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Monday Painting!


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After the bumper number of entries last week I'm late in posting this week's compo. I'm sure there's a moral in that.


Anyway, the rules.


Only use rubbish drawing programs like Paint or whathaveyou. NO copy&pasting of photos and such!


Make sure that the picture fits on the screen - don't let it stretch the forum borders!


And this week's theme:



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So like yer, I'm on another alien thing


So here we have Spazz. As he reckons he'll be pro by then.


and for some random reason the human race all got probed my aliens and grew antanae(sp)



and all the star's and spaceship are carrying billions of fans, with specs on that let you see really far infront of you, and these star seat stretch out for ages, and can carry 300 passengers, although you have to pay to sit in the star seats, you don't have to pay to sit in your own spaceship.


Yes I have totally lost my marbles now.

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I put 20x more effort in this week for some reason.


It's WWSEO because the WWF kept suing. It stands for World Wrestling, Sports Entertainment Orientated.


EDIT: Ah crap, I'm about two pixels too wide.

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Why have you drawn a picture of someone doing a poo?


It HHH been under the thumb by stephanie and he has forgot to change his nappies


And its 27years later and the wwe has gone into bancrupcy after vinces death with steph in charge


I got this because i can see the future:lol

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