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The Adventures Of Gene Snitsky!


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The Adventures of Gene Snitsky!




Episode #1 - A day in the life of Snitsky.


One day, Gene Snitsky was walking along, looking for babies to kill, "I am walking along, looking for babies to kill" he said. He walked, and walked until he spotted a lady, walking with a buggy, "I've spotted a lady, walking with a buggy" he said. He walked over to the woman, and glanced in the buggy. "I walked over to the woman, and glanced in the buggy" he said. He looked in the buggy, and saw the most beautiful baby he'd ever seen, "It was the most beautiful baby I've ever seen" he said. Instead of killing the baby, Snitsky, the woman, and the baby partied all night long. The baby decided to take the chance to show off his moves.



Episode # 2 - The Hangover.


Its 3:06, and the party has just ended. The room is filled with soiled nappies, cans of tuna and books of baby names. Nora, the woman, is out cold in the kitchen. Snitsky is fast asleep in the fridge. But Hansel the baby, however, is still in full swing! After 8 minutes of sleeping in the fridge, Snitsky finally wakes up. He casually walks out of the fridge, and moves over to the mirrior. Considering he's been in the fridge for 8 minutes, and had over 10000 pints, he doesnt look too bad.



Episode #3 - The Doctors Appointment.


Snitsky is feeling terribly rough. "Im feeling terribly rough" he said. He makes his way over to the phone, and rings the doctor. "Hello Dr. Brown speaking?" Snitsky heard, as someone picked up the phone. "I need an appointment, Im feeling terribly rough." Snitsky replied.

"Hmmm.. Quite.. It seems there must be a virus going round, I've already had Hansel the Baby and his mother, Nora, in here today, I wonder. Anyway, come here at 6:02 on the dot, and I'll fix you up."

Snitsky puts the phone down. He sits down on the sofa, and begins to read "How to cope with Feet Fetish". Snitsky glances up at the clock.. ITS 6:00:47 ALREADY! How time flies when your having fun! Thought Snitsky. He opens the door and sprints down the garden path! He soon realises he doesnt have a T-shirt on! "I must go back, people will see my back acne!" said Snitsky. He runs back into his 2 bedroom cottage, and grabs his SpongeBob T-shirt. Snitsky arrives at the doctors at 6:01:53, 7 seconds to spare!





"The Adventures of Gene Snitsky" Episode #4 Coming soon!

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