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Wrestler Vs Wrestler the sequel

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Long time Twoites (Twoeens? Two's?) may remember my Wrestler Vs Wrestler debates from last year, it seemed to be popular at the time with a fair few replies but I hadn't the time to write them any more.


Well now I do & rather than bump a year old thread I will start a new one with this one.


(In the old thread BTW is Benoit Vs Guerrero, Taker Vs Foley & lastly Edge Vs Randy Orton.)


Now this one will no doubt cause a lot of debate particually when you see who win's.


Bret Hart Vs Shawn Michaels


The main event. The controversial HBK the man who helped define the new ‘Attitude’ era & The Hitman the man who many rightly believe was the king of old school WWF. Putting them together in a feud as they were was always going to spark controversy & it did. Still Survivor Series 1997 aside the feud was quite interesting although they never really had a stand out singles match. These Two wrestlers have more top ten (of all time) worthy matches than any other wrestlers & as such this is going to get interesting real fast. I will also say right now that I already know who is going to win this & it may not be whom you would expect.



Shawn of course has the Superkick, one of the most overused moves in pro wrestling by the way, but let’s regress a little first. Let’s return to his days as a Tag team specialist wrestler) (as was his nickname at the time.) Back then he used in conjunction with his tag partner Marty Janetty a move called The Rocker Dropper. In singles matches he would also finish off opponents with this move, a move that looked much like Billy Gunn’s Fameouser. Returning to modern times & the Shawn that today’s WWE fans know let’s discuss the Superkick. As I mentioned it is a move that is overused it is generally giving to any wrestler when another finisher can’t be thought up. (See Chuck Palumbo & Steven Richards for example.) Overused or not Shawn’s version still excites every time I see it. This is mainly because it looks so different to any other version for a start there’s the version where he stamps his foot to get the crowd going, no other superkick is like this. Other than that it’s just the way he does it & the fact it can come from anywhere that makes this move stand out.


Bret has the Sharpshooter a move played homage to almost every week in WWE usually by Chris Benoit. It’s gratifying that it should be Benoit who uses the move these days, as the crossface is the best submission move in WWE since the Sharpshooter. Unlike the Crossface & indeed the Superkick is not a move that can be used at any time or place. Still while there is no element of surprise to the move what it lacks in surprise it more than makes up for in excitement. Sitting on the edge of your seat wondering if the latest ‘victim’ of the sharpshooter would tap or make it to the ropes is one of my favourite wrestling memories. This is one of only a move wrestling moves that everybody loves most moves have just as many critics as fans but I can honestly say I don’t know one person who does not rate this move highly.


Much as I like the Superkick only one move would or indeed does win here & that is the sharpshooter.


Bret (1) Shawn (0)


Promo Ability


Bret Hart is no slouch on the Mic that’s for sure & while he never had any really stand out promos they were still all above average & in some cases excellent. Of particular interest & outstanding quality were his promos with & about the Late Owen his brother, these promos raised the bar for all that were to come after. As Paul mentioned his pro Canadian speeches in 1997 were also standout stuff & indeed still stand the test of time.


As for Shawn well during his early years as a tag team face he rarely spoke but when he turned heel in 1992 his mic work was acceptably good. When he turned face again in the mid nineties he kept up the good work & was everything but outstanding on the Mic. Outstanding is something that soon caught up with him though & his work with DX was some of the best promo work, this side of Mick Foley, ever seen in a WWE ring. The standout promo for & one of my all time favourite WWE promo's / skit's was the spoof of The Nation of domination. Shawn played the part of The Rock if memory recalls. (The other Dxer’s played the likes of Mark Henry & D’lo Brown.) This was easily the (intentionally) funniest thing to ever be seen in a WWE ring.


This category is very hard to choose a winner in but unlike Paul I am not going down the draw road. Hard as it may be to do so I am going to declare Shawn the winner here.


Bret (1) Shawn (1)



Bret’s Gimmick from 198? To 1991 was simple he played himself more or less. He played the beloved Canadian face that as part of a tag team or singles superstar vanquished the Evil (& in those days often foreign) heel. More or less a mid card version of Hulk Hogan really I suppose. It was in 1992 & with his first title win that he became the main eventer & all round excellent star that we know & love today. That is where I thought this story would end I never thought a heel Hart would happen let alone work but it did. Squaring him off against nasty heel with attitude Steve Austin & then in the process turning Hart heel & Steve face should by all logic never have worked but it did & it spawned the first of many Canada Vs USA WWE feuds. (Technically it wasn’t even the first Canada represented by Earthquake & Dino Bravo plus others feuded with USA represented by Hulk Hogan & others at an early survivor series & was heavily hyped at the time as being a Canada VS USA feud.) The great thing about this heel turn was that half of the events at this time took place in Canada were Bret was naturally still much loved. Getting it right (for once lol) WWE played this angle perfectly by not trying to have Bret diss the Canadian fans like say for example Christian did at this years WM, instead they played on the fact that in one area Bret was a heel & in another a face.


Shawn too mostly played himself in the early days as a singles wrestler a slightly ****y Texan heel & more to the point a ladies man. Other than in his DX days he has played that role ever since the only difference being that he was a slightly ****y face rather than a heel & these days the ladies man part is played down. During his DX days he added another angle to his character, comedy. DX were involved in some of the funniest & often controversial angles of the time from showing up at a WCW event to the Cooking thing Paul mentioned. These days Shawn still plays himself although the comedy angle has long being dropped little else has changed.


I think Shawn just; just mind deserves this category so he wins.


Bret (1) Shawn (2)


Fan following (Most over wrestler)


Hard category to pick a clear winner in because regardless of when each was heel or face the crowd loved them & / or loved to hate them. The chant so & so sucks should never be taking for real heel heat the chant is usually there because the crowd really do think the wrestler in question sucks. However when during his DX days the crowd chanted Shawn sucks, & worse, it was because he genuinely over as a hated heel not because the crowd thought he sucked. The same of course can be said of Hart’s heel time in the mid nineties. Bret maybe has the edge because during his earlier days he was always slightly more popular than Shawn. Still during their run in the nineties (1995-7) when they were both headline faces it really was impossible to tell which one had more fans just watch WM 12 again it’s impossible to tell who had more support in their iron man match. Still I think Bret has had more important & more headline money making matches, mind you even that’s debatable, so I will give Hart the win here.


Bret (2) Shawn (2)


Move sets & Basic in ring ability.

Now this one is going to be a really tough call as both are great technical wrestlers & both are capable of carrying a Rock (& I don’t mean Dwayne Johnson) to a good match.


Looking at Heart first he had a selection of moves which he always used to tell a story in ring. He would always use a (Russian) leg sweep, a bulldog & various grapevines to wear down an opponent. Shawn meanwhile used slightly more highflying moves augmented with a basic move set. Both were just as capable of wrestling a brawling, speedy or Technical style depending on the opponent(s) in question. As yes the opponents Bret could have a good match with anybody half decent such as Kevin Nash & Yokozuna & when giving an equally good opponent such as Jerry Lawler or Curt Henning was capable of 5 star matches every night. (His best match & one which most fans have long forgotten was against Curt at KOTR 1993.) Shawn too can work a good match with a lesser opponent he carried Sid for example to his best ever work. Just like Bret when paired with an anyway half decent opponent such as HHH he can have a 5 star match seemingly without even trying.


However & this will upset Bret fans on his, admittedly few, off days Bret was no match for Shawn on his even fewer off days. Bret for example could not carry Isaac Yankeem to a good match where as I believe Shawn could have. (Judging solely by his matches with Kane.) In other words I believe Shawn has being more consistent then Bret overall & Shawn deserves this category more than Bret for that one reason.


Or does he? While Shawn might be better at carrying lesser talent is he better at having a good match with equally good talent? Did Shawn for example ever have a feud as good as Bret vs. Owen or Bret Vs Curt? Debatably I say he never had a feud as good as either so for that reason Bret should win. As this one is impossible to sort out I am going to give the nod to Shawn, as I was always a bigger Shawn than Bret fan myself.


Bret (2) Shawn (3)


The Bottom Line.

I said at the start you may not believe who I already knew would inevitably win this & even as I was typing it I had no doubt Shawn would just pip Bret to the post but don’t let the end result fool you any of the 5 categories could have being one by either man & it was really just personal taste that Gave Shawn one more than Bret. Until next time Goodbye

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While I agree with the scoring and points made here, "Move Set and Basic In-ring Ability" should have gone to Bret, as Shawn only used a set of maybe 20 moves (max), where as I remember sitting with my brother and we counted how many different moves Bret and I belive it was Owen Hart did in one match, and it was over 30 different moves for Bret (I think it was 36 while Owen did 25 if memory fares). Emphasis on different, that included some high-flying!


Apart from that nit-pick I thik that was pretty damn balanced. Look forward to the next one.

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not to come in like a smart a** but it was triple h who played the rock in that nation segment



but other than that, good writeup


It's a tough choice choosing between these two, but I also thinks Shawn nearly edges Hart.


You are indeed correct, in fact Shawn Michaels wasn't a part of the Nation parody. HHH played "The Crock", Road Dogg was "B'Lo", X-Pac was "Mizark Henry" and Billy Gunn played "The Godfather". Chyna stood around in the background and they had an "Owen Hart" soundalike in the ring with a fake nose (and pretty good he was too). Still makes me smile today :xyx

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HHH 1998 easily.


Carltio over Orton but only just, just on the basis on entertainment, not in ring ability.


Rey Mysterio over Kevin Nash.


Really can't decide on Bret Hart and Shawn but i think i might have to go for Michaels and the only way i can seperate it is that he was the lighter guy in ways of lightens the mood and seems to have a more relaxed personality to the sport whereas Bret comes across quite serious, but in defence to that, Bret has more reason to be how he is and has been screwed in many ways by many people not even thinking about the Surivior Series Job, so i am talking about Goldberg, The Owen Tradgedy, and the way WCW treated him.

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