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We all (well i think) watch tv for entertainment, and we all have our favourite shows that we cannot go without. However thats not the ones i am interested in. What is your favourite Television Theme ever? Is is the comedy of the Red Dwarf theme, the eerie yet powerful Angel theme, the quite superb Firefly theme, or just the boring Eastenders theme? Come on people, surprise me with your top 5-10 and put in some classics! Mine will follow later.
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I do have a top ten:


1: The A Team

2: Knight Rider

3: Red Dwarf

4: Quantum Leap

5: Top Cat

6: The Apprentice USA

7: Magnum PI

8: CSI: Miami (the best of the bunch, in both theme and show)

9: Miami Vice

10: Tru Calling


Others include Rescue Me, Angel, Firefly, Dallas, CSI: NY, Wonderfalls, Trapdoor, Diagnosis Murder, Bucky O'Hare and Only Fools and Horses.

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I was actually having a conversation about the exact same topic yesterday. There's no way I can make a top 5/10, but here's a few of my favourites from today and yesteryear.


Knight Rider- Just classic 80's elecrtro synthasiser awesomeness. The Spanish guy that I live with told me the other day that in Spain, the show was known as FANTASICAR which is just a cooler name all round. It's a car, it's fantastic, so it's a FANTASTICAR.


Baywatch- I can human beatbox the "Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo" opening drums bit. I also used to know all the lyrics off by heart. Classic Saturday night viewing. "Some people stand in the darkness..."


Shoe People- A program that came up in my conversation the other day. Neither of us could remember anything about the show (except that it seems to figure people made of shoes or people who dedicate their lives to shoes) except the theme tune. "Sh-sh-shooooooe People"


A-Team- This has to be the most recognisable TV theme tune ever. The sound of the 80s.


Ghostbusters- Everyone alive today under 30 must know all the words to the song. It also features THE definitive electro synthasiser solo of all time. Show me a person that doesn't love the Ghostbusters music and I'll show you a liar.


Thundercats- Another legendary TV show from the past, with a great opening tune to match. Even if you didn't know the words, you had to hum along. "Thundercats da da da da, da da da DA! ThunderThunderThunderCATS!". What more can I say?


The Crystal Maze- I found a couple of old Crystal Maze episodes online, and had a great time watching Richard O'Brien do his thing. Great theme tune that you have to hum along to, and a brilliant program to match. I did the Crystal Maze in Blackpool once and for the whole 90 minutes or however long it lasted, I was humming to myself "Dun dun dun duuuuun, dun dun, DUN, DUN, DUN DUN dun dun dun DUN"


Seinfeld- A great cheesey, wacky tune that sums up how zany the show can be. Once you've heard it, you'll never forget it.


Curb Your Enthusiasm- Not the kind of music I'd normally listen to, but done to perfection in Curb. There's no finer compliment for Larry David's excited ranting and raving to some mellow classic music.


Beadle's About- Another one that was mentioned in my conversation. Everyone in Britain, no matter what age you are, you must be able to sing this tune or at least recognise it. Another great Saturday night classic. Speaking of...


Gladiators- OH HELL YES. It's cheesey, it's tough, it sums up Gladiators perfectly. I miss Gladiators a lot, and most of it is to do with the music. When you heard that theme, you knew you were in for an hour of good watching. I still think that Two Scoops would make a brilliant wrestler, he had the athleticism, the charisma and the crowd's backing. Anyway, the music was great.


I've missed out a ton of my favourites, but maybe I'll come back to this thread if I get some inspiration from somewhere.

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1. The Incredible Hulk (well, I would say this, but I really do rate the tune!) I mean the live action TV series, not any of the cartoons. Not the beginning title sequence with the voiceover, but the haunting end theme, just a beautiful melancholy tune played on piano.


2. Thundercats. Love it. Plus any song that gives you the opportunity to shout "Ho!" at the top of your lungs has got be be fantastic.


3. Red Dwarf. Not the rocky title sequence used from Series 3 onwards, but the original one when Dave was painting the outside of the ship and the camera panned back, accompanied by a tune that evoked the loneliness of space.


4. The Muppet Show. "It's time to play the music, It's time to light the lights...". Joy. Sheer joy.


5. The Simpsons. Just yet another great score from Danny Elfman.


6. Quantum Leap. A fantasticly catchy tune that picks up speed as it goes along and I can't help doing a little sofa dancing to.


7. The Littlest Hobo. It's the song my nightclub of choice usually plays at kicking out time when the lights go on again, and the drunken bliss combined with the overwhelming nostalgia never fails to put a smile on my face and a warm glow in my heart.


8. Fraggle Rock. "Dance your cares away, Worries for another day...". I love Muppets, ok? Something wrong with that?


9. CSI: Miami. I like the original series better, as Horatio tries too hard to be Mr Cool, but his show's theme gets the nod from me. It's The Who. You get to shriek like a banshee when you sing along. Class.


10. The A-Team. I had to put this in. I believe it's the law.

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Ghostbusters- Everyone alive today under 30 must know all the words to the song. It also features THE definitive electro synthasiser solo of all time. Show me a person that doesn't love the Ghostbusters music and I'll show you a liar.


hell yeah!


i'm officially the biggest Ghostbusters fan on this whole damn forum!!! :worship :devil


russ rules for mentioning this one

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These are mine


1. Red Dwarf (both Versons)

2. Angel - Such a brilliant peice of music

3. Hex - Come on its one of the best songs Garbage have done

4 A -Team

5. Night Rider

6. Knightmear - God i miss this show more than anything :(

7. Raw - The classic Attuide song before they when to the union underground

8. Ghostbusters (i have a confession..... I am getting both movies on DVD)

9. The Alias theme

10. South Park

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Rosie and Jim!

I have that on my phone sadly


Mork and mindy

Sadly yet again a ringtone on my here phone.


Pink panther






When i was younger (2 years old to be exact) I used to stop what i was doing, and dance to the anchor butter advert thingy.My mum has the usual pleasure of embarrasing with me that, so i thought id embarass myself for once.


I liked the Eastenders and eldorado(?) themes, although Id carry on with what i was doing to dance to those.


There's no recent TV themes I like, although I don't watch much telly nowadays.

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Even if you didn't know the words' date=' you had to hum along. "Thundercats da da da da, da da da DA!.[/quote']ThunderCats are on the move, ThunderCats are loose!


I hear Chitara is loose. I overheard Snarf talking to Lion-O, apparently Panthro is hung like a stallion, and Chitara was messing around with him at the ThunderCats lair when the others were out chasing after Mum-Ra...

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I'm putting waaay too much effort into this now, but some classics have been omitted and I'm here to jog our memories.


TV Timewarp - clicky for memory refreshment.


How can we have forgotten Mission Impossible? Or Bod? What's wrong with us all? :eek


Holy ****! Bod!! what a bloody Icon he is!!





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