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Monday Paint Compo Voting


Who am the bestestest?  

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  1. 1. Who am the bestestest?

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A day late 'cause I'm all full of cold and was a bit lazy yesterday. Anyhoo, let's have a look at the entrants for this week's competition, "The End of the World":


MrFill with a blast from TWO's sordid past:




Slim Jim's Snitsky has the usual response:




Brick's big-lipped Cena brandishes the Undisputed Title, causing the world to end:




Chris2K brings you TSCO.com:




Saracen's better than the Titanic. Only 400 people went down on that ill-fated vessal:




Amy moons the forum:




Mr Perfect shows us the blackest Cena will ever get. The world tells him to "shush!":




Russ comments upon WWE booking policy:




Fletch rises above petty squabbling and... Oh.:




Gem brings you SPIDERS!:




Popsi's social commentary corner:




ahsatan aka Little Miss Literal:




It's not Mega Gandalf but it is by me:




It's jacko's first week entering this compo (I think) so I'll let the size slide:




wyndorf gives us DESTRUCTICITY!:




Moobio imagines a world were Cena pins HHH. Death ensues.:




Voting will stay open for 24 hours! Go!

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i vote mr perfects.. its so true


shouldn't there be a poll herE?


What's that at the top of the thread? Scotch mist? The poll needs to be added after the thread's been posted - it takes about a minute but you were too much of an eager beaver.

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I voted for you ahsatan, before I even read everyone's posts.


I thought mine rocked, and made me laugh. (the thought of darkstar having nightmares about spiders destroying the world, makes me chuckle..:devil)


I still have my pride though, and couldn't actually bring myself round to voting for mine.

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