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Right I'm off!

Evil Gringo

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Right before anybody comes under the flase impression that this is another leaving TWO thread it isn't...


It's a leaving my job thread...


I last Friday was caught using the internet at work. I went on for 5 minutes in the last half hour of the day to check my e-mails and a link I was sent for a Puro DVD site, thats it...


My GM and boss Mr Eddie Kuligowski comes into the room after spying on me through a window and asks me "Can you tell me why your on the internet?"

To which my reply was because I was checking my e-mails when I had a quiet few minutes and that is all... He then said I'd been on for 10 minutes at least and had been watching me all this time...




So he rants at me, saying that I do not pull my weight at work, that my co-worker who was not present to defend himself also did not pull his weight and that my department was the most absymal in the entire company, apparently due to me checking my e-mails for a few minutes on the grave yard shift....


So Monday comes round and at the most I am expecting a verbal warning as it is my first offence in a whole year at the company, my first offense, thats all...


He says nothing to me at all, even when I am in his pressence he completely blanks me, this after I have sent him an e-mail to apologise for my conduct (which to be honest I didn't mean but I didn't want any trouble off him anymore as he is a vindictive *****).


So then this morning he summons me to his office... To say that tomorrow he would like to have a meeting to give a disiplinary to me after which he will issue we with a written warning...




So first of all he skips the first step of a verbal which is the accepted first step of the company grievence procedure as laid out in the company handbook... Also I have witness testimony that he caught someone before me, on the very same day, doing the exact same thing and they haven't even recieved a telling off let alone any of this!


So I accept this bitter pill and force the bile and anger down my throat (I was seriously ready to kill him at this point) and I carried about my job which at the moment seems to be running the Stores AGAIN as he and his actions have forced my line manager to take sick leave due to stress...


Then he comes in after picking up on a MINOR and I mean MINOR mistake cased by my mirror dyslexica and numrexica. It doesn't happen often if at all but he decided to then take the piss out of me for my condition....


I had to be held back from murdering him...


So I have decided that after I have my little meeting with him tomorrow and bollock him for not following grievance procedure properly and victimising me that I shall hand in my notice, terminate my ties with the company and say goodbye to Dunphy Combustion....


In my time there as an administrative apprentice I (after a month in the company) ran the stores department for three months, then pulled off small miracles for them as the other departments shortcomings and imcompetance hindered my own department and then after later staff shortages ran the stores AGAIN by myself!


All this on the measly sum of £3.80 an hour, £135 a week after tax and National Insurance....


I'm not taking his s**t, nor blame for others mistakes. Dunphy Combustion with a few shining examples is full of the biggest backstabbing, self serving, low life bast**ds I have ever EVER met.


When next Wednesday comes I will be glad to be out of there and free of the biggest w**ker of them all... Eddie Kuligowski.


I don't care if he see's this, sues me, fires me or gives me another pathetic written warning...


I don't f**king care


I am off.... Tomorrow when he's sat there all sumg because he's just power tripped on me I shall produce my coup de gras and knock him on his ass (metaphorically) and leave him without his most experianced worker....


Then he can kiss my left nut for all I care...


Phew... rant over... thats better...

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Saz the way the company works is that it was founded by Malcolm Dunphy M.B.E. in 1965 and is now run by his daughter Sharon who is married to Eddie Kuligowski....


So I have no real appeal route as the only people above him are his wife and his father in law....


I've got no chance so I am putting in a resignation citing the factors that have led to it and my subsecuent weeks notice...


And believe me people... If I had the chance to stick the sucker in the GringoLock and make him squirm I would... But I will not resort to violence or petty minded tricks like him... oh no this would make we on the same level as him.


A jumped up little bully who only got the job because he was married to the bosses daughter...


He has been at Dunphy's for around 5 years, his previous job was with Siemen's as an electrical engineer so what qualification that gives him to run the shop floor of a multi-million pound company I don't know...


My main guess would be... err... NONE!

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Gringo just go through all that you said in that rant, threaten tribunal as well for not recognising your dyslexia. Say that you are leaving now and expect to be allowed to not work your notice in return for not dragging the company and him through a messy tribunal.
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When I first started at Somerfield I was on £2.24 as a shelf stacker. I remember after I left school one of the guys there (we must have been 17 at the time) decided to ditch college and become a trainee manager because (his words) "lets just say they've offered me nearly £5 a hour".


Its great now not having to worry about an hourly rate (except overtime). Much better to think in terms of salary.


Gringo, if you're pretty good on the phones or fancy being a trainee telecomms engineer then move south, we've got positions open that will pay much better than an illegal £3.80 an hour.

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In the contract that you sign before you start work or in your induction, it will state the disciplinary procedures.


Usually they go in stages:


Verbal Warning

Written Warning

Final Written Warning



But it will also state that the earlier stages of the disciplinary process can be 'skipped' at the discretion of management.


The company's only obligation - by law at least, definitely not ethically - is to make you aware of their disciplinary procedures before you commence work.


BTW - I totally understand if you quit.


My advice to you would be to try and file a case for structured dismissal. It sounds as if they've been trying to force you out and there is certainly a case there.


If you want, I can put you in touch with a good employment law solicitor for some free advice. :)

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It was my understanding from studying Business Law that a verbal warning may be given in written format. I'm not meaning to insult you Gringo, as apparently it's not too well known, but is there any chance that you did indeed just recieve a verbal warning in writing, or did your manager stress that it was in actual fact a written warning and the previous stage had been ignored?


Either way, good luck with getting stuff sorted out career wise.

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that will pay much better than an illegal £3.80 an hour.


Key word:



That's how the buggers get round the 'minimum wage'.


EDIT. Perhaps you can become a Glazed Tiler, Gringo. It's a pretty easy job, you don't need that many tools and you can charge £25 a metre! Now, I'm a carpenter and builder and tiling new houses we've built falls under the catorgary "wyndorf's good at that". I can lay about 11 metres a day. Ch-Ching!

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