.Kelly is heard over the PA. "Best of...Both Worlds. Whoo!" The lights go on and pyro shots off as Benjamin Black walks menacingly towards the ring, Ready for battle, The crowd pops very little for Black, With most of them not even looking at him


TC - The following contest is scheduled for one fall, Making his way to the ring, From parts unknown, Benjamin Black


Tazz - What disrespect to Chris Eagles Cole


Cole - Why?


Tazz - Benjamin Black using Re-Evolutions music


Cole - What’s wrong with that ?


Tazz - Eagles owns the right to Re-Evolution, Everybody knows it


Cole - He has to BEAT Mickhail Mills at no mercy first Tazz


Tazz - No problem Cole, And talking about Mills, Isn’t he banned from ringside ?


Cole - Yes Tazz, Darkstar has banned The Million Dollar Corporation and Mickhail Mills from this match


Tazz - But why MDC ?


Cole - To be fair that’s why Tazz


As “Best of…Both Worlds fades, Its replaced by “Gets this money” starts to play, As the crowd start booing, Knowing this means Chris Eagles is on his way out here


Cole - Here he comes Tazz


Tazz - Ready to send a message to Mickhail Mills


Cole - What makes you say that ?


Tazz - He faces him at no mery


As Eagles steps from behind the curtains, The pyros explode behind the Million Dollar Corporation man, As he slowly walks from behind the curtains, Eagles stops on the top of the ramp way, Mic in hand, As the crowd Boo and Jeer him, As Gets this money fades out


MDM - Ben, I know you wanted me in that ring


(voice over)

Cole - You bet he does


Tazz - Shut up Cole


MDM - But I have some bad news


The crowd start to boo Eagles again, And some can be heard taunting Eagles with Chicken sh*t, Chicken sh*t


MDM - You really think me, Christopher Eagles, The richest superstar in TWOstars, Is scared of Benjamin Black, HA, I have been in the ring with the best of them, AC, Gringo, Gower, Holt, Banner, Drunk Sorry I mean Trash, Five, Yes FIVE of them have been a champion before, Three of them the TWOstars Champion, So don’t start with me tonight, I’m not in the mood


Tazz - Eagles telling them how it is Cole


Cole - So why don’t he just get in the ring and fight ?


Tazz - Let him talk, And maybe he will tell us


MDM - As you see my knee is heavier tapped, How comes I here you ask, I Hurt it when I jumped down from the ring apron as I cost Mills the chance to become U.S Champion


This brings the crowd to start booing Eagles once more, As Eagles shows on the TWOtron, Last week when he jumped up and hit Mills with the steel chain


MDM - Ha, Ha, So about tonight, I have hand picked your opponent, Well paid someone, Who had nothing better to do


Black now sitting on the middle rope holding it for Eagles to come in, Stands up ready to fight again


MDM - Lady’s and Gentlemen, The man hand picked by ME, Christopher Eagles, To face Benny Boy in the ring is ……………


Anarchy in the UK by The Sex Pistols kicks in, As the crowd all standing to see who it is, Ready booing the new opponent


Cole - Who is it ?


Tazz - Wait and see


MDM - Making his debut here on TWOstars, Weighting in at 272lbs, From London, England, Please give it up for, WILLIAM KANE


William Kane comes from behind the curtains, And does some tricks with kendo stick up on the stage then simply walks down to the ring.


Cole - WOW, That man can use a stick


Tazz - Now Cole, He’s new, Don’t get any ideas


Cole - I, I, I will shut up now


Tazz - There’s a good boy


With William Kane in the ring Anarchy in the UK fades out, As the crowd start to chant, WHO ARE YA, WHO ARE YA


Cole - Kane is getting a heated welcome tonight Tazz


Tazz - That’s probably because he’s with Eagles


Benjamin Black watches both Kane and Eagles, As the ref calls for the bell


Cole - Is one is underway Tazz


Tazz - And it looks like Chris is coming over here


Cole - Oh please


Eagles still walking slowly makes his way over to the announce table to join Cole and Tazz to call this match


Tazz - Welcome Chris


Tazz and Chris shakes hands, As Eagles sits down next to him


Cole - So Chris, Why did you really pull out of this match for ?


MDM - Shut up Cole, And it’s Mr Eagles to you


Cole Umm, Mr Eagles how is the knee


MDM - Thanks for asking Cole, It’s getting better


Tazz - How will it be for No Mercy this Sunday Chris


MDM - Don’t worry about No Mercy Tazz, Mickhail Mills isn’t in the same league as me


Both Tazz and Eagles start to laugh, As Black and Kane lock up, But WK breaks it up with a knee to the mid-section to the former problem solver of Chris Eagles, Sending him to one knee


MDM - Ha, You see why I hand picked this man


Tazz - Yeah I can Chris, Where did you find him


MDM - Believe it or not, I was on business in London, And This guy (points at William Kane), Tried to rob me, So I slapped him round the face and said do you know who I am


Cole - Let me guess, He didn’t


Tazz - Cole


MDM - No Tazz, If he wants at No Mercy, I slap him about after I get through Mills


Tazz - Anyway what happened


MDM -Oh yeah, I slapped him and said that, And he looked, And his jaw dropped


Tazz - So he did


MDM - Yeah, Then I said to him, Tell you what I wont kick your ass, You can do something for me


Tazz - And here we are


MDM - Yes here we are


WK pulls BB back to his feet, before dropping him again with a stiff right hand to the side of the head, And jumps back up and taunts the crowd who return the favour with loads of boos for the new comer


Cole - So Mr Eagles, Is William Kane joining The Million Dollar Corporation ?


MDM - No, We would have to keep counting are money, Just to make sure he’s not nicking it, You know what this Londoner are like


Cole - You cant say that


Tazz - Why not ?


Cole - Because he cant


MDM - I paid for him to come here, I paid him to do a job, So I can say what I want


As the camera turns away from the announce table and back to the ring, Both men are down after both men went for a clothesline on the other, Again the camera spins over to the announce table where Chris Eagles is looking a bit worried, At what he is seeing


Cole - Looks like your man isn’t getting the job done Chris


MDM - I promise you Benjamin Black will NOT win this match Cole


Tazz - Yeah Cole, Chris is a future TWOstars heavyweight champion


Cole - Yes, He has talent ……


MDM - Your damn right I do


As the camera turns back to the ring once again, Both men are using the ropes to pull themselves up, Kane runs at Black only to be caught with a …..


Cole - That’s it, Benjamin Black has just knocked Kane out cold with a big boot


Tazz - Chris, What’s happened


Eagles jumps to his feet throwing the head set down as he does so, Black plays up to the crowd who just sit there waiting for the match to end, Some still chanting William WHO ?


Cole - What’s Eagles doing Tazz


Tazz - Having a closer look Cole


As Black turns around to face WK, Eagles rolls into the ring from behind, Grabbing Black and spinning him around and nailing the……..


Cole - THE BOUNCED CHEQUE on Benjamin Black, But Eagles said he was hurt


Tazz - He is, look he’s holding his knee now


Eagles stays down holding his knee, But after a couple of seconds, Sits up laughing before rolling over to Benjamin Black and covering him, The ref tells him he’s not in the match, But all of a sudden the ref drops down and starts counting















Ding, Ding


The crowd boo Eagles, For the way he cheated, Eagles taunts the crowd as he gets to feet


Cole - I cant believe it Tazz


Tazz - What, You cant believe Chris won ?


Cole - No, The way he conned everyone


Tazz - That’s because he’s not only rich, But very smart


TC - The winner of this match, CHRISTOPHER EAGLES


The crowd continues to boo Eagles as he pulls Black back to his feet and hits another Bounced Cheque


Cole - What is Eagles doing Tazz ?


Tazz - I think he’s sending Mills a message


Cole - What’s he doing now ?


Tazz - Leaving the ring, Nothing wrong with that


Cole - So, Why is he looking under the ring ?


Tazz - I don’t know


Eagles pops his head up after looking under the ring for a couple of seconds with a evil grin on his face, before pulling out a steel chair, And throwing it into the ring


Cole - Oh god, Eagles has a chair


Tazz - Go on Chris, Hit him


Eagles rolls back into the ring, Moving the chair into the centre as he gets to his feet, Eagles pulls Black up again, And nails a third Bounced Cheque to the hurt former problem solver


Cole - Eagles maybe have ended Black career there Tazz


Tazz - No Cole, Chris was just putting him out of his misery


The EMT’s run down to the ring as more ref jump into the ring trying to get Eagles to leave so the emt’s can get to work on the downed Benjamin Black, Eagles rises his arms into the air as the crowd boo and jeer the Million Dollar Corporation man, Before he exit’s the ring making his way up the ramp looking back at the damage he’s done


Cole - Get that man to the hospital quick


Tazz - Eagles has proved a point tonight Cole, Don’t piss him off


Cole - What a show we have had so far tonight folks, If you have just joined us you missed the 8 man tag match earlier where PMA and Bret Banner where the last two men left at the end


Tazz - And Chris Eagles ending the career of Benjamin Black just now


Cole - Lets just hope he’s ok


Tazz - If we have to


Cole - We have to go to a break, but when we come back we have some more action for you including the Keith Jaxx Invitational, As well as another tag team match but this one is a 6 man tag


Tazz - And in the main event Gower and DiBiase from the Million Dollar Corporation take on Gringo and his Bi…..


Cole - Yes his partner Becki, With King Holt, The TWOstars champion as the referee, So we will be back after this short break


Camera fades to The very best and dirtiest Keith Jaxx moments on sale now at TWOstars.com

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Back from the Keith Jaxx dirtiest moments and we cut to the ring with Tony Chimmel standing there with a mic in his hand.


Ding Ding Ding


TC: Ladies and Gentlemen the following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the United States Championship.


“Wild Boys” hits the speakers to a loud pop as Keith Jaxx comes sprinting out quickly making his way to the ring.


Tazz: Jaxx wasting no time in getting in the ring.


MC: He likes it there.


Tazz: So I have heard.


Jaxx asks for the mic off of Chimmel, which he dually receives as his music then fades out.


Jaxx: Hello Boyzzzzzz and Girls.


Crowd pop


Jaxx: Tonight is the first night of the Keith Jaxx invitational where I invite anyone to get in my ring.


Tazz: That sounds so wrong on so many levels.


MC: You not going to get in?


Tazz: Hell no. I wouldn’t want to make you jealous.


Jaxx: So without further ado can I please have my first Jaxx Invite Opponent.


“Banging It” hits the speakers as Rikishi steps out from behind the curtain to a token pop.


MC: Is that. It is that’s Rikishi.


Tazz: We allowed to use that name? We don’t want to be getting any letters sueing our asses you know.


MC: I don’t think the “E” will mind Tazz. It’s only Rikishi.


Tazz: True Dat.


Jaxx hands Chimmel back the mic who then begins announcing his opponent.


TC: And his opponent from The Isle of Samao, weighing in at 423lbs, Rikishi!!!


Some more token pops from the crowd.


MC: Well Rikishi looks like he has put weight on and it sounds like it as well.


Tazz: Probably all that Pie.


MC: What Kind of Pie?


Tazz: PIE!!!!!


Rikishi finally makes his way up into the ring as Jaxx hands the referee his title belt to which he holds a loft for the crowd to see. With Rikish’s music having stopped playing Tony Chimmel leaves the ring as the referee calls for the bell.


MC: And were about to get this match underway.


Tazz: Underwear? This isn’t a bra and panties match. If it was I reckon this table would of feel apart by now.


MC: What?


Tazz: Nothing.


Jaxx offers Rikishi a hand shake to which he accepts. Before letting go Jaxx kisses the Phat man on the hand leaving a puzzled look on the Samoans face.


MC: Well I don’t quite think Rikishi knows what he has gotten himself in for here.


Tazz: I think you are right or are you left?


MC: What are you on about?


Tazz: Not a think, Cole. Not a thing.


Rikishi slaps himself on the chest causing his manbreasts to wobble and a cheesy grin to appear on the face of the sneaky butcher.


Tazz: Eww that’s so wrong.


MC: Jaxx liked it.


Tazz: That’s why it is so wrong.


Jaxx bounces off the ropes and runs straight into Rikishi who hits Jaxx with a shoulder block sending the chocbox invader to the ground.


MC: That’s like running straight into a brick wall.


Tazz: That explains why you are stupid.


The Wildboy gets back up to his feet and again bounces off the ropes and again running straight into another shoulder block by Rikishi, which send the US Champ down to the canvas. The Phatman looks to follow up with an elbow drop but mets nothing by the mat as The Wildboy rolls out of the way.


MC: Nobody home.


Tazz: Jaxx was quick to move out of the way of the 423lbs of Rikishi.


Both men get back up to their feet with Jaxx hitting Rikishi with a number of stiff kicks to the each of his legs.


MC: Jaxx with the stiff…


Tazz: Let me stop you right there.


MC: What I was going to say kicks.


Tazz: Sure you were.


Jaxx grabs the right arm of Rikishi and looks to Irish Whip him across the ring only for the big man to reverse it. The Wildboy comes back off the ropes and Rikishi lifts him up onto his shoulders and quickly plants him down to the canvas with a Samoan Drop.


MC: Nicely executed move there by Rikishi. Hitting Jaxx with the Samaon Drop.


Tazz: This is it, Cole. We have a new Champion right here.


Rikishi rolls over and hooks Jaxx’s leg as he goes for the cover.








Th…, Jaxx gets his right shoulder up off the canvas to a loud pop from the crowd.



MC: Man I thought he had him.


Tazz: I thought so to, Cole, but the match goes on and I really can’t see how Jaxx is going to outwit the sheer size of Rikishi.


MC: He is Keith Jaxx, Tazz. He knows the ins and outs of the ring I am sure he will find a way.


Rikishi gets back up to his feet where he helps Jaxx back up to a vertical base. The Phatman grabs the right arm of Jaxx and whip him back first into the far right hand corner of the ring before following it up by running hard into the corner hitting Jaxx with a splash like maneuver.


MC: 423lbs of pure meet running at Jaxx.


Tazz: Oh come on that’s nothing compared to what he takes at the weekend.


MC: You’re sick.


Tazz: No Keith Jaxx is sick.


Rikish grabs a hold of Jaxx’s right arm once more and sends him across the ring from corner to corner with Jaxx slamming back first into the near left hand corner. A few seconds pass before Jaxx falls on to his backside in the corner, which draw a few cheers from the crowd.


Tazz: Speaking of sick I hear this man releases chocolate hostages before delivering this move.


MC: Keith like Chocolate.


Tazz: Wrong, so wrong.


Rikishi looks over at the corner and begins slapping his ass. The camera then changes view to Keith Jaxx whom we see with a HUGE smile on his face. Just as Rikishi is about to plant his butt in The Uphill Gardeners face Jaxx sticks his toungue out.


Tazz: OH MY GOD this is sick. Mothers cover your chldrens eyes.


MC: Stinkface and Jaxx is enjoying this.


Tazz: For the love of God somebody stop this sick, sick act.


Rikishi walks away from the corner slightly then pulls Jaxx up only to hit him with a scop slam near the corner. The Phatman climbs up onto the second turnbuckle as he looks to hit the Banzi Drop.


MC: Oh my this could be over.


Tazz: A new champion, Cole.


Rikishi comes off the second turnbuckle planting his ass down into the canvas as Jaxx rolls backward out of the way. The Uphill Garnder springboards of the second rope and lands a textbook dropkick to the face of Rikishi.


MC: No, Jaxx rolled out of the way and followed up with a brilliantly placed dropkick right to the kisser.


Tazz: Oh dear. Does that mean he is going to win???


Jaxx points up to the top rope which gets a huge pop from the crowd.


MC: I think it does, Tazz. Unless of course Rikishi can either move or kick out of the Jaxx 3000.


The Wildboy makes his way to the top rope where he then comes flying of hitting Rikihi with a summersault leg drop off the top rope.


MC: JAXX 3000!!!!!


Jaxx then rolls over and hooks the near leg of Rikish as he looks for the pin:














Ding Ding Ding


TC: Ladies and Gentlemen here is your winner and still United States Champion. The Wildboy Keith Jaxx.



“Wildboys” hits the speakers to a loud pop as Jaxx is handed his US Title. Jaxx looks to leave the ring but Rikishi gets back to his feet and calls him back.


Tazz: Oh no. Please not the dancing.


Rikishi points to the middle of the ring and ask Jaxx is he wants to boogy.


MC: Yes we are going to see it, Tazz. Jaxx is saying yes.


Tazz: Does he ever say no to a man?


MC: How should I know?


“Wildboys” is cut of and “Banging it” hits the speakers as the lights damn slightly and discos lights hit the ring. Rikishi begins to dance and Jaxx goes up behind him holding on to his hips.


Tazz: I don’t think this is what Rikishi had in mind.


Rikishi turns around and looks at Jaxx before quickly backing off as his music cuts off. Rikishi leave the ring indicating that he wants none of it as the crowd boo.


MC: Well Rikishi says no to that.


Tazz: Who can blame him.


MC: This crowd don’t seem happy with his decision.


Tazz: They are sick that’s why.


“Wildboys” hits the speakers once more to a loud pop as Jaxx hols the US Title up in the air before making his way out of the ring.


MC: Stay tuned folks more action still to come after this commercial break.


Cuts to ad break.

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Back from commercals we come back in to the sight of the Evil Gringo striding down the hall way look for (yes you guessed it) the vending machine, home to sweet sweet Dr Pepper, his prefered pre-match drink... He finds the machine but also makes a shocking discovery...


EG: Son of a buerro... No DP! God damn, I'll have to speak with my hombre Atkien about this!


Suddenly a noise behind Gringo makes him turn with the suddeness and agility of a cat...


TD: Easy there little lawnmower.... It's only old Million Dollor Ted...


EG: I thought I sent my message to you the other week... why you following me chico?


Ted feels the bruise on the side of his face... and a look of annoyance passes onto his features...


TD: Following you? I just wanted to make sure that you and your Latino Crack *BEEP* where ready for tonight...


Gringo moves forward ready to strike when a voice for behind him again stops him in his tracks...


BM: Leave him Rob... I'll deal with this one...


Becki Moss... The Gringo's Mamacita strides forward...


BM: Crack *BEEP* am I?


TD: Now now little lady... Don't get too angry like your little gardener friend here...


All of a sudden Mama leans forward and grabs Ted by the balls....


BM: Listen to me old man... He is a former World Heavyweight champion... are you a former world champion?


Ted Shakes his head...


BM: No, didn't think so... Your just an old man in the wrong part of the building and in front of the wrong people to start talking smack... aren't ya?


Ted nods his head...


BM: So listen to me good... He is the Mexican Sensation, I am his Mamacita and as for tonight... Yeah we are more then ready to kick yours and Chico Gower's ass's... understand old man?


Before Ted can repsond Becki pulls him forward into an unlady like headbutt that sends the Million Dollar Man to the floor...


EG: Mami... you did remember the training!


BM: What? Oh yeah... come on what you gawping at... we've got a match to get ready for!


Mamacita and Gringo stride off leaving Ted on the floor bewildered and angry...


TD: Ohhh... your gonna pay for that... bitch...


Cut to TWOStars DTTAH advert...

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Cuts to Boyo & Sickness, The Dark Alliance, and Twiggy in The Dark Alliance locker room.


Twiggy (rummaging through a closet): no no no, this won't do at all!


Boyo: What won't do, Mr Twig?


Twiggy: Do you guys EVER recycle? UGH! It's like Captain Planet's worst nightmare in here!!


Sickness: Earth! Fire Wind


Sickness farts.


Twiggy: Oh no you didn't!


Boyo sniffs the air and screws up his face.


Boyo: I'm afraid he did


Sickness: Water! Heart! Goooo Planet!


Sickness thrusts his fist in the air to display a gaudy looking ring.


Twiggy: Dude! That's your Planeteer Ring! That's awesome! You DO recycle your things. You know, you guys are just swell.


Boyo: Thanks Mr Twig. Despite your aroma you're perfectly acceptable too.


Twiggy: Eyyyyy.


Sickness puts his hand THROUGH the fridge door and grabs a bottle of Pimms.


Boyo: No no, Mr Sickness - that can be our celebration drink.


Cuts to a Twiggy promo.

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Back from Twiggie Promo, we see the entire arena. From the rafters everything looks calm and controlled. That couldn’t be further from the truth.


"Insane in the Brain" begins and the level of insanity in the arena immediately increases.


Cole: Whoa, it’s getting crazy in here!


Arkham walks out onto the staging, he smacks the side of his head a couple of times before walking down towards the ring, the crowd cheer as he approaches the ring. As he gets to ringside he uses the ropes to pull himself into the ring, he pulls on the top rope a couple of times as though testing that it's going to hold him and his opponent. He walks to the center of the ring and holds his finger to his lips.


Arkham: Sssshhhhhhh.


Man In the Box by Alice in Chains pumps throughout the speaker system the crowd as well as Tazz and Arkham, goes crazy.


Cole: It’s Tommy Dreamer! Tommy Dreamer’s here!


Tommy Dreamermark steps from behind the curtain. He’s wearing an “EC F’N W” t-shirt and black jeans with his initials in red on the left thigh.


Tazz: I know Tommy Dreamer, I wrestled with Tommy Dreamer, and Retromark is not Tommy Dreamer.


A graphic flashes up on the TWOtron. First it is just undistinguishable blurs, but soon it turns into an actual picture. A storm is seen and heard in the background. Lightning hits and thunder cracks loudly. The camera goes through the graveyard as the storm continues. Eventually several small shapes are seen in the background. As the camera approaches them, it turns out to be identical tombstones, with names across them all. From left to right they read,



Omega Red

Draven Cage

Mickhail Mills

Chris Eagles

Jordi Warner



Cole: If you notice, Both Sickness and Boyo have tombstones there, Tazz.


Tazz: Yeah, I can read too, ya know.


Behind the graves is a figure perched on the top of a Mausoleum. In the lightning flashes, the figure is revealed to be Dante, trench coat billowing out behind him. Lightning strikes the mausoleum where Dante is perched and at the same time lightning strikes in the arena. The crowd jumps at this as the all to familiar pyro explodes. F*cking Determined by Mudvayne is blaring through the arena as Dante walks from amidst the flames. The crowd again pops massively as Dante makes his way to the ring. He throws the guns again and "shoots" each turnbuckle, making pyro blast out in succession as each one is "hit." Arkham begins to panic, but Dreamermark calms him down by cradling his head in his bosom. The three converge in the ring and stare at the entrance.


“Climbing Up the Walls” blasts throughout the arena. The fans immediately begin to boo, but not Radiohead, they rock. They’re booing the man in mint green trunks and white boot who emerges from behind the curtain. The team of Arkham, Dreamermark, and Dante exit the ring and stand at the announce tables. They huddle together, discuss heated issues, and stop Arkham from putting things in his mouth that he found on the floor.


Cole: Great, here comes the biggest jackass of them all, Boyo.


The booing increases before resuming its normal level as Sickness walks out behind Boyo. As they reach the ring Boyo holds the ropes open for sickness to climb through, before entering himself. The music continues, but changes slightly. After a moment or two it changes a little more. Faint tribal drums can be heard, and they grow louder and louder. Eventually the music is stopped with the slap of a bass. Jungle Boy kicks in and Twiggie steps from behind the curtain.


Tazz: That was pretty cool. They jammed Climbing Up the Walls into Jungle Boy.


Cole: Yeah… that was… awesome.


As Twiggie leaves his recycling bin by his teams corner and slides into the ring, the music fades out.


Cole: Referee Nick Patrick is anxious to get this match underway, but it seems we have a bit of a standoff between these six men.


In unison Tommy Dreamermark, Arkham, and Dante slide into the ring and stand toe-to-toe with Boyo, Sickness, and Twiggie respectively.


Tazz: Nicks putting himself in a very dangerous place.


Ref Patrick squeezes in between the angry individuals and tries to usher four of them out of the ring. Twiggie convinces The Dark Alliance that he can start things off, and Dante waves Arkham and Dreamermark away. Now alone Twig and Dante circle each other a few times before locking up.


Tazz: Standard neck and elbow tie up.


Dante uses his height and weight to back Twiggie into the ropes. After a few hard shots to the head he whips Twiggie across the ring. On the rebound Twiggie gets a taste of Dante’s boots.


Tazz: That dropkick there, was worthy of Bob Holly himself.


Twiggie shakes his head, and returns to his feet. After a quick kick he’s of into the ropes again.


Tazz: Shades of John Bradshaw Layfield with that impressive clothesline.


Cole: Only not so hellish, Tazz.


Keeping Twiggie on the mat, Dante locks in the bow and arrow.



Twig: UR-! ACK! *gurgle*



Nick drops down in front of the fading Twiggie.



Tazz: In comes Sickness with the save.


Cole: Aw man! That’s horrible, I’m going to be sick.


Sickness has apparently bit his tongue and is bleeding onto Dante.


Tazz: Haha! Give that punk a taste of his own medicine!


Nick Patrick pushes Sickness out of the ring while Dante wipes the blood from is face. Holding his back, Twig makes it to his feet at the same time as Dante. As Nick finally gets Sickness behind the ropes, Twiggie hits Dante with a low blow. He follows it up shortly after with a Japanese arm drag. He picks up the Assassin, tucks his head under his arm and hooks his leg.


He lifts Dante into the air.


Tazz: Wow, now that’s an impressive sight.


Cole: I’ll say, Dante has got about 45 pounds on the Twigmeister.


Dante’s head cracks the mat via a hanging fisherman brain-buster.


Twiggie picks up Dante and drags him by the hair over to the Dark Alliance.


Boyo tags in, and Twig offers Dante’s kidneys with a loose abdominal stretch. Boo accepts with a kick, and Twig exits the ring. After a judo flip, Boyo combo’s with a chin lock. Arkham and Dreamermark get the crowd pumped. As if using there energy for momentum Dante makes a fist and pumps it in the air.


He nails Boyo in the forehead.




Boyo’s head ricochets, but he maintains the chin lock.


Another shot, this time to the jaw.




Boyo refuses to break the hold.




A final punch to the temple breaks the hold and Dante dives towards the corner.


He slaps the nearest hand.


The only one he can reach.


And rolls out of the ring.


Cole: You probably didn’t think he would make the fresh tag. But here comes Tommymark.


Tazz: Dreamermark, Cole.


The two exchange right hands, but Boyo let’s loose with a fancy flurry taking Dreamermark to the mat.


Tazz: Shades of Bubba Ray Dudley.


Cole: Something Tommy Dreamer is very familiar with.


Tazz: You know that’s Dreamermark, not the real guy... right?


Boyo climbs up to the second turnbuckle.


Cole: Oh my! That knee, driving straight into Dreamermark’s skull.


Grabbing his arms, Boyo drags Retromark over to Sickness and tags in the Sick One. Boyo picks up the arm he dropped and Sickness takes the legs. They swing Dreamermark from side to side, as Twiggie hops onto the top of the turnbuckles and leaps off again.


Cole: What was that!?


Tazz: That… was a Swinging Bridge Back-Breaker, with a lo-down kicker.


Cole: A what now?


Tazz: SWEET MOTHER OF E VERYTHING Cole, You’re a wrestling announcer. Don’t you think you would benefit from learning, at least the names of some wrestling moves!?


Cole: But… Why?


Sickness goes for the pin, while Twig and Boyo leave the ring.










Arkham and Dante break the pin. Twig and Boyo climb back into the ring as mayhem ensues. Arkham pulls back for a big punch to Twiggie, but inadvertently elbows Nick Patrick out of the ring. The ref lays unconscious on the mat, as ref‘s are want to do after a shot. Twig and Arkham then start to brawl with Arkham getting the better of the Hippy. Dante and Boyo also tie up, going blow for blow.


Cole-It seems that that neither Dante nor have forgotten about the last contest they had.


Tazz-For once, I think you may be right.


Dante finally gets the upper hand and delivers a Death Valley Driver to Boyo. Arkham and Twiggie have brawled to the outside and are still slugging it out. Twiggie grabs Arkham’s head and slams it into the ring post, which drops the big man to his knees. The ref is beginning to stir as Dreamermark and Sickness rise to their feet.


Cole-This isn’t looking good for Dreamermark. Sickness is going for some sort of submission hold here…..


Tazz-That would be the Sicknote Cole. In fact I INVENTED THAT MOVE! It’s called TAZmission.


Cole-Well whatever you call it, it looks like it hurts.


Tazz-I want you to die.


Back in the ring Dreamermark is struggling to get to the ropes to no avail. Dante comes and breaks the hold for him. As Dante turns around, Boyo meets him with a clothesline, taking them both over the ropes and to the outside. They both crash unceremoniously to the floor.


Tazz-I don’t think they’ll be seeing anymore action tonight.


Arkham is still down on the floor as well, after taking that blow to the head. Twiggie however, has returned to his corner. Sickness stands and pulls up Dreamermark. He delivers a punch to the head of Dreamermark, and then DM punches him back. They go blow for blow for a bit, then Dreamermark gets the upper hand. The ref rises to his feet and tries to shake out the cobwebs.


Tazz-Enzuguri by Dreamermark. Its amazing he has any energy left!


Cole-Yeah. He has taken quite a beating here. In fact both of these men could use a tag.


Dreamermark get to his corner and sees no one there. Both Dante and Boyo are still laying in a heap on the outside. Arkham is beginning to get to his feet, albeit very slowly.


Sickness however has other plans as he whips Dreamermark the Dark Alliance plus one corner. Dreamermark hit the turnbuckle and bounces off, as Sickness goes up top. Twiggie sticks out his hand to try and get the tag but Sickness makes the tag, but is still climbing the turnbuckles.


Cole-Sickness isn’t the legal man here. What the hell is he doing?

Tazz-YOU want to go and tell him he’s not the legal man?


Cole-Well no but…..


Tazz-Then just call the match.


Sickness jumps and….


Tazz-DIAMOND DUST BY SICKNESS!! Dreamermark is done. Especially since Dante and Arkham are both still down on the outside.


Cole-It certainly doesn’t look good. But at least the Worlds Biggest Jackass is still down on the outside. I HOPE YOU’RE DEAD!!


Tazz-You really need to calm down there.


Cole-I just get so upset sometimes!




Twiggie enters the ring as the legal man, shrugs and drops to make the cover.


Cole-Its got to be over.


The ref drops to make the count.










































Tazz-This one is over. The pin goes to Twiggie and the win goes to the Dark Alliance and Twiggs.


Cole-It’s just not fair.


Tazz-Neither is life Cole, suck it up.


The ref has raised Twiggie’s hand and Jungle Boy by Bremstrahing Farad begins to play.


Tazz-Well this one is in the books, but we still got PLENTY of action still to come on TWOStars.


Cut to main event video package.

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Darkness fills the arena and the only light we can see is the flickering plasma screen of the TWO TRON........


Drums start to play as if someone is being led to execution and bird's of ill omen can be heard squawking......






















TAZ: What the hell was that all about?!



Cut to TWO Stars: Craziest Brawls DVD Promo

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Back from Promo


Backstage camera


Out of shot: SMASH! CRASH!


Camera spins around


Cole: What in the name is going on back there


Tazz: I dunno Cole, looks like our man is onto it


The camera man is scurring through the backstage area and comes to where the sound was coming from, a door, busted off half it's hinges says "Philip Martin Akten - Network Consultant"


Cole: That's Akten's office


Tazz: Nice observation there Cole


The office is empty, save for one near seven foot, green and black adorned Monster tearing the office apart


Cole: Luckily for Akten, he's no where to be seen




Big Greenie picks up a glass table and hurls it to the wall, the glass smashes on impact as the table falls to the floor




Holt turns and spots the Leather chair behind the desk


Cole: What's all this carnage for?


Tazz: I think that's pretty obvious Cole, earlier tonight Akten screwed Holt out of a win and the big man wants revenge


Holt pushes over the desk with ease and hurls the Leather chair, forcing the Cameraman to take an avoiding action


The camera returns to a vertical position just in time to see Holt staring at the 62" plasma screen that fills one half of one wall opposite to Akten's desk. the stare lingers before the World Champion starts to make his way towards the screen


Tazz: Oh Boy


Cole: He can't do it surely


Tazz: He can do what he wants Cole, he's the champ


Cole: But this could be career suicide


Tazz: With Darkstar by his side I doubt it


The Silent Destroyer rips the tv off the wall, causing sparks to fly before impaling it over the rest of the wreckage




The set starts to smoulder, at which point the sprinkler system comes in


Holt takes one look up, wipes the water from his borw and leaves the room, allowing the Cameraman to survery the wreckage


Tazz: Akten should consider himself lucky that he left early tonight


Cole: Lucky, he just lost his TV!


Tazz: Better a broken TV than a broken back


Cut to Summerslam DVD promo

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A rather terrified looking Todd Grisham is standing by backstage with his mic in a dark area recognizable as Dante's locker room. He gingerly knocks on the door as a figure approaches him from behind.


Grish-Well thank God he's not here. Let's go.


As Grisham turns he sees Dante standing and staring at him and lets out a little scream.


Dante-Can I help you?




Dante-What is it?


Grisham steadies himself and then proceeds.


G-Well we finally found out you were the one stalking VVV. The fake blood, the messages, the noose, that was all you.


D-Yes it was. What of it?


G-Well I think everyone wants to know why....


D-Do they? Well let me enform them of WHY then. You see, for to long have I seen VVV runnning around with his "manager" Whos' he defended that belt against? A network Rep and an overweight announce. He's really worthy isn't he? Him and that worthless manager.


G-Well what about the blood and the noose?


D-You really don't know what anything about me do you? Part of being an assassin is getting into the head of your opponent. Know what they know. He's been said to be unshakable. No one can scare him. You know what? I have. I rained blood upon him, and I saw the fear in his eyes. Everyone has seen it. I put the noose in his locker room, and he felt terror. Lonliness is for amatuers. I invoked terror upon him. I had the CHAMP afraid. Not so great of a champ is he? A champ should have no fear. A champ doesn't need a worthless loser to follow him and help him win. A champ is a man of honor. A champ is a man who is fearless in the face of adversity. Not the coward that is VVV.


G-Well those are some pretty brave words. Anything on you match at No Mercy?


D-Yes actaully. It almost slipped my mind actually. Its going to be VVV against myself for the TV title. Oh, and one more thing, provided he has the guts to accept.


Dante gets an evil smile on his face that makes Cole step back a couple of feet.


D-First Blood.


With that, Dante turns and steps into his locker room, leaving a shaken Cole in the hall.


Cut to VVV vs. Dante Video Package.

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We return from the video package to ringside


COLE: Oh my! Dante and Triple V! First blood this Sunday! And it's all for the gold!


TAZZ: No doubt Cole, but the question must be asked, was this really a good move on the part of The Assassin?


COLE: He's in the champs head, Tazz!......................... Wait, I believe we have cameras backstage, maybe we can get an answer?


Cameras cut to the backstage area as Vengeance storms down a corridor... He barges through a door as the name plate drops to the floor, reading "Darkstar". Dave Meltzer cuts underneath the huge arms of his man, as the Television Champion and the owner come face to face, seperated by just a table


MELTZ: This is bul(beep)! As champion, this man has rights!


DARKSTAR:.......... Dave...


MELTZ: I don't wanna hear it! Now you listen to me!




MELTZ: What!?


DARKSTAR: Do you not just see the footage?


MELTZ: What footage!?


DARKSTAR: Dante has just challenged Triple V for the TV title at No Mercy


Meltzer begins to calm down, the thought of Vengeance being able to get his hands on his stalker is like music to his ears...


MELTZ: Signed and sealed, boss! Just one thing you might wanna do... make sure you're not paying that guys medical bills, because this Sunday, things WILL get messy!


DARKSTAR: There's something else............................ he wants it First Blood...


Triple V's championship guidance counsellor bursts out into a fit of laughs, obviously more than confident that the champ can get the job done with relative ease


MELTZ: Hahahaha! You hear that Vinnie! Dante wants First Blood! Hahaha!




There's no repsonse from the Television Champion...


MELTZ: Vinnie?


Meltzer turns around, but the laughs come to an abrupt halt as he realises the look on the face of Vengeance............................ a blank expression has fallen across the face of the Violence Bearer


MELTZ: (solemnly).................. We'll................... take it


(voice over)


COLE: There you have it folks! Dante will challenge Triple V for the coveted TWOstars Television Championship, live on Pay-Per-View at No Mercy! Not just that but it'll be First Blood!


TAZZ: One things for sure, viewer discretion will be advised in this one!


Cut to Fan Fest footage of Dominator joining in with "colour by numbers"

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We cut backstage to the Million Dollar Corporation dressing room and we see Gower and Eagles watching some old wrestling DVD's.


BG: Just watch this Chris, this is where Fill's career ends, right here.


Eagles: Ohh that's nasty.


BG: You seen him about since?


Eagles: Well no.


BG: Well Eagles it is as simple as this that is what is going to happen to anyone who stops me me from getting what is rightfully mine. NOBODY is going to get in the way of my quest to become the TWO Heavyweight Champion of the World.


Ted comes bursting through the door with an irate look on his face.


Eagles: Who burst your bubble.


Ted starts throwing stuff around.


Ted: Gower those bloody b@st@rds need sorted and it can't wait until No Mercy. It needs to be tonight.


BG: Ted calm down what happened?


Ted: That bitch Mamacita and Gringo. She kicked me in the nuts.


BG: You're right Ted, this gets sorted tonight.


Gower punches the table hard, which causes it to fall apart as it broke a leg. We then cut to a "PPV names are changing" promo

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Back from the Fan Fest footage we are shown Twiggie striding purpousfully down the hallway. He's suddenly cut off by Todd Grisham.


Todd: Twiggie, if I could just have a word.


Twig: Make it quick. I need to get the "party favors" for my victory celebration.


Todd: Umm, well first of all, I'd like to congratulate you on your tag-team victory.


Twiggie: Thank you.


Todd: But really I'd like to get your reaction to Brett Banner's announcement that at No Mercy, it will be the two of you in a no DQ match.


Twig: My thoughts? Brett thinks that him, a man who could never survive in a real fight outside a ring. I mean, let's face it, you can't actually pull of a scoop body slam or a double leg-lock armbar in a real fight.


Todd: So you seriously have no doubts about a victory come No Mercy?


Twig: What did I just say?


The dirty hippy snatches the mic out of the tiny man's hands.


Twig: As technically sound as he may be, Banner won't be able to survive when I bust him open in the boiler room, or run him over in the parking garage, or when I toss him off the top of the god-damn arena!


Twig's eyes fill with fury and he stares through the camera, into the soul of every viewer.


Twig: Brett Banner, you think you're hardcore? Anyone can slam someone down onto the mat, but it takes a sick, sick b@$†@rd to watch you opponent slowly fall to pieces while you hammer away at him WHACK WHACK WHACK


Twiggie mimes a baseball bat involved beating


Twig: with a baseball bat. As you watch them look up into your eyes, and through bloody teeth and a crimson mask, beg for an end that won't come.


Todd Grisham slowly backs away.


Twig: Come No Mercy, or should I say the day after? When you regain consciousness, you will have a new found respect for hardcore.


Twiggie suddenly cracks the mic over Todd's skull. A buzzing noise shoots through the arena as the mic shatters. Twiggie walks off with a bounce in his step.


Twig: (muttered) Where'd I leave my herb?


Fade to black.

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The camera returns to the Million Dollar Corporation, To find Eagles tell someone to get the table Gower broke fixed now


MDM - Gower man, Did you really need to break my table ?


BG - After tonight, That’s not the only thing I’m going to break


MDM - Well save your energy for the match, Use it to hurt gringo more


TD - He’s right Barry, But THAT BITCH IS MINE


MDM - Barry play that DVD again man, That was a classic


BG - That will be nothing compared to what I do at No Mercy to Holt and Gringo


MDM - Just bring that Heavyweight title back to MDC Barry


BG - Oh I will Chris don’t worry about that


Ted pushes play on the DVD remote as all three men sit back and watches Fill’s career ending


MDM - Ouch, I can still feel that Barry, And you didn’t even hit me with it


BG - The way it should be Chris


TD - Chris what’s on your DVD ?


MDM - Stick it on


Eagles pass’s the DVD to DiBiase who sticks it in and pushes play on the remote, On it it’s the end part of One Night Stand


BG - Ouch now Mills, Would be hurting after that Gore


Eagles - Ha, Yeah I know, Will I wasn’t getting hit by it


TD - Don’t blame you Chris


The DVD also shows Eagles hitting the Bounced Cheque on Black earlier in the night


BG - Nice


TD - Who did this DVD ?


MDM - I paid some bloke, Playing with loads of knobs


(Voice Over)

Cole - Keith Jaxx ?


TD - Production bloke


MDM - Yeah


TD - Bet Cole was jumping up and down then Chris, Ha, Ha


MDM - Oh, The sick son of a bitch


Suddenly the DVD goes all fuzzy and the crowd can be heard cheering as Gringos face appears on it


EG - Chico’s Tonight DiBallsless got hurt by a women, Gower Tonight in the main event YOUR GOING TO GET HURT BY THE MEXICUTIONER


The DVD goes blank as Gower picks up a table and throws it through the TV




The camera fades to Cole and Tazz at ringside


Tazz - First PMA and now Eagles, Who’s next


Cole - What do you mean ?


Tazz - TV’s Cole


Cole - Oh


Tazz - Gringo sending Gower and DiBiase a message there


Cole - We have to go to a break, So be sure to stay tuned to show the main event later on in the show


The camera fades to a classic TWOstars moment this week Latino Heat winning the old TWOstars championship

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Cuts to a scene of the door of the Dark Alliance locker room, the door is shut but Boyo, Sickness and ol' Twiggy are clearly in there.


Twiggy: Man, I'm hungry!


Boyo: Heavens, Mr Twig, how can you still be hungry? You've just eaten a 1kg bag of Cheetos! Your stomach must be a bottomless pit.


Twig: It sure feels like one.


Boyo: Mr Sickness. The Pimms


Drink pouring from a bottle into glasses (and sloshing to the floor) can be heard.


Boyo: Excellent. Generous measure there, Mr Sickness. Bravo.


Twiggy: Cheers everyone, here's to us!




Boyo: Cheers!

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Back from Boyo's recently signing of his new Care Bears audio book and we see The Incredible Holt, pacing his way through the back, anger still very much on his face, it's obviously been a stressful night


Grisham: Mr Holt, can I have a word




Grisham runs for the hills before Holt can lay a hand on him, the clench of a fist is enough for the Grish to send smell-o-vision into overdrive


Holt carries on undisturbed, technicians and road crew make sure they keep out of the champ's path, avoiding eye contact at all costs. Two men quickly scurry past, carrying a box about 62" long and about the depth of a Plasma TV


Off Screen: Hey! HEY! There you are


Holt looks up as the owner of TWOstars Darkstar marches into view


DS: Thank god I found you big man, I wanted to thank you of taking care of that idiot Akten.


Holt stands, arms folded, comfortable with his Future colleague


DS: I know Tom is still having troubles but I thought I'd give you some news.


The Silent Destroyer raises an eyebrow


DS: In two weeks as a reward for your efforts I thought I'd let you go a bit old school




DS: That's right big man, two weeks time it will be you, versus Akten in the Xtreme TV main event, whats more it will be a traditional Steel Cage match


Holt emits what could be described as a smile, but to most it would come across as someone having to sit through an Wrasslinboard Efed TV show repeat


DS: Not only that, but tonight I've got a surprise for you


Holt again raises his eye brow, looking down at his buddy


Darkstar pulls something from the inside of his plush leather jacket


DS: I want you to take this and make sure that our main event goes exactly to plan


The TWOstars owner gives Holt a wry smile, Holt understands in an instant, snatching away the blue referee shirt and taking a walk to the Gorilla Position


Cut to Best of Dominator cut price DVD promo

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Back from the Best of Dominator cut price DVD promo we go straight to ring side to see TWOStars announcers Michael Cole and Tazz....


MC: My god ladies and gentleman what a night its been… We’ve had Anal tonguing, the works…


Tazz: And its not over yet Cole!


MC: That’s right because right now we got a huge main event that leads us into Sunday and No Mercy!


Tazz: That’s right Cole, Gower and his manager versus Gringo and his Mamacita…


MC: And lets not forget… the champion, The Incredible Holt as the special guest referee… whats gonna happen in this one Tazz?


Tazz: All I know Cole is that this is gonna be a Rocketbusta! Wait… looks like Gower is here...


"Ride the Lightning" by Metallica hits the speakers and the crowd begins to boo but there is the sound of a few slight cheers in the background.....


MC: and certainly isn't a fan favourite...


Tazz: He don't care Cole, all tonight is about is getting one step closer to the TWOStars World title... that’s all that’s on his mind...


MC: Well there is the small matter of the Gringo and of course the champ himself stood in that very ring…


TC: From Belfast, Northern Ireland... weighing in at 285lbs... The Future of the business... BARRY GOWER! And his tag team partner…. He is the Million Dollar Man… Ted DiBiase!!!


Gower walks out through the curtain drawing in the crowd reaction. The Future begins his descent towards the ring, ignoring the audience's booing and jeering as he continues on his journey with Ted, still a little shaken from before strolling along behind taunting members of the crowd…


MC: Say what you will about him though, Gower is in tremendous shape...


Tazz: And look at that sly smile Cole... You know Gower is gonna fancy his chances against the Mexican Sensation and I wouldn’t blame him after all the only back up Gringo‘s got is a little girl..


MC: Ah… But that little girl just knocked Ted on his old ass!


BG gets to ringside, where he skips from side to side to more LOUD booing from the crowd. He pauses for a second before he jumps up onto the ring apron, which cause a LOUD pyro to shoot off from the entrance way. Gower steps through the middle ropes as his music fades out.


MC: Well Gower and Ted are here…now for our other ‘team‘….


The lights dim and the crowd buzz as Not Listening by Papa Roach booms through the in house speakers.... Brooding dark red and green lights flash and spiral around the ramp and ring and pyro explodes as the Evil Gringo emerges from the back, eyes full of rage, ready for war with his Mamcita, Becki standing proudly behind her man... The crowd cheering wild in their ears…


Tazz: Man the Gringo looks intense tonight...


MC: You heard the man last week Tazz, he wants to prove to the world that the title is HIS… And he will stop at nothing to claim it…


Tazz: Ah but Holt and Gower have stopped him before… looks like the quest might end a little early if you ask me…


TC: And from Rochdale, Manchester, England.... He is the ’Mexican Sensation’... THE EVIL GRINGO!!! And his tag team partner…. She is ’Mamacita’ BECKI MOSS!!!


Gringo walks calmly to the ringside holding Becki by the hand and ascending the ring steps slowly… Before entering the ring he gestures to his Mamacita and he climbs through the ropes…



He walks past Gower and climbs the buckles to soak in the cheers from the capacity crowd…


MC: Gringo certainly the fan favourite here tonight…


Tazz: Yeah and Mamacita is looking mighty fine yet again… ouch!


MC: Gotta be said though… These two have tangled before, I wonder how familiarity will play a role…


Tazz: There is no doubt Cole that both these men are students of the business and they’ll have watched both of their matches again and again… Now its time for the referee….


Mark B and Blade - You don't see the signs hit’s the arena speakers and The Incredible Holt, the TWOStars World Champion makes his way to ringside to loud boo’s and heckles from the crowd…


MC: What the hell is Darkstar thinking? Making Holt the referee in this match up, he has no place in this ring….


Tazz: Cole the boss has a plan… And when the boss has a plan and wants things done then they get done and all who get in his way get crushed… by that guy…


MC: But this match has nothing to do with him…


Tazz: Yes it does Cole… those men want his title, those men are fighting for his title this Sunday at No Mercy… He is just scouting them out…


Holt gets in the ring wearing a badly fitting and slightly torn referees shirt and he just stares down both Gower and Gringo. Both men stare back before turning their attention on each other as the Holt calls for the bell…


They lock and Gower hits a swift double leg takedown and tries to dominate the Gringo on the matt, a place where he is superior... However the Gringo is no slouch down there and they both begin to work the mat with fast counters much like the last times the two collided, each man familiar with the others intentions....


Tazz: Man these two are fighting over everything... this is gonna be a tough match to call...


MC: Ah but this time you’ve got to add in the wild cards on the outside…


Tazz: Ha… Mami ain’t gonna do nothing, it’s Ted you’ve gotta look out for….


Both men fight back up to a vertical base as holds and counters are exchanged on both sides... Gringo ducks under an attempted clothesline from 'The Future' and spins at Gower with a roundhouse but Gower has him spotted and ducks before stand nose to nose with the Gringo as the crowd’s applause goes on around them...


MC: Gower showing the Gringo that he is more then equal with him as far as intensity goes yet again...


Tazz: Man these men might well just rip each others heads off... this is gonna be a rocket busta, just like I predicted...


MC: Not just that Tazz, these two just seem to know what each other is gonna do next… it’s gonna take something special to put the other man down!


Gringo tries for a hammerlock to soften up the arm and that's countered as Gower trips him and goes after a leg lock. Gringo however remembers this tactic from before and rolls so that he too has a leg lock applied… Both men get some of each others limbs and are screaming at each in the hold... Gower however manages to squirm out his leg and kicks at Gringo and the mat before and tiring to turn over into a half crab... Gringo realises this and scrambles to the safety of the ropes....


Tazz: Smart there by Gower... He knows the Gringo loves to springboard and if he takes the legs then the ‘Sensation isn’t gonna be flying anywhere…


MC: And smart by Gringo as well to get to the ropes before any further damage could be done...


The feeling out process continues on the mat as Gower tries to work a headlock to grind Gringo down... Gringo however works his way up back to a vertical base... He elbows at Gower’s ribs and shoots him off the ropes... drop down from Gringo... leapfrog coming back the other way and BAM!


MC: Gringo misses with a huge dropkick and lands hard on the mat!


Tazz: Gower had him spotted there Cole…



Mamacita tries to rally her man from the apron as Gower scrambles into a quick jacknifed cover much to the approval of Ted on the other side of the ring...







MC: Just a near count there... still too early to put Gringo down...


Tazz: And look Cole… You where so worried about Holt refereeing… Yet that was a nice normal count…


Gringo has rolled outside and Gower follows... But 'The Sensation' was just trying to lull the champ in as he peppers Gower with knife edged chops, hard and fast... He tries to whip Gringo into the guardrail but Gower reverse and sends Gringo towards the railing… But Gringo LEAPS onto the rail and dives off with a modified Gringosault!


MC: No wait Gower has the Gringo spotted again…


Gower lets Gringo slid down and then looks hit’s the former champ with…


Tazz: Fall Away Slam, shades of last time… no wait!


Gringo struggles in his grip and Gower is unable to keep him locked… This provides just enough time for Becki to lace Gower right in the head with a stiff kick! Gringo drops out of Gower’s grasp and now in control he hooks Gower and hits a perfect snap suplex, right on the arena floor!


Tazz: Would you look at that blatent cheating!


MC: It’s called helping out a loved one Tazz…


Tazz: You mean how you help out Jaxx in the showers?


MC: Shush! We’re on air!


Gringo hauls the stunned Gower of the mats and flings him back into the ring… Gower stumbles back up to a vertical base and he and Gringo stand off again before locking a hand each Lucha style...


MC: Gower looking to play on the Gringo’s terms here…


The Mexican Sensation looks to drive his vicious kicks to the ribs of Gower as payback but 'The Master Of Pain' swats them away with his free hand before drawing Gringo in to a handheld test of strength... Gower is to smart though and breaks it with an elbow to the arm and then hits a smart leg trip into a tight leg hold which he cranks over into a modified single leg crab.... Gringo wise to this though tries to roll over towards the ropes but Gower quickly switches the hold into a tight STF!


Tazz: Gower's too wise for the Gringo‘s games... He knew the Gringo was expecting the single leg but there was no way he was expecting that STF… Hey what she doing!


Becki comes through the ropes and once again kicks at Gower… Gower is unperturbed though and laughs at her as Gringo is still trapped in the hold…


MC: What a sadistic swine! She’s giving it everything and he is just keeping that move snitched right in!


Gringo writhes in pain, his ribs and legs under tremendous strain from the hold... he inches forwards towards the ropes, Gower fighting him all the way... He gets close.. Only fingertips away... he gets there and Gower has to break the hold....


MC: What’s Gower doing?


Tazz: Well he does have a five count to break...


Gower had refused to release the hold and Holt has to administer a five count on 'The Future of the Business'... But is slow to do so…














F... Gower at last releases to loud boos from the crowd...


MC: The fans here tonight not happy with Barry Gower's tactics...


Tazz: Well they might not like it but how many can be able to say they where ERE I.C. champ and TWOStars US Champ at the same time... Plus he’s doing so well Ted hasn’t even had to get off the apron yet…


Gower now goes after the ribs like a shark smelling blood, the legs not a concern for him at the moment… First he attacks with knees strikes and then as Gringo goes down elbows... Then on the floor with headbutts!


MC: Man Gower is like a man possessed! Just like last time he is trying to break the Gringo’s back and ribs in two!


Gringo is down and winded and 'The Future' rolls him into a quick cover...









Tazz: See Cole… Level and even counts from the champion…


Gower is unperturbed however and lifts Gringo up again, this time looking for his own suplex... Gringo blocks it once but Gower tries again... But Gringo counters into a DDT... Gower remembers though that he was caught like this before and stops the Gringo before nailing him with a beautiful Northern Lights Suplex bridged into a cover!









MC: Becki in too save Gringo before the three there… But Gower is all over him


Tazz: He's gonna need more then what he’s showing if he is gonna keep Gower down...

Gower stares a hole through Becki you scrambles back to the safety of the apron… Gower hoists Gringo up but Gringo fires up, the pain in his ribs and the cheers of the crowd spurring him on… He nails a few stiff forearms to the Million Dollar Corporation member... The final one spins Gower round and the champ tries to sneak behind for a suplex... Gower counters and switches standing looking for his rolling Germans but Gringo has him scouted... Gower pushes him off into the ropes and Gringo tries for a...


MC: Gringosault!


Tazz: No look, Gower’s countered it..


Gower has Gringo over his shoulder after catching the lighter champion... But Gringo fights it and slides down 'The Future's' back looking for a Reverse DDT... But Gower counters that again looking for another Northern Lights Suplex… But Gringo this time is wise to Gower after tasting the move before and nails Gower in the knee dropping him down… He stands back for a run up and…



Tazz: Shining Wizard by Gringo! No wait Gower’s ducked it! Jesus this guys done his homework…


MC: But Gringo just caught him with an Axe Kick coming the other way… Gower is stunned at last!


Gower is dazed by the sudden counter attack and reels into the corner where he makes a quick tag to Ted… Becki has her arm out and wants in but Gringo refuses…


Tazz: Is he insane? He’s tired and beaten and needs to tag and yet he’s gonna stay there and get his ass kicked?


MC: He doesn’t what Becki to be harmed!


Tazz: Well she shouldn’t have got in the ring should she?


Ted comes in and looks to lay into the Gringo but Gringo is too quick for the old man and dodges him… He whips Ted into buckles hard then charges in and nails a high knee in the corner as well for good measure stunning ‘Million Dollar Champion’ even further… He staggers out as Gringo slides onto the apron… he springboards…


MC: The Ode To KENTA by Gringo! Right to the back of DiBaise’s head!


Gringo is quick to follow up with a pin…










MC: No, Gower breaks it up there…


Gringo can't believe it and expresses his disapproval in Holts officating ... Ted mean while is staggering to his feet only for Gringo to turn round and forearm 'The Million Dollar Champion’ clean through the ropes...


Tazz: What a shot by Gringo!


MC: Like I said Tazz… This is how much he wants the title...


The referee however won't let Gringo go outside to go after Ted and Gringo can’t believe it… Gower goes to check up on his mentor who is staggering up to his feet whilst Gringo is trying to get past the ref and Ted has to use the rail for support... The referee leans through the ropes to check on Gower’s team and the Gringo has had enough… He takes a run up and leaps….


MC: The Spanish Fly by Gringo! What an athlete!


Tazz: Looks like he just took it out on his own ribs just as much as he took it out of the Million Dollar Corp though Cole… All three men are down and hurt…


Gringo is hurting though as his bruised and battered ribs are taking their toll... He realises this maybe is his chance and grabs the stunned DiBiase and rolls him back into the ring… He hoists him up but DiBiase reverses on him and goes to deliver a Double Arm DDT!


Tazz: Whoa what an insult this would be! One of the Gringo’s own favourite moves!


Gringo is unfazed however and switches right out into….


Tazz: GringoLock! GringoLock! That moves banned!


MC: Not anymore! And besides… It’s called the Mexicution now…


Tazz: Darkstar banned it though!


MC: For a month… And its been longer then a month… It’s all legal now….


Gringo has it locked in tight and the crowd and Becki are buzzing and cheering as it looks like Ted will be made to tap in his return match! DiBiase is fighting it but Gringo has it locked in tight….


MC: The end could be near here Tazz


Tazz: God Cole, he‘s trying to break his neck!


Gower is up though and rolls back into the ring… And then breaks the hold with a HUGE stomp to the top of Gringo’s head… Holt motions for Gower to get out as Gringo slowly gets to his feet and Ted rolls around in agony… Gringo hoists him up with evil intentions…


Tazz: Exploder Suplex! No countered by Ted! Hahaha what a counter…


Ted was wise to the Gringo’s tricks and quickly placed a well aimed knee right into the Gringo’s Aztecan Fertility Temple….


MC: No Tazz! That’s just blatent cheating!


Tazz: Better give Becki the bad new… No children hahahha!


Ted rolls over into his corner and smartly makes a tag… Gower is in and wants blood… But is cut short but a sudden burst of rage by the Gringo… He launches into a kick flurry driving the ‘The Future’ back into the corner… He charges in after him but Gower moves…


MC: But Gringo is wise to him again!


Gringo headstands before flopping down with his legs on Gower’s shoulders… But Gower is once again wise to Gringo and hoists him up into an Electric Chair!


Tazz: Oh my… Gower’s looking to nail Gringo’s own finisher on him…


Gringo is struggling though smart to his own move… He punches away at the top of ‘The Futures’ head before..


MC: What a counter… a beautiful spinning Hurricanrana!


Be that as it may both men are down and breathing hard at the effort they are putting forward… The camera takes this time to look at Holt, the champion just staring at his challengers with a small sly smile on his face…


Tazz: I wonder what’s going through his mind…


Gringo has the end on his mind as he cuts his throat and signals for the Skullburner... But Gower wants none of and quickly switches behind the champion... He looks to hook the arms...


Tazz: Gower looking for the Tiger Suplex’s...


MC: But Gringo is fighting it...


Gringo avoids the Tiger suplex but Gower is having none of it and throws the champ over anyway in German suplex


MC: But the Gringo has it scouted and lands on his feet!


Gringo goes to Back suplex Gower but Gower is wise to that as well... He elbows away at the temple of the Gringo and switches again before delivering another German Suplex… Right into a bridge!










MC: Becki in to save her man again!


Tazz: Hey, it’s her funeral... Gower would hurt her just as much as him remember, this is all about the title…


Gower isn't done and whips Gringo with a huge Northern Irish Whip into the Turnbuckles... Gower runs in for the kill but Gringo is wise and kicks him away... Gringo runs this time at Gower but gets caught with...


MC: HUGE Spinebuster from Gower! Man the crowd came alive for that one! What impact!


Tazz: Right on the ribs Cole, Gower I tell you has a plan and he's sticking to it...


MC: Gower into the cover now...










MC: Gringo kicks out!


Tazz: Gower can't let himself get frustrated here... He needs to keep control...


But Gower is having a hard time doing so and gets in Holt’s grill about his count... Gringo has inched his way to the ropes and is slowly pulling himself up... Gower spots him and signals for one more...


MC: One more what?


Tazz: You asked this last time fool! And the answer is still Spinebuster, god Cole you’re a tool... honestly they STILL don't pay me enough to sit with you...


Gower grabs the champion, the Mexican Sensation nearly out on his feet... He whips him towards the ropes but Gringo slides under them! Gower is annoyed and charges only to be caught with a huge elbow... Gringo follows up with....


Tazz: Springboard Forearm! Gringo pulling that out of nowhere...


MC: The Mexican Airforce Airstrike by the Gringo…


Tazz: Was he ever in the airforce Cole? You still haven’t answered that one…


MC: I don’t think so… My sources are still searching for the answer to that…


Gringo is feeling it right now and signals to the top turnbuckle... He climbs facing to the crowd but Gower spots him and crotches him.... Gringo unable to see 'The Dispenser of Pain' coming... Gower climbs up after Gringo, both men clearly tired from their ordeal and swinging clubbing blows at each other...


MC: I don't like the look of this Tazz...


Tazz: I know Cole both men way up there!


MC: Last time they where up there Gringo ate a German Superplex…


Tazz: Yeah and it looks like he didn’t like the taste of it… Man is he fighting it…


Gower wins out though with a huge clubbing forearm to the injured ribs of Gringo that he has worked on throughout the match.... He pulls Gringo up...




Tazz: Good God Cole! We need to see a replay of that one!


The replay plays as both Gower and Gringo are down in the ring… Gower throws Gringo off the top with all his might and the champ flips right over maintaining a grip on Gower’s head and driving him down with a huge reverse DDT!


Tazz: Man, that’s gonna hurt in the morning... wait Gower’s stirring...


Gower rolls towards his corner… slowly, the effect of the move knocking the wind out of him…


MC: Gower is looking for the tag.. But what will Gringo do?


Gringo looks at Becki’s out stretched hand and doesn’t know what to do… Ted is in behind him and the crowd begin to chat ‘Mamacita’ at him… Eventually Gringo gives in…


MC: Becki is in!


Ted laughs at her and charges at her thinking he will scare her off… But is met with a Drop Toe Hold!


Tazz: Has Gringo taught this broad how to wrestle!


Becki then quickly stomps up and down Ted’s back with her high heeled boots!


MC: Oh yeah… Those boots where made for walking alright… get em girl!


Tazz: Could you bee any gayer?


Ted is up to his feet holding his back a look of surprise on his face… which quickly turns to anger as he swings for Becki… She ducks under his fist and Stamps right on his foot with her heel! She quickly follows up with…


MC: What a move! A Double Arm DDT by Mamacita, shades of her man right there!


She rolls into the cover…










MC: Oh my! Ted just kicks out!


Becki flushed with excitement goes to lift Ted off the mat but the Millon Dollar Man quickly thumbs her right in the eye!


Tazz: Haha, now that’s a ring general right there…


MC: You mean a cheating old swine!


Ted quickly tags out to Barry who stands in front of Becki who is trying to get some sight back in her eye… Gringo shouts at her and she turns round just in time to see Gower smiling a sick smile at the poor Mamacita… He throws a big clothesline…


Tazz: My god! He just hit the champ! Becki ducked and he just nailed the champ!


Gower stands there looking down at the fallen and stunned champ whilst Becki rolls into the corner and makes a tag to the refreshed Gringo…


MC: Oh its back on now!


Both men are in and start to swing blows wildly at each other… Both are staggered from the force of the blows but neither will fall... Spinning Throat Chop/Spinning Forearm and we have a Double KO as both just beat the living hell out of each other!


MC: My god, both men are down… Holt is down… what is gonna happen!


Tazz: I don’t know Cole but I can’t concentrate either with you shreaking like a girl either… Oh at least Holt is getting up now…


The champion gets to his feet…


MC: And boy does he look angry!


He spots Gower on the floor stirring and goes towards him with evil intentions… However Ted is in! Dibiase locks the Million Dollar Dream on the champ!


MC: Ted is rolling back the ages to protect Gower!


Holt squirms around and grabs a hold of Ted who is straddling the champs back in a vain attempt to bring him down… Holt has him over his shoulder…


Tazz: Owwww….. Goodnight! Big Running Powerslam on poor old Ted by the champ…


Holt turns round and see’s Becki just to the side of him with her high heeled shoe ready for protection… He raises his mighty fist and grabs her… He hoists her up…


MC: My god! Not the Incrediplex!

But no! Gringo is up and starts to pepper the champ with elbow after elbow saving his Mamacita!


Tazz: My god… Holt is staggered!


MC: Gringo just saved Becki as well… how romantic…


Tazz: Cole equals Gay…. They should sell them signs outside…


Becki drops off Holts shoulders and rolls out of the ring…. Gringo isn’t done yet and continues to throw chops and elbows into the throat and head of the champ! He backs off as Gower is getting to his feet…


MC: GringoKick! Right to the chin!


Holt is staggering backwards, right towards the waiting Barry Gower….


Tazz: MY GOD!


MC: The Burning Hammer!!! If Gower hits that this Sunday at No Mercy then its over!


Gower stands there looking at the fallen champ and his fallen manager… He turns round to face the Gringo who like Gower is swaying from the matches efforts… They nod their heads at each other before…


MC: My god their trying to tear each other apart!


Gringo launches into Gower, their temporary truce over now the champ is gone…


Tazz: What a rocket busta!


Gower and Gringo exchange blows before a STRONG elbow sends Gringo into the ropes… he bounces back into…


MC: SPINEBUSTER! Gower just took out Gringo as well!


Gower stands above the fallen Mexicutioner with his arms raised…


Tazz: Wow! Gower just sent a hell of a message going into No Mercy right there…


MC: Ladies and gentleman that’s all we’ve got time for… we’ll see this Sunday live on pay per view!


The camera fades out on the vision of Gower stood in the middle of the ring… the carnage he created littered around him…



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