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Twenty Reasons To Rave About Rooney

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Wayne Rooney turns 20 today. Despite his still tender years, the Croxteth-born striker has crammed plenty into his career already.


He earned his Premiership debut aged just 16, is England's youngest player (17 years, 111days), the European Championships' youngest scorer, football's most expensive teenager and was recently voted FIFpro World Young Player of the Year by his peers.


Rooney is never short of plaudits. Here, we've picked out 20 things said about Wayne so far...


one "Rooney is one of the best players in the world, without doubt. He's already very important in world football, but in the future his contribution is going to be even greater."

- Ronaldinho


two "There are some players that have fire in them and he's one of them. It's in his make up. Take it out of him and you won't get the same player. It's about striking a balance. Roy Keane was the same, as was Paul Ince. You just hope the character of the player and the experiences of playing create that balance."

- Ryan Giggs


three "As a player he's got everything. He can play deep, left, right or in the middle. He scores goalscorers' goals inside the area but he can also score from outside the box. As if that wasn't enough, he sometimes plays in goal in training."

- Wes Brown


four "Wayne is the best young player in the world. He has everything."

- George Best


five "There isn't another player in the world who has the ability Wayne Rooney has. He's achieved so much at a young age - he's the main man for club and country. He astounds me. He is a phenomenon."

- Sir Bobby Robson


six "Rooney can do the lot. Eventually he'll have all the United records. He has the ability and goal power to beat my 18 hat-tricks and, as for my 46 in a season, I don't see any reason why he can't overtake that one day either. Every time he gets the ball there is a buzz of expectation from the crowd. The opposition defenders are in a state of panic and there's always danger that he'll score."

- Denis Law


seven "I could go on all day about Wayne because he's such a big, big talent. He's going to be a massively important player in the future. He's going to keep breaking records and I'm just glad he's English. He surprises everyone and runs defences ragged."

- Steven Gerrard



eight "I think England have got some super players and an extra special player in Rooney. If you look back in the history of the World Cup, great sides have always had special players that just lift the team quite a bit more. Platini has done it for France, Maradona for Argentina and I think Rooney can do that for England."

- Glenn Hoddle


nine "Wayne came into the England team at an even younger age than I did. If you play well and keep your form, you are going to play a lot of games for your country. And with the ability Wayne has, that means many more goals and many more records to be broken."

- Michael Owen


ten "I can wax lyrical about him but I can't articulate £27million's worth, however hard I try. When a manager of the standing and knowledge of Sir Alex Ferguson spends £27m on someone, that speaks volumes. It's enough to say that he's only a teenager yet England are relying on him to win the World Cup. I don't want to say too many nice things about him. He's peed me off anyway because he's scored against us."

- Mick McCarthy


eleven "His aggression is one of his big strengths. The minute you take his spirit out of his game, you would lose a big part of what he gives the team. There's no fear about at all. His character is pretty unique. He knows he has the ability, but he has this knack of being able to go out there and not be scared of anyone no matter who he is up against."

- Frank Lampard


twelve "The first time I realised how special he could be was when I took an under-11 team to play Manchester United. It was eight-a-side on small pitches with small goals. All the parents were on one side of the pitch with the coaches on the other. At 11, Wayne scored an overhead kick from about 15 yards out that flew straight into the top corner. There was a silence around the ground. I don't know where it came from but someone started clapping and within seconds everyone was clapping - including the parents from the other team."

- Ray Hall, Everton Academy Director


thirteen "He's a young player with remarkable physical and creative power. He has belief and determination and the physical ability to achieve what he sets out to do."

- Arsene Wenger


fourteen "I would pay to watch Wayne Rooney because he plays with no fear and I like the sort of striker who will score all on his own if he wants to. He has the sort of forward's instinct no coach can teach. You are born with it."

- Thierry Henry


fifteen "I know from personal experience that he's an absolute nightmare to mark."

- John Terry


sixteen "He has the potential to be a legendary player. Pele had all the ability in the world. But one of his great qualities was that he could take anything and any situation in his stride. From what I have seen of Wayne, I think he can do that too."

- Zico


seventeen "Football needs heroes like Wayne Rooney."

- Brian Clough


eighteen "I was there when Ryan Giggs made a similar impact. Rooney, like Ryan, just takes your breath away when he plays. Ryan is still playing at the top level now now and that's because he has had the right people around him like Alex Ferguson."

- Mark Hughes


nineteen "Wayne knows all eyes are on him but goes out and does his own thing. That's fantastic. He's fearless."

- Ruud van Nistelrooy


twenty "Every man and his dog has an opinion on him. The good thing is that he has his feet on the ground. He is at the right club and we know he can handle it. We will guide him."

- Sir Alex Ferguson


FROM manutd.com


It seems that alot of people feel that Wayne Rooney is overated??would anyone else like to add their plaudits for him??Or maybe slate him??

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He's an awesome player. I'm a United fan and I wish he would cut out the stupid parts of his game but I wouldn't change him for anyone in the world (Honestly). You can have your Gerrards, Lampards, Henrys, Ronaldinhos..We have SuperShrek and damn proud of it! lol
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My only worry is that the fact that he is constantly played out of position and also the fact that his temper is still an issue...


Other then that Roonaldo is prehaps the shrewdish signing by Alex Ferguson since the aqustion of Cantona...


And like the great Frenchman before him, when everything eventually gels around him and Fergie (or a successor?) get the right side together in the next couple of seasons well then only Chelsea's spending might will stop Man U...


He can be the catalyst to a return to the glory days of 92/93-00/01


I'd hate to think how unbeatable Barcalona or Chelsea or Milan would be with him their side....


Happy B-day Wayne... Heres to another 20 great years of success!

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