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FCW needs you!!! Yes, you!


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In a bid to get the maximum exposure for our next show at The Saddlers Club on Friday October 28th.


We would like to get as many people together as we can to hand out flyers at Walsall FC's next home game. That's this coming Saturday against Doncaster.


Walsall FC average around 5000 fans to their home games, so this is an ideal opportunity to show your support for FCW.


The flyering should only take 30 minutes, as we can catch them on the way in, or on the way out.


For those that volunteer their services, you'll have a warm fuzzy feeling inside that you only get from helping your favourite wrestling promotion.* :xyx


PM me if available.


*Other benefits are available

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I don't suppose there's any chance you could send Celt & Morales up to "persuade" that Merson joker to tender his resignation, is there?


As an S/T holder at Bescot, I can offer up a little info which may influence which areas you concentrate your efforts in:


The old 'uns, cynics, Waterman & his mates etc generally make up the HL Fellows Stand.


The drunkards, lunatics, and, um, the rest of the 18-40 male fraternity congregate in the Floors2Go stand (the big 'un).


Under 18's & families comprise most of the Banks's Brewery stand.



PS. If anyone fancies a pre-advertising spree tipple, feel free to join me, Neil & Wayne in The New Fulbrook from 1pm ;)

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