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Your All time Favourite Tag Teams?

carlito is cool

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1. Road Warriors

2. Hart Foundation

3. Sheepherders (before they were ruined as the bushwackers, anyone ever see the old barb-wire matches between them and the Fantastics in UWF?...great stuff)

4. Arn & Tully

5. Midnight Express


Demolition?!?! I remember when they debuted in WWF and I thought then, as I do now that they were second rate LOD ripoffs.

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I think Edge & Christian deserve to be up there.


They had 'the lot' and after years of The New Age Outlaws mediocre matches for the tag team titles E & C along with The Dudley Boys (who deserve a mention also) and The Hardy Boys brought some much needed excitement to the division.


Some of Edge & Christians promo's were the highlight of many WWF/E shows. :lol



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1) Hart Foundation

2) Road Warriors/Legion of Doom

3) British Bulldogs

4) Nasty Boys

5) Money Inc

6) The Rockers

7) Bushwackers


You will note that none of these teams have really been around (or at least anywhere near their best) in the last ten years. The early 90's i'll always remember for it's awesome tag team wrestling

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oh yeh how could i forget the New Age Outlaws, cheers to the people that mentioned them :xyx


i couldnt get enough of the NAO, they were absoltely brillient and i particularly liked them during 1999 & 2000 (although that tag team ended at No Way Out 2000), the Dumpster match they had with the Dudleyz at Judgement Day 2000 i feel didnt get the attention and the hype that it deserved because it turned out to be one of the best matches on the card, does anyone remember when Billy Gunn did the Fame-Asser on Buh Buh Ray Dudley when Buh Buh was standing ON the table, that was awesome :P


by the way im saying Buh Buh Ray because thats how it was spelt until 2002 i believe

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In no significant order:


The Roadwarrirors

The Eliminators

The Impact Players

The Steiner Brothers

Edge and Christian

The Hardy Boyz

The Outsiders


And rather oddly, Regal and Tajiri..... they were just inherently cool... that and I marked out big time when they challenged and won the Tag Belts in RAWs Japan show.


The Hart Foundation, The Dudley Boyz, Demolition & The Killer Bees also get an honourable mention.

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