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Pretty much my favourite animal, the Shammoth!

Captain Caveman

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I was inspired by the appearance of the Liger in the film, 'Napoleon Dynamite' and it got me thinking about what my favourite animal was.


After much soul searching I realised that it was pretty much the Shammoth. As we all know the Shammoth is a cross between a shark and a mammoth. This interesting creature has the benefit of being a land based mammal and also the king of the sea. It has the rugged good looks of a shark and the boyish charm of a mammoth. Whilst being academically challenged, he never forgets a face or name. The final result of this is basically a big hairy shark with tusks, feet, a trunk, a fin and razor sharp teeth. Size wise, its fu#king huge. Unfortunately a picture of this elusive beast is very rare although it has been rumoured that one does live in the deepest darkest reaches of Kelty woods, Kelty, Fife. Hence the reason why the llamas no longer dwell there.


Does anyone have an artists impression of a Shammoth or have any humorous and/or tragic tales about the big man and/or women.

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:clap :clap


indeed, that is a very talented animal. I often like to see the proud Oran-ouphant beating his chest and making its distinctive "Aaa-rooooooooooough" sound. The orang-ouphant may posses cunning wit but the shammoth would clearly overpower it when doing the man dance outside a pub at one in the morning. :lol

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