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TWOstars Xtreme TV 36 - October 27th


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Yo yo yo me TWOstars crew


*breaths out*


Anyway, Sunday is No Mercy, don't forget if you are writing a match, promo, or guest performance by a Romanian folk band, get it to DS for FRIDAY. Any later and he will hunt you down.


With that in mind the Show will end on Friday to give the No Mercy PPV a bit of build


And so, the lineup in no particular order, other than of course day is:


XTV 36 - October 27th

Hartford Civic Center, Hartford, Connecticut




Elimination Tag Team Match

The Incredible Holt, Tom "The Disciple" Trash, Violent Vinnie Vengeance & The Lonely Avenger



Jimmy Redman, The Judge, Brett Banner & Philip Martin Akten

- Christof writing



Benjamin Black vs Christopher Eagles: TGO Writing



The Keith Jaxx Invitational



The Dark Alliance and Twiggie Vs Arkham, Retromark and Dante Mueller: Dante and Twiggi writing



Special Guest Referee: The Incredible Holt

Barry Gower & Ted Dibiase vs Evil Gringo & Becki Moss


I will be starting the show tomorrow evening


Thank you please



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I'll take the main event if no one else involved wants it?


Seen as Baz is doing No Mercy and Holt your already writing I think it's gotta be me that does it...


Unless Baz disagrees?


Either way I shall dream up some realistic moves for Becki that I have taught her....


EDIT: Added a few moves for Becki in our joint profile which can be seen here...




Given her size, her connection to me and of course the lack of training she has these moves hopefully make sense....

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Once I've got my below average **** together dude


well try using different angles to get yourself to average. :lol a 180* would do it! i have a small promo that would explain a lot for No Mercy. would you want me to post it before or after the elimination tag match Chris?

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Good opening match... nice spots, good work by holt, good rollibg on ward of the existing fueds and over all a good finish that gives Banner a lift but also keeps you strong and pissed off.


Nice way to get the show rolling and the road to No Mercy gets more and more twisty!

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