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*** Official Raw Discussion Thread - 24th October 2005 ***


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The Taboo Tuesday voting begins in conjunction with RAW this week, and anything can happen in accordance with the fans’ whims. Who will join John Cena and Kurt Angle in the Triple Threat Match for the WWE Championship? What stipulations will RAW’s Superstars be forced into? Be sure to tune into RAW for details of all Taboo Tuesday’s fan-driven, interactive matches.


Either Kane, Shawn Michaels or Big Show will be voted into the WWE Championship Match at Taboo Tuesday. All three will be on display Monday in a huge Triple Threat Match, providing the perfect forum for WWE's fans to judge who is worthly of being voted in.


Also, WWE Champion John Cena will battle Kurt Angle with Mick Foley as the special guest referee.


Last week, Edge lost his Taboo Tuesday main-event opportunity after being distracted by JBL’s music. “Mr. Money in the Bank” then told RAW General Manger Eric Bischoff that he’d have to watch SmackDown to find out how he'd answer. What will Edge do and say on RAW following his threatened SmackDown presence? And Triple H is sure to respond after being chased off by a bloody, rabid Ric Flair last week.

Credit: WWE.com

Spoilers are allowed in this thread.

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It's the infamous Rolling Report:


Polls for TT open at 10pm Eastern.


Show opens with a few curtain jerkers: HBK vs Show vs Kane.

I feel sorry for HBK, having to work with 2 big lugs - he's good, but even he can't carry these two on his own.

Standard Big Man stuff for Show and Kane - punchy, kicky, occasional power move.

During the break the two big guys go for the double chokeslam thing that TNA did with Abyss and Joe - HBK leaps in but show "catches" him.

Back from the break - HBK chops away, but they're no-sold by both men.

Funnies commentary from King "Look at the power of Kane" as he fails to lift Show up. :P

Kane goes to the corner for the punches, but stops at about 3 - the crowd carry on counting. :P

Superplex from Show on Kane, HBK takes advantage with an elbow drop and SCM, but Kane stops him, covers but kick out.

Kane gets loads of chairs, waffles Show - Kane to the top and they mess up the Shelton/HBK leap into the SCM.

Chin Music to Show and that's all.


Cena video with him in a NASCAR car, the Chav-Monkey still has his belt on him during the drive.


During the break, Grish interviews Michaels - they're obviously trying to push Shawn as the person to vote for.

Show walks up the ramp, they hug and Show puts over the Music by holding his chin.


Back and King goes for Cheap Pop, then Cheap Heat on Coach - a member of the crowd has the Carlito "apple" t-shirt - now that's cool.

They go over the SCSA/Coach options - the crowd boos the Debate and Arm Wreslting, but cheer the Street Fight - what a surprise.

Coach challenges Steve to come to the ring with him.

During the break, Coach waffles and the crowd "what" him. The crowd chant for Stone Cold.

As we return, the glass breaks and his truck screeches through the arena - will Vince fine him for being late? :P

But it's not Austin in the truck, it's Steph (now we know why the truck screeched). She even has a camo hat on.

The gap between Stephie's boobs is almost as big as Lita's - maybe HHH's nose has pushed them apart. :D

They go over the "re-hire" JR - note that they don't mention that he'll get his announcing position back, just his job. She puts over Vinny.

Screech and a car crash, it's MICK~! Well, it's Steph on TV as well, so it's the same sound-effects.

Steph makes jokes about JR being full of crap, but it's taken care of now after the colon surgery.

After a quick exchange of words, out comes Carlito in his very cool shirt - Steph with a low-blow kick to drop MICK~! and Carlito pounds on him and drops the knee into the groin.

Carlito with the apple and the spit to the face - that's twice he's been spat on since he retired.


They announce HHH vs Big Vis after the break. Look, I'm so excited, no, really, I am - OK, so I'm not.

During the break we get a 5 second snip of the Cena/NASCAR thing - I think production values are up again.

Big Vis enters during the break, so he'll be "already in the ring". :P


Frosty laughs at Mick in the medical room.


Time for Tripper's entrance, and he still gets cheers, even after attacking Flair - goes to show you that people still love him. Flair charges down to attack, so HHH starts laying the refs out who try to stop him.

Vis has now vanished - which is amazing considering he's such a big guy.

After HHH is dragged off, Flair gets into the ring and grabs the mic, since the WWE are ripping off TNA, he tries to do his Konnan impression by throwing his shoe. :P

Flair "begs" the crowd to put him into a cage with HHH - well, it's probably the one they want.


Outside and JBL's limo pulls up - he gets out to a big boo. Then we roll into another break.


During the break some guy interrups Frosty and tells him that JBL has arrived, you know, Smackdown's Bradshaw. :P

Bisch stops JBL from entering - are they scared of somebody who can cut a good heel promo?

In the ring Edge, Lita & Masters are in the ring, of course Edge is on the stick.

Edge puts down JBL with a "no-one cares about JBL" and "Rey Mysterio is a bigger star than JBL".

Oh gods, Masters gets the stick and the place goes chilly as all of the heat vanishes.

They go over the options for the RAW vs SD match at TT.

Edge calls Christian his "good old buddy" - have they completely forgotten that they're meant to be brothers???

JBL challenges Masters to come out and slap on the Masterlock - his 30 seconds are better than anything else that Masters and Lita could do. :P

Masters runs out and JBL says that he fell for the oldest trick in the book - Rey hits the ring, missile dropkick to Edge, 619 to Lita - huge pop for Rey Rey.


During the break, da Bisch comes out and starts to rip on Teddy.


Back from the break and Mickie James comes out for a match, accompanied by Trish and Ashley. Damn Alexis is cute.

Her opponent is the only heel female wrestler, accompanied by Torrie and Candice. Baz wants option D added to the "what should they wear?" - Nekkid.

Victoria starts off by using her power, but Mickie tries to come back. Nice "air kick" by Victoria as she tries a stomp.

Mickie with a STIFF-ASS~! chop so Victoria grounds her.

Alexis goes for a bulldog, but Torrie trips her. Loads of back and forth interference as Mickie rolls up Victoria - they stay in the roll up for about a minute in the rolled-up position, neither even trying to kick out.

Mickie takes it, the heels try to assault, but since the faces have 2 wrestlers, they run the heels off.


Vinnie Mac is walking and he looks happy about something - maybe they've removed the big rod from up his butt - but the way he's walking, maybe they've inserted a new one. :P


During the Break, Grish is asking the audience what they'd like the Divas to wear at TT - all of the options get cheers.

Then they go on about Carlito vs Mick - Dude gets a mixed reaction, Mankind gets a big cheer and Cactus gets a HUGE cheer.

Crowd cheers loudly for the cage match for HHH vs Flair as well.

No surprises at all.


Vinnie is coming out to the ring - he says that they had cameras at JR's surgery.

Cue the "comedy" bit with Vince as the doctor and a well endowed nurse, no surpise there. He pulls out a jar of JR's BBQ sauce. Clips of JR's audio. Pull out a football (American, not soccer). Next they pull out an "owl". Plunger and it's a rubber hand "Mae Young's other hand", then a goldfish in a plastic bag... A crowbar is pulled out to widen him, and a football helmet is remove.

How long can they drag this out?

Out comes a road drill and Vince over-acts for it's use. They're not getting an echo when talking, and Vince pulls out a Stone Cold drink thing.

Lastly they pull out JR's head - he's had his head up his ass, get it? You see, it's funny - no, really, it is.

Vinnie then pus the nurse up onto the table as they start to "make out". Yup, he's a loving husband.


During the break, the Tag Champs come out and rip on TT and the idea.


It's Rosey and Hurricane, but without Hurricane after his heel turn on Unlimited.

Helms comes out onto the staging as Rosey dominates in the ring on his own. Rosey calls for him to come down, but Helms just stands there watching.

Teamwork from the champs turns the tide. Murdock goes all Old School (not Taker's rope walk, I'm talking about Old School wrestling) on Rosey, and then mocks Rosey by standing in the Heroes' corner.

The Champs win it with what appears to be the weakest double team move in the history of double team moves - a chop block and clothesline.


During the break, Grish is interviewing Helms - he goes all Heelish, saying that he's carried Rosey for 2 years, which is pretty much right.

Helms isn't laughing anymore, the only person he's helping is himself. It's another Internet based Heel Turn.


MICK~! is out for the main event (at 10:47pm, so it's going to be a long match).

Kurt is out with what sounds like the whole crowd doing the "You Suck" for his entrance music.

Cena's music hits and the crowd explodes with cheering, but with some audible booing. Stone Cold comes down, oh, sorry, it's Cena - the camo hat and skull motif are throwing me off. :P

I think they've got some TNA fans in the crowd as they start a "Lets go Cena" and "Lets go Angle" chant battle.

Kurt selling like a mo-fo for Cena, the guy can make anybody look like a million dollars!

We cut to a break 2 minutes into the match as Angle is knocked to the outside.

During the break Cena manages to pull some punches off of Kurt's head in the corner - seriously, watch the way he does corner punches, the motion is away from his opponent's head.

Kurt manages to pull it back a bit and hits a few suplexes.

Can somebody PLEASE teach the WWE Champ how to throw a punch? If they looked any weaker, you could call them a fortnight.

Cena comes back with his no-selling routine and he actually manages to pull off a fairly decent looking fisherman's suplex.

Carlito runs down to take out Mick - Cena with the lamest move in the Industry, the Five Knuckle Shuffle.

Bisch runs down in a zebra shirt, Cena no-sells loads to keep on kicking out.

Angle gets the Ankle Lock and Frosty moves the rope away from Cena, then slams Cena's hand into the mat for him to tap.

Gotta love the antics of a heel boss. :D


After the show, on Unlimited we get Bisch setting up Cena vs HBK next week as he gloats about Angle beating him, and that's his FU back to Cena.


Overall, a pretty poor show, with some highlights, but not many.

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A rubbish Raw, screaming of Vince Russo at the moment for me.


Too much stuff happening, loads of gimmick matches, some awful attempted comedy segments.


I would actually put money that Russo has joined the booking team at the mo, they've just gone in a time machine, and its complete 1998 booking, except now its totally out of place.


The Vince angle was one of the worst in recent memory, and served absolutely no purpose. Just a very awful show.


Far too much going on to make any real impact, and a lot of it, having no point anyway. HHH v Flair in a cage would be awful booking, as they've barely been feuding, and the Angle v Cena match was just irrelevant.


All in all, it was just a complete car wreck of a show. It seems they have a million ideas for it, but no editing, so they try and cram everything in with as many "stars" as they can try and use, except Foley and Austin are being awfully used, and everyone else seems to fluctuate about.


Its 2005 guys not 1998. Crash TV wasn't popular when Russo tried it in 2000, and we all know what happened to that company.

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right because this happened on Unlimited i'm going to put spoiler tags on it just incase no one has seen it yet



finally they've scraped the Hurricane gimmick for a normal gimmick, no longer will he be called The Hurricane, now he will be refered to as Gregory Helms, this is great news because The Hurricane gimmick is old and boring


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right because this happened on Unlimited i'm going to put spoiler tags on it just incase no one has seen it yet



finally they've scraped the Hurricane gimmick for a normal gimmick, no longer will he be called The Hurricane, now he will be refered to as Gregory Helms, this is great news because The Hurricane gimmick is old and boring


what's annoying though is that it was on WWE.com.. most people aren't going to see it... so there will be little to no reaction when he next shows

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We start with Shawn Michaels doing his nancy boy, religious, male stripper routine and that isn’t a good start to Raw. Lillian smiles, but it isn’t the loving, longing gaze she gives Trish. Big Show enters with his new Kenny Rogers beard. Show and Kane slug it out and that isn’t good, but then Show caves Michaels’ chest in and its good. However Michaels ruins it again with his little girl chops and his horribly comical selling.


An ad break 5 minutes into the show isn’t good, but then I turn to ‘The Box’ and the brilliantly catchy ‘Torn’ by the popular Australian female artist, the very purty Natalie Imbrooglialala is on and that’s better than watching Kane and Michaels.


We return with Kane vs. Show as all the horrific memories of King of the Ring 99 come flooding back. Kane vs. Show, Billy Gunn wins it. Man that was one horrible show. Why do people try to Irish Whip The Big Show? I don’t think I have ever seen him not reverse it. Kane does a horrible Back Suplex. 2 botches in 2 weeks. Good to have you back, big guy. Show makes up for it by bumping like a freak off the Superplex. Michaels stamps his foot like an idiot as I continue to wonder why people continue to turn in the direction of where Michaels is stamping his foot. Roll out of the damn ring already. Its like the Hulk Up. 20 years of that stupid routine and people still haven’t learned to either just roll out of the ring or to kick him in the nuts when Hogan starts going into spasms. Kane starts throwing chairs and that reminds me of Cactus Jack, Funk and The Public Enemy coming under fire from the chairs in ECW. Now THAT was fun. Michaels wins of course (Yeah I know, I know. I’m shocked too) despite Show being the better worker. Match was pretty bad, but Show was the MVP of it.


Cena said something at the end of that ‘white guy who thinks hes black visits redneck land and tries a sport that only rednecks take part in’ segment that I think was supposed to be English, but it didn’t sound like it.


3 ad breaks in 15 minutes makes the baby Jesus cry. ‘Empire Records’ is on Sky Movies 1 at this point and that tempts me to skip Raw. Great film, great soundtrack, Liv Tyler looking foxy and it marks the only time ever Renee Zellwegger has ever looked good. Usually she looks like a bulldog chewing a piss covered thistle.


I look forward to Austin showing up but once I saw the blacked out windows, you knew they’d go and spoil it and they do just that by having Stephanie and her hilarious, comedy boobs of doom show up. Her head pops out of the sunroof, then the top of her chest. I go out, read the ‘Norton Anthology of American Literature’, then read Melville’s ‘Moby Dick’, watch Fellini’s 3 hour epic ‘La Dolce Vita’, listen to Pink Floyd’s ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ while watching ‘The Wizard of Oz’ backwards, come back and her boobs still aren’t out of the truck. Stephanie’s craggily, haggard voice gets me thinking of what she is like at home. I imagine her in a bath robe, house slippers, Mickey Mouse t-shirt with yesterdays pizza stains all down the front, cigarette hanging out of her mouth, bottle of Bourbon in hand, listening to Bonnie Tyler, watching the Shopping Network, telling those brats to stop kicking the God damn ball into her yard. I like how Stephanie takes credit for there being a wrestling business when she has been doing her darndest to put it out of business. Stephanie kicks Foley in his robust posterior and Carlito puts a beatdown on him. No one can put people over as well as Foley can. People like Rock or Foley or Flair are the real superstars of wrestling. They were secure enough to job to anyone and everyone and knew that they were talented enough to stay over and to make money no matter how many times they jobbed. This is unlike some other people I could mention.


Trips vs. Viscera is announced and when Viscera is the better worker in a match, you know you’re in trouble.


Foley backstage looking beat up as I wonder if this is the same guy who was thrown off the Cell and was taking the Nestea Plunge every night in front of 15 people.


Coach says the fans are on their feet during Triple H’s entrance and so am I as I walk out to take a piss during it, but Flair shows up so I hold it in. Flair does crazy better than anyone. They should totally sign Terry Funk, team him with Flair as the crazy, old timers beating the crap out of the younger guys. I would so buy them as the tag Champs. Hell, if they did Flair/Funk vs. Cade/Murdoch with the 4 of them bleeding like stuck pigs it’d be the greatest thing the WWE has done in years. See this is the difference between Ric Flair and a guy like Hulk Hogan. Hogan gets turned on by a guy he trusted, a guy who claimed that Hogan was the best tag partner he ever had, a guy who had his back. So Hogan shows up on Raw says ‘Brother’ 807 times, ‘Dude’ 811 times, accepts the challenge for the match, then pisses off home for 2 weeks. With Flair, you fear for the safety of Triple H, we have the sense that Flair legitimately hates him. This is why Hogan will never be in the same league as Ric Flair. Flair begs for the cage and I’m not going to turn down a begging man. Cage really should have been the blowoff match though and not the first match.


JBL shows up and about 3 people in the audience make noise. Good idea to have him on a taped show I think. That segment from Smackdown is a great example of the WWE mindset. Masters easily beats up a bunch of small guy, but runs away when Holly shows up. Big is good, small is bad. Edge and Masters might well be the most boring, bland tag team in history. Lita had the good sense to wear a top which at least covered up the fact that each of her boobs are in two different countries. Pointing out that Rey is short is really counter productive. Ok, we all know he is, but you don’t need to make fun of that. Bob Holly gets a good pop. Masters saying Holly probably wants him in the shower is funny because Holly and JBL have probably already had some of that. Vote for JBL and Holly, it’d be hilarious to watch them beat the cap out of Masters. Rey shows up and gets the biggest pop of the night. People would totally buy this guy as the Champion. Enough of this small guy bias crap. Lita ends up on her back which isn’t exactly new to her.


Trish F’n Stratus’ music hits and Ashley, Trish and Mickie James are the purtiest threesome since Eaton, Lane and Cornette. They need to stop putting these girls on Raw every week though. They put sinful thoughts in my head and my mother would not be proud. Are we supposed to buy Playboy to see Candice’s thrupenny bits? See if it was Trish or Alexis then yes, but I see hotter women than Candice in Wetherspoons on a Saturday night. Alexis wrestling in a skirt makes me happy. God damn I dig Ashley. Think less tempting thoughts, think less tempting thoughts. Cricket, the music of Keane, Roseanne in a thong. But it can’t be helped when Ashley gets in the ring looking all rock chick sexy.


Vince shows up looking smug which isn’t like him at all.


Natalie Portman is on VH1 and this is fantastic. Beautiful and smart. Far too smart for a moron like me though, but then I find out she went out with Moby and I’m definitely in with a shot there.


Vince shows up and the McMahons showing up on TV every week again makes me sad, especially as it isn’t even the two best McMahons (Marissa and Linda of course). Vince steals Bret’s ‘enema’ line and they start taking the Michael put of Jim Ross’ colon surgery. This promotion is out of its damn mind. They do a horribly unfunny skit complete with fart jokes and clichéd big breasted nurse as I wonder whether they’ve hired Vince Russo or resurrected Benny Hill and given him the book. This segment was horrific on so many levels and I hate to think what Jim Ross or his family is thinking at home watching this crap. It was as funny as shitting out red hot razor blades, as Coach ever the company man aka ass kisser does his best fake laugh on commentary. It lasts longer than the Vietnam War as I start to lose the will to live. Did this serve any purpose whatsoever? Was this supposed to entertain? Was it supposed to sell PPVs or get people watching your TV show? The answer is No, so why the hell book something as horrible as this? Katie Vick was horrific on so many levels, but at least that was kinda furthering a feud between two, you know, actual wrestlers, but this segment served no purpose other than to get a 60 year old non wrestler more heel heat. Vince of course strokes his ego at the end acting like the dirty old man as they do the doctor/big breasted nurse routine, which is both original and creative. Well done WWE. This was horrendous, I mean just horrendous. I can just imagine Vince bellowing with laughter when he came up with this skit (and you know he did) and that’s the problem with the guy. He doesn’t give a fiddlers fart about what the fans think. Vince McMahon books what Vince McMahon likes, not what the fans likes.


CADE AND F’N MURDOCH. After the horror of the previous skit (and please lets never speak of it again) Cade and Trevor motherfunkin’ Murdoch are in the ring and it is tremendous. I like how they turned Hurricane on the Internet which makes up about 10% of its core audience. Hurricane shows up looking suave, but they shouldn’t call him Gregory. Sugar Shane is a much better name, but oh yeah I forgot we’re morons, we might get Helms mixed up with Shane McMahon if they called him Shane. Murdoch is awesome and you know he dedicated this match to The Crusher. You know that his daddy would tell him tales of The Crusher, Dick The Bruiser or Dick Murdoch and you know they are who he modelled himself on. Murdoch rules all standing in what would be Hurricane’s corner, looking for a tag. Wouldn’t it make more sense for Murdoch to do the Lariat and Cade do the chop block?


They actually have the audacity to still make Foley sell that little Carlito beatdown as I wonder if they know this was the same guy who was Powerbombed on concrete by Vader. ‘Lets go Angle’ chants from the males, ‘Lets go Cena’ from the females. Bah, Angle is a studmuffin. He has the best ass since RVD. Wait, did I just write that in a public forum? People, ignore that last sentence. Cena does a DDT that makes Jake Roberts turn in his grave. Wait, what do you mean Roberts isn’t dead?!? They definitely need to have Foley be Dude Love at least then they can do a comedy match. Foley is in no shape to be doing anything but a comedy match. They do the ring the bell routine, just in time for the release of the Bret Hart DVD. Isn’t that nice.


Yeah another terrible Raw which featured one of the most horrifically unfunny skits you will ever have the misfortune of seeing. At least we haven’t had to see Trips dominate the show since he returned. Instead we get the McMahons, I don’t know whats worse. I honestly don’t know how people can still say Smackdown is the inferior show.

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