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A poem by Kurtmark

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Right i'm no poet but this is inspired by an old schoolfriend who for some reason decided to take her own life over love.


Try to not laugh too hard thanks.




Betrayal a short poem by Brian Weldon (Me) "Copyright [August 2005][brian Weldon] "All Rights Reserved"


The girl stood on the waters edge contemplating her life.

She had just turned twenty & already she was & lover & a wife.


Now it had all being snatched from her so cruelly.

Had it come to this there had to be another way surely?


The waves crashed up against her feet but she was not ready not yet.

She stood on the golden beach & watched her final sunset.


The sun slowly vanished from her lonely sight & day inevitably turned into night.

She stood there on her own with a last lingering doubt was this right?


For her it was she walked slowly into the cold blue sea.

As the waves swept over her they accepted her with glee.


The pull of the waves so quickly pulled her under.

She did not fight as the ocean slowly tore her asunder.


The last thought to flash through her mind was what she had seen.

As her life slowly ebbed away she thought if only it had not been.


She had found her newly wed in the arms of her best friend.

The last drop of life left her body & for her it was the end.



I know it's a bit too rhymie in parts but hey as I said it's a first for me so I can (hopefully) only get better.

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