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An interesting fact for TWO


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Here's an interesting fact. I got 100% for a creative writing assessment for English' date=' with my artistic impression of Benoit's POV in the Mania XX Mainevent. Yes indeed.[/quote']


That's Amazing! [/Carl Hooper]


Post it for the (T)WOrld to see.

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An array of "interesting" but utterly pointless facts:


Nearly 10% of American households dress their pets in Halloween costumes (we have done :P).

Frozen lobsters can come back to life when thawed.

A pig's penis is shaped like a corkscrew.

Under extreme stress, some octopuses will eat their own arms.

Cows give more milk when they listen to music.

You have no sense of smell when you're sleeping.

The earth is .02 degrees hotter during a full moon.

The venom of a small scorpion is much more toxic than the venom of a large scorpion.

It is physically impossible for pigs to look up into the sky.

Astronauts get taller when they are in space.

Walt Disney, the creator of Mickey Mouse, was afraid of mice.

Black bears are not always black. They can be brown, cinnamon, yellow, and sometimes white.

Mussolini dodged the Italian draft.

Rubberbands last longer when refrigerated.

There are 23 doctors in the U.S. called Dr. Doctor, and one called Dr. Surgeon!

During the 1600's, boys and girls in England wore dresses until they were about seven years old.

Contrary to popular belief, lightning travels from the ground upwards not from the sky downwards.

When gentlemen in medieval Japan wished to seal an agreement, they urinated together, crisscrossing their streams of urine.

In Cleveland, Ohio it is illegal to catch mice without a hunting license.

Most lipstick contains fish scales.

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Heres a few:

President Bush and Saddam Hussein both have their shoes made by the same Italian Shoemaker

In 1998, Sony accidently sold 700,000 camcorders that had the technology to see through people's clothes.

The worlds youngest parents were 8 and 9 and lived in China in 1910.

A 'jiffy' is an actual unit of time for 1/100th of a second.

During an hours swimming at a municipal pool you will ingest 1/12 litre of urine.

The longest one-syllable word in the English language is "screeched."

A Blue whale's tounge is as big an an elephant.

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In 1998, Sony accidently sold 700,000 camcorders that had the technology to see through people's clothes.


Actually you still can... the night light thingy can see through thin clothing in light conditions (I think). I saw a program on it.



Couch potato

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Napalm can be made in two ways...


Either with petrol and frozen Orange Contentrate or my preferred method...


Take a bar of soap and peel off slithers into a bowl of petrol... Place in fridge and it will turn into Petrolum jelly...


Add to an ignitate and BOOM... Fire storm...


Some nice, intresting and above all anti socal advice and knowledge for you all...

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