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Dream Team fans only


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Dream Team is possibly the worst acting to be seen anywhere on British TV. Shame that i am compelled to watch it. Luckily my mrs saved me halfway through tonights show' date=' meaning I only saw half of the exceedingly plausible plot that the team coach was blown up.[/quote']


It was worth watching just for the clip when Linda Block crossed her legs on her desk.

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Has anyone ever tried to count all the deaths? There must be a website devoted to it, but here's what I remember:


Heart Attack (First Chairman, Georgina's dad)


Gas leak (Warren)


Sniper At Wembley (John Black)


Plane Crash (Half the team)


Bus Crash (The other half of the team)


And now it seems like the team coach has been blown up, which would suggest the whole team has been taken out. I also think that Prash guy was killed, I'm sure I saw it in an advert, but I had stopped watching by then.


The thing I love about the deaths is that they're ignored so easily. They play their next game with a minute's silence and black armbands, and after that it's all forgotten about. It's also funny to think that this is based around football, where you'd think that if they wanted to get rid of any actors they could just transfer them to another side. But no, they want to do it in spectacular style.


The sniper at Wembley episode was so hilarious. He was apparently sitting in the scoreboard, which as anyone knows is high, up far away from the pitch. Yet when it showed a full view of behind the gunman, he appeared to be about 10ft above the ground, just about within touching distance of Linda Block. Not to mention the fact that a sniper who snuck into England's national stadium and murdered the winning captain is just ignored after a couple of games. Just too funny.


It's amazing that Dream Team has lasted so long.

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I love Dream Team even though it sucks and is totally unrealistic. I was disapointed by yesterdays episode, killing off practicaly the whole team sucked. Jaws' death is where I drew the straw, he was the greatest character of all time. Ill probably keep watching in hope Jaws is still alive as his body was unidentified.
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