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Spiral Tap Vs TGO


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10 lines each


Last person to check in goes first


first to 5 votes wins


3-0 ko


Votes must be explained why you think someone is the winner


All raps must be original don't think you won't be found out if he steal a verse from another site I've got A.C. watching you

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Guess who’s back, Yes it’s me, I am back, Back for more, Spiral Tap, You wanna copy Savage some more.


If you do, You have some balls, Why you ask, Coz Savage sucks BALLS.


Talking of balls, Do you really have them, If you did, You would tell us your little secret, Yeah you know the one, Are you a man Or, just a little boy.


Maybe your neither, Maybe your just like Jimmy Redman, Yeah I know JR’s a girl, But she’s more man then you, She had the balls to tell us, She was no man


You know want I mean, You should know, What do you mean you don’t know, You better found out, Try asking your mum and dad.


You remember TWOstars, You know the Efed, Right here on the forum, But you wont know, Because you never go there, Maybe you should start posting there.


There you are I just found one, Maybe one more, And your be a star, When you a star, Maybe you could be a star like me.


You may think you know me, But you know nothing, Your time is up man, So just go and blow me,


You know you wanna, But I aint gonna let you, Why, Because you’re a bloke


You say you can spit, Well I say you swallow, So lets quote a lord, Quote the Raven nevermore




There you go ST, Its your turn, then we can get voting

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You must be insane Really think you could knock off the Young Legend Spiral Tap

Your effort was pitiful, know it’s time for me to clap back


The Great One your not, Truly Phenomenal, that’s me

You should of stole a rap from Acid, but even he can’t get at me


Calling me a little boy and then begging for a blow job, man

I guess I didn’t know you, but who would’ve guessed Michael Jackson was a wrestling fan


You can’t blame me, only yourself is to fault, you lines suck

My flow is outrageous and my style hits like a truck


Ooops I did it again, another great white hype shot down

I’ve finished with this joke, bring on the next clown

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