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Oh FFS!!!!!


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Yet another hurricane headed our way




Its current estimated pressure is 884 which,if correct, is the strongest pressure ever recorded in the Atlantic. Winds are currently about 175mph. There a good chance its going to be headed right for where I am.


Who said living in Florida was fun? Oh yeah it was me :(

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Or according to my dad, that's what we were told.


My dad reckons were told a load of BS about Bush been such an idiot though, he thinks Bush should stay in power:(


Oh, and he reckons Blair does everything on his own whim......as if!


This hurricane sounds nasty though HSM, can't you move out of the warning area for a bit?

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I know my dad won't beleive it though, he's quite happy under Bush's power.

Although I'm on the verge of falling out with my dad again, I don't want to till

all of these hurricanes are over....just in case on decides to attack CA.


Hope you can stay safe, and that things don't get damaged too much.

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A possible Problem


Well, Hurricane Wilma is fast approaching Florida, and is predicted to hit the state in Naples, and exit out of Palm Beach County (where Acid_Burn, Angel's Wings, and I live)


I'm going up north to my Aunt's house in Ocala (about 50 miles north of Orlando) due to the prediction that FP&L made saying that power may be lost for two weeks. When the power company is saying that, it registers.


Anyway, a problem I can forsee is many people stranded from there homes for atleast a couple of days after BFG. The hurricane is expected to his sometime Sunday night. The Hurricane might even make a shallower turn than expected and head north to Tampa (just west of Orlando). In some way shape or form, Wilma will cause problems for those South Florida residents who ordered the PPV(like me) and those there live.

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Of all the things to worry about with a hurricane headed your way - you are worried about the TNA Pay-Per-View!?!

Dude, I went through three last year and one so far this year, not to mention two out of the three last year were direct hits on my area. This hurricane is predicted to be weaker than all the others when it makes impact, especially in my area since it is coming from the other side of the state. Plus, my family and I will most likely be out of harms way.


But for those who live in South Florida and are going to the show may not see their homes for a while after the storm. Some may just forgoe the show completely.

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