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Bring a cup of coffee I may type all night for this one, & of course MY favourite PPV is WM X.


Wrestlemania X (10) Madison Square Garden (MSG) New York City, (NY / New Jersey) March 20th 1994.

The history. When Vince McMahon Jr. first created a WWF PPV he had no idea just how popular the idea would be but by the time the Tenth WM rolled along he knew all too well how to put on a good show. WWE spared no expense for this the Tenth anniversary show they rolled in the Hollywood stars held it in MSG where it had all begun with WM 1 & booked some exiting feuds / matches. On March 20th 1994 wrestling fans knew they were in for a spectacular three hours of wrestling & for the most part they were not disappointed. It wasn’t all perfect though Yokozuna who had to work two matches was working injured & it was a miracle he wrestled as good as he did. On top of that several matches overran their time limit causing the 10-man tag (Money Inc, Rick Martel & Headshrinkers Vs Steiner’s, Bob Holly & The Smoking Gunns) to be cancelled. Still overall the show was more wheat than chaff. So with that in mind let’s take an in debt look at each of the card’s matches.


The Heavenly Bodies Jimmy Del Ray & Dr. Tom Prichard VS Bo & Luke The Bushwhackers.

Match History. There was none this was a time filling dark match that was seen briefly in the Countdown to show The Heavenly Bodies won BTW.


The rocket Owen Hart Vs Bret ‘Hitman’ Hart.

Match History. In the run up to Survivor Series 1993 Bret & Owen had argued several times but had also buried the hatchet each time. At SS itself The Hart family Bret, Owen, Keith & Bruce faced Shawn Michaels & his masked knights. The match was going very well for The Hart’s who had eliminated Shawn’s whole team except Shawn himself. Shawn managed to injure Bret’s leg & was working it over but Bret managed to tag Owen in. However shortly later a miscue between Bret & Owen caused Owen to be pinned & he was not happy. Shortly after when Shawn had being eliminated Owen got into a shoving match with Bret & walked away from his three brothers. On a raw the next night Bret & Owen made up & promised to watch out for each other again, they also promised to win the tag team titles. Come The Royal Rumble 1994 The Hart’s got their Title Shot against the Champions The Quebecers. Bret once again injured his leg during the match but the proud Hitman refused to tag Owen when he had the chance & eventually Ref Tim White was forced to stop the match. Best-pleased Owen was not & he beat up Bret even more after the decision Turning heel in the process naturally.


Over the next few weeks Bret pleaded with Owen to apologise for their family’s sake but Owen refused & eventually the two decided a match was the only way to solve this family feud. The match was booked for the biggest event of the year of course & it was one of the best matches I have ever witnessed.


The Match Brother Vs Brother only one can win. It doesn’t get much better than this two top athletes at the peak of their game who knew each other so well (not surprising they are brothers) that the match was flawless with not a mistimed or sloppy move to be seen. Both men worked & speed & mat style at different intervals in the match & it made for very enjoyable viewing. Booking this match first was also a great decision, as it not only opened the card with a bang it showed the rest of the wrestlers how a PPV should be done. The result was, well not unexpected as such but certainly not what I thought it would be with Owen getting the somewhat upset win. Still that only meant one thing Bret was now a dead cert to win the title in the main event but we will get to that in due time.


Bam Bam Bigelow & Luna Vachon Vs Doink & Dink the Clowns.

Match history. Doink the Clown had being playing practical jokes on Bam Bam for some time now as Clowns do & Bam Bam was not happy. Rather than the one on one match that this match should have being it was made into a tag match but still it had some potential, potential that was sadly mostly wasted.


The Match The Jokes stop here. Doink & Bam Bam were fine during their exchanges & that just reinforces the fact that this should have being a one on one. Even Luna was acceptably good in the ring but her exchanges with Dink were pure comedy from start to finish & not very funny at that. Still overall the match was short & (moderately) sweet with Bam Bam pinning Doink to win the match.


Macho Man Randy Savage Vs ‘Kona’ Crush.

Match History. Savage & Crush were best friends in the storylines but Crush turned his back on savage, after attacking him first mind. Savage of course retaliated in kind & before long they were attacking each other every other night only one this could solve this a sanctioned match. Incidentally Crush eliminated Savage in the Rumble 1994 match. WWE felt this match needed a gimmick to help it so they held the first ever WWE falls count anywhere match but under unusual rules. When pinned if a wrestler made it back to the ring in 60 seconds the match would restart if he did not make the limit he would lose the match. (One presumes a pinfall in ring would be an automatic ring? Not that that matters because there were no in ring pin attempts.)


The Match Falls count anywhere personal grudge match. Despite the rules or maybe in spite of them, who knows? This match was quite enjoyable with both men going at it hammer & tong. This was no mat based match it was hard & heavy punching & hard hitting moves from the go. Both men had some close 60-second calls but Savage won the match when he tied crush up & the big man was unable to return to the ring in 60 seconds. Not half bad but better (had come &) was to come.


Woman’s title match Alundra ‘dump the title in a bin’ blaze Vs Lelani Kai.

Match history. You must be joking an actual story line reason for a feud, for woman wrestlers in 1994, you must be thinking of a different promotion.


The match Woman’s title match. A three-minute match (3:24) was never going to be anything but a rushed bore job. Strange then that while it was indeed rushed it was actually quite good while it lasted. Both women could wrestle, which always helps but not a lot happened, as you would expect in the running time. Mind you an even shorter & more pointless match would be coming up later on. (See Quake Vs Bomb) Alundra won but you probably don’t really care / remember.


Tag Team title match The Quebecers Pierre, Jacques (Champions) VS Men On A Mission.


This was a time when the WWF tag division meant something. Real teams like The Steiner’s, The Smoking Gunns, Headshrinkers & the champs Pierre & Jacques made for exiting viewing. Men on a Mission aka Mabel & Mo being an exception they were boring.

Match History: there wasn’t really one WWF had rushed a new team who had somehow gotten the fans over into a tag title match.


The Match WWF Tag team championship match. The match was quite enjoyable though as the quebecers went out of their way to make the challengers look good. That said with so many above average matches at this event there is little point in spending any more time on this match. The champs retained via count out incidentally.


WWF Heavyweight title match with special guest ref Curt Hennig. Champion Yokozuna VS Lex Luger


Match History: WWE had big hopes for Lex. All through the second half of 1993 they pushed him as numero uno face. At Summerslam 1993 he beat Yoko but only via count out & then at Survivor Series 1993 his team beat Yoko’s. Yokozuna though refused to give Lex another title match after Summerslam but Lex found a way around that by co winning the Royal Rumble with Bret Hart. Then chairman / GM if you will of WWF Jack Tunney decided both men would receive the WM title shot. First Lex would face the champ then the winner would have to face Bret Hart. (Bret was also forced to wrestle Twice, as the winner of this match would have to as well.) Tunny also hired Two special enforcers to replace the real refs for this match Curt Hennig & for the Bret / Champ match Roddy Piper.


The Match WWF Title match #1: While Luger never did live up to the hype he was still quite enjoyable at times, in this match in particular both champion & challenger looked good & Curt helped with his good guy / bad guy routine as well. The match was mostly power moves (not surprising considering who was in there) but managed to remain exiting for pretty much the entire contest. Curt DQ’ed Lex for attacking him in the slightly lame finish to the match.


Earthquake VS Adom Bomb


Match History: One had eliminated the other from the some tournament that was about it.


The Match: There was none Bomb came out followed shortly by Quake, Quake pinned Bomb in Thirty seconds.


WWF Intercontintial title match Razor ‘Scott Hall’ Ramon VS Shawn Michael’s.


Match history: Shawn Michael’s briefly walked out of WWE in mid 1993 while still IC champion. He was stripped of the belt naturally & a Battle Royal was held for the belt with Scott Hall coming out on top after pinning co winner Rick Martel in a one on one match. Shawn came back though & WWF decided to take advantage of the story by having Shawn claim he was still champ since he had never actually lost the belt. For several months both walked around & claimed to be undisputed IC champion. At Royal Rumble 1994 Shawn almost cost Razor the belt in his title match with IRS when he hit him with his (shawns) IC title. Jack Tunny decided enough was enough both titles would be defended in a WM ladder match & the winner would hold both belts, which would then be unified.


The Match IC title match: For many Wrestling fans this was the first ladder match they ever saw & it remains to this day the blueprint for all ladder matches. Overall it was a hotly contested high spot fest that at the time had me on the edge of my seat. Even after all that has come since it remains my favourite ladder match. Ramon won the match after he climbed the ladder & grabbed the belts.


WWF Heavyweight title match with special guest ref Roddy Piper.


Match History: See Luger Vs Yokozuna.


The Match WWF Title match #2. Again Yoko managed to work a good match & on any other night this could have being match of the night. Both men gave it their all & made sure the crowd left happy. Bret won the title in the end, as you no doubt remember. After the match most of WWF’s faces helped Bret celebrate his win in ring to end what remains the best WM of them all in my humble opinion.

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