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Mean Girls

Captain Caveman

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I've watched it and its a funny little film, its not a great piece of cinema but its alright for a night in with the missus or a bit of fodder on a Sunday afternoon...


Plus the cast are hot which I always point out like an idiot in the christmas talent scene and get told off...


Which is only right I suppose...

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Yes but its not something you comment on in front of your girlfriend unless like me your an idiot...


Lines that should not be said during this scene...


a) Can you get an outfit like that?

b) Hmmmm

c) Oh yes Christmas has come early


d) Get in!


All will result in at least a look from your beloved.

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I was foolish enough to rent this when I heard it was written by someone from Saturday Night Live. What a mistake.


This is typical teen movie girly crap trying to masquerade as a proper comedy. It's not worth going anywhere near this laugh free disaster unless you're a 13 year old girl. Or wish you were a 13 year old girl.


I also find it insane that the excuse "I'll go and see it because it has good looking girls in it!" still flies in 2005. Go download a porno or something if you want to see it for that purpose. I prefer my comedies to make me laugh, not arrouse me. This did neither, for the record.

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