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El Generico in UK Nov 10 WZW Independence Day


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I am not sure if this counts as a shill or not.


(Writer from Montreal talking about a wrestler from Tijuana appearing in Newcastle... I am going with not a shill.)


Fans of "The Generic Luchador" El Generico will be pleased to hear that he will be making a UK appearance during the Wrestle Zone Wrestling show held on Thursday, November 10th, at the Lightfoot Centre in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne during WZW's Third Anniversary show entitled "Independence Day". According to my sources, he will team with Super Dragon against the Full Pack (Micky L. & Iain Robinson)



Hailing originally from Tijuana, Mexico, El Generico fled to Montreal after am unfortunate training accident involving his trademark BrainBuster (a move already illegal in Mexico especially the way that El Generico does it.) Making his professional debut in Montreal on July 13th, 2002 during the then Internet Wrestling Syndicate's Scarred For Life show. (The IWS now stands for the International Wrestling Syndicate to mark the IWS wrestlers going International like El Generico, Kevin Steen and Sexxxy Eddy as well as the IWS being invited to perform in Philly at Viking Hall the historic ECW arena.)


After making his debut in Montreal, El Generico has gone on to become a star with JAPW in New Jersey, CZW in Philadelphia, and has been featured in CHIKARA, IWA-MS, IPW:UK in England and wXw in Germany. In fact, he returns to wXw on Saturday and Sunday, November 12th and 13th. Most famously, El Generico is a star of California's PWG promotion where he has been the PWG tag team champion with the Human Tornado. The "Generic Luchador" is more popular in California than most luchadores who actually live there!


He has also been the IWS champion beating Pierre Carl Ouellet for the belt making him one of the few people ever to pin in Quebec the three-time WWF tag team champion (with Jacques Rougeau Jr. in the Quebeckers)

The IWS web-site can be found here:



This is a rare chance to see one of the most exciting, high-flyers in Indy Wrestling. I strongly encourage you to go to the WZW show to see him live.


The blow-by-blow account of his first match can be found here:


(WARNING: It's LONG. And when I say it's LONG, I am not kidding.)


El Generico's origin story can be found here:



The origin story of El Generico's cape can be found here:


(WARNING: After some discussion of recent events in Montreal and the announcement of his matches in Germany, the story of El Generico's cape turns into a prose poem as narrated by Volstagg from Marvel Comic's "The Mighty Thor" Yes, I am in fact a geek.)



Venue Address:


The Lightfoot Centre

Wharrier Street





For more details about the show, click here:



For more details about wXw's show "The Fight Club" in Essen, Germany where El Generico will also be appearing click here:


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