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Talk Wrestling Online Community Newsletter #122 - Two shows


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Talk Wrestling Online Community Newsletter

Issue #122 - 23rd October 2005



You know I wish I could fly, right up to the sky, but I cant!


Howdy and welcome to another edition of the Talk Wrestling Online Community Newsletter. With Draven suffering PC problems this weeks guest prober is the mighty one we call Colin. We also have the normal goodies, all the things you enjoy (and the E Fed round up).


So read away and remember that if you feel you can add to the Newsletter please let me know.



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Despite strong opposistion this week Wyndorf gets the coverted prize. Yes, a prize so important its only given out ONCE A WEEK!!! Congratulations buddy, you deserve to be this weeks Member of the week. :)




MrFill, giving advice to drunk drivers how to get away with it is wrong! :P



Forum Threads of the Week





If you could ask ANY one wrestler one question what would it be?




Over rated and Under Rated Footballers by The B-Man. I may not post often in the Other Sports forums, but I try to read it and damn this is an interesting thread.



Forums In Focus

- By Darkstar



OK, using MrFills If you could ask any one wrestler one question what would it be? thread, lets see what you guys would ask.


HHH- Can you smell what I had for dinner last Tuesday?: are you suggesting he has a big nose Spiral Tap?


So, Snitsky, whose fault was it?: Big Craig getting to the heart of the matter.


Or I would say to Masters "How do you supposed to get over when the smarks have hated you from day one?": And his reply Hoffmeister would be 'well the marks dont exactly love me either'.


Sylvain-Will You Marry Me?: Fletch scares me at times.


Linda McMahon, who taught you how to sell a stunner?: Maybe it was Scott Hall [Edgehead


Listen, Vince lied to his face, is that "professional" conduct?: it is in wrestling dave7g


to Ric Flair - why in gods name won't you wrestle in a t-shirt?: We can but hope he will one day Nemasis Enforcer


Steve Austin assulted all 4 of the McMahon's a couple of weeks back. Why aren't you on his case?: Becouse the FBI are on the case Wyndorf!


That was fake: SHHHHHH Kaedon



Member Spotlight



FORUM USERNAME: Spiritchaser


WHAT DOES IT MEAN? Homage to Taker's appearance in Buffy as the Soulcatcher


FIRST THING YOU POSTED ON THE FORUM: Something about Taker's retirement






CURRENT FAVOURITE WRESTLER, AND WHY? Taker because he is the Legend they all want to be.


CURRENT MOST HATED WRESTLER, AND WHY? Snitsky because he is pointless.


FAVOURITE WWE BRAND: Varies from week to week but I never miss RAW, and will record SD.




NEXT BIG STAR: Face: Kennedy / Heel: Burchill


WHAT HAND DO YOU WRITE WITH: Either, but predominantly right.


BEETHOVEN OR EMINEM: Musically Beethoven, Poetically Mathers.


FAVOURITE MATCH: Taker Vs Bret (Hart and Soul)


FAVOURITE THEME MUSIC EVER: Original Taker Funeral March / Lonely Road of Faith (NwO Reprise)




MONTREAL: WHO WAS RIGHT, BRET OR VINCE: Bret, if it wasn't an angle, it was one of the most cowardly acts Vince has ever pulled.


WHAT WAS THE FIRST WRESTLING SHOW YOU REMEMBER: Mania 3, Superstars and Stripes Forever, Survivor Series Showdown, SummerSlam Spectacular. Before them ITV WOS.


BATMAN OR SPIDER-MAN? Batman, needs no special powers is just an ordinary man, who has had enough.




FAVOURITE CHANT: Asshole, Asshole always makes me laugh.






WHAT'S YOUR DESKTOP WALLPAPER: Homer with a loaded pistol


WHAT’S YOUR FAVOURITE TWO MOMENT: Debating with Belty about Hogan Vs Taker, and Gringo Taker Vs Vader, both very good discussions.


OUTSIDE OF TWO, WHAT DO YOU ACTUALLY DO? I work for the government through Liverpool City Council as an Employment Facilitator and am also a time served Ceramic Floor and Wall Tiler.


AND ANY LAST BITS OF INFORMATION YOU ARE WILLING TO SHARE WITH THE MEMBERS OF TWO? Despite a lot of negativity I enjoy coming here because it makes a change from the real world and a lot of you are truly great folks. Take Care.



Community Poll



Is the Game Show Era Over?

Vote and post comments in the thread linked above.


Last weeks results:


How Long Until HHH Beats Cena for the Belt


Results in Months


1: 2

2: 10

3: 9

4: 1

5: 9

6: 5

7: 1

8: 0

9+: 0

NEVER Someone else will beat cena: 12



Colin nails Russ



If there's one thing I've been taught by watching the great journalist and interviewer Stephen Colbert, it's that proper journalist nail their interviewees, probes are for amatures, and being the professional journalist that I am, I managed to track down the man the amatures with their probes could not. Yes ladies and gentlemen, today I, Colin, am going to nail Russ.


Colin: So let us begin...


How about that local sports team?


Russ: Well, there's still a long way to go, but they'll take each game one at a time and not get carried away, and perhaps they can meet their goal


Colin: With in-depth analysis like that I always wonder why you gave up a life in sports pundetry!


Russ: I stole too many pens and they wouldn't let me back into the office


Colin: I assume you at least stole an office chair, and possible a book of post-its on your way out


Russ: Believe it or not I've never used post-it notes before. I've seen them in shops and in other people's houses, but I've never used one. Oh, except one time when I went to the doctor's and she gave me a post it with her phone number on it. I think she was hitting on me.


Colin: Is it true all the ladies hit you?


Russ: Just on the internet. But yes.


Colin: So basically, just Miss T and Amy then


Russ: I also think Goldy said something about "He could laugh me into bed" which was enough masturbationary material for around 5 months.


Colin: Which brings us nicely to your sex life


How do you enjoy your time at TWO?


Russ: It's pretty much the same as WWE right now. There are a few old faces around these days who remind me of the good ole' days, but on top of that there's also a large contingent of newer people coming through the ranks who I like. There's been times where I've visited TWO about 10 times a day, and times when I've visited 10 times a week. Right now I'm enjoying it, because I have admins powers.


Colin: Yes, tell us more about these admin powers and all these secret murders the admins are granted by the World Wide Government


Also, being an admin must get you a lot of real life sex


Russ: Since the forums have been upgraded, there's loads of tick boxes. They're nice, they remind me of doing my taxes. There's also the option to double click on the names of threads and change them without going in. It's all very easy, thanks to AJAX, which may or may not be a sink cleaner.


I was single before I was an admin, and now I'm not. COINCIDENCE??!!! Yes.


Colin: So you say, until you wake up with a knife stabbed between your eyes while your girlfriend yells "I'M THE ADMIN NOW". Of course, you won't hear this due to being dead and all


So, next question, I hear you do a lot of internet radio and are now running your own website domain


Russ: Yes, that's true. I also have long hair and I...wait a second! You're reading from the wrong notes!


Colin: Errr...


Oh you're the OTHER admin... err...


So how about... that... local... sports... team


Russ: Their result in their last game was satisfying to some, yet disapointing to others


Colin: A winning combination if there ever was one


Right, since we've done with the generic comedy, lets lead in to the generic TWO discussion these nailings have


Currently at TWO, is there anyone who stands out to you that you would like to nail


... As a journalist


Russ: As people or as posters?


Colin: Let us do an a and a b


Russ: I'm pretty much indiscriminitive when it comes to people. If there was someone I liked who acted like an ass, I'd tell them. Likewise, if someone I wasn't so keen on did something worthwhile, I wouldn't hide any admiration for that act. I remember posting something a few days ago how I didn't hate anyone from the internet, but there were a few people who I liked more than others. I was never Mr Popularity away from TWO, and my MSN list only has a couple of names from TWO who I'm happy to talk to away from the chat or the forums. I can get on with most people at TWO, and maybe there's a handful of people I would rate more than others as eFriends, but like I said, I tend to keep myself to myself away from the site, with only a few exceptions allowed to talk to me


As for favourite posters, it's not much different to favourite actors. You have some guys who are really funny, some guys who are great at getting serious stuff across, some lay-deez who are hot. I laugh at/with people like AC and Inno, I enjoy reading Beltmark and Jung's posts, I find Miss T to be ridiculously good looking for an internetgirl and there's some guy called "Cloin" who I look up to


Colin: I'm sure Cloin will appreciate those nice comments, before assuming that due to them, you are now married.


Russ: I could have done a lot worse.


Colin: I wonder if Boyo yells out "CHEERS!" during sex


Russ: I wonder if Spiritchaser says:





Colin: Well, those will make disturbing mental picture for everyone, so I'll check that off my list that my journalism teacher gave me. Of course I think my journalism teacher was a drunk hobo, and the sheet he "gave" me was actually his spare change sign I ran off with


So what do you think of The Ultimate Warrior?


Russ: I hear he has a big audio project coming up that "Cloin" is involved in


Colin: Cloin is a true internet celebrity


Back to TWO, what keeps dragging you back to this hell hole?


Russ: It's the only place I can really discuss wrestling. Offline, my friends don't hate wrestling nor do they really mock it. But the only conversations I ever have with them are things like "Did you see Raw?" "Yeah" "Like it?" "Bits of it were good" I can go a bit more indepth at TWO and discuss The Florida Brothers, Stoker Ichikawa, Mistico, Kevin Steen and Shiima Nobunaga. In theory anyway...


Most of the time I just say "HHH sucks"


Colin: You are aware the phrase will cause at least fifteen different arguments on TWO


That is of course, while Amy wonders what HHH sucks and if she can help


Russ: Amy is a lot like HHH. She got into a relationship with someone in power at a wrestling entity and quickly shot to the top. Despite her recent poor contribution, she still manages to stay at the top. She also has a big nose. In fact, I was wrong, Amy is nothing like HHH.


Colin: I would say Chris is coming to kill you after saying that, but then I remember he'll probably be applauding you


Anyhoo, when you use TWO less, is there anything in particular that drives you away?


Russ: Spam. The word has been *******ised at TWO to mean posts that don't really contribute to anything, and it's a complete turn off. Not that non-spam normal posts turn me on. Well, Inno's do. It annoys me, because people take things like post counts and rep points too seriously, and some people are so desperate to post just for the sake of posting that they think it'll make them into an internet celebrity.


I'm also not keen on small gangs/internet posses because of the fact that it's excluding people. I just think that TWO is a lot different to many places, because it's a community where everyone's opinion is of the same value and we're pretty much free to discuss anything we want. But there are those who want to put a few others above the rest of the members and it annoys me. Probably drives away some new posters too. If you have an in-joke thread where everyone is having a laugh and a new person interjects, they wouldn't get the joke. If that keeps happening, they leave. So spam posts and internet gangs ruin TWO.


Colin: In-joke threads are what the private forums are for


Russ: You wanna in-joke? Let's in-joke BITCH.


Colin: Ahahaha, oh that's a good one


I guess, before we move into that word-association I dislike, but it's in my contract to do, can we get more information about the real life Russ? How many strippers have you killed under the influence of GTA? Did you ever have hot Adam Ryland sex? You know all the generic real life questions


Russ: Real life Russ isn't much different to Pretend Life Russ. I swear a bit more and some things like "Howdy kids" don't sound so great in a middle-class East Of Scotland accent so I tend to keep away from saying that. But I'm pretty sure most people would agree that I'm the same guy at TWO, at other internet places and offline. I also have nothing bad to say about Adam Ryland, he's a classy guy.


Colin: So he's an easy lover


Russ: I wouldn't know. He's actually very funny, as most people know from Coach's Dance Of The Day.


Colin: As Raw's new lead announcer, Coach should have that segment in real life


Okay, stupid word association for jerks time




Russ: Check Gmail, Hotmail, Uni webmail, TWO, Nationstates, DVDVR, SomethingAwful then chat on MSN until I get tired. Repeat x99999.


Colin: Sorry, the correct answer was InterNOT, InterNOT




Russ: There's more to it than WWE. Check out TNA, it's easy to come across it. ROH might surprise you, it's a very different company these days to what it was even just 18 months ago. Buy or download puro or CMLL. Watch CHIKARA, PWG and anything else. Once again, WWE isn't the be all and end all of wrestling. Expand your horizons and realise that it's still as good as it ever was.


Colin: Text Language


Russ: I don't see a need for it. I've not used it for years online, and if you can't fit what you're trying to say in a text message with proper English, maybe you should phone the person instead. We'd better get used to it, within 30 years it'll replace the current language and anyone who says "How are you?" instead of "hw ru" will be called an old fuddy duddy.


Or if Vince trademarks that, a Fuddy Deadly


Colin: Religion


Russ: I'm not religious, but again, I think it's something that'll die out in the Western world within a few generations. A bit of a shame that teachings that have been known for thousands of years will most likely come to an end because people are too lazy to get up on a Sunday. The only religion I follow is The Gospel Of The Fallen Angel, Mr TNA, Christopher Daniels. Without a Male Stripper collar.


Colin: Super Porky


Russ: Future of wrestling


Colin: Okay, this will be tough for you, I'm now going to toss a few TWO member names out there, and I'm limiting you to three words per name


I'm evil you see


Russ: Do hyphons count as one word or two?


Colin: For you, two


Russ: Do Typhoons count as a Natural Disaster?


Colin: Only when teamed with Earthquake




Colin: Starting off, Russ


Russ: Young, Hung, Admin


Colin: Kam


Russ: We owe him


Colin: Miss T


Russ: Given me hope


Hope isn't a typo for "head"


Colin: Damn




Russ: Should post more


Colin: Draven


Russ: Should post less


I'm kidding of course, I love the little scamp. But his post count is freakishly high.


Colin: How about this one in general, your moderation team


Russ: Excellent Except Colin


Colin: Colin


Russ: Makes me laugh


Wait, that sounded gay, Simon will murder me. "Ultimate Warrior FM"


Colin: Hang on, that refers to my next name




Russ: Stays local, sucks


Colin: It's true, Cloin is a jerk




Russ: Can I use three letters instead?


Colin : Sure


Russ: WTF


Colin: And finally, TWO


Russ: Hot Internet Girls


Colin: Thanks for your time, Mr Craig Russell of TWO, W101 and GDS fame


Russ: Don't I get a bit to add in plugs and stuff?


Colin: No


Maybe in these amature "probes" you do, but this is a proper journalistic nailing


Russ: So I can't say that people should buy TEW 2005, the highly rated sequel to EWR, from http://www.greydogsoftware.com or that they should visit http://www.wrestling101.com to check out my MMA DVD reviews?


Colin: No, I'd never allow that to be said


Much like I'd never advise people to check out http://www.m1tch3ll.com/ets for more Russ humour


Russ: That's fine I suppose, sorry to be of trouble to you by asking


Colin: You were horrible in this interview, but I made it readable, thank me later


I have no idea why you were so sought after


Russ: Thanks for carrying my ass. I am truely the Jannety to your Michaels.


Colin: I wouldn't waste a perfectly good window on you though


Russ: That's fine, because I don't particularly want to go to jail


Colin: You'd never collect £200 that way


Russ: This Probe just won't die


Colin: You mean nailing


Russ: It wasn't much of a nailing. To be honest, I've had better.


Colin: Fine, I'll make it a nailing, by asking a question you can't answer. Could, you, me, Craig Russell, make me, you Colin Gear ask a question that you, me, me, you would never be able to answer


Russ: Twice.




Russ: Nailed like a Jesus to a cross. I'm talking about Carlito's bodyguard, of course.


Colin: With that, this is over, because otherwise it never would be



TWOStars Update

- By Darkstar



Full results from the October 13th Edition of Xtreme TV


Jordi Warner and Twiggie beat Brett Banner and Jimmy Redman following a foreign object shot on Banner from the Twiggster.


Boyo beats Dante Mueller by submission with a Texas Cloverleaf.


Arkham and Kieth Jaxx beat The Incredible Holt and V3 after Jaxx pins Tom Trash following a Jaxx3000 (Harlem Hangover). Very ECW. :)


Sickness pins Draven Cage following a Diamond Dust.


Evil Gringo pins Chris eagles after a Shock Therapy (Electric Chair lift which is then flipped into a Cross Armed Sit Out Driver).



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This week in Wrestling History


October 23rd


2000 - The Hardy Boyz defeated Edge in a handicap match for the WWF Tag Team title

2002 - AJ Styles defeated Syxx-Pac for the NWA-TNA X title


October 24th


1992 - Don Muraco defeated Jimmy Snuka for the ECW Heavyweight title

1998 - The Dudley Boys defeated Rob Van Dam & Sabu for the ECW Tag title

1999 - Goldberg defeated Sid Vicious for the WCW US Heavyweight title


October 25th


1998 - Rick Steiner defeated The Giant & Scott Steiner for the WCW Tag title

1999 - Ivory defeated Fabulous Moolah for the WWF Women's title

1999 - Bret Hart defeated Goldberg for the WCW US Heavyweight title

2000 - Nick Dinsmore defeated Rob Conway for the Ohio Valley Heavyweight title


October 26th


1980 - Dusty Rhodes defeated Bobby Jaggers for the Florida State Heavyweight title

1997 - Rey Misterio, Jr. defeated Eddy Guerrero for the WCW Cruiserweight title

1999 - Davey Boy Smith defeated D-Lo Brown for the WWF European Heavyweight title

2000 - Davey Boy Smith is arrested for allegedly threatening the life of his estranged wife and her sister


October 27th


1991 - Brian Pillman defeated Richard Morton in a tournament final to become the first WCW World Light Heavyweight Champion

1992 - Shawn Michaels defeated Davy Boy Smith for the WWF Intercontinental title


October 28th


1995 - Mikey Whipwreck defeated the Sandman for the ECW Heavyweight title

1995 - Jesse James Armstrong & Tracey Smothers defeated PG-13 for the USWA Tag Team title


October 29th


1995 - The Giant defeated Hulk Hogan by DQ and the WCW Heavyweight title is declared vacant

2000 - Gen. Rection defeated Lance Storm & Hacksaw Duggan for the WCW US Heavyweight title


October 30th


1972 - Born - Adam Copeland AKA Edge

2001 - Christian defeated Bradshaw for the WWF European Heavyweight title

2001 - Shelton Benjamin & Brock Lesnar defeated Rico Constantino & The Prototype for the Ohio Valley Southern Heavyweight Tag Title



Wrestling 101 Info Centre



Latest Wrestling 101 Articles:


- Making an ‘iMPACT!’ #5


- UK Scene #195


- PRIDE 26: Bad to the Bone DVD Review


- Irish MMA: Only getting better!


- ECW One Night Stand DVD Review



The Main Event



The Two Shows Review


I thought this week I’d take a look at British wrestling for a change after attending an ASW show in Southampton and then FWA Hotwired in Broxbourne. Two very different shows even though they shared a few wrestlers.


ASW have been going for around thirty years now, so it’s difficult to knock their success. They’ve flourished while pro wrestling was on World of Sport and survived after it was given the chop. Ironically while it was Greg Dyke and the sudden boom in WWF that caused British wrestling such pain, it helped ASW in a way as they gave the fans tribute acts and to this very day make money out of selling their merchandise.


So how does an ASW show differ from an FWA show? Quite a bit of course. ASW is more panto and aimed at flogging as much merchandise as is humanely possible. It’d be nice to see them selling more British merchandise. Just why does a company that relies on merchandising so much and puts on so many shows a year leave those shows unreleased on DVD and video?


There are plenty of things about ASW I like and a few I don’t. I suppose I better start with the negative opinions first, which have very little to do with what actually happens once the bell rings. ASW now put posters for most of their cards on their site, the day of one tour poster which includes wrestlers who won’t be appearing are nearly over. For Southampton there was an ad in the local paper a week before the show and the poster on the web. We were told that we’d be seeing American Two Ton Avalanche taking on Joe Legend and Jody Fleisch and Jonny Storm would be in a tag match also involving Chad Collyer.


Now after checking the website and UKFF I knew that Avalanche wasn’t over on the tour and had been replaced by Alex Shane but I didn’t know of any other changes. I decided not to buy the programme which is just photos of wrestlers who may or may not be appearing on the card plus a sheet of paper giving details of that nights matches. When the card began and the MC came to the ring there was no details of the card, so if you didn’t have the programme you didn’t know what the matches were. At no point in the evening did they tell us why Avalanche, Storm and Fleisch weren’t there, that’s not good behaviour.


So what about the card itself? Well the best match was Shane and JC Thunder representing the FWA against Max Voltage and Domino. Voltage, who I’m a big fan of, comes from the FWA Academy but that was never mentioned. Next best match, probably the opener between Dynamite and Collier. The women’s match between Simply Luscious and Erin Angel never really got going and had a dodgy finish, more of which in a moment. Legend v Sonic was ok and Gangrel v Brookside was too stop and go, how Gangrel ever got a job in WWE I don’t know.


The problem with the matches is the mixture of panto and xenophobia. It’s us against the US and that gets used too much. The Simply Luscious match ended in Eddie Guerrero style with the American collapsing on the mat while the ref was putting the pads back on, and claiming she’d been felled by the knuckleduster Angel had on her. In comes the MC who gets the crowd to shout ‘cheat’ and calls her ‘ a disgrace to professional wrestling’ before getting the decision changed. Can you imagine that on Raw?


A few days later and I’m in Broxbourne for the FWA Hotwired show. A few similar problems exist here. There’s been plenty of media coverage on their website and on the FWA fan forum but casual fans who just turn up on the night wouldn’t have known the card. That’s not always the case but with Bagga in Turkey there was no Frontier News at this show. What was good though was the presentation on the big screen that did give details of a few of the matches taking place. Absent from the scheduled card were Iceman and Jack Xavier. Xavier injured his neck and then Iceman was due to meet Travell before Iceman broke his collar bone. Out comes Commissioner Flash Barker who explains all and then out comes Jane Childs to set up Simply Luscious v Nikita. At least we were told why the wrestlers scheduled to appear didn’t show. In terms of merchandise, the FWA Academy had lots or ROH and TNA DVDs but also British material.


In terms of the wrestling itself, this was a completely different atmosphere. The fact there are storylines and a sense of history in the promotion makes it feel that bit more important. The wrestling itself isn’t terribly different from ASW but no panto style cheerleading is needed. Fans just make the humour themselves mercilessly taking the piss out of Collyer’s Mr T hairstyle.


There were dodgy finishes of course and Simply Luscious must have been cheesed off when her finish from Thursday was used by The Manchester Massive in their match against Darren Burridge.


Hotwired was a solid card with highlights being the triple threat between Fleisch, Storm and Spud, though the interference of James Tighe slightly took away its edge and the match between Legend and Shane had plenty of storylines being developed for the future.


So two different events put on by two different companies, though there seems to be more working between the two at present which is interesting to say the least. That’s all from me this week, look out for another Main Event in seven days time.



Final Thoughts



Great newsletter this week even if I say so myself. Hope you enjoyed it as much I did.


Thanks for reading!



Newsletter Editor





With thanks to our contributors for this issue:


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