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what do you think ?


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as you all know, i need a good wrestler name.

i prefer blade, but i need an outfit to match the name.

i was thinking loads of black for the name blade, combat for the name amazon and something green for the name emerald.

what do you all think of these ideas.

please post your ideas here.

thank you.:help

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well first of all you need to have been going training and be at a point where you need a name...now i am not saying your not but if you haven't trained then a name isn't needed. I am in training at this present time and i don't need a name but i do have ideas in case i am called up. The name you choose should be something that is related to you or the gimmick of choosing of course but try think of original things as wrestling is touch and go and only the people with originality and skill make it. i would give you some ideas but it is for you to choose and work with.
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It's unfair to say you shouldn't have a name, a lot of trainees come into the gym with an idea of what they want to be.


Usually the undertaker of Stonecold and wear jeans and tee-shirt into the ring!


As they get a sense of self and the confidence grows I have found that gimmicks tend to find wrestlers rather than the other way round.


But like Omen says, concentrate on getting your wrestling right and then work on the gimmick.



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