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Message Boards: The New Therapy?


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This is just something I’ve really been toying with and discussed with a friend before but it revolves around the idea of how the internet, in particular message boards and forums could be argued (in a phrase brought up by him) as the world's new therapy. There are often cases of people using message board’s as mediums to reveal their souls, confess their secrets and cope with things in their life by talking to complete strangers instead of their own family and friends. There's definitely a therapeutic element to talking to a stranger in the online realm (it's essentially one of the primary basis for therapy if you think about it) as your expressions are likely to be less biased than if you were talking to someone close to you. The internet and discussion forums provide you the service at the touch of a button, so thus it could be argued that the instant nature in which you can sign yourself up and get expressing helps to provide a good therapeutic service which could otherwise cost you an arm and a leg if you went through those fields.


But here is where the counter argument comes in and the debates arise. In the sense of getting things sorted in your head, I think it's an excellent idea, but I think in terms of actually solving problems in your life, eventually you'll usually have to talk to those close to you face to face. Essentially talking to those online can help you work out what you have to do, but then you actually have to do it. So while the internet can act as place to confide in, it of course can not help you to fulfil the advice provided, so does it provide the whole service to actually deem it as a form of therapy? It could be argued that the main attraction of having friends and people to confide in online (this includes message boards, blogs, communities, whatever) is that it's basically more convenient. It's the social equivalent of microwave meals: there when you need it, it'll tide you over until you next head out for the weekly shop, but relying and depending on it as a sole source of sustenance will mess you up.


Anyways, I’d like to hear others views on this. Do you think people confide in this deemed ‘internet therapy’ because online strangers don't know you and your history and can give a non-judgmental view? Because you find it easier to offload your problems onto online strangers and not worry those close to you if your not coping? Is this selfish or healthy for you? Is it wrong to confide in the internet to escape from actually confiding in your friends and family, thus maybe never confiding in them in future (in that it leads to you getting the answersfrom the online contacts but then as its not a face to face instruction you have no reason to actually put it into practice.)?


Do you even care? Answers on a postcard, or in a text based format below.

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I see a lot of grouping going on in forums such as these, based around "Cool" individuals who generally acept all as they are. Some people are considered the fraks because they cannot express themselves as much as some people can.


I think the worst "therapy" is internet therapy because everyone has a goal on the internet, be it to be the the coolest chick or to be the worlds most informative wrestling statto there is.


The fact is that none of us are humane enough to see the best in another person, we always infuse it with our own wants and needs.



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I'm sure it's pretty healthy to get things out in the open in any way, even if it is just posting on an internet forum. If you're bottling up things inside it can really get to you, but as they say, "a problem shared is a problem halfed".


I think the main problem comes from the fact that not everyone on the internet is going to buy into the fact that you genuinely have a problem. I think just about anything can come across as being attention seekings on a forum or message board. If you post "I have a problem about my girlfriend", there will be some people who'll think you're just posting to boast about the fact that you have a girlfriend. Likewise, if you post something like "Why can't I find a girlfriend?" or "I've just been dumped", it could be a way to get people to say "Aaaaw, it's not fair, you're such a great person" etc.


These LiveJournals or "blogs" are a similar thing, but the advantage is that you can pretty much control who has access to the page, and who can reply. That's a lot more effective when it comes to this kind of thing where you need to get stuff off your chest.


It's kind of why I'm not a big fan of threads here which could be quite attention seeky. I'm not trying to get at individuals here or citing actual scenarios, but if you've been connected to the internet for more than a fortnight, you'll have seem these kind of things a hundred times before. Threads about going away for a few days or your love life might come across as being desperate for attention and wanting to broadcast stuff to the internet world. That's why I think that there's more of a place for this kind of thing via email or some other media for the more personal type of thread. In my younger days, or in moments of weakness, I've maybe posted stuff along these lines, but I don't claim to be some kind of role model for posting at TWO. Everyone has a different style, everyone has their own opinions.


I just think that LiveJournals or "blogs" are more like the new version of theapy rather than message boards. In the former, you can control who you're talking to and getting feedback from. With forums, it's like you're the crazy guy who stands out in the park rantings and raving about how his life sucks. Maybe someone will hear you and give you some help, but you're also going to be broadcasting a lot of stuff to people who just don't care.

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With forums' date=' it's like you're the crazy guy who stands out in the park rantings and raving about how his life sucks. Maybe someone will hear you and give you some help, but you're also going to be broadcasting a lot of stuff to people who just don't care.[/quote']


Sounds like me lol....


I've been open since day one on the site, not because I want the attention at all but because I like to share experiances with people, I like to gain advice from people and I feel that these threads can help bring the community together if they are not too ego gratifing.

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