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Best of the Rest Villains YOUR CHOICE


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I'll just chuck in my personal favourites. The Maestro has probably not been heard of by many people, but clicky and hopefully you'll see why I love him. Imagine if in the future you'd turned out as a bad egg and were no longer your usual lovely self. Imagine you'd allowed life to twist you, and make you cruel and heartless. Then imagine you came face to face with that dark, distorted refection of yourself and had to somehow beat him- except he's you, only older and more experienced and knows exactly what you'll do before you do. Sound like a cool concept? I think so.

The Maestro


Up next: The Leader, Hulk's nemesis, and long running foe in the comics and 2 animated series alike. Instead of gamma radiation making Samuel Sterns a green musclebound hulk, it made him a cognitively enhanced, twisted genius hell bent on taking over the world. Hulky has to stop him, but even in Dr Banner genius mode is still no where near as smart. Game on. Clicky for info.

The Leader


Those are my two picks, Darkie, I read the rules. :P But someone please vote for Two-Face from Batman as well. He's a seriously under utilised and underappreciated character and needs some respect. Clicky to see more about him.


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