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First Heel Turn Over The Internet?


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I just had a look at WWE.com, and noticed there was a video called "Matt Striker makes WWE his classroom". I watched it, and I was very surprised with out it turned out. Have a look for yourselves.


That's a heel promo if ever I saw one. He insults families, calls kids stupid and delivers it in a very aggressive manner before giving us a cocky grin at the end. Before when we've seen Striker on WWE.com, he's been funny and pretty entertaining as a goofy face doing impressions. This is a totally different promo though, and it definetly looks like they're going down the Dean Douglas road of being a condescending teacher instead of the happy-go-lucky babyface who loved wrestling so much he quit his job to do it full time.


So what are WWE's plans? Do they expect people to hate Striker due to things he said online, making the first ever online heel turn? Do you think they'll show this on Raw and WWE.com is just getting it first? Or am I wrong and that was just a face promo which has just gone over my head?

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It's Matt Striker! Not Shawn Michaels.

yeah true... but still


WWE are apparently going to give this guy a heel push.. and by turning him on WWE.com.. no-one is going to see it so no-one will care....


and wrestling should be on TV.. there seems to be more wrestling on WWE.com than there is on the actual shows :P

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Well I watched HeAt, and...



When Shelton Benjamin came to tag him in, he walked off and went backstage smirking.


Well, in "real time" he turned heel first, but in the Storyline time, what happened on HeAt happened this weekend, so I'd say the promo, but not real life if you get me.


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