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Burley leaves Hearts

The Crippler

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From BBC Sport website:


Head coach George Burley has dramatically parted ways with Premier League leaders Hearts.


Burley arrived at Tynecastle in the summer and made a wonderful start, with the Edinburgh club going 10 games unbeaten to reach the top of the SPL.


However, rumours have persisted about an uneasy relationship between Burley and major shareholder Vladimir Romanov.


It is not clear if Burley has been sacked or walked away but Hearts will make a statement at 1800 BST.


The sensational news comes the day after Romanov announced a bid to take private control of the club.


Hearts youth coach John McGlynn will take charge of the team for Saturday's clash with Dunfermline.


He told BBC Sport: "The players have a lot of respect for George Burley and it will be difficult for them.


"The players must try to channel their focus on Dunfermline.


"They will have to show character and rise above the circumstances."


He refused to comment on the reasons for Burley's departure.


Burley resigned his post at Derby County in June claiming his position was "untenable" after falling out with director of football Murdo Mackay.


At the time, Derby chairman John Sleightholme accused him of not making clear "his real reasons" for stepping down.


Burley moved to Tynecastle and set about rebuilding a team with the help of Romanov's considerable personal funding.


Unusually, Romanov himself identified several of Hearts' new faces, although Burley was adamant that he had "total control over selection".


Romanov, who now owns 55.5% of the shareholding at Hearts, arrived at Tynecastle in February.


And John Robertson resigned as manager in May after just seven months in the job.


Robertson, now boss at Ross County, was offered a lesser coaching role by Romanov but chose to step down.


Oh dear.


Well as this has happened on a home matchday, to me it seems quite obvious that Burley has walked. Very strange.

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That's just very strange indeed. I had heard rumours that Romanov and Burley weren't getting on, but I never expected it to come to this when they're sitting in such a great position.


It'll now beg the question if Celtic or maybe even Rangers win the league: Would Hearts have been able to go all the way had Burley stayed in charge?

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Makes alot of sense doesn't it. Top of the table, chance of the old firm not winning for the first time in centuries and the manager is sacked. the fans should rightly lynch the owner no matter how much money he is ploughing into the club should they not win the league in the next 5 years.
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Just heard on Radio Scotland that some Lithuanian bloke who managed Kaunas in Lithuania and led them to five titles in a row is being strongly linked with the job.


Apparently Burley was being put under pressure to have Lithuanians in his team because Hearts have secured some sort of TV deal with a company in Lithuania. If that is true then I don't blame Burley for walking. A player should be picked on footballing ability and nothing else.

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Isn't surprising to hear that. I remember before Romanov took over he made a comment along the lines of "It will be a great day for both Scottish football and Lithuanian football if Hearts play with 11 Lithuanians". How he got that conclusion, I'm not quite sure.


There was also the rumour going around that the only reason he bought the club was to give some unknown Lithuanian players the chance to put themselves in the shop window for a move to the Premiership, and if he can make a profit doing it, all the better.


It wouldn't surprise me to see Hearts undoing a lot of their good work over the next few months.

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Woah. Can I just register my shock here, I dunno, as much as I want Celtic to win the league anyway I hope Hearts don't fall apart now since its actually quite fun following a competitive league for a change (jeez I even went to the pub one week to watch Hearts v Livi for goodness sake), this is a seriously massive blow, Burley was doing such a good job there. Romanov does seem like a bit of an arse to be honest, things like the fact that he'd be signing players Burley hadn't heard of and stuff just is a bit odd really.


You know I checked the table today again since I just love looking at it. One quarter of the season in and Rangers are 4th.. its just... brilliant.

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I was shocked when I heard this, I really felt that Burley could take Hearts into the top two this season, can't see that happening now though.


The BBC is reporting that Bobby Robson is being lined up as a potential replacement.

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I have to say I was shocked to hear this as well.I like Burley he has done a good job at Ipswitch and Derby and was doing a great job at hearts.Apparently Romanov was handing a first team 11 sheet for Burley to use which he didnt want to use as well....what a joker.Back on the strong stuff for George Burley now. Edited by The Genetic Jackhammer
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I was very shocked to hear about this on Saturday. Burley has done well in the short time he has been then, and with his team top of the league its a shame to see him go. But if the reasons are those mentioned here, then i dont blame him in the slightest.
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Jambos keen on Sir Bobby



Hearts chief executive Phil Anderton admits Sir Bobby Robson is high on the club's wanted list to replace George Burley.


The Edinburgh club cited "irreconcilable differences" for the parting of the ways with Burley, who had guided the team to the top of the SPL.


Robson has already warned Hearts he would not tolerate interference in team selection, amid speculation that majority shareholder Vladimir Romanov's influence at team level played a part in Burley's departure.


But Hearts supremo Anderton has revealed former England boss Robson, 72, remains high on the list.


He told the Scottish Sun: "We will revisit names on the original list because we are in a different situation now.


"Football moves quickly and Sir Bobby Robson was definitely one who was right at the top of the list.


"Vladimir and I met with him in the summer and he impressed us so much, the debate about his age is not relevant for me.


"He impressed Vladimir with his knowledge and standing and I think he would put far younger men to shame.


"Now we are looking for proven, world-class managers and he comes into that category.


"It remains to be seen whether he would go for us or us for him ultimately."


Hearts chairman George Foulkes appeared to fire a parting shot at Burley when he told the Scottish Daily Mail: "There are plenty of managers and coaches who know how to deal with an owner with strong opinions.


"It is the same situation at Chelsea and Rangers. The owners of those clubs also have strong views on the game and it is just a case of knowing how to work with them.


"Diplomatic skills are required to work with an owner like Vladimir, but I think there will be a queue of top-class coaches coming forward now."


Meanwhile, Nevio Scala, who also held talks with Hearts in the summer, says he would be willing to hold further discussions with the club.


From Teamtalk.com

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  • 4 weeks later...
Hearts major shareholder Vladimir Romanov asked George Burley to return as manager only days after sacking him.


Burley, who led Hearts to the top of the Scottish Premier League, left last month after a fall out with Romanov.


But BBC Radio Five Live's Roddy Forsyth says Burley was asked back after Hearts lost 2-0 to Edinburgh rivals Hibernian and the backlash from the club's fans.


Burley turned down the chance to return and Graham Rix has since taken charge as head coach at Tynecastle.


Forsyth, who says Burley was offered his job back only 10 days after his acrimonious departure, said: "Nothing happens without Vladimir Romanov saying so.


"We're still getting details of what happened but it does seem impossible to believe that unless he had okayed it the offer had been made so from that point of view it seems kosher."


Chairman George Foulkes and chief executive Phil Anderton have also both left the club since Burley's departure.


Anderton agreed a confidentiality clause on the basis he would be paid the balance of his remaining salary.


However, Forsyth says that is not now thought to be the case, so he is likely to give his side of the story of Romanov's reign soon.


Former England and Newcastle boss Sir Bobby Robson was thought to be the leading candidate to succeed Burley before Rix got the job.


The new appointment has been met with some opposition from fans due to Rix's 1999 conviction for unlawful sex with a 15-year-old girl and indecent assault.



credit BBC.COM



I thought Romanov had experience in running a football club in the past!


He sure is doing heis best to spoil the great start that Hearts have made this season.

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