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The new era.

the HiTman

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I dont really know what 'era' the WWE/wrestling is in right now. Ive seen some people say it has been the year of legends (at least in the WWE). But its not really an era, is it?


I say we are due another 'Super Hero' era. The movie industry has been in boom with super hero movies for quite some time now and they are getting the audiences. What the hell difference does it make that it is 2005?


I know that audiences are 'smarter' these days but I think one of the main reasons is because the audience is a lot older than it was in the mid-late 80's. A Lot of the audience these days were kids in the crowd when Hogan and the Warrior were on top.


If the WWE was full of gimmicks to cover up some of the poor talent on the roster right now (bar the obvious decent talent) then they would get over no matter what. The Warrior is a true example of what I am trying to get at.


I wouldnt mind it at all to be quite honest. I can see it working and getting more kids watching who will stay loyal and watch for many years.


What do you think?

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